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  • FF The Bigger Bang Sex Machine
  • Ff The Bigger Bang Sex Machine
    SKU: 62615

    Unlike traditional sex machines this one uses a proprietary Orb-gasm technology that allows the piston to thrust and rotate simultaneously or independently delivering incredible climaxes. With separate controls you’re in total control of the action.  Control the sex machine using the circular pad ...

  • $270.00

  • King Cock Vibrating Sex Ball W/7in Br
  • King Cock Vibrating Sex Ball W/7in Br
    SKU: 58972

    Inflatable ball allows you to slide a lifelike King Cock dildo over the shaft for a realistic ride. Choose a setting on the multi-speed dial and enjoy the powerful vibrations delivered by the included remote controlled 7 in. King Cock dildo. The ball is made from easy-to-clean vinyl and features two...

  • $57.00

  • LoveBotz Dbl Pen Att For Saddle Sex Mach
  • Lovebotz Dbl Pen Att For Saddle Sex Mach
    SKU: 67259

    Giddy up cowgirl with Double Penetration Attachment for Saddle Sex Machine from LoveBotz by XR Brands. Designed to fulfill your wildest rodeo fantasies this bull cock massages inside your two favorite holes at the same time to bring out the intense full-body orgasm you crave. A smooth shaft with a p...

  • $46.06

  • LoveBotz G-Spot Att For Saddle Sex Mach
  • Lovebotz G-spot Att For Saddle Sex Mach
    SKU: 67258

    Enhance your ride with hot G-spot action! This curved G-spot dildo fits easily onto your Saddle and Saddle Deluxe Sex Machine by Lovebotz. The curved shape of the insertable arm gives you an incredible internal massage while the nubbed clitoral stimulator caresses your hot spot. The material is soft...

  • $40.96

  • Lovebotz JaXXX Hammer Fuck Machine
  • Lovebotz Jaxxx Hammer Fuck Machine
    SKU: 55904

    An exciting way to achieve hands-free orgasm in a multi-position lightweight and powerful package. The powerful suction cup base holds it upright while you position it at the perfect angle. The realistic penis vibe thrusts at 3 different speeds with 4 vibration modes to choose from. There is even a ...

  • $217.96

  • LoveBotz Power Spinner Drill Sex Machine
  • Lovebotz Power Spinner Drill Sex Machine
    SKU: 64389

    Drill into that orifice with a hand-held sex machine for a unique experience. Everything you need for vaginal or anal penetration by a circulating TPE dildo. This power tool delivers intense sensation with a speed range of 0 to 1350 rpm and over 16 torque settings. Your trigger-pull controls the spe...

  • $220.16

  • Lovebotz Rechargeable 5f 3sp Masturbator
  • Lovebotz Rechargeable 5f 3sp Masturbator
    SKU: 55903

    This multi-function automatic TPE stroker is loaded with features. The inner chamber is made of firm stretchy rubber lined with textured fingers. The thrusting and swirling motion will move up and down stimulating you with every stroke. It has 6 modes and 3 speeds to choose from. Splashproof and des...

  • $217.26

  • LoveBotz Robo Fuk Sex Machine
  • Lovebotz Robo Fuk Sex Machine
    SKU: 53250

    This versatile fucking machine comes equipped with an adjustable speed remote so you get to choose your ideal thrusting level at the turn of a dial. The angle and height of penetration can quickly be adjusted with easy twist knobs located on the frame. Comes with two screw-on attachments: a flexible...

  • $669.94

  • Lovebotz Textured Milker Cylinder
  • Lovebotz Textured Milker Cylinder
    SKU: 64778

    Add some texture to a milking experience. This attachment cylinder is an upgrade for the Milker Automatic Stroker Machine not included with rows of textured beads for extra pleasure. Lined with supple rubber for a tight seal and realistic strokes this cylinder accommodates the entire length of the s...

  • $76.80

  • LoveBotz The Fucking Adapter
  • Lovebotz The Fucking Adapter
    SKU: 63304

    High quality affordable fucking tool is electro polished for a super smooth surface. It fits any vac-u-lock-style dildo and it can be used in the anus or vagina. The Fucking Adapter works on most Sawzall's or similar type of reciprocating saw. It adapts the saw to the dildo in just seconds. Some saw...

  • $110.76

  • Masters Mega Thruster Dildo Machine
  • Masters Mega Thruster Dildo Machine
    SKU: 70285

    This big black boner is rechargeable for powerful vibration and thrusting action! Grab the handle and pound yourself or your partner into ecstasy! The ribbed silicone hilt allows you to get a secure grip while the motor does its job. Treat your orifice to 7 levels of thrusting as the supple veiny ...

  • $163.34

  • The Cowgirl Premium Riding Sex Machine
  • The Cowgirl Premium Riding Sex Machine
    SKU: 68862

    This saddle is made with a slip resistant silicone base for stability and durability with a maximum load limit of 400lbs. The attached remote or compatible Mobile App controls 6 patterns 360 degrees of swivel rotation and up to 1200 RPMS vibration. Features include 2 silicone attachments and 10ft gl...

  • $1500.00

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