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  • A&E Anal Plug Set Of 4 Black
  • A&e Anal Plug Set Of 4 Black
    SKU: 73363

    Set of 4 unique anal plugs. Explore anal play with a variety of shapes & sizes. Bubble plug: curvy and cute 3.14" long/.94" wide. Ribbed plug: stimulating texture 3.49"/.94". Smooth plug: classic shape 4"/1.07". Ball plug: round base 4.47"/1.51". Great for solo or couples play. Made from firm yet fl...

  • $23.48

  • Anal Balloon Pump
  • Anal Balloon Pump
    SKU: 27490

    Anal Balloon PumpDiscover new dimensions in anal sex with the Anal Balloon Pump. Insert the balloon and then pump it up to experience new and exciting stimulation. Balloon expands to 5 times it's original size!

  • $20.81

  • Ball Shape Anal Plug Medium (Black)
  • Ball Shape Anal Plug Medium (black)
    SKU: 38555

    Ball Shape Anal Plug (Medium/Black)

    Have a ball with Doc Johnston! This unique anal plug is made with our patented Sil-A-Gel forumula to ensure the highest standard of pleasure.

    1 unique shape. Length: 3.5" Diameter: 2.5. Non-phthalate PVC. Anti-bacterial sil-a-gel formula.

  • $19.20

  • Booty Bling - Small Purple
  • Booty Bling - Small Purple
    SKU: 56987

    Add some beauty to your booty. Color sparkles brightly and contrasts with the black silicone to visually stimulate your partner and Booty Bling’s flared base ensures safe play. The tapered tip thin stem and classic spade shape of the pliable health-grade silicone plug makes Booty Bling feel as good...

  • $22.74

  • Booty Sparks Black Rose - Lrg Anal Plug
  • Booty Sparks Black Rose - Lrg Anal Plug
    SKU: 67201

    Lightweight aluminum alloy booty plug with slim shaft features a deep black rose that teases your lover. Measures 4 in. long 3 in. insertable 1.6 in. diameter. @sc-2019-34 @summer-2019-35

  • $20.46

  • Corked Medium Charcoal
  • Corked Medium Charcoal
    SKU: 44664

    Small silicone plug for anal stimulation is phthalate free and
    waterproof. Water-based lubricant is recommended. Length is 3.5 in. and
    width is 1.5 in.

  • $21.99

  • Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Purple 6in
  • Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Purple 6in
    SKU: 34567

    Crystal Jellie Anal Starter 6in. (Purple)

    Doc Johnsons Crystal Jellies Anal Starter is a soft and flexible erotic tool for anal enjoyment. Realistic head and veined slender shaft are ideal for beginners. Flared base makes the toy suitable for gentle ass play. No bedroom should be without th...

  • $15.23

  • Dr. Joel Silicone Probe & Dual Ring
  • Dr. Joel Silicone Probe & Dual Ring
    SKU: 62459

    Silicone anal probe scrotum ring and shaft ring all on one tether. Probe is 3 in. by 1 in. Ring diameters are 1.25 and 1.5 in.

  • $17.04

  • Firefly Pleasure Plug GITD Medium Yellow
  • Firefly Pleasure Plug Gitd Medium Yellow
    SKU: 54853

    Soft and comfortable to use this tapered TPE plug is body-safe and easy to receive. Sexy glowing plug will turn you on when the lights are off. Made of odorless TPE. Suitable for all lubricants. Measures 5 in. by 2.1 in. by 2.1 in.

  • $16.92

  • INYA Ace III Purple
  • Inya Ace Iii Purple
    SKU: 64895

    Provocative butt plugs are made of firm body-safe silicone for easy and comfortable penetration. A curved base provides secure wearability. Suitable with all lubricants. Measures 5.5 in. by 3.3 in. by 1.1 in.

  • $20.70

  • Jelly Rancher T-Plug Smooth Black
  • Jelly Rancher T-plug Smooth Black
    SKU: 58196

    Bright candy-colored plug makes anal play fun and pleasurable. Soft and comfortable to use this plug is easy to receive. Firm yet flexible this tapered treasure is made from body-safe and odorless TPE and is safe with all lubricants. Measures 4.3 in. by 2.7 in.

  • $12.34

  • Jet - Bruiser - Carbon Metallic Black
  • Jet - Bruiser - Carbon Metallic Black
    SKU: 62895

    Pro-sized this plug has a tapered shape. Flexible PVC conforms to your body. Sturdy flared suction cup base prevents over-insertion and sticks to any smooth flat surface. Measures 7.5 in. long 5.75 in. insertable 2.25 in. wide.

  • $24.46

  • Masters Gape Glory Clear Hollow Plug
  • Masters Gape Glory Clear Hollow Plug
    SKU: 70273

    "Open wide and let you partner peek inside with this large unique anal toy. The Gape Glory allows you to discover a whole new part of your partner as you peer into the depths of their ass! This anal plug is clear and hollow for maximum visibility. The opening is also great for liquid play whether yo...

  • $23.50

  • Masters Lucent Jewel Accented Anal Plug
  • Masters Lucent Jewel Accented Anal Plug
    SKU: 47849

    This chrome-plated steel plug is beautifully designed for comfortable long-term wear. Enjoy a constant sensation while the gemstone-like detailing on the handle of the plug adds a little sparkle to your stimulation. Small diamond model has 2 in. of insertable length and 3.75 in. circumference at wid...

  • $55.36

  • Mood Naughty Small Pink Sili Butt Plug
  • Mood Naughty Small Pink Sili Butt Plug
    SKU: 38666

    Mood Naughty Silicone Butt Plug (Small/Pink)

    Doesn't everyone want to be a little naughty? Now you can regardless of your experience level. This soft silicone anal plug will make naughty feel very nice.

    Silicone. 3" x 1".

  • $20.88

  • Platinum - The Big End Charcoal
  • Platinum - The Big End Charcoal
    SKU: 34564

    Platinum Premium Silicone The Big End Plug (Charcoal)

    Doc Johnson Adults leading USA manufacturer is very proud to present Platinum our new premium silicone line. Never has anything been as highly anticipated as this gorgeous line of silicone toys. Platinum silicone is hypo-allergenic easy-...

  • $31.18

  • Play with Me - Naughty Heart Spank Me
  • Play With Me - Naughty Heart Spank Me
    SKU: 48588

    Anal plugs made from soft and flexible silicone with a safe heart-shaped base. With their smooth satin finish they have a buttery soft touch that becomes slick with lube. Made of 100% silicone they are hypoallergenic nonporous and boilable. Length is 3.5 in. insertable length is 3.25 in. width is 1...

  • $20.37

  • Pom Plugs - Fur Pom Pom - Burgundy
  • Pom Plugs - Fur Pom Pom - Burgundy
    SKU: 62916

    No bunny will be as cute as you with a fluffy pom pom sticking out of your butt secured by an platinum-cured silicone anal plug. The handle conforms comfortably to your body making extended wear more comfortable. Contains no animal fur. Plug measures 5 in. long 3.5 in. insertable 1.4 in. wide. @npc...

  • $23.80


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