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Sex Toys, Vibrators, and some Kinky Stuff

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We have the Best Sex Toys Available.

We offer the best Sex Toys for Women, the Best Sex Toys for Men, and Couples love us Too.

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  • 12 Inch Leather Slapper with Holes
  • 12 Inch Leather Slapper With Holes
    SKU: 72792

    "Has your partner been a bad boy or girl? Need punish them for their misdeeds? Well this slapper is the perfect tool to inflict that punishment! This slapper packs quite a sting in a little package. The five holes at the end of the slapper will also leave it's mark on the receiver! Just little remin...

  • $38.10

  • 4 Foot Whip
  • 4 Foot Whip
    SKU: 72772

    "Fine plaiting and a Turks head knot handle define this excellent quality whip. Soft and supple with a good spring all 4 feet of leather are sure to make an impression on any sub lucky enough to earn its bite. A braided loop at the base is perfect for the wrist or for storage. A quality item that wi...

  • $129.76

  • A&E Scarlet Couture Rope Flogger Blk/Red
  • A&e Scarlet Couture Rope Flogger Blk/red
    SKU: 49767

    Just what you need to give your lover the treatment they deserve – whether they’ve been naughty or nice! Made from durable nylon. Measures 1 in. wide and 22 in. long.

  • $24.68

  • Black and Blue Suede Flogger
  • Black And Blue Suede Flogger
    SKU: 72765

    "Beat them black and blue with this high quality suede flogger! The soft flexible falls alternate in color and are flat-tipped. The handle is woven in a herringbone pattern for a sturdy grip and attractive look. The braided wrist loop completes the piece for an overall stunning look and feel.Measure...

  • $72.46

  • Black and Red Suede Flogger
  • Black And Red Suede Flogger
    SKU: 72713

    "The many tails of this suede flogger will flash red and black as they impact the skin of your masochist. Each strand is supple and soft but will land with a sting when used properly. The handle is leather tightly wrapped in an elegant black and red herringbone pattern and features a matching leathe...

  • $96.00

  • Dominant Sub Ultimate Spiked Chain Whip
  • Dominant Sub Ultimate Spiked Chain Whip
    SKU: 69426

    Dominant Submissive Collection Ultimate Spiked Chain Whip Silver/Black. Teach your naughty pet slut or slave a valuable lesson in obedience and tough love with Spiked Chain Whip from Nasstoys' Dominant Submissive Collection! The spiked chain whip features a sturdy handle wrist loop and lightweight d...

  • $38.38

  • Entice Crop
  • Entice Crop
    SKU: 48888

    Sturdy hand-stitched PVC riding crop with designer accents. Metal pieces are Non-tarnishing Nickel-Free. Length is 16 in.

  • $22.99

  • FF Beaded Metal Flogger
  • Ff Beaded Metal Flogger
    SKU: 34406

    One crack of the Beaded Metal Flogger and your lover will know who's in charge. It Hurts so Good!

  • $26.60

  • FF Extreme Silicone Paddle
  • Ff Extreme Silicone Paddle
    SKU: 45213

    It hurts so good! Just one touch of this super-silky silicone paddle and you'll be begging to get spanked! The flexible silicone paddle is covered with raised diamond exciters on one side delivering a soft but serious sensation to your sub's most sensitive areas! Flip the paddle over and tease you...

  • $36.10

  • FF First Time Flogger
  • Ff First Time Flogger
    SKU: 47315

    Show your lover who's boss with the Fetish Fantasy First-Time Flogger. One smack of the cat o' nine tails tresses and your lover will know who's in charge! 20in. (51.4cm)

  • $7.05

  • FF Gold - Paddle
  • Ff Gold - Paddle
    SKU: 49009

    One crack of this firm paddle and your subject will know who's in charge. Deliver some serious playtime punishment with one swift whack or indulge in the smooth black croc textures to tease and caress your lover between spankings. It never hurt so good! 2.5 oz.

  • $21.15

  • FF Gold - Whip
  • Ff Gold - Whip
    SKU: 49010

    Show your partner who's in charge with this elegant Cat-O-Nine Tails. Thirty leather tresses snap to attention when you flick this flogger across tender skin. Perfectly balanced with a solid handle and no-slip grip this flogger is perfect for exploring your dominant or submissive side. Length 17.75 ...

  • $21.15

  • FF Silicone Crop
  • Ff Silicone Crop
    SKU: 47326

    The Silicone Crop provides pleasant punishment with every swing. Just one crack and your lover will submit to your every desire! 28in. (71cm)

  • $14.10

  • FF Silicone Heart
  • Ff Silicone Heart
    SKU: 47325

    Explore your fetish fantasies with the Silicone Heart. The cute marks it leaves on your lovers bottom are sure to give you a heart on! 28in. (71cm) @VDAYHEARTS

  • $14.10

  • FFLE - Beginners Crop
  • Ffle - Beginners Crop
    SKU: 51202

    Show your partner who's in charge with this elegant Riding Crop and deliver some serious playtime punishment with one swift whack across their tender skin. Perfectly balanced with a solid handle and no-slip grip this crop is perfect for exploring a dominant or submissive side. 21 in. long.

  • $23.50

  • FFLE - Fantasy Love Paddle
  • Ffle - Fantasy Love Paddle
    SKU: 51180

    One crack of this firm Spank Me Paddle and your subject will know who's in charge. Deliver some serious playtime punishment with one swift whack while the metal studs kiss their skin with a sting. It never hurt so good! Measures 12.25 in. by 3 in.

  • $18.80

  • FFLE Feather Crop
  • Ffle Feather Crop
    SKU: 43748

    One crack of this Fantasy Feather Crop and your lover will know who's in charge! First tease them with the feathers then please them with a smack of the crop. It hurts so good! Faux Feathers and Patent Vinyl

  • $10.58

  • Fifty Shades Please Sir Flogger
  • Fifty Shades Please Sir Flogger
    SKU: 45971

    Fifty Shades Please Sir Flogger

    Tickle tease and torment your partner with dozens of suede fronds for your pleasure-and-pain enjoyment. Offering a satisfying sting or a light lick to the skin with the slightest hint of pain the flogger is the perfect accessory for gentle play in the most in...

  • $21.47

  • Flexicrop 23in.
  • Flexicrop 23in.
    SKU: 35883

    Flexicrop 23 InchesKeep your partner in line with this 23 inch Leather Flexicrop. This crop has a wide tapered tip and a strong grip. If you would like to master the art of dominance this crop is the perfect start.

  • $34.75

  • Frisky Handle Me Crop
  • Frisky Handle Me Crop
    SKU: 70125

    "This flirty silicone crop delivers a sexy slap to anyone deserving a good spanking! The hand shaped end piece is made of firm yet flexible silicone for a titillating impact while the sturdy handle helps you maintain leverage and provides spring to your swing. At 16 inches in length you will have pl...

  • $15.58

  • Grain Leather Double Tailed Whip Flogger
  • Grain Leather Double Tailed Whip Flogger
    SKU: 72108

    @winter2019-65Heavy Duty Double Tailed Whip Flogger - Black. Enjoy the best of both worlds with this heavy-duty DOUBLE TAILED WHIP/FLOGGER! Tease and tantalise your sub with a delicate flogging session and then show who’s the boss with a really good whipping from the flexible double tails! The dou...

  • $60.32

  • Heart Tip Crop
  • Heart Tip Crop
    SKU: 72767

    "Up for a game of role playing with the King or Queen of hearts? The Heart Tip Crop from Strict Leather is a quality crop that has a sturdy and flexible fiberglass wrapped rod. Experience a full range of sensations from light taps to heavy thuds... this crop WILL endure. The tip is made from a soft ...

  • $35.50

  • Kink - Silicone & Acrylic Paddle Blk/Clr
  • Kink - Silicone & Acrylic Paddle Blk/clr
    SKU: 62638

    The paddle's strong shatterproof material is impact-tested to deliver the hardest hits every time it lands. The visually stimulating clear impact surface leaves nothing to the imagination. A body-safe premium silicone handle offers a firm grip and doubles as an insertable toy. Measures 18 in. long 1...

  • $57.18

  • Kink The Quad Silicone Whip Black
  • Kink The Quad Silicone Whip Black
    SKU: 59609

    Made of premium silicone molded in a single piece this strong versatile flogger is designed to make your partner quiver in anticipation. Features four thick silicone strands each ending in a bulbed lightly weighted tip to make it sting just right and the contoured handle is fully insertable. Total l...

  • $54.98


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