After He Masturbated

After He Masturbated


I padded quietly back down the hallway to my room. Working on the assumption that Mike was awake and that I didn’t want him to know I was too, I made as little sound as possible. My bedroom lights were still out so I had to go slowly and navigate by feel so as not to kick the edge of the bed.

Having set the box of tissues on the bedside table, I rolled quietly into my bed and lay still, listening for signs that Mike might have heard me. All was quiet. I was still pretty aroused from what I’d seen and I wanted to capitalize on that so I closed my eyes and re-visualized the scene: hearing sounds from Mike’s room; pushing the door open a little; seeing his huge hard-on in his hand; mesmerized by the sight of him slowly masturbating himself to a jaw-dropping orgasm. That last image gave me a thrill even in mental playback and I replayed it over, imagining myself at different places in the room. I saw myself standing, invisibly, inside the room, much closer to him, with more detail in my fantasy. I rewound and pretended I was lying beside him, feeling the bed move with each thrust of his pelvis, watching streams from his weapon land on his belly just a few inches from my vantage point.

Each time I pretended, it ramped up my own arousal to the point where I imagined I could feel the wetness in my panties. It was time for some action, and I knew it would be a short time. I stretched my legs out straight, pulled up my T-shirt almost to my breasts and let my hand wander over my stomach, making its way downward. I wanted to prolong this as best I could but I was already feeling minor twitches inside my pussy, a common sign with me that things were on the move!

My pussy was calling to my fingers and I was trying to hold them back, keeping the delicate equilibrium between fulfillment and denial tipped in a slightly forward direction. I wasn’t edging as such, just controlling my progress, but it was still hard to do.

My nipples were just as hungry for attention but they would have to wait. My pussy was twitching more now and I couldn’t wait. I slid my hand, fingers first, into my panties and over the silky dark brown patch of hair. My middle finger found the gap between the swollen outer labia and brushed past the sensitive pink flesh of my clit hood, making my hips jerk involuntarily. Parting the wings of my inner lips, my finger traveled along the contour of my pussy, refusing to venture inside.

“Hahhh! Hahhhh!” I breathed in pleasure as I touched a particularly sensitive spot. I could feel my finger slipping easily along my pussy flesh, covered now in the copious fluid I had been secreting for several minutes. I knew if I lifted my finger out, it would leave a string of this fluid, for I had played with it before, testing the elasticity and licking it clean off my finger before returning for a refill.

Tonight, I just slid my finger along between my labia, eventually reaching the bottom end of my slit where I paused. I desperately wanted to tip my pelvis forward and sink that finger into the juicy depths but I promised myself just one more pass. Pulling my hand slowly back up, I couldn’t resist the temptation to curl my finger just a little, dipping it a fraction deeper than before.

“Ohhhhhhh,” I moaned in breath only, pulling my hips upward. At the last moment, my finger grazed across my clit and my hips stabbed backward with a quiver as my legs pulled together. “Uhghhhh!” I gasped, almost losing the battle right then. “Hahhhhh, hahhhhhh, hahhhhhh!” My hips were quivering still as I was close to the very edge. I reversed direction and pushed my finger back downward, this time curling it and its neighboring finger inside my velvety flesh. I let out a long sigh as I buried them as deep as my hand would allow and pressed them up against the front wall of my pussy, tenderly stroking the ribbed surface there as I let the big “O” build up inside me.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” I said silently to my inner self, relinquishing all my remaining senses until all I could feel was the three-inch circle around my sexual center. Everything numbed out as my body spasmed its way to the most fun moment of any day. The tide of climax swelled deep inside and washed its way through my pussy, contracting my muscles to grip my fingers and pulsing my pussy with its waves of ecstasy. Everything was coated in slick juice which leaked out down my fingers to my knuckle. My legs squeezed together, clamping my fingers in their slippery prison and my hips quivered with continued spasms. The sensation of orgasm crested quickly, leaving in its wake an incredible sense of fulfillment and completeness. As my body physically began to relax and unwind, a rush of emotion burst through me bringing the inevitable grin to my face, and a chuckle that I mostly suppressed into a gurgle of ecstatic pleasure. My nipples were tender against the inside of my shirt, tight and puckered, straining for the sky. One more whole-body shiver and I was able to breathe out a long sigh of contentment, relax out my legs and retract my two fingers. I was still high from the climax, and my hand came straight to my face, fingers webbed with the thick and viscous remnants of sex. I savored the taste – slightly sweet, slightly musky – and played it over my tongue and on my cheeks. This was dessert for me, the delightful nightcap of sexual fulfillment that lingered on my taste buds. I closed my eyes, wishing only that there were another beside me with whom to share the moment.

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