A Group Of Sailors Help A Cheating Wife

A Group Of Sailors Help A Cheating Wife


It was another wonderful summer’s holiday for Antonia and her husband James. This year it was in Greece, staying for two weeks on a small island unspoilt by the worst of Tourism. Every year they sort out of the way quiet places to holiday as a remedy to their high-pressure jobs that left little time for anything else in their lives.

At the age of 32, Antonia felt in her prime. She was an athletic brunette, five foot seven and weighing 130 pounds. She had long legs and as her husband always told her the tightest butt. All this was achieved by a strict regime of running and gym sessions and she had to admit that she looked good in a bikini!

Although their holidays were good, Antonia knew she was missing something. She was missing the joy of motherhood that she had craved. When they had married seven years ago, both her and James had talked enthusiastically about children. Recently however he appeared to have cooled on the idea and kept saying that he wasn’t ready and perhaps they should wait. All this left Antonia confused and frustrated, and it wasn’t helped by her extreme horniness every time she ovulated.

She had spent many hours lying on the beach pondering what to do about getting James to make her pregnant. It was difficult however as he always used condoms and was methodical about checking that they were put on correctly and never came off! Much to her shame she sometimes found herself dreaming about another man taking her against her will and fucking her senseless before flooding her unprotected womb with life making seed.

One day when she and her husband were heading back from the beach, they came across four men looking slightly lost. Antonia quickly appraised their muscular tanned bodies and tousled hair and noticed that all of them had unshaved faces. One of the men approached them and said, “Can you help us; we are looking for some where to eat this evening and wondered if you could recommend a good taverna?”

James looked at the men and smiled.

“You won’t find any tavernas near here, the nearest town is several miles away I’m afraid. Where have you come from anyway?”

The same man replied to the question.

“We have just moored our boat up. We are sailing around the Greek islands for a few weeks.”

“Oh, I see” replied James, “well its bad luck then I’m afraid. What you need is a chef to cook for you. Wait a minute, what about..” James turned to Antonia and said, “How about you cook for them tonight? You could take some things from our fridge and do them a meal on their boat?”

Antonia was caught off guard by her husband’s suggestion. She blustered and said “But, what about, I mean what about you?”

“That’s easy” replied James, “perhaps you have forgotten, but I’m going into town tonight to see Theo. I won’t be back until very late.”

“Oh, I see” replied Antonia. “Yes, I had forgotten.”

She pondered the suggestion made by her husband and suddenly found the idea both amusing and arousing. Going to cook for four strange men on their boat. And four tall ruggedly good-looking men at that!

“Ok, I’ll do it” she replied. “By the way I’m Antonia and my husband is James.”

“Pleased to meet you, I’m Luke and my friends are Mike, Pete and Stuart. What time shall we say?”

“Well, let me see, I guess I can be with you for 7pm, how does that sound?”

“That would be great. Our boat is the only one in the bay, so you can’t miss it. I will wait on the shore in the dinghy at 7pm. See you then.”

“Yes, ok, I look forward to it” said Antonia and she turned to leave with her husband.

Once the sailors were out of sight, Antonia asked James why he had volunteered her services as a cook?

“Well, I know how much you like cooking, and given that I am out all evening I thought you might enjoy some company.”

“Well, yes, but I mean, they are four men; aren’t you worried about me alone with four men all evening?”

“What, no, why on earth should I be worried? They all seemed very nice. You aren’t worried, are you?”

Antonia pondered that question. Was she worried? No, she wasn’t worried, if anything she was excited. The thought of cooking for four handsome men gave her butterflies in her stomach.

“No, I’m not worried. I’m looking forward to showing off my culinary expertise” replied Antonia.

When they arrived back at their villa, Antonia set about raiding the fridge and then filled a basket with vegetables. She selected some oils and spices and then decided she should go and change. Just as she got to the bedroom James rushed out saying:

“I’m going to be late damn it. I’ll probably leave the car there and either get a taxi back or, well I’ll see you later anyway. Have fun.”

After a quick kiss on Antonia’s cheek her husband rushed off.

A few minutes later Antonia was looking through her limited stock of dresses. In the end she selected a simple floral summer dress. She put on some thong panties, no bra as her breasts were firm enough not to need one and besides it was too hot. She decided on some flat sandals and plain jewellery. She then did her hair, put some perfume on and went to gather her cooking ingredients.

Thirty minutes later saw her approaching the bay were the sailors had said their boat was moored. Sure enough she could see the mast of a boat some 100m off shore and true to his word she could see Luke sitting in a small dinghy be the rickety jetty. He was still bare chested and as she approached him, Antonia’s eyes drank in his rugged good looks.

“Well hello” said Luke, “you look fabulous. You have no idea how grateful we all are that you are going to cook for us. Four men on a boat with no cooking skills really sucks believe me!”

Antonia laughed and took his hand as he helped her down into the small dinghy. She had expected the small craft to have an engine and said as much but Luke replied:

“No, a pair of oars is okay for the short distances we have to navigate this boat.”

So saying he fixed the oars in place and with his back to Antonia started to row the small craft toward the yacht. As he rowed Antonia couldn’t help but admire his rippling muscles that flexed in his shoulders and arms as he handled the oars with ease. In no time they had pulled alongside the yacht and Mike was throwing a line down to them to secure the dingy.

As Antonia climbed up the ladder from the dingy onto the yacht with help from Luke, she was very aware of him gazing up at her legs as she rose above him. She smiled to herself knowing that she was flattered by his hungry looks.

Once on the yacht Luke led her inside and she was surprised at how big the boat was. She turned to Luke and said:

“How big is this boat Luke?”

“It’s a 60-footer, too big for the four of us really but we enjoy the extra space.”

“What’s she called?”

“Oh, she has a lovely name, she’s called Midnight Wish. Very poetic don’t you think?”

“Yes very. Now then where is the kitchen?”

“You mean the galley” replied Luke, “It’s this way.”

As Luke turned to show her the way, Pete and Stuart appeared, also bare chested and greeted her with beaming smiles. They took it in turns to tell her how thankful they were that she had offered to cook for them, since otherwise they would have been four hungry blokes!

Smiling, Antonia squeezed past them and into the galley, where Luke showed her how everything worked.

“How long do you need?” asked Luke, “I’ll let the others know how long they have to shower etc.”

“Well 45 minutes or so should do it” replied Antonia, “do you have any drinks on board?”

“That we do” replied Luke, “what would you like, gin, wine or a lager?”

Without hesitation Antonia answered, “a red wine please.”

“Right, just coming up” said Luke who pulled a bottle out of a cupboard, pulled the cork and then filled a glass. “There you go, I’ll leave you to it and see you later.”

“Thanks Luke” said Antonia as he disappeared out of the galley.

Antonia spent the next fifteen minutes getting all the ingredients for her fish stew ready. Eventually she had it all under control and stepped back from the stove to survey her surroundings. The boat was certainly plush and was well appointed. As her eyes wondered around, she suddenly noticed Luke standing in the doorway looking at her.

“What” said Antonia, “what are you looking at, is something wrong?”

“No, nothing at all” replied Luke, “I was just admiring the view!”

Antonia blushed and said, “oh I see, well I hope you like it?”

She couldn’t think why she had said that, but Luke smiled and closed the gap between them. As he approached her, she suddenly felt intimidated by this handsome man. However, before she could worry too much, Luke reached round her and grabbed the wine bottle.

“Another glass to help the cooking?” he asked.

“What, er oh yes thank you.” Antonia could smell the mixture of sweat and saltiness on his bronzed torso and felt like a schoolgirl gazing at a grown up. “Luke do you mind me asking how old you all are?”

“Not at all, I’m 45 and the others are all around 50ish, why do you ask?”

“Oh no reason just curious. I noticed your wedding band, so I guess you are married?”

“Yup” said Luke “and so are the others. But it’s nice to have a break from one’s spouse for a while don’t you think?”

“Yes, I guess, although I have never tried it”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Anyway, I had better let you finish off. By the way, its smells delicious!”

Antonia watched as Luke left the galley and realised that she had been just as guilty of ogling him! Get a grip she thought to herself, you’re married! She had another slurp off wine and made the finishing touches to the meal. A few minutes later she went to the door and shouted, “it’s just about ready everyone.”

Mike appeared first and Antonia could see he had changed and was wearing shorts and a tee-shirt. “I’ll show you the way” and so saying helped carry the dishes through to a dining area at which five places were neatly laid with plates and a sliver service.

“Wow, this is posh” laughed Antonia. “I don’t know what I expected but this is very grand.”

She heard laughter and saw the others all dressed the same as mike, tee-shirts and shorts and barefooted. “We might be at sea, but we have some style” said Pete.

After seating themselves, the four men watched as Antonia served the stew complete with green salad. She hovered as they all started to help themselves and then Luke said:

“Why are you standing up, aren’t you hungry?”

“What, I, well I assumed I would just be serving the four of you, not eating.”

“Don’t be silly” said Luke, “We insist you join us. As for serving us, well I’m sure we’d all love that once we’ve eaten!”

There was laughter around the table at the double entendre and Antonia blushed as she realised what she had said. Luke reached out his hand and said:

“Come on Antonia, sit here next to me and share the meal.”

And so she did, and what good company the four men turned out to be. As the wine flowed and was consumed by all, the men regaled her with stories of their sailing exploits, and she hung on every word of these witty and attractive men. They talked about many things and as more wine was consumed Antonia found herself telling the men about her desire to start a family and how her husband kept putting it off. There was laughter when Luke said “well if I was your husband, I wouldn’t wait to make you pregnant. And as for letting you alone with four men who have been at sea for a while, well what was he thinking?”

In her mind Antonia had to agree. What was her husband playing at, letting her go alone onto a boat with four strange men? Did he want something to happen or was he just too selfish to think about what he had offered? Before she knew it, the time had moved on to 10pm and she could feel the effects of the wine. Rising slightly unsteadily to her feet she said:

“I’ll collect the plates and wash up; it won’t take long.”

She quickly cleared the table and walked back to the galley where she set to washing up. After a few minutes she became aware of someone standing behind her. Looking round she realised it was Luke. He smiled at her and putting his hands on her hips said:

“Do you need any help here?”

Antonia felt flushed as this stranger stood close behind her and before she could formulate an answer his lips brushed her neck.

“The meal was fantastic, and I wanted to say you look fantastic as well. You smell divine, is that Sea Breeze perfume you are wearing?”

“I, er yes it is, and thank you for the compliments. It’s nice to hear after several years of marriage.”

“What, don’t tell me your husband doesn’t tell you how beautiful you are every day? I know I would if you were my wife.”

In a husky voice Antonia replied, “would you? Yes, I bet you would too. Your wife is very lucky.”

“Mmm, but she’s not as attractive as you Antonia, you are something special.”

As he said this Luke again nuzzled her neck and as Antonia turned to look at him in surprise, he kissed her on the lips. Like a rabbit in the headlights Antonia didn’t react. Her only response was to allow herself to be kissed. And when Luke’s tongue sort entrance to her mouth she opened her lips and allowed their tongues to duel. Stepping into her, Luke pressed his growing arousal into her belly, and she felt a large hardness. Subconsciously she opened her legs and then let Luke grind his large muscular thigh against her mound that was essentially only covered by her thin summer dress.

“Oh, mmm” she groaned into his mouth and she felt her passion mounting.

Just then she heard someone calling them.

“Hello, are you there Antonia? Oh, sorry didn’t mean to interrupt.”

As Luke and Antonia pulled themselves apart, they saw it was Mike, looking a bit embarrassed at his interruption of what had been happening.

Luke spoke first. “Oh, don’t worry Mike, I was just thanking our marvellous chef.”

“Well if that’s the case I think we would all like to thank her. Come on Antonia, come back to the dining area.”

Still flustered and embarrassed herself, Antonia said “yes ok, then I should go, it’s getting late.”

As they entered the dining area the other guys were standing and Mike said to the group, “Antonia’s just come in so we can thank her.”

“Right” said Pete, “a kiss it is from all of us then!” As he said this he walked over to Antonia and before she had time to react, he grabbed her by her shoulders and looking at her pretty face kissed her on the lips. As with Luke, Antonia found herself opening her mouth to accept Pete’s probing tongue and they kissed for a full minute.

“My turn” said Stuart and Pete passed her on to him and repeated the process of kissing Antonia.

“That just leaves me” said Mike and as Stuart released her, Mike stepped in front of her. “May I kiss you now?”

Antonia looked at him and still in a state of bewilderment and said, “yes of course.”

Mike kissed like the others. Open mouthed tongue fencing with the lovely brunette and it was only with great difficulty that he pulled himself away.

“What about Luke” said Pete.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about him, he’s already had his share” replied Mike, “I caught him kissing Antonia in the Galley.”

There was silence as the others processed this news. It was Luke who spoke first.

“Guys, I think there is a burning need within our chef, a need that only a real man or men can deal with. Are you ready to help me, help her?”

The four men looked at each other and then with slight smiles nodded to Luke. Luke held out his hand and said, “come with us Antonia and we’ll help you with your need.”

Antonia looked blankly at the group. “I don’t understand, what are you talking about? I really need to get back to my husband.”

“Your husband” responded Luke, “do you think he is really bothered about what you are doing, I…”

Just then Antonia’s mobile phone chose to bleep. Taking it from her pocket and looking at the message that had just arrived, Antonia murmured “I don’t believe it, I..”

“What’s up?” said Mike.

“Oh, nothing, my husband has just informed me that he is too drunk to get back from the village and he is staying with a friend.”

Seeing her obvious distress, Luke said, “see Antonia, it’s a sign. You were meant to stay here tonight. Now come with us.” Without really thinking Antonia took Luke’s outstretched arm and let herself be led down the steps to the sleeping quarters. Before she realised it, she was in a cabin with a large double bed with neatly turned down white sheets.

“Now then” said Luke, “we are going to take very special care of you tonight if you will let us. What do you say Antonia?”

“I don’t understand, what do you mean?” said Antonia in a shaky voice. In reality, she was beginning to see what was happening though. The men were slowly removing their clothes and when Luke stepped behind her and nuzzled her neck and nibbled her earlobes as he had done earlier, she felt herself melt. “I just need to be loved” she said quietly, but loud enough that all the men heard.

Luke whispered in her ear, “oh don’t worry, we will love you.” He slipped his hands under the shoulder straps of her dress and pushed them off her shoulders allowing the dress to slide gracefully off her body. There were gasps of appreciation from the men as they drank in her beauty. Standing there naked except for her jutting breasts and her slightly hairy mons clearly defined beneath her thong panties, the men looked on in awe. Here was five foot seven inches of stunning brunette wife, in her prime. Long legs, tight bum and toned stomach.

And then it was Antonia’s turn to gasp as the men dropped their shorts to reveal four very hard and large erect penises. Antonia couldn’t help but notice that they were all better endowed than her husband’s meager offering and biggest of the lot was Luke who had to be sporting a good nine-inch column of flesh. As she looked around the men, she couldn’t help but suppress a giggle.

“What?” said Pete, “don’t you like what you see?”

“Oh, it’s not that” replied Antonia. “You are all bigger than my husband. No, it’s the size of your balls, they’re much bigger and fuller than my husband’s.”

Stuart laughed, “well what do you expect, we haven’t had sex for over two weeks, and so we are all full of spunk just waiting to be freed.”

“Mmm, yes I bet you are” replied Antonia.

Without a word Luke picked her up in his arms as if she weighed nothing and dropped onto the centre of the bed. Antonia realised that the time for modesty had long passed and in her semi drunk state she tried to moralize what she was about to do. If only her husband took more interest in her. Made her feel loved and wanted, well she wouldn’t be here naked with four men!

She felt the bed sag as all four men climbed up and with lust in their eyes set about pleasuring the beauty in front of them. They nibbled her neck, her feet, her legs and ears and when Luke took one of her bullet hard nipples into his mouth, she almost swooned. She felt tongues and hands everywhere.

The biggest prize however still awaited them and when Pete tugged at her thong panties, she knew it was time to let them see her secret treasure, the place that only her husband had gazed upon before tonight.

All four men stopped what they were doing and looked down at her mound covered by neatly trimmed brown hair. She had very prominent mons and this led down to her pink glistening pussy lips set amongst the brown hair that drew the men’s stares to her womanly chamber.

It was Mike who decided he had to taste her first. He beat the others to sample and drink from her well of womanly essence. As he knelt between her outstretched legs, he couldn’t help but comment, “beautiful, just so beautiful”. And with that he dipped his head and allowed his tongue to ever so gently lap at the glistening slit in front of him.

Antonia gasped into Luke’s mouth as she felt the tongue come into contact with her sensitive sex. “Oh, yes, that’s so good, just there, please lick me.”

And lick her and suck her and caress her the men did. For a good half hour, they bought her slowly to her first orgasm and it was actually Pete who had taken over clit nibbling duty that actually brought her to full orgasm. The cabin was filled with shrieks of joy as Antonia ground her deprived snatch against the face of whoever was giving her so much pleasure. She couldn’t see because Luke was kissing her again and the others were kissing her nipples and someone was sucking her toes!

As she gradually came down from her orgasmic high, she realised the men had stopped their ministrations and were whispering to each other.

“What is it, what’s going on?” enquired Antonia.

Luke replied, “oh were just agreeing who’s going to make love to you first.”

“Oh” was all Antonia could think of saying.

“And Mike is going first” said Luke.

As Mike mounted her, Antonia remembered about contraception. Cheating was one thing but unprotected sex, particularly at this time of her cycle was out of the question.

“Condom. You need condoms, I’m not on anything.”

Luke looked at her. “Are you fertile right now?”

“You have no idea” replied Antonia, “I think I’m ovulating!”

“Well” said Luke, “that settles it, we don’t have condoms and if you are ripe for conception today, it has to be bareback sex. No condoms, no protection, just loads of virile spunk to pack your fertile womb!”

“No” cried Antonia, “I couldn’t do that to my husband. He doesn’t deserve that.”

“Are you sure?” said Mike who was still hovering in between her legs with jutting erection drooling precum onto her hairy mons. “He’s not been getting it done, has he? Let us help you out.”

“But, I..”

“Sshh” said Luke, “let it happen. Think of it as a sailors’ gift. Four men to give you a chance of motherhood, of having a baby.”

That was all it took. That mention of a baby, of being a mother, something her body was crying out for. And here were four well-endowed men to give her what her body craved. It didn’t care that it wouldn’t be her husband filling her with potent seed, it was just ripe and ready to be impregnated.

“Yes” escaped her lips.

“What?” said Luke, “tell us what you want.”

With trembling voice Antonia replied, “I want it, I mean I want you all to make love to me and let me have your sperm. Make a baby in me please.”

The men all grinned and watched as Mike pushed his cock into the trembling beauty. Antonia could feel the difference in girth immediately and when Mike bottomed out, she could feel his cock head pushing at what she assumed was her cervix. She hadn’t experienced this sensation before and certainly hadn’t been as full as she was now.

As Mike moved slowly in and out of her he could feel her pussy twitching and gripping his shaft in a most delightful manner. He couldn’t suppress his joy at the feeling he was experiencing. “Oh, you are so tight Antonia, I’ve never felt anything like it.”

“Mmm” was the only response he got from Antonia as Luke continued to kiss her. His oral ministrations were interrupted however by Mike when he said, “move away Luke, I’m nearly there and want to see her face when I come.”

Luke pulled back and smiled and the other men watched in excitement as Mike worked himself to release. “I’m nearly there my love, I’m going to blow my load into your tight little snatch, I hope you’re ready to be a mummy, oh yes here it is, arrggh.”

Antonia looked up at Mike’s face twisted in ecstasy as she felt his cock swell even more in size. To her amazement she found herself saying to Mike, “yes seed me Mike, give me a baby my sweet.”

And Mike did his level best to comply with her request. He felt such exquisite pleasure around his cock and balls as the beauty beneath him milked him with her rippling cunt. He couldn’t remember having such an intense orgasm in his whole life and when he was spent, he collapsed onto the mewling wife. “Thank you” he said, “you were amazing.”

Antonia smiled back through dreamy eyes and when he lifted off her, she could feel a trickle of sperm slide down her bum. She didn’t have long to enjoy the post coital glow however as Pete moved into position. As he nudged his turgid cock into her gooey hole, she reached up with her arms to draw him in and whispered to him, “make it special lover, fill me as well and give yourself a shot at me egg.”

Pete didn’t hesitate and pressed forward and soon was experiencing the same glove tight tunnel that Mike had felt. As he moved in and out of the gorgeous brunette, he couldn’t help but compare Antonia to his own wife and whist feeling a pang of guilt for cheating on her, he consoled himself by the thought that he might be making new life! Their fuck session didn’t last any longer than Pete’s. He was too worked up and with no sex in over two weeks he had a big load to blow. As soon as he felt Antonia’s legs encircled his thrusting bum and her hands pulling at his back, he started to tremble. When she whispered, “yes give it to me Pete, let me have your baby”, he lost it.

With a roar Pete let go and his cock swelled and fired several heavy ropes of spunk into the fertile wife beneath him. Both groaned simultaneously and Antonia who had been hovering near another orgasm since Mike withdrew from her, suddenly tipped over the edge. “Oh yes, I feel it. So deep so much spunk.”

Pete also collapsed down onto the trembling beauty that had milked him so wonderfully, but before he could relax, he felt someone tapping his shoulder. “My turn” said Stuart and as Pete looked up, he saw the lust in Stuart’s eyes.

“Yes of course” said Pete, “she’s all yours.”

Antonia was vaguely aware of Pete moving off her, but then felt another man move between her legs. She let out another small gasp as Stuart drove his cock home and wrapping her hands around his back urged him on. “Come on Stuart, give it to me, let me have your spunk and I’ll have your baby.”

Stuart was so wound up after more than two weeks without sex, that within five minutes he too felt his spunk boiling. He wanted to make it last, but hearing the lovely wife asking him to breed her was too much and with a mighty roar he let go and felt half delirious as his spunk volleyed out of his cock and into the womb of the brunette beauty. As he finished emptying himself Stuart lent down and kissed Antonia saying, “thank you, that was wonderful.”

Luke who had been watching his friends take and mate with Antonia, knew his turn had finally come. He had deliberately waited until last because of his large cock size. He hadn’t wanted to scare or hurt this gorgeous woman by fucking her first, because he knew he would get frenzied. He allowed Stuart to move off the bed and noted that the other men were in the process of leaving the cabin. As Stuart grabbed his shorts and moved to the doorway he turned to Luke and said, “make it good for her Luke.”

Lying down next to Antonia Luke smiled to himself. He certainly would make it very good for this woman. He gently stroked her hair away from her brow where it had matted with the sweat she had produced during the extended fuck session. “Have you enjoyed yourself so far” he whispered to her.

Through dreamy eyes, Antonia replied, “yes, it has been lovely, you are all such wonderful men.”

“Are you ready for me now” asked Luke.

“What, oh my goodness haven’t you.., no of course you haven’t. Yes, please come and make love to me you gorgeous man.”

“Oh, I’m not going to make love to you Antonia, I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to show you how a real man claims another man’s wife and then I’m going to seed you so deep. Is that what you want?”

“Yes, yes, yes, please fuck me now Luke, I want it.”

Luke smiled to himself and moved to kneel between the outstretched legs of the beautiful wife. His gaze wandered down to her soaked sex and noted with amusement the steady stream of white spunk flowing out of her distended cunt. He knew he wouldn’t need any lube for his big cock, which he took hold of and lent forward bringing the bloated head into contact with Antonia’s open sex. “Here I am” said Luke and in one fluid motion he pushed his big cock into her.

Antonia felt a gradually stuffing sensation as Luke pushed into her. If the other men had been big, then Luke was something different, he seemed huge. She struggled to adjust to his superior size and when she felt his cock push into her cervix, she realised he hadn’t bottomed out yet. Sensing this Luke said, “I am going to work my cock into your cervix as I fuck you, it may be a bit uncomfortable until you get used to it.”

Luke had a wonderful fucking technique. He moved his hips in a circular motion, all the while probing with his big cock. Although it felt uncomfortable, Antonia wasn’t about to stop him and after a few minutes the discomfort started to ebb away. It was replaced by a feeling of complete fullness. It was as if her cunt was made for a cock this size. The other men had been good, but this was something else. Antonia knew that Luke was blessed with a cock that would please any woman.

The continual nudging of Luke’s big cock head into Antonia’s cervix eventually did the job of opening it up and then on an inward thrust, the cock pushed through her cervix and the cock head became lodged deep within her. Luke immediately knew what had happened and smiled to himself. He knew now that there was no barrier to his spunk reaching Antonia’s ovaries and the egg that might be there. This caused a shift in his tempo and he started to thrust with increasing force.

Lying beneath this stud of a man Antonia could only whimper as the sensations which led to one orgasm after another kept coming. She was in dreamland as the cock ploughing her willing furrow shredded any remaining vestiges of innocence that she had. She was being fucked like the slut she had become. This realisation startled her insofar as she had always thought of herself as a good wife. But not any longer. Oh no, she had cheated on her husband and dam it she was enjoying it! She hadn’t experienced sex like this in all her life. Not even with her University boyfriends who at the time she had thought to be great at sex. This was something totally different, a different league.

Now that she had become accustomed to the size of Luke’s cock, she was able to engage fully in the fuck. No, the breeding! My goodness she thought I’m being bred by strangers! This nasty thought triggered her to move her long legs up and across Luke’s heaving bum. Gripping his muscular back Antonia lifted her head and whispered to Luke, “Luke, its time, make me a mummy. I want to have your baby. Please come for me.”

On hearing those words Luke suddenly felt his cock swell. He became aware that he couldn’t hold it any longer. He had to have his release. “I’m going to cum Antonia, oh you are so lovely.” A few more savage thrusts and then he lunged deep into the quivering beauty and let her have it. “Ah, oh yes here it is.” Antonia could feel his cock swell even more and then deep inside her she could feel him throbbing and knew that his sperm was jetting direct into her womb. Bypassing the last barrier that might have prevented pregnancy with this stranger. And yet she was happy. Midway through his orgasm, Antonia had her own, triggered both by the sensations and the knowledge that she was being fucked pregnant by a man who wasn’t her husband!

Luke’s orgasm seemed to go on and on, but eventually he was spent and collapsed down onto Antonia. Still taking his weight on his elbows he nuzzled her neck and said very simply, “thank you.” No other words seemed necessary and as he lay regaining his breath, he marvelled at how this beauty had given him and his friends everything she had to offer. This sexy, attractive wife had allowed four strangers to ejaculate into her unprotected womb, risking pregnancy! Yes, they had seduced her, but in reality, she had been complicit. At no time had she said no. In fact, if memory served, she had begged them to seed her!

Antonia was having similar thoughts as she too gradually came down from the orgasmic high she had been on for what seemed like ages. She felt content, despite the fact that she had cheated on her husband. She couldn’t explain or condone what she had done, but it was done. She felt her eyelids closing and the next thing she was aware of was something poking into her back. It was dark in the cabin but slipping a hand behind her she came into contact with an erect cock. She heard a sigh and then a groan and then Luke said, “that feels nice.”

“I thought you were asleep” said Antonia.

“I was” said Luke, “but we’ve slept for five hours and now it’s nearly dawn.”

“What, oh my goodness, I should have gone ages ago” replied Antonia. “I need to get ashore and home before my husband returns.”

“Relax” said Luke, “he will be a few hours yet, especially if he’s sleeping off a hangover.”

“Well, maybe, I don’t know, I..”

“Sshh” replied Luke, “we’ve some unfinished business to take care of first.”

As he said this, Luke pulled Antonia onto her back and he mounted her without waiting for a reply. Acquiescing to his implicit request, Antonia parted her thighs and said, “come on stud, get the job done.”

Luke plunged his rigid cock into her welcoming tunnel, and this drew a sigh from Antonia. Luke moved swiftly through the gears and as they fucked, no words were spoken. The cabin was however filled with the sounds of their love making, his grunts and her quieter sighs and mewling as Luke’s magnificent cock plundered her treasure once again. After a while Antonia’s long legs moved up over Luke’s thrusting bum and her hands gripped his broad back.

“Make me come as you seed me” whispered Antonia and Luke did his level best to comply with the request. He had been close to orgasm anyway, but hearing her request, he increased the tempo of his thrusting even more and just on the point of no return he heard the trembling beauty beneath him cry out, “now, I’m coming, please let me have your seed, now.!

And he did. As his spunk moved from his balls and up to the tip of his penis and then let go to spray the cervix of his mate, Luke’s pleasure reached its zenith. He groaned loudly and almost shouted, “here it is, our baby my love.” They both moaned and thrashed through their mutual orgasms until they were both sated.

Eventually, they stirred, and Antonia pulled herself off the bed and headed for a shower. As she showered Luke thought again about the events of the last night and found himself growing erect again. Hearing the water stop, he moved to the shower and was greeted by the sight of Antonia drying her hair. He stood and gazed at her athletic beauty and his cock throbbed again.

Antonia noticed him staring at her and said “what?”

Advancing to her, Luke said, “only this.”

Antonia looked down and saw his cock standing proud again. “Not again, how do you get so hard so often?”

“It’s what you do to me. Now let me get rid of this.”

“What, how, I…”

Luke spun Antonia around and pushed her down over the sink. Admiring her shapely legs and ass, he quickly found her opening and once gain buried his cock into the brunette.

“Oh yes, oh so hard, so full” murmured Antonia.

Luke knew he didn’t have much time, but he didn’t need long. As he pounded into the sexy wife, he noticed her manicured painted toes lifting up in the air on each inward thrust. Leaning over he whispered in her ear, “this is the load to seal the deal, do you want it?”

“Yes, yes a million times yes” shouted Antonia, “I want to be a mummy, make me a mummy with your big cock please.”

That simple request was all it took and once gain Luke produced a prodigious volume of spunk which he duly delivered direct into Antonia’s ripe, fertile womb.

There was little time after that final fuck. Luke and Antonia briefly kissed and then wiping as much of Luke’s sperm from her dripping pussy as she could, she dressed and went with Luke to say farewell to all the men.

The three guys were having breakfast and beamed when they saw Antonia. They all knew that she had slept with Luke but weren’t jealous. Each one wanted a goodbye kiss however and so Antonia found herself being passed round and for each man she shared an open mouth kiss and a ‘good luck with your baby’ comment!

Finally, ready to leave the boat, Antonia said, “I don’t know what to say really, except thank you all. I will never forget you and the time we had together.”

As she turned to leave Luke said, “here take this number, you must let us know how things turn out with, well you know what I mean.”

“I, yes of course I will. Now I must get back to my husband.”

Luke guided her to the small rowing boat and after helping her in, rowed in silence to the shore. Once safely on dry land Luke pulled Antonia to him and kissed her for a final time. “You know” he said, “in another time I could have loved you as my wife. You are a truly wonderful lady. Make sure your husband knows that and treats you well. And well good luck with your baby.”

There was no more to say. Antonia smiled and then turned and set off back to the villa. She didn’t look back once although she was sure Luke’s eyes were watching her ass sway as she left the quay. She had plenty of time to reflect on the nights events and was not looking forward to greeting her husband. In the event when she arrived at the villa, there was no sign of James. So, she quickly grabbed all her clothes and put them in the washing machine and then went for another shower to ensure that there was no sign of the copious amounts of spunk that Luke had put inside her.

About an hour later she heard her husband coming in. “Hi” he called, “anyone home?”

“Yes, in the kitchen” replied Antonia.

James came in looking terrible. “Oh, remind me never to get into a drinking contest with the locals again” he complained, “they are animals.”

“I take it you feel as bad as you look?” enquired Antonia.

“No, worse actually, but anyway tell me about your evening.”

“Well, there’s not much to tell really. I went and cooked and they enjoyed the food, and they were good company.”

“Oh good. What time did you get back?”

“I, don’t remember exactly, but the main thing is we both had enjoyable evenings.”

“Yes, I suppose so. Now if you don’t mind, I am going to crash out for a couple of hours and try and sleep my hangover off?”

“Fine, I’m going to lie by the pool, see you later.”

After James had gone to bed, Antonia went out and stood by the sun lounger. She dropped her dress and settled naked beneath the warm rays of the sun. She found her hand drifting down to her still inflamed sex and very slowly she masturbated to the memories of Luke taking her like a real man should. Taking his woman and making her his by entwining their DNA for ever. As she vividly recalled his explosive ejaculation into her unprotected womb, she orgasmed and cried out. There was no one to hear her however and so she drifted off to sleep dreaming about the ‘sailors’ gift’!

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