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ooh santa

Glen squinted at the scrolling lines on his monitor, scanning for the model numbers he was certain should have been somewhere in this section of the spec sheet. They were the last remaining items to fill on the order form before he could send it to billing and let the client know his new shipment of rack-mount servers would arrive in three business days. But for some reason the prefix and acco...

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world of warcraft sex with a dragon

Sex with a Dragon


Eloria's head spun, the barmaid in the arms of the dragon, who carried the elf as easily as if she was a babe. She whimpered softly, turning her face, trembling, into his neck, though that would not do to hide the stains of tears lingering there, as much as she may have liked to wipe them from existence. The past was not so easy to hide but at least thi...

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thanksgiving that keeps giving

My shoulders and legs ached, and my lungs burned as I mounted the final flight of stairs. The heavy grocery bags scraped law across the hallway carpet as I hurried towards my door. In my coat pocket, I could feel the vibration of my ringing phone, frantically juggling bags and directing my keys into the lock. I set a couple bags down in the hall and felt the latch mercifully give way, then I p...

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surprise sex

Surprise Sex


"I wonder what's so important that he told me to drop everything and meet him," said Luna to herself as she sped down the highway.

He sounded so hectic, so erratic, so... unlike him, she thought.

"Didn't even give me the address, just told me to head this direction and call back in 20 minutes," she said aloud, full of nervous energy.

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christmas step mom sex

Christmas Step Mom Sex 


His yawn almost lasted the trek up the stairs.

Ben was groggy and grabbed at his junk, tugging on it through the tight briefs.

Christmas was great and all, but he was desperate for a bowl of cereal. To his surprise, he laid eyes on cake. More specifically, the heart shaped, creamy vanilla cheeks of his step-mom Cy...

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