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Asian Massage Delight


It was my birthday! That morning, when I checked my email, I received the first surprise of the day. My husband Tom wrote, “Happy birthday babe! I hope you have an AWESOME day! By the way, make sure you’re home at 1:30. I’m going to have a very special birthday gift delivered to you by a woman named Janet. Enjoy!” I didn’t really know what to think. I was curious of course, but what could it be?? Was it a cake? No, he wouldn’t temp me with a cake – he knows better. Maybe some flowers?? That’s just not him. What could it be?? And Janet?? How would he know the delivery person’s name? It seemed so weird, but I tried to focus on getting my workout done and doing some housework..

I lifted weights and cleaned the kitchen, but all I could think about was Tom’s very special birthday gift. This was torture. “That’s it,” I thought, “I’m calling him right now!” It was getting close to 12:30; thinking he’d be out to lunch, I called him on his cell phone. He didn’t answer. I was so frustrated, but I was starting to get excited: in less than an hour, I’d receive my birthday present. I kept telling myself not to get too excited or it might be a let down. After all, Tom’s never been good at choosing things for me. The minutes dragged by. Slowly. I used my nervous energy to continue cleaning the kitchen, really not even thinking about what I was doing.

At last: 1:30. Then 1:31. Then 1:32. Nothing. Finally, at 1:34, the doorbell rang. I was so nervous I didn’t want to answer! I had the window blind next to the door open, so I took a quick peak. It definitely wasn’t Janet: it was a man. “Great, I wonder what this could be?” I opened the door and the man greeted me, “Hi, I’m Aiden with Home Spa Experience. Sorry I’m a few minutes late, but I’ll make sure you receive your full treatment.” I was stunned and silent. Apparently Aiden took note, because after an awkward silence he said, “Ohhhh, you must have been expecting Janet. She had to leave at lunch today; I guess she had some kind of family issue to take care of. I know she’s great, but I’ve been doing this for a few years too so I’m experienced.” The next few seconds seemed like an hour. I was confused, I was nervous and I was, well, noticing Aiden. He was probably in his late 20s or early 30s; he had dark brown hair, dark eyes, a nice tan and he was muscular without being bulky. He was very attractive. But why was he here?

I snapped out of my brief shock and asked, “Are you sure you’re in the right place?” Aiden, now growing a bit concerned asked, “Are you Mrs. Seldon? I think I’ve got the address right. You ordered a 90-minute massage from us?” Now it made sense: Tom had chosen to surprise me with a massage for my birthday. He knows I love massages! …but no one besides Tom had ever given me a massage. I looked at Aiden and said, “I think you’re my surprise birthday present,” and stepped aside so he could come in.

As Aiden entered the house with his large bag, he enthusiastically said, “I think you’ll be happy you let me in because I’m here to give you a 90-minute full-body massage. I guess since you didn’t know about this, I should tell you about what we do. Sound ok?” It sounded more than “ok.” My body was actually sore from the stress of waiting for my present. I asked him to proceed, trying to hide my excitement. “So our company has a spa north of Davenport, but a few months ago we started offering in-home massages. Your massage comes with a bathing suit, which you can change into while I set things up. As an experienced masseuse, I can give you just about any type of massage you want. Let me ask you a couple of questions: where would you like to do this and do you prefer, in general, more of a hard or soft massage?” As he waited for my reply, he pulled a towel out of his bag along with the so-called “bathing suit;” there wasn’t much to it. I almost immediately suggested we use the bed in the bedroom for the massage and told him I liked very light, delicate massages. “Sounds perfect. If you’ll lead the way to the bedroom, I’ll start getting things ready while you change. I really think you’re going to like this.”

I showed Aiden the bedroom and proceeded into the master bathroom where I quickly stripped. So, that bathing suit. It was a tiny, tiny blue bikini. The top was barely wide enough to cover my nipples and it certainly didn’t hold my breasts in the right place. The bottom was tiny. It was so tight and so small the crotch barely covered my vagina.. which, to my surprise, was wet. I looked in the mirror and thought, “I cannot present myself like this to anyone. Especially a man I don’t know.. even if he is cute. Really cute.” I decided to wrap myself in the towel and, nervously, opened the door.

Aiden had put sheets on the end of the bed and placed some bottles on a collapsible table. He smiled when he saw me and said, “Let me take your towel while you lay down on your stomach,” as he walked toward me. I clutched the top of the towel in terror! I guess my discomfort was obvious to Aiden because he said, “My mistake! My mistake! I forgot this is your first time. We’ll take it slow. Tell you what, why don’t you walk to the bed and I’ll hold your towel as you lay down? I promise I’ll look away at all times! When you’re comfortable, let me know and I’ll put the towel on you – I promise I won’t look!” Aiden was understanding and professional; I was sore. I was also very nervous and, I have to admit, really getting turned on. I thought Aiden was sexy when I first saw him. It was finally hitting me: this handsome man I didn’t know was about to put his strong hands all over me. What was a “full-body massage” anyway?? “Tom thought a woman named Janet was going to do this; what would he think of another man touching me??”

I agreed to Aiden’s proposal and slowly unwrapped the towel. I put each end of the towel in his outstretched hands and made myself comfortable on the bed. “Ok, I’m ready.” Within moments, I felt the towel cover me from the base of my neck down to the middle of my thighs. “Not so bad,” I thought. Aiden meanwhile asked if it was ok to look, to which I responded, “You can look.. I think.” Sensing my nervousness, he assured me everything would be fine and I would feel “incredible” in just a few short minutes. “Mrs. Seldon, I’m going to play some soothing music and rub some oil on your legs and feet. Do you like eucalyptus? What about lavender or tea tree? Do you like peppermint?” The music sounded like Enya; it really was relaxing. “Lavender would be great, and please call me Aimee.” He picked-up a bottle, squirted some lavender oil on his hands and rubbed them together. “Are you ready, Aimee?” I softly replied, “Yes.”


Immediately, I felt Aiden’s light touch on my right foot. It was such a soft touch and it simultaneously felt so soothing; it tickled a little and, yes, it excited me. Again I considered what Tom would think about this, but as Aiden continued to work his magic, first on my foot and then up to my calf, I just reminded myself Tom was responsible for this. Surely he wouldn’t mind. Plus, Aiden was a professional. I allowed myself to savor each moment.

After Aiden finished my foot and calf he said, “Aimee, now I’m going to rub your shoulders and your arms. This isn’t the normal progression for the full-body massage, but I think it makes the most sense for your first time.” “Sounds good,” I said… without really comprehending what he meant. Aiden’s hands embraced my shoulders; he used just a bit more pressure to try and ease the tension around my neck. His thumbs gently caressed each side of my neck; it seemed so intimate, but I let him proceed. He worked over both my arms and, after I had essentially entered a trance of ecstasy, he said, “You’re very tone Aimee, I see you have a lot of workout equipment. I like to work-out too.” I smiled. When he completed my arms he said, “Now I’m going to massage your lower thighs. Please let me know if you feel uncomfortable at any point, ok?” Again, I smiled and nodded. I noticed the clock; only 30 minutes in! I still had a full hour to enjoy!

Aiden began massaging the back of my knee and the base of my thigh. It felt fantastic, but I was a little nervous. Aiden was approaching some, well, sensitive areas; areas almost no one except my husband had ever touched. Aiden continued for a couple of minutes before I could feel his fingers making contact with the base of my towel. I had so many mixed emotions. I’m ashamed to say this, but I wanted him to keep working his way up my thigh. I reminded myself Aiden was a professional and I didn’t need to let my thoughts drift toward sexual things. I was already wet; I didn’t want him to see how wet I was. If the towel wasn’t there, he’d see my saturated bikini. I gently grasped the towel and said, “maybe that’s far enough?” Aiden thanked me for letting him know and continued by moving on to the back of my other knee and thigh.

A few minutes passed, and once again I felt his fingers making contact with the towel. “Aiden, I’m not so sure you should continue up my leg.” This time, Aiden continued very slowly and said, “I can stop, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the next phase of the massage. This is what I do for a living, so don’t worry. What if I roll the towel up just a little bit?” “He’s right,” I thought to myself. “He’s just doing his job; a job Tom paid for.” “Ok, we’ll try it,” I said.

Aiden rolled up the towel quite a bit more than I was expecting. He finally stopped at the base of my bottom; I wondered if he could see how wet I was. I knew nothing sexual was going to happen, but I couldn’t help but imagine Aiden touching me.. touching my inner thighs. Maybe he’d accidentally graze my pussy? I tried to put it out of my mind. I tried to relax, but all I could think about was this hot masseuse putting his hands where they didn’t belong. Aiden gradually worked my thighs over, but unfortunately he didn’t slip-up and touch me where I so desperately wanted him to. Still, the massage was amazing; this was the best gift I had ever received!

“Aimee, I’d like to roll the towel down so I begin massaging your back. Is that all right?” I was still nervous, but I couldn’t resist a back rub. I told Aiden to proceed and he rolled the towel down just below my hips; the towel was now only covering a six inch band over my bottom. He tenderly rubbed my back, allowing his fingertips to very gently graze my skin. The massage was getting better and better! But then, something happened. He touched the top of the crease between my bottom’s cheeks and I instinctively grabbed the towel and pulled it up. Aiden immediately put up his hand and apologized. I didn’t know what to do. I needed him to proceed, but I felt both ashamed and embarrassed. But I was also overwhelmed by another feeling I hadn’t felt in a very long time: raw lust. It wasn’t about being relaxed anymore; I wanted his hands on me. “No Aiden, I apologize. You just surprised me. This is fantastic, but it’s still new to me.” Then, without even thinking, I instructed him to remove the towel altogether. “Are you sure?” Aiden asked. I pretended to be confident and firmly said, “Yes.”

Now, the real “full-body massage” was about to begin. Everything so far had just been a warm-up for what was about to happen. Aiden could now see everything there was to see back there except my vagina. He could see my soaked bikini bottom. He would know how aroused I was. The first time Tom ever touched me, my pussy was oozing wet; I’m sure Aiden had succeeded in drenching it even more thoroughly. He once again starting massaging my shoulders and neck and slowly made his way down my back. As he massaged the middle of my back, his hands wandered along my side and slightly touched my breasts. It made me squirm, but only with slight reluctance.

An ever-shrinking part of me wanted the 90 minutes to end, but that side was losing. Not only did I want the massage to continue, but I wanted Aiden to slip his hands beneath my bikini. I wanted him to touch my breasts and my wet pussy. As Aiden first touched my bottom, I thought, “What is he thinking about? Does he notice I’m wet? Does he even care? He’s a professional; he probably doesn’t think anything of it.” I didn’t know if he was thinking about me sexually, but I was thinking about him. I was thinking about his cock and starting to wish we could reverse roles. I wanted to touch him. Everywhere. But wow, Aiden was very, very good at his job. He was now running his fingers lightly down the length of my back, across my bottom and down my thighs.. over and over again.

“Aimee, it’s time for you to roll over. Would you like me to cover you with the towel?” I didn’t want to move, but I thought of the prospect of being able to watch Aiden as he touched my body. At the same time, I was disappointed he offered to return the towel. “Doesn’t he want to see me?? Why does he have to be such a pro?” I told Aiden I didn’t need the towel anymore.. I really didn’t even want my bikini. As I laid on my back, I could feel my breasts trying to escape the tiny bikini top. I tried halfheartedly to put them back, but there was nothing I could do. I was worried my nipples would slip out, but at least the top was still covering them.. barely. Meanwhile, Aiden had returned to my feet. He once again rubbed my feet, my calves and my thighs; frustratingly, he stopped just before he reached my pussy. I’m so embarrassed, but I admit I wanted him to touch it. I wanted him to kiss it..


As I imagined what Aiden’s tongue would feel like on my clitoris, he said, “Aimee, now I’m going to massage your stomach. Are you ready?” “My stomach?” I thought. It didn’t seem like a big deal, so I said, “Yes, please.” What happened next changed everything. Aiden took a few steps and stood behind my head. Then, when I looked straight up, I received a shock: he was HARD!!! He leaned over my face and extended his arms to reach my stomach. I could see the outline of his full erection beneath his shorts. His cock was inches away, separated from my face only by his white denim shorts!! His fingers danced over my rib cage all the way down to my hips. Occasionally, his fingers would collide with my bikini bottom; sometimes the palms of his strong hands would touch the lower portions of my titties. I didn’t care anymore: I wanted him. I was fixated on his cock. He was enjoying me!!! …and I was enjoying him. Only 15 hours earlier, Tom had made love to me in our bed; now, I wanted to be dominated by a man I barely knew in the same place. But how?? How could I take it to the next level??

I wanted to cross the line. I wanted Aiden’s cock in my mouth; I wanted him to lick my pussy. As I began plotting, Aiden made a move: he very slowly and gently put his hands on my breasts. “Does that feel good? …I mean does it feel ok?” Aiden asked. I didn’t answer. Instead, I put my hands on top of his and together we grabbed my tits. He didn’t resist. It was just that simple. I couldn’t believe what was happening: “What am I doing?? What if Tom finds out?? What if he comes home early? Is it too late to stop? …will Aiden let me see his cock?”

Yes, it was far too late to stop. “Tom gave me this gift and I’m going to enjoy it!” I took my hands off Aiden’s, but he continued to knead my titties. I reached up and put my hands under his shirt; I felt his tone, muscular abdomen and then, with my arms fully extended, caressed his pecs. He was so fit and sexy! But my hands didn’t stay on his chest long. I next put my hands on his hips and began to dig my fingers into his ass cheeks, passively pulling his penis closer to me. Gradually I became more aggressive and, finally, I pulled his manhood down to my face; still, his pants separated my mouth from his dick. I rubbed my face all over his crotch, wishing his pants would disappear. I still wasn’t satisfied..

Meanwhile, Aiden had pulled my oily breasts completely out. He kept his left hand on my breast, but slipped his fingers underneath my bikini and started rubbing my clit. It felt amazing! But I had other things I needed to focus on, like getting his pants off. With only a little trouble, I managed to unfasten his belt; then I unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts. I literally trembled with excitement as I started to pull his shorts down. Underneath, Aiden was wearing sexy black boxer-briefs. Now, I could get an even better sense of his size. His cock was bigger than Tom’s; at its tip, I could clearly see a damp spot where his pre-cum was collecting. He really was enjoying me! I admired the outline for a moment; I wanted to savor it, but I needed more. As Aiden rubbed my clit more quickly, I very slowly pulled down his briefs. At last, his thick dick bobbed out: it was perfect! Aiden had a long, smooth shaft and a round bulbous head that glistened with pre-cum. He had very little pubic hair; his big, low-hanging balls were shaved smooth. His cock had to be at least eight-inches long!

I froze; I just looked at it as I grabbed Aiden’s firm ass. At the same time, I could feel him pulling my bikini bottom to the side; my smooth vagina was exposed. Now, Aiden trembled and held still. “Aimee, are you sure this is ok?” he asked. I didn’t want to say anything. Instead, I released Aiden’s ass and grabbed his cock with one hand and his balls with the other. I lovingly massaged his balls and started stroking his long, thick dick; I very gently and teasingly started licking his scrotum. Once again, I wondered if Tom would walk in. I’ve always been nervous about little noises and potential interruptions, but my inhibitions were collapsing. I actually thought it might be hot if Tom walked in and caught me wanking-off the masseuse he had given me for my birthday!

Aiden slipped his hands underneath my thighs and started licking my clitoris. I was in paradise! I wanted to suck his dick, but it was too long and too hard to pull down into my mouth. Instead, I sucked on his balls one at a time and rubbed the head of his cock gently with my thumb. I stopped momentarily and said, “I love your cock,” and then started licking the sensitive area between his balls and his asshole; it made his dick jump with appreciation as he moaned softly to express his pleasure. I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him down on my body. I could feel Aiden tenderly insert a finger in my pussy, gliding it in repeatedly as his tongue continued to flick my clit. After several minutes of sucking and licking each other, he asked, “Why don’t we try something different? You’re about to make me cum Aimee, but you still have 20 minutes left!” I actually laughed slightly before whispering, “ok.”

Aiden next turned me around so my legs were hanging off the bed. He took his shirt off and I finally got a good look at him naked; I followed the contours of his lightly chiseled chest and stomach down to his thick penis, which was floating inches over my pussy. He pulled my bikini bottom off, dropped it to the floor and took both my ankles in his hands. I could feel a combination of my natural lubricant and Aiden’s saliva warm my vagina as he parted my legs. I was completely vulnerable. I usually didn’t like having my legs spread like that; not even by Tom; but I didn’t mind Aiden doing it. It really turned me on to be at the mercy of this handsome masseuse. I was physically mesmerized by him. Even though I didn’t know him I felt very comfortable with him.

“What is he going to do now?? Am I really going to let him have sex with me?” I thought. I needed his cock deep inside me, but he needed to collect himself first. He knelt on the floor in front of me; his sexy face was directly in front of my wet slit. Aiden began to massage my thighs deeply, digging his fingers into my oily legs, and then he began kissing them.. then licking them. He gradually worked his way up to my pussy, and gave my clitoris a soft kiss. He kissed my pussy lips and then started licking them. Aiden penetrated me slightly with his tongue before moving back to my clit; it’s like he was french kissing my pussy. He prodded gently and teased every inch of my vagina. As he made-out with my pussy, he gave each of my calves a massage. I couldn’t help but whisper, “Please don’t stop.”

After another minute or two, Aiden said, “Aimee, I’ve never done anything like this before.. I touch women every day, but I never think anything of it. It’s just business. But there’s something special about you. I want to be in you.” Aiden and I stood up together and I began stroking his cock; I kissed his neck as he grabbed my greasy ass. I got on the floor into child’s pose; I reached forward with my arms and arched my ass up toward Aiden; it was the most inviting position I could think of.

Aiden got down on his knees behind me and started rubbing the tip of his big cock on the backs of my thighs. He put a hand on my ass and rubbed my tight, sensitive asshole gently with his thumb. Then, he started rubbing his cock up and down the exterior of my vagina, paying extra attention to my clit. I wanted him in me so, so bad. Was I really ready to do this?? But before I could answer my question it happened: Aiden slowly pushed the head of his penis into my soaking canal. It was so terribly wrong, but it felt so good. Immediately I could tell he was thicker than Tom; the feel was so unexpectedly different. Aiden grabbed my hips and pulled himself in deeper.. and deeper.. and deeper. There was so much of him! He was longer than Tom, and it felt like he went on forever. It actually was slightly uncomfortable to have something that big inside, but I was really wet and really horny.

As Aiden continued, his pace accelerated; as I adjusted to his huge cock, I enjoyed it more and more. I got so hot recognizing how much Aiden was enjoying me. He was really pounding me now; I could feel and hear his balls slapping against my clitoris with each thrust. Then, I did something I was always too shy to do with Tom. I started rubbing my pussy as Aiden plowed it. I knew my masseuse was approaching orgasm and I didn’t want to be left out. Masturbating further enhanced the feel of Aiden’s cock inside me and the rush of his balls against my clit.

I could tell he was approaching the point of no return, so I did something else I had never done, “Aiden, I want you to cum. I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy. Please cum for me.” He grunted as he continued to thrust at top speed. We were both moments away! Aiden suddenly convulsed violently and as he did he grabbed my hips and buried the length of his long shaft into my pussy. When his body jerked, it triggered my orgasm.. and it was incredible. Most orgasms I have are pretty good, but also pretty quick. Aiden helped me have the best, deepest, longest, sexiest orgasm I’ve ever had. I enjoyed wave after wave of intense pleasure.. and so did Aiden. He breathed heavy, he moaned and he shot stream after stream of cum into my vagina. As his orgasm waned, he grabbed my breasts and softly kissed the back of my shoulders. Blissfully exhausted, I noticed we still had three minutes..

Aiden lovingly removed his cock, inch by inch, and when it slid out I could feel his cum ooze out of me. I touched myself; I was a mess! Even though I had just had an explosive orgasm, I wanted to have another one. Recognizing the time, I encouraged Aiden to pack up his supplies because I needed to freshen-up before Tom got home; freshen-up the room, the bed and my stretched, unfaithful cunt. Aiden looked at me and said, “That was incredible. You’re a beautiful woman. Your husband’s a lucky man.” I smiled and responded, “I will make sure he gets lucky tonight because he gave me the best birthday present I’ve ever received.” As Aiden put his shorts back on, he smiled and asked, “Can we schedule your next massage?”

Shortly after 5:30 that evening, Tom arrived home. “Happy birthday!! Did you get my gift??” “I got it,” I said coyly, “It was the best present anyone’s ever given me and it was totally unexpected.” “Awesome! I told them to send Janet because they said she’s their best masseuse,” Tom said. “I hope you’re not too relaxed, because there’s something else I’d like to give you later!” I smiled, assuring him I’d be ready. I needed more cock, and I wanted another orgasm.. or two.

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