Black Lady Fucks A White Boy

Black Lady Fucks A White Boy


Carl and Donna Carter met in college and were married the summer after they graduated. Donna took a job as a staff accountant in a regional bank and Carl started medical school. Although Carl received several grants from NNCF, Donna still spent many long hours at the bank to earn enough to put her husband through school. When he graduated, he had only $75,000 in student loans, which were paid off by the hospital that employed him as long as he agreed to stay at least five years.

Carl made it clear from the beginning that he didn’t want children, and although Donna was disappointed, she loved Carl, so she agreed to spend her life without children. Donna’s parents were also disappointed because Donna was their only child and their opportunity for grandchildren was taken away from them.

By the time the Carters had reached their mid-thirties, they were doing very well for themselves financially. Donna had worked her way up into a supervisory position at the bank and Dr. Carl Carter was spending long hours and bringing home big paychecks from the hospital. They had purchased a big house in one of the rich and snobby parts of town at Carl’s insistence. They belonged to the local country club and drove expensive vehicles. Both of them had taken care of themselves and were healthy. Carl was 6 feet tall and weighed about 190 pounds. He was well built and spent several hours each week at the gym running, playing basketball and swimming. Donna was 5’7″ tall and weighed 115 pounds. Her slender body had small (B cup) breasts and 33-24-35 measurements. All seemed to be going well.

But what Donna didn’t know was that Carl was infatuated with a hot little 28-year-old nurse named Nancy. Some of his all-nighters at the hospital were actually all-nighters banging Nancy at the Holiday Inn outside of town. Actually, their relationship had gone beyond just banging and their relationship was getting serious. Carl knew that he would eventually divorce Donna, but before doing so, he methodically liquidated and relocated most of their investments into a safe deposit box.

Finally, the time came for him to break it to Donna that he was leaving her. He told her to get ready for a night out. Donna knew that Carl liked her to wear sexy clothes when they went out so she put on a white halter dress that came to her mid-thigh. She knew he liked the way the white dress contrasted with her dark caramel colored skin. She wore three-inch heeled sandals so that she was only two inches shorter than Carl.

When he got home, he mixed them a couple of drinks; hers much stronger than his. Throughout dinner, he went to the bar several times to get them drinks so that he could make sure that hers were much stronger than his. After dinner, he noticed her words were slightly slurred and she was having some trouble walking. He helped her to the car and she said, “H-Honey, I uh . . . (giggle), I think we . . . I think we should go home and fuck! (giggle giggle).” Usually when she used language like that, it would turn him on and they would end up racing home and to bed.

But tonight, he said, “Let’s make one more stop for a nightcap and then we’ll head home, OK?” She nodded her head and then promptly fell asleep in the car. They pulled up to a bar just outside of town called ‘City Limits.’ Although it wasn’t a real dive bar, it nonetheless, didn’t have a sterling reputation. He helped her out of the car and she leaned against him as they went inside.

Although it wasn’t packed, it had a nice mixed crowd of whites, blacks and Hispanics. There were a few more men than women and the ages were from barely legal to 70. They sat at a table and her skirt rode up her legs almost to her pussy, but she didn’t seem to notice. Carl grinned as his wife exposed her slender shapely dark caramel legs. He ordered a drink for both of them and had hers made extra strong. When she finished that one, he said, “Donna, I want a divorce.” She mumbled and nodded her head. “Did you hear me? I met someone else and I want a divorce.”

She grinned a stupid grin at him and he knew it wasn’t registering with her. “OK,” she said. “Whatever you want baby.” Then she broke out laughing.

Carl went for two more drinks and when he returned to the table, she had her head on the table and was sound asleep.

“Looks like your little lady can’t hold her booze, mister,” a young white man at the next table said.

“Yeah, she’s a lightweight. One more and then we’re either going to head for home, or who knows, she might decide to fuck everyone here.”

The young man’s eyes were as big as saucers. “Wha What did you say mister?”

Carl had finished pouring the drink down Donna’s throat so he turned to the man and said, “Sometimes when she gets this drunk, she whispers that she wants to fuck a bunch of men. So, I just let her do it and then come back and pick her up the next day. That’s why I’m going to divorce her. She is nothing but a whore.”

The young man took a long look at Donna’s legs from her feet all the way up to her bikini underwear that was just visible under the hem of her skirt. Then he looked up at her small breasts and her pretty face. “Is she your wife mister?” Carl smiled and nodded. “She’s pretty. How old is she mister?”

“She’s 35 years old. She has pretty nice legs, don’t you think?” The young man nodded eagerly. “What’s your name, kid?”

“William Steele, but people just call me Billy.”

“Nice to meet you Billy. My name is Carl, and this little slut here is my soon to be ex-wife Donna.”

The young man went to the bar to get a drink and when he returned, he noticed Donna whispering in Carl’s ear. Actually, Carl had just pulled her head near his ear and then began nodding his head. He appeared to whisper something back and then manipulated her head to nod. He looked at the young man and as he untied her halter top, he said, “Well Billy, this may be your lucky day. She’s drunk enough to want to fuck all comers. No pun intended.”

“Really? She really will?”

Carl nodded and said, “Yep. Here is our address.” Carl handed him a card. “Just drop her off here when you guys are finished with her, OK Billy?” With that, he got up, dropped a $100 bill on their table and walked out.

Billy said, “Sure thing mister.” Billy looked around the table at his three friends who were all grinning evil grins at the unconscious black woman at the next table. One of her breasts was showing and her bikini panties were now fully exposed.

Billy and the other three white boys got up and approached the table. “Whew, she’s fucked up, Billy,” one of them said.

Billy nodded and said, “Yeah. Maybe we should get her out of here.” The four young men helped Donna to her feet and put her arms around the men on either side of her. The men held her hands with one hand and lifted her skirt and put their hands on her as with their other hands. A third man walked behind them with his hands covering her breasts. They carried her to the parking lot and over to a big old Chevy Suburban that Billy’s friend Tim had borrowed from his dad. As three of the young men held the helpless black woman, Tim unlocked the doors and tailgate and lowered the seats. He tossed a couple blankets in the back. The three boys carried their prey to the Suburban and lifted her in to the back. The top of her dress was now around her waist and the hem had ridden up above her panties.

Within seconds, the boys had stripped her and tossed her clothes aside. “Hey guys, be careful with those clothes. We have to return her in them,” Billy said.

As Tim dropped his pants, he said, “Since it’s my car, I’m gonna plow this little nigger’s pussy first.” He jumped in the back of the Suburban and rammed his hard cock into her pussy. Tim only lasted a couple of minutes before dumping his load into her black pussy. Donna was still unconscious, but she was lightly moaning.

One after another, the boys fucked Donna. Four big loads of white boy spunk was pumped into her pussy. At times, she regained consciousness and moaned and screamed, “Aaaaaaah! F-f-fucccck! Uuungh!” Then she would pass out again. When the last one had dumped his load and climbed from the back of the Suburban, Tim said, “Well fellas, I have to be getting home. What are we gonna do with this black slut?”

Billy said, “Well, if you guys help get her to my car, I’ll take her home.” The four boys carried the unconscious older black woman to Billy’s car and put her in the front seat and tossed her clothes in the back seat. “I’m glad I have vinyl seats. This bitch is leaking cum all over them.”

As Billy pulled from the parking lot, Donna began to come around. It took a few seconds, but when she realized that she was naked, she began screaming. Billy pulled to the side of the road and tried to calm her down. As she crossed her arms over her chest, she turned and saw Billy and screamed louder. “Who . . . who are y-y-you? And and wh-where are m-m-my clothes?” Billy reached behind him and handed her the clothes. “Who are you? You raped me!”

“I didn’t rape you. Your husband said you wanted us to fuck you. Are you crazy, bitch?”

“She screamed, “Don’t you call me a bitch you motherfucker!” She swung her hand at him, but he easily blocked it. “You fucked me, didn’t you?”

“Your husband told us to do it. Right after he told you that he wanted a divorce.”

She was about to start screaming again, but she stopped and said, “Divorce? My husband doesn’t want a divorce.”

“Well, that’s not what he told you in the bar and that’s not what he told me,” Billy said.

They sat in silence for a full 60 seconds and Billy watched Donna’s face as it turned from anger to confusion to understanding to fury. “I remember that son-of-a-bitch saying something about a divorce now,” Donna said. “Did he really tell you we were getting a divorce?”

Since she was calming down, Billy told her the entire story. He told her that he overheard him tell her that he wanted a divorce and she agreed. Then he told Billy and the boys the same thing and told them to gang bang her. He told us that you enjoy that, especially after a few drinks. He even showed her the address card that Carl gave him. When Donna saw the card and recognized Carl’s handwriting, she screamed again. She was so furious that her hands were moving all around as she talked and she totally forgot that she was still naked.

Finally, Billy said, “Listen, maybe you should put your clothes on, Donna.” She looked down at her small breasts and crossed her arms in front of herself again.

She said, “Get out of the car and don’t look.”

Billy started laughing and said, “I’ve already seen the goods, baby and I ain’t getting out. If you want to get out, go for it.” With that, he sat and watched the attractive older woman get dressed. He had to admit that she was pretty damn good looking and he liked the contrast of white on black too.

Billy drove her home and actually was waiting until she got inside the door, even though she told him to get lost. She pounded on the door, but nothing happened. She searched for their emergency key, but it had been removed. Finally, she found a rock and threw it through the window just as a police car showed up. Billy watched as the police arrested her and took her away. He drove home and then sat in his driveway for almost an hour thinking about the wild night he had just experienced. He now knew something wasn’t right with Carl and Donna. He drove to the police station. His cousin Frank was working the desk, and he asked about Donna. Frank told him that she had no ID, but they knew she was Donna Carter so they were letting her go. But so far, she hadn’t been able to reach anyone for a ride.

“Ask her if she wants me to take her home,” Billy said.

A few minutes later, Donna came out into the lobby still looking good in her white dress. “I suppose you want to rape me again, huh?” She said. Several of the police looked their direction.

“No, I just thought you might need a ride home. But if you don’t then . . . .”

No. No. Please. I do need a ride home. Thanks.”

Billy took her home and helped her get into the house. They sat at the kitchen table for the next few hours talking about what happened the night before. Once he realized that Donna wasn’t a drunken slut, he apologized to her several times. Fortunately for her, she didn’t remember any of it because she was drifting in and out of consciousness.

Billy didn’t see Donna again for quite a while. Eventually she and Carl got their divorce and Donna was surprised to find that they had no investments or savings. They also had a large refinanced loan on their house. So, Donna walked away from their 13-year marriage with her car and her clothes and half the furniture. And Carl go everything else, along with the little 28-year-old nurse.

A few months after the divorce, Donna took her Lexus in for servicing. As she walked to the service desk to pay her bill, she was greeted by a familiar voice, “Hi Donna. How have you been?”

“B-Billy? Is . . . is that you?” He smiled at her and nodded his head. “What are you doing here?”

He said, “I’m actually one of the mechanics that keeps your car running like a well oiled machine.” He liked that she smiled when he said that. “How have you been Donna?”

“Well, that worthless son-of-a . . . Well, I shouldn’t talk about it here, but if you ever have time and want to hear a sad story about a real prick, let me know.”

Billy grinned at her and said, “I’m free tonight.”

“Uh. Well uh. Err, uh, well . . . ” She mumbled.

“That’s OK Donna,” he said.

She paused for a second and then quickly said, “No. No. You just surprised me, Billy. What time tonight and where? Preferably not City Limits.”

Billy looked embarrassed. He looked at the floor and said, “How about at Gus’s Grille over on Meadowbrook?”

“OK. I’ll see you there at 6:00,” she said. He nodded and she drove off. All afternoon she wondered if she was crazy to be meeting one of her rapists for dinner. Not only that, he was a young white guy to boot. But she had to admit, that he was a good-looking white guy. He was about an inch taller than Carl and about 20 pounds heavier. She spent the whole afternoon trying to talk herself out of meeting him, but at 6:00, she found herself walking in the front door of Gus’.

She wore a shirt dress that was only an inch or two above her knees. It was belted at her slender waist. The dress had eight buttons in the front and she left only two at the top and one at the bottom unbuttoned. When Billy saw her, he smiled ear-to-ear and said, “Wow, Donna. You look great!”

“You mean for an old lady, don’t you Billy?”

He was tongue-tied for a minute before he grinned and said, “You’re not an old lady, Donna. You’re only 35. That ain’t old.”

“And how old are you, Billy?” She said while noticing that he looked nice in his Dockers and a golf shirt.

“I’m 22,” he said.

“Shit,” she thought to herself. “He was only nine years old when I graduated from college. My best friend from high school has a daughter that’s only five years younger than this kid.”

The two of them enjoyed a nice dinner and a few drinks and Billy listened and asked questions as Donna told him of her surprise at finding out her husband wanted a divorce and had cleaned out all of their stocks and savings. He had been planning it for quite a while and she was completely clueless. Billy noticed her eyes water a few times during the telling of her story. Once he reached across the table and took her hand. She let him hold it for a minute before pulling it away.

After dinner, they left the restaurant and when Donna started to turn towards her car, Billy grabbed her hand and pulled her the other direction saying, “Come with me for a few minutes.”

Donna hesitated, remembering the first night. She said, “Wh where are we g-going?”

He stopped when they were beside a BMW motorcycle. He handed her a helmet and put one on himself and said, “I want to show you something.”

Donna looked down at her dress and then back at him. She was just about to refuse when he pulled the helmet from her and said, “Come on. It will only take a few minutes.”

“But . . . but I’m wearing a dress,” she whined.

“So what. You’ve got great legs, Donna.” He was straddling the bike and he reached for her hand. She finally smiled and climbed on. Donna thought the quiet BMW engine and the comfortable leather seats were wonderful. They rode for about 15 minutes before he turned down a dirt road, and a minute later stopped. He helped her from the bike and took off her helmet.

She was a little nervous when he grabbed her hand and said, “Come on. I think you’ll like this.” He led her down a short pathway. Part way down she could her the sound of water running over tocks. When they reached the bottom, she saw a beautiful little creek. When she looked at Billy, she realized that he was wearing a backpack. He removed it and took out a small blanket which he placed on the ground. Then he took out a bottle of wine and two glasses. He put his finger to his lips and said, “Shhhh,” as he sat on the blanket.

Donna stood looking at the creek and listening to the water fall over the rocks. Finally, she turned to Billy and he held up his hand to her. She took his hand and sat on the blanket next to him. As he was pouring the wine, he whispered, “Listen to the sounds of the night, Donna.” He handed her a glass and they both sat quietly listening to the crickets and the water and an occasional owl.

“This is nice,” Donna said. Billy just smiled. After a few more minutes, she looked at him and smiled. She said, “Are you trying to seduce me, young man?”

He looked down at the blanket and then back up at her. He said, “Maybe. Would that be so bad?”

She looked into his eyes and said, “Billy, you’re just a young white kid and I’m an old black woman. It would never work.”

He put his hand on her shoulder and moved it up into her hair at the back of her neck. He lightly kissed her neck on the other side and whispered, “This is my favorite place. I’ve never brought anyone here until tonight. I just wanted to share it with you, Donna.”

She leaned into him and moaned, “Mmmm. It’s nice here. Thank you for bringing me here.” As he kissed her cheek and his left hand slid up her flat stomach and cupped her left breast, she whispered, “Billy, I don’t think this is a good . . . Mmmm. B-Billy.” He turned her face with his right hand and moved his lips onto hers. Another soft moan. He squeezed her breast and pushed his tongue into her mouth. He moved his right hand from her face to her right breast and squeezed. “Mmmm, Billy,” she moaned. He kissed her again and felt her tongue move into his mouth.

They kissed like that for quite some time. Billy eventually began unbuttoning her dress. She moaned, “B-Billy? I-I . . . I d-don’t think we sh should d-do . . . ” He lips found hers again and she went silent. He unfastened her belt and finished unbuttoning her dress. He kissed her neck as he unfastened her bra. She was done fighting him. She wanted this as much as he did. A young white man and an older black woman. It was forbidden fruit for both, but they continued.

She pulled his shirt over his head as he slid her dress and bra from her shoulders. They kissed and he pulled her panties down her shapely legs. She unfastened his pants and pulled his pants and underwear down. He took them off and they held each other. Her arms were around his neck and his were around her waist.

He gently lowered her to the blanket and began kissing her neck and her chest. He kissed her hard nipples and her small breasts before moving down to her stomach. He continued down and began kissing and licking her pussy. She was moaning and moving her hips as he played with her clit with his tongue. She shoved his face into her pussy and had a massive orgasm. He continued to lick and suck her pussy until she orgasmed again before working his way back up her beautiful dark body.

When he reached her face, she pleaded, “Please fuck me, Billy. Please.”

He reached down and slid the tip of his cock into her soaked pussy making her cum immediately. “Aaarrrrgh!” She screamed. “Oh yesssss! Aaaaaah! F-fuck meeee!”

Billy fucked Donna for almost 15 minutes before coming into her pussy. They lay holding each other for a long time after they finished. Finally, she looked up at him and said, “That was the best sex I’ve had in a long long time. Maybe forever.”

Billy kissed her and said, “Me too. Maybe we should do it again.” And they did.

They eventually started to get a little chilly so Billy helped her to get dressed while his hands roamed unobstructed all over her body. She giggled and pretended to fight him off, but let him do whatever he wanted. After they were both dressed and the backpack repacked, they walked hand-in-hand back to Billy’s bike. Before putting on their helmets, Donna stepped over to Billy , put her arms around his neck and pulled him to her for a long wet kiss. When she finally pulled back, she whispered, “Anytime you want to take this old lady back to the woods and fuck her brains out, just let me know.”

Billy smiled at her and said, “I wouldn’t mind fucking this old lady every night.”

“Mmmm, that can be arranged, young man. That can be arranged.” They kissed again before hopping on his bike for the trip back to her car. Before they parted at her car, she invited him to dinner at her condominium the next night.

That night, both of them dreamed about the other. Billy knew his parents would be OK with whoever he dated because they just wanted him to be happy and to be loved by someone. Donna was a different story. Her father wasn’t really enamored with white people. He had really liked her husband until he treated his daughter like shit. Now he wanted to kill him. Donna didn’t know what her mother might think. But it was too early to even think about those things. So she eventually fell asleep thinking of having more sex with Billy.

The next night, Billy arrived at her door with a bottle of wine and a small bouquet of flowers. She put the flowers in water and then said, “There is something I want to do before dinner, OK?” Billy looked puzzled, but nodded his head. Donna walked over to him, kissed him and then slowly dropped to her knees. She unfastened his pants, pulled them down and reached for his big white cock. She lovingly moved her hand along its length before kissing it. She licked it and then put the tip into her mouth. She licked some more and then began sucking and lightly massaging his balls. She looked up at the dreamy look on his face. She continued to work on his cock and before long, was rewarded with a mouthful of warm cum. She licked and sucked to get the last drop before redressing him and escorting him to the table for dinner.

After dinner, they did the dishes, and then he took her on the kitchen counter. Not one dish was broken but a couple of pans and some silverware ended up on the floor. They adjourned to the living room where he stripped her and spent over an hour kissing and lightly licking her whole body, which drove her wild. She had several orgasms and pulled his head to her pussy and to her breasts. She humped his face and his hands as they forced her to have one climax after another. She kissed him hard when he was finished, and then begged him to spend the night.

They adjourned to her room, and she sucked his cock and then climbed on top of it and rode him like he was a bronco. He blew his load into her pussy and then they both fell quickly asleep with smiles on their faces. They slept well, and Billy woke up with a strange feeling. When he looked down, he saw that his cock was hard and in Donna’s mouth.

Donna was quietly singing while she made bacon and eggs for breakfast. Billy poured juice and made coffee and toast, and had to admit that he enjoyed listening to her sing. During breakfast, they decided to meet after work for a walk and then have dinner at a local mom & pop restaurant and then find someplace to have sex. Billy asked her if she had ever had anal sex, and she said no because she thought it would hurt. He told her that he wanted to try it, and she agreed without hesitation.

So, that evening after a short hike and dinner, they returned to Donna’s condo where he had her stripped in less than 30 seconds after walking in the front door. He stripped his clothes and then carried her into the bedroom. She had Vaseline on the night stand so Billy decided to multitask and 69 with her while applying lube to her ass. Once he was hard and had licked her to an orgasm, he got up and put her on her knees and slowly entered her beautiful firm round ass.

“Aaaah! It hur . . hurts! B-Billy, it . . . Aaaaah shit!” He slowly shoved his cock all the way until his balls touched her ass. She was screaming like a banshee. He slowly began pumping her ass and eventually her pain became less and less and then it became bearable and then it became wonderful. He was squeezing her breasts as he fucked her black ass. Billy only lasted long enough to give her one cum, but it was a monster cum. He blew his cum deep into her bowels and then withdrew and fell onto the bed. Without any hesitation, Donna dropped down and cleaned his cock with her mouth and then lay next to him with her arm across his chest.

They couldn’t get together for the next two nights, and they discovered that they missed each other so much that they talked on the phone several times each day. When they did finally get back together, Billy kissed her as soon as they got back to her condo. She looked into his eyes and said, “You can do anything you want to me tonight, Billy. Anything.”

Well, Billy was kind of new at this, but he had seen a few porno films with his pals so he decided to try being a little rougher. He said, “Suck my cock!”

“Yes sir,” Donna said. She sucked his cock until he told her to stop. He roughly removed the clothes from her body and saw that her nipples were hard and she was trembling with anticipation.

He said, “Tonight you’re going to be my black slut. Do you understand?” She nodded her head. And that’s what I’m going to call you. Do you have a problem with that, slut?” He saw her quickly shake her head no and noticed that she had goosebumps on her body. “Lick my balls, slut.”

She was on her knees in a flash and his balls were both in her mouth. “That’s nice, slut. You really are a slut, aren’t you?” She looked up at him and nodded her head. “What?” He yelled.

She said, “Yes sir. I really am a slut. I’m your slut.”

During the night, he used all of her holes. He spanked her ass while he was fucking her from behind. He fingered her to orgasm more than once. He slapped her breasts and made her ask for more. She cleaned his cock after he fucked her ass, and then finally told her that if she was truly his slut, she would lick his ass hole, which she eagerly did. By morning, there was no doubt that she now belonged to Billy.

Just to cement the deal, Billy spent the next night gently romancing her. He made love to her and held her and kissed her over and over. He gently massaged and manipulated her body to orgasm after orgasm. He kissed all over her body and when she got up in the morning, she took a quick shower and then rushed to the kitchen to make her man breakfast. As they were eating, she looked at him and said, “Billy, the last two nights have been the best sex and lovemaking of my entire life. I’ve never been treated so roughly and so romantically. I think I love you, Billy.”

Billy had never really been in love with anyone. He thought he was once during a one-night stand, but it turned out to be gas. He knew he felt different when he was around Donna, but he thought he still needed some more data before committing.

Over the next few months, Billy and Donna spent most of their free time together. They took walks and hikes, rode Billy’s BMW bike and had dinner together almost every night. Donna taught Billy how to play golf and quickly realized that golf isn’t everybody’s game. Billy taught Donna how to bowl and play bocce. And Donna took Billy to play tennis, and even though he didn’t really like the game, he enjoyed seeing her in those tiny little skirts and shorts. And they made love. And they had sex. And they fucked.

Donna loved to be fucked like a slut some nights. She liked to be called names and have her ass and breasts slapped. She liked him to abuse her with only thoughts of his own pleaser. Her body was his to use as he wanted.

She also loved to just have sex sometimes. It didn’t matter which holes he used as long as he used his hands, cock and mouth all over her body. On these nights, she would plead with him to stop teasing her and just to fuck her.

But mostly she enjoyed lovemaking. She liked his gentle touch and his ability to drive her insane with his kisses and his touches all over her body. She constantly told him that she loved him, and hoped that someday, he would tell her that he loved her too.

Billy finally took her to meet his parents. He gave them a heads up that she was older and black so they weren’t surprised. They made her feel welcome and Billy’s mother even hugged her when she came in and when she left. She also thanked Donna for making her boy so happy. That gave Donna hope that he might say those three words to her someday soon. And he eventually did.

Donna made much more money than Billy, but that didn’t seem to bother them. She invited him to move in with her, and it took him a week to consider before he did. They discovered that they would both like to travel; they would both like to have kids and they both enjoyed their multi-faceted love life. She constantly told him that her body belonged to him, and he constantly had her show it off when they went out together.

Donna’s co-workers and friends wondered what she saw in this young, albeit handsome, white guy. Billy’s friends couldn’t believe that he was fucking this hot older milf that they all saw naked, and three of them had fucked.

A few weeks after Donna’s 36th birthday, she told Billy that she was pregnant. He was thrilled and he immediately told her he loved her and proposed to her. He called his parents who were also overjoyed even though Billy’s older sister had two kids already. They had always hoped that Billy would be a father someday.

Donna insisted that they go visit her parents to tell them of the wedding and the pregnancy. She promised to be Billy’s slut whenever he wanted her to be if he would go with her. Billy had no intention of saying no, since he had never met her parents, but this was an added bonus. So as soon as he agreed and she kissed him and told him thanks, he said, “Get on your knees, slut and suck my cock.”

She obediently dropped to her knees. Over the next hour, she sucked his cock, rimmed his ass and took his cock in her own ass while he spanked her and twisted her nipples giving her one long multiple orgasm.

Donna’s parent lived a few hundred miles away, so they drove there the next weekend. She had given them a heads up that she was bringing her boyfriend who was white, but she had no idea what to expect. When they arrived, Donna’s mother met them at the door and shook his hand as if he had the plague. She was very polite, but a little standoffish.

A few minutes later, her father came into the room and said, “It’s about time you came to visit.” She introduced Billy, who held out hi hand, but her father just said, “Hruummph!” and turned away. After some catching up with each other on family stuff, she broke the news that we were getting married. “Oh no you’re not marrying a young honky. Forget it Donna. I won’t stand for it!”

Billy stayed out of it and kept his mouth shut as Donna and her father got into it. Her mother tried her best to mediate, but it appeared hopeless. Her father finally said, “You know I liked Carl. He was a doctor. I’m not sure what you did to make him leave you, but . . . .”

“I didn’t do anything Dad. He’s just an ass hole. I love Billy and I’m going to marry him.”

He said, “I don’t think so donna. If you have to have a young man, why not a black man? What’s this honky have that you couldn’t have with a black man?”

She was furious now. She glared at her father and said, “He has me. That’s what he has. And he’s going to be the father to our baby. That’s what else he has.” Then she turned to Billy and said, “Come on. Let’s get out of here.,” and headed for the door.

She didn’t even slow down as her mother bawled and her father yelled and Billy jumped and quickly scooted to the door. Donna’s mother caught up to them as they reached their car. She was still crying and begging them to stay, but Donna’s mind was made up. She looked back towards the house and saw her father standing on the porch. She said, “You’ll get an invitation to the wedding and baptism, but he’s not welcome until he apologizes to Billy. With that, they were off.

Donna cried herself to sleep that night. And the next night. She apologized to Billy over and over again. Billy blew it off and told her that her apologies weren’t necessary after the first one. Every time he said that, she would hold his face and kiss him and tell him that she loved him.

Over the next month, they quickly planned their wedding. Donna’s mother tried help her as much as she could, but she ended up counting on Billy’s mother to help carry the load. On the day of the wedding, three of their four parents showed up.

The newlyweds took a short honeymoon and returned home to get back to work. They planned to take a longer trip after the baby was born. Billy and Donna changed their sex lives, but never slowed down until the day before the baby was born.

Three of the four parents showed up at the hospital to see the new baby. When Donna and the eight-pound four-ounce baby boy came home from the hospital, Donna’s mother took lots of pictures and held it all the time. She stayed for a week before heading home. Billy’s parents knew it was her first grandchild so they stayed in the background as much as they could until she left.

Two days after Donna’s mother left, Billy put the baby to bed and then joined his wife on the couch. She said, “Billy, I want to suck your cock. Can I please?” He grinned at her and then dropped his pants. She sucked and licked his cock until he was just about ready to blow his load, and then the phone rang. They had both decided to ignore it and Billy kept pumping his cock into his wife’s face when they heard a familiar voice leaving a message on their machine: “D-Donna. Uh, . . uh, this . . this is uh your dad.”

Billy heard the pop as his cock came out of Donna’s mouth and rapidly began to shrink.

“Donna. I uh, I uh am s-sorry. I uh treated . . . I treated you and your husband b-bad and I’m uh sorry. I hope you can forgive me. And your husband too. I would uh like uh to uh see my new grandson. Please. I’m uh sorry. Please call me.”

Donna jumped up with tears running down her face and hugged Billy harder than her had ever been hugged. She kissed him hard and hugged him again. It took her almost a full minute before she finally said, “Oh shit. I need to finish your blow job honey. I’m sorry.” Billy started to object, but Donna quickly fell to her knees and in just a few seconds had it back in her warm mouth sucking away.

Two years later, Billy and Donna had another son and this time, all the grandparents were at the hospital. There was never a shortage of grandparents wanting to babysit the two handsome young boys. Donna’s dad eventually was polite and civil to Billy, which was fine with him. Donna’s mother thought Billy was great because he gave her something that her ex husband would never have given her — grandchildren.

Donna and Billy bought a nice house with a yard for the kids. They also put a lock on their bedroom door for the adults. Donna never seemed to tire of sex with Billy. She even convinced him to try a little BDSM after hearing a co-worker talk about how much she enjoyed being tied and abused by her husband. Billy jumped right on it and had rings, cuffs, a table and all of the toys installed in a private locked room in the basement.

But that’s another story.

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