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extra credit to graduate

Extra Credit To Graduate


Becka sat patiently at her desk as the rest of the classroom poured into the hallway like wildebeest following their instincts to the watering hole, only it was final period, so the buses and student parking lot was where they were headed. Becca, on the other hand, had more important priorities than going home.

Sliding her notebook int...

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bedtime story

Bedtime Story


She woke up when she heard his key in the door and lay there waiting, ears straining for the small noises from the hallway. His jacket being unzipped, his shoes untied and dropped. She lay naked on her side, her heart pounding, her throat dry. She heard the creak as her bedroom door opened, then the soft slap of bare feet on the hardwood floor. Another zipp...

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drow elf sex

Drow Elf Sex


In the darkest reaches of the woods, a dim yellow light softly painted the snowy surface. A young, drow woman buried herself deeper into her soft, red velvet cloak as she trudged through the snow, a gloved hand clutching a small, iron lantern. The dense forest refused the full moon's light above, the world dark and eerily still save for the echoing crunch of...

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mending a broken heart

Mending A Broken Heart


Andrew first spotted her in the beginning of September. Frustrated once again after a sleepless night followed by a full morning of not writing a word, he decided to take a walk on the beach. A rickety wooden fence, made of weather-washed gray planks, surrounded his yard. He was just about to open the beachside gate at the back corner, under the bi...

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my cock is too big for her pussy



Saturday evening, the three of us had been working hard since breakfast with a short sandwich break for lunch, clearing the base area and mixing concrete and laying the base for a new shed in our large back garden. The three of us being myself Chris, my wife Marianne, and my best friend Jerry.

We were all in our early forties. J...

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