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next door neighbor

Next Door Neighbor


Afternoon delight...

Christina Holly had given up being stressed over her man Dixon having another girlfriend. Having heard a butt dialed message of he and some skank who mentioned that she couldn't wait to marry him, her heart grew distant. She had more than enough men to keep her mind off of losing her happy home sometime in the future. For now she wouldn't even confront Dixon, choosing to let him break the news to her in person. She simply didn't care anymore. Destructive path it may be she was at least feeling wanted. With no where else to turn she decided she might as well cling to those who desired her. It did indeed assist her self-esteem. Happy home for as long as happiness lasted.

Toward 2:00 in the afternoon she had a house full of gentlemen callers, today was her time to shine. Having been gangbanged all of the night before at a party she was content to just offer a show. A wide variety of neighbors having just walked in and taken seats as she lay in the middle of her living room floor using her dildo, Christina just could not stop abusing it. Not even the thoughts that she was drugged at last nights party with acid that put her under the spell of a whole new sexual appetite, the sensations, the sounds, the mere lust in her lovers eyes gave her far too many orgasms. Not that she was complaining. Having never taken drugs in her life she found them exhilarating. It made her thrive that much harder in being what her men wanted. Namely...the best whore in Texas. On her way at least.

Surrounded by eleven men ranging from college level to 40 something's, one a Father and son duo, she did her best to keep their attention. Totally nude as always, looking her sexiest gave her pride in fulfilling their fantasies. Being a plus size, while hardly obese, she was just more in the proportion of the term Amazon. Christina discovered that men almost preferred her build over petite young sluts with super model beauty. Christina was gorgeous, just working on her figure a bit more these days. All of the hardcore sweaty sex she was getting she had managed to pull off seven pounds in a week. Best diet ever. Stress over Dixon helped. She referred to it as her Dicks In Diet.

"Damn! Look at that whore ram her dildo up her cunt. That sweaty ass bitch is on a mission." Father told his son, the men in the room hearing him nodded their agreement. Calling her names like bitch, cunt, whore, slut were music to her ears. No more little Miss Shy!

"Something's got into her." Another man standing to her left added, "It's like she's obsessed with being watched."

"Wanted even. I know I want her holes. Soon as she gets wore out I'm tapping her ass."

"What's going on with you Christina?" One of her first lovers ever chimed in as she pounded her dildo deep inside her pussy, associating fingers terrorizing her clit. Nestor was actually worried for her, she was lost to the world, her audience seemed so very far away. Finally, when she didn't answer, Nestor jumped from his seat and threw his body down next to her, laying on his side watching her titties bob about. "Yo! You listening to me Chica?"

"I'm fine. You don't like seeing me fuck myself?" She huffed.

"You know I do. I love watching your fine ass body in action. You just seem...not yourself. Any other time you would be begging us to fuck your sweet little holes."

"I'll get there. I'm just enjoying some me time. Why am I the only one naked? Should I feel insulted?" She tried to break out of her funk.

"Like you said...we'll get there." The Father chuckled, "Been a long night for me I'm just enjoying the show. Third shift kills an old guy like me. I'm just hoping for a messy BJ."

"Gladly! Just let me finish myself off again."

"Need help Chica?" Nestor gravitated his hand toward her dildo. Letting him take possession she lay back winded and felt him fuck her with her toy, she liked it when men took control. Moaning up a scintillating storm of contained emotion the men grew more interested in pulling out their cocks. Not everyone was comfy around other men watching them, yet the more they grew to know one another the more open they were. Once the group participated, the room came alive. Hearing men compliment her only gave Christina reason to squirm about, pinching her nipples and mumbling her desires.

"I need you all to fuck me. My pussy wants fed. Cum on me, in me, I don't care where. Just love me and come back for more."

"That's more like the Christina I know. Fuck I love you bitch." A newer more recent addition to her entourage stood up and moved over her, dropping to his knees to jack off across her tits. Nestor finding the guy a bit too close winced hoping the man's jizz wouldn't nail him too.

"My homies saw you when you walked by the park to get to the party last night." Nestor opted to boost her ego, "They been askin' about you."

"The guys waxing their cars?"

"Yeah! Rico and Juarez they run a detail shop eight blocks over. When I talked about you they told me to bring you by. Said they'd put you to work detailin' cars."

"A job?" She giggled, "Why? I like the job I have now. Even if I'm not being paid."

"You need to get out of the house more Chica." Nestor reminded her of the fact that she barely set foot out of Dixon's home. Repositioning as he heard the man over her tits grunting Nestor knew he needed distance. "Shoot her Homie." While Nestor continued fucking her pussy with her eight inch dildo the man did just that. Cumming hard on her swirling tits he unloaded three heavy ropes of cum to pool up on her neckline and big ole' hooters. She yelped at his sudden attack and poised her tongue for him to move toward it. In his final detonation his jizz pelted her lower lip enough to give her a taste of glory.

"Eat up Bitch." He prodded her, moving closer to let his dick slap her tongue, she sucked the tip of his crown dry while whining at Nestor's ferocity. Draining his delectable devil of its milk she herself had a massive orgasm, Nestor's magic working her hormones into a frenzy.

"Dooooooooooon't stop! Never stop!" She screamed, even as Nestor Campos found his arm growing tired, another boy jumped in to replace him. The new blood and his renewed energy setting a course for her next screaming orgasm kept her very happy. More houseguests unloaded over her in a dramatic wave of white jizz. Not only did her dildo armada trade off continually, squirt after squirt, but so did her towering cum gunners. Ignoring her fresh coat of paint smothering her pores Christina howled and begged for newcomers. Like a revolving door her neighborhood was more than willing to pay a visit. As her living room grew congested she was forced by a few candidates to roll her messy ass over on the carpet, cum staining the floor regardless of what she thought. Luckily she owned a Rug Doctor to shampoo in her down time, whenever that was.

With over twenty men from within a four block radius of Dixon's house now tormenting her in some fashion, be it her non stop dildo destruction which moved from her sloppy cunt into her asshole, or the recognition of their uncaring nature, pretty Miss Holly was hoarse but still crying out. Her path to destruction was welcomed as much as it was required. Thus far nobody really fucked her, today they seemed more open to the simple pleasures of guys jerking like virgins on a mission, or toying with her. It didn't really matter to Christina, she wasn't happy unless someone was treating her like shit these days. Not really shitty, just abusing her body, her mind, her soul. The day was young.

By 4:30 in the afternoon her eager lovers had began to diminish, with only three left she rallied every ounce of energy she had left in a three way. On her knees between them she jerked off two while blowing the third, her appetite ravenous she switched from one to the other making certain all of them had equal devotion. Praising her with hot cum in her face all three at once when ready she embraced a thick milkshake assault. One of them took a bit more initiative and curled his fingers beneath her white slave choker that her mainstay keeper Greg Hogarth had ordered her to wear at all times while Dixon was away. Ramming his cock down her throat regardless of getting the other men's cum on him he fucked her throat another three minutes releasing a second wave of pent up jizz. Clutching the back of her head with his free hand he made certain his entire beast was down her gullet balls deep, her lower lip even attempting to draw his scrotum in with his penis. The whore was getting good.

Satisfied the man palmed her face and shoved her off balance, his dick dragging out of her throat to slide across her tongue. Once free she toppled back on her meaty ass and sat there silently without expression. Christina Holly was a hopeless mess, sweaty, sticky from dozens of shots of cum all over her, sadly her body odor even reeked of use. Waiting until the three got dressed and ventured out she crawled to her feet and went to the bathroom, peeing first then jumping into a nice hot shower. Cleaning every crevice, every inch, she felt more her old self. Drying off she heard her front door open and close, expecting more needy cocks to tend to.

"Where you at Slut?" She heard her keeper Greg.

"Cleaning up! Be right out." Spritzing on perfume and brushing out her wet hair she gave up and just walked out into the living room. To her shock, not only was Greg there but his cute little girlfriend Loni by his side.

"Hey Christina." The girl smiled warmly, "Wanna watch a movie?"

"Can I make something to eat? I haven't...really eaten since yesterday." She sounded depressed, eyes lowering.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Tired of living the good life already?" Greg frowned, wondering if he was going to have to assert control over her.

"Never! You've shown me how good life can be. There's no turning back for me. It's just...can I let you hear something?"

"Bring it on." He nodded, then peered at Loni with an uncertain shrug as to what was making blondie moody.

"Want me to make you something to eat?" Loni felt generous.

"If you want. I have lunchmeat in the fridge. A sandwich is fine, it's probably all I can get down." Christina headed to her bedroom to locate her cell on it's charging dock. Returning to Greg alone she opted to wait in sharing Dixon's butt dialed message. Insecure Christina walked to the kitchen and helped build her bologna sandwich with cheddar cheese. She just couldn't sit idle for thirty seconds. Loni looking concerned swiped her plated sandwich and took it to the dining table.


"You can roll over later." Greg chuckled standing against the kitchen door frame, his humor fading at Loni's sneer. "So I hear you know Loni here's not my sister."

"Yes she told me she wasn't. You didn't have to lie about it. I'm not chasing you."

"Just serving me."

"I have nothing, so I see no problem with that as long as I don't offend Loni here." She plops down into a chair, Loni and Greg deciding to join her at the table. Staring at her sandwich Christina spaces out enough to find Loni so worried the girl placed a hand on hers.

"You can talk to us Christina. What's wrong?"

"This." Playing the voicemail butt dial message they hear Dixon having sex with another woman, the female screaming up a storm. His guttural grunting pretty intense in Loni's imagination. Secretive in her own right Loni liked voices that deep, to her it was bestial and proved how hard the male was trying, it really turned her on. Greg's voice was weak compared to Christina's boyfriend, yet he was freaking cute.

"Dixon?" Greg predicted. Loni's intrigue piqued as her glances shot from Greg to Christina. Loni knew about Christina's man but hadn't really had a chance to talk to her slutty new friend about him.

"Keep listening." Seconds pass then they hear the woman saying, "I can't wait to be your wife."

"Whoa!" Loni lowered her jaw feeling dread. "Did you know he was seeing another woman?" A negative head shake accompanied by a pout was answer enough. "Awww maaan!" Sympathy sank in and she sneered at Greg, "I better not ever get any butt dial like that or you're toast Buddy."

"Whatever!" Greg chuckled at his girl then shot a glare at Christina, "Get over it! We told you before if he ever dumped you we'd move you from house to house. We got you Slut!"

"House to house? What?" Loni seemed shocked.

"Yeah, we have the numbers. There's like forty houses in this neighborhood. She can camp out at any one of those a night or two, pay her rent in sex."

"You sound like you're her pimp." Loni frowned.

"Close enough, but I'm not making money off of her. Well, I guess we did last night, paid for the alcohol. But, that won't happen very often."

"Don't make me regret liking you." Loni pointed at Greg.

"I'm okay with that." Christina softly sighed, "I don't own anything really but the clothes on my back."

"Overrated!" Greg smirked, "You can live without those. Cunt like you should be naked 24/7."

""Ignore him." Loni brushed him off with a wave of her hand.

"I don't want to ignore him. As long as I have shelter and a shower, food...I'm good."

"They have you brainwashed." Loni shook her head. "You could always move back home with your family right?"

"I will never go back. My grandparents are very...religious. I escaped with Dixon to get away from them."

"Christina has a good deal here with the surrounding blocks. Fuck thy neighbor is in our bible." Greg prattled, "Don't go ruining this for us Lon."

"You're all twisted! You can hang at my house if your man goes through with his marriage. He might be conning her too, ever think of that?" Loni had a point, "I live with my older sister Payton, she's 26, single, crazy even, but she works hard. CSAT Therapist at the Community center, you know like Alcoholics Anonymous for Sexual addicts."

"She might fit right in." Greg was still being a dick. "Wait a sec...we don't want her to get help like that. She needs to keep being our nympho."

"I like sex." Christina seemed confused, "I don't want to stop."

"Neither does Payton." Loni frowned, "She...hides it well."

"Damn! How's come I'm just now learning this about Pete?" Greg winced, "I'd have flirted harder."

"Do you want dumped?" Loni flipped him off.

"You won't dump me. We make the perfect freaks."

"He's got a point. My whole family are sex addicts." Loni giggled at Christina then quickly straightened up. "Listen I wouldn't even say a word to your man Dixon about this. If it plays out as it sounded you have no say in it, you're not married to the guy. His loss."

"Our gain." Greg added.

"I guess...what I'm doing behind Dixon's back is far worse than he wanting to marry someone...better." She couldn't even cry over it all. "I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong that he would look elsewhere. I take good care of him. I cook, clean, pay the bills..."

"Bleed him dry before he dumps you." Greg hinted.

"I won't do that to him. Until this he's been very good to me. He gives me anything I want."

"Then let it play out as it happens Chris." Loni shrugged, "Neither of you can really hate one another you're both fucking other people. Obviously you were missing something out of your relationship or you wouldn't be whoring it up. Same for Dixie Cup, he must be missing something from you too. Who knows you might be able to talk it out."

"Don't admit to what we're making you do." Greg cleared up his worry.

"You're not making me...I want to do it. I will obey because I like being obedient."

"There we have it! Bitch is ours."

"I'm your friend Chris if you ever need to talk civilized. I know my sister Payton would love to talk with you too if needed."

"So Pete's a sex addict too?" Greg chuckled, "Hot damn!"

"Don't you dare tell her I told you. Her career choice is a struggle but she feels as if she's helping herself as much as her patients."

"Helping herself to her patients?"

"Probably!" Loni tried not to laugh, but she knew her sister too well. "I just don't want her to get into any legal trouble so shush up about it. If you blab I'm done with you."

"Can I fuck Payton?"

"Seriously? You fuck everyone else so do what you want. You know I will too. Just don't blab, if she's into you at the time just play it off as a fling. Promise me?"

"I won't ruin us Baby."

"That's one of the few things that might. I don't want Payton to kick me out or disown me."

"Can we change the subject? I'll be fine." Christina prompts, "What movie did you bring?"

"Porno." Greg laughed.

"As long as it's a good one. I've actually never seen many pornos. Sheltered life up until I met Dixon. He has one but he rarely watches it." Christina peers around with curiosity, "I'm not even sure where he keeps it. Maybe he takes it on the road with him, he has a Blu-ray player in his rig."

Greg rubs his hands together briskly as if excited, "Maybe this one will give you ideas."

"I need to learn more about what guys like."

"Girls too." Loni giggles, "Don't forget us."

In her saying this Christina flares her eyes responding with her suspicions, "Girl on...girl?"

"Damn straight! I wanna see you lick Loni from head to toe." Greg nearly salivated at the thought.

"Do you want me too?" Christina asked Loni to be certain, "I've never...been with a girl before."

"I'm game, and not just because Greg wants to see me with another girl."

"What's the porno called?"

"Christina does Texas...twice!" Greg laughs, "Actually it's Bigguns Gone Wild."

"Shut up Greg." Loni laughed.

"It's because I'm a bigger girl isn't it?"

"Hot ass biggun!" He points at Christina. "Don't you ever get down on yourself over a few extra pounds."

"I've lost six or seven pounds this week."

"Don't go getting skinny on us. We like that big booty."

"Why do you guys think she's fat? She's not. You're not Chris, don't listen to any of them. You're just...built!"

"I've always been bigger. Since I've been with Dixon I've lost twenty pounds. He wants me a little thinner than I was, so I workout on my cardio bike every day, when I can. The guys lately have kept me from doing that."

"We'll work those calories off your ass. Just don't lose too much I love your jiggle."

"He means your big tits."

"Hell no! I mean every jiggle, her ass is amazing when it dances as she rides a big ole' cock."

Blushing Christina giggles, "I'm glad you all like that. Honestly I'm happy at my size. Dixon calls me his Amazon."

"Warrior up Slut!" Greg waves his porno case in front of her. "Let's watch this and get busy. My girl needs her cunt gnawed on."

"You're such a dumbass." Loni rolls her eyes, scooting her chair back to stand, "Come on Chris let's enjoy the evening."

"You can put the DVD in the Blu-ray player." Christina takes one last bite of her sandwich then tosses the rest into the garbage. With so many beer cans in the receptacle there was barely room to put the leftovers. "Maybe I should crush these and cash them in at recycling."

"There's your lube money." Greg chuckled. "There's a recycling center eight blocks away. We can all go for a loooong walk together."


"Of course! Enough of us to surround you if any cops drive by."

"I'd do it. After my walk yesterday I...find to see peoples reaction. That woman I ran into Delores did have a point though, kids shouldn't see me. What we do when it's dark is different, most are in bed."

"We'll figure it out. Right now lets train your sexy ass." He tosses the DVD to Loni to put it in then meets Christina in the doorway. He being shorter than Christina seemed odd but he definitely let it be known he and his friends owned her. Her breasts right in his face he motorboated her just for the hell of it then slid his hands up between her cleavage to grip her white collar dragging her down to his level. Now face to face he formed a loogy and spit into her face. "Who loves ya baby?"

"You. Your friends..." His spit dripped down her forehead and over her lashes.

"Your?" He searches her thoughts further with a poised eye brow.


"That's what I wanna hear. Don't you ever say anything different. We own your beautiful bod Bitch. Ours for the taking."

"I've given up thinking otherwise. I let you guys fuck me on top of Dixon, that should tell you I'd do anything. I'm glad he was so drunk he was comatose that night. I might have been homeless back then and not have even been stressed over his new bride."

"That night was pretty crazy. When he drinks...he drinks."

"Yes he does. Greg...thank you, all of you for making me see I'm good at something. You might not grasp my reality but you guys...saved my life."

"Fuck yeah we did. You owe us. Now get in there and get my girl naked." He turns sideways pointing to the living room. Smiling at him Christina marched in with inspiration and went straight up behind Loni as she used the DVD remote to skip through the garbage before the movie itself. As she did Christina leaned in and guided Loni's long hair aside to kiss the girls neck. Giggling at a ticklish nature Loni glanced at Greg still in the kitchen doorway.

"You don't deserve me Buddy." Loni indulged her thoughts toward her boyfriend, then placed a hand up into Christina's own blond hair. "Now deserve me." Christina agreed. Lifting Loni's pale yellow camisole up over her breasts Christina played with them, Loni feeling Christina's monster tits smothering into her back. Nipples dragging and teasing as the camisole was tugged up over Loni's arms and head the girl swooned, eyelids closing at Christina's warm kisses over her shoulders.

"Here let me help." Greg stepped in front of Loni and reached in to unbutton and zip down his girlfriends white denim shorts. Stepping away once he parted the two sides of her outlet to see Loni's tanned abdomen, very little in the form of pubes, Greg moved behind Christina. Taking the DVD remote from Loni, he left her to Christina's mercy without anything to deviate her attention. Leaning forward Greg bit Christina's ass making her whimper, "Get her fuckin' shorts off you chunky whore." He loved treating her like shit, the thing is the more he did so the more Christina liked hearing herself being put down. There was no turning back now that acceptance was embedded within her soul.

Fingers fluttering along Loni's ribs to her hips, then beneath her shorts Christina guided them down over a scrumptiously tight heart shaped ass. Kneeling behind the girl, her breasts trailing all the way down her body to mask that beautiful bottom Christina left the shorts over the girls tennis shoes. Leaning in Christina Holly kissed Loni's butt teasing her tongue into a swath between her crack. Easing forward to palm her own knees Loni indulged Christina and let the woman lick her butt pucker.

"You go girl." Loni laughed, "You do better at buttering me up than Greg does."

"She does not. You know I love eating your asshole. Fuck you bitch."

"Not I'm all Christina's." Tongue up her asshole Loni squealed and praised her girl Chris in every way possible. Discovering that another girl was fun Christina devoted herself into doing her very best. Hearing two girls in the porno only helped entice her performance.

Taking a seat on the sofa Greg divided his attention between watching his girlfriend panting heavily, and the diva drama of the porno. The actresses in the movie were actually similar. The big girl was proportioned like Christina, and her partner was petite and overwhelmed by the bigger woman. He never expected the similarities but it definitely fueled his imagination. Gritting his teeth he jumped up and undid his jeans dropping them like lightning. Boxers joining his ruffled up pant legs, he quickly whipped his t-shirt off. Kicking his legs in mid air while flopping back on to the couch his jeans went hurling one way, his boxers the other. Somehow he managed to escape all those with one shoe still on, lost as soon as he had the opportunity. Socks only he sprawled out jerking off at the show...shows before him.

Yelping at Christina's relentless tongue Loni found herself reaching up under her legs to massage her clit for an added sensitivity. Between both girls efforts Loni came pretty swiftly. Trembling hard, knees buckling Loni dropped forward. On her hands and knees she found Christina ravenous now that she had a taste of something new. In her slumped over position Loni was at the mercy of the big girl. Christina's arms reaching beneath Loni curled around her limbs and kept her prisoner. The feast amid her ass continued for a second round. Loni lost her balance finally, her upper body hugging the carpet, face laying on her left profile huffing at her next orgasm. Eyeballs rolling back Loni cried out, "Yesssssssssssssss!"

Squirting all over Christina's jawline didn't even faze the woman, Christina Holly loved making Loni crazy. If anything it made her want to reach a third climax without giving the girl a chance at peace. Switching it up however Christina went to the fountain itself and dug her tongue as deep as she could within Loni's tight pink pussy. The new addition brought on a clawing at the carpet that nearly broke a nail, Loni squealing at that possibility, she loved her nails.

Behind their entanglement on the floor Greg reaching near nut sensitivity leaped from his seat and moved up behind Christina. Hovering his pecker over that big beautiful butt he unloaded a massive round of liquid artillery, peppering her cheeks. Ass rising up to meet Greg he was tempted to fuck Christina but chose not to. Retreating back to the sofa he caught his breath and continued fondling himself. He just wanted to watch the girls go at it.

While jizz dripped from her ass down her thighs Christina opted to finger Loni, giving her tongue a rest. Introducing two fingers she twisted and turned and thrust, all of which brought on a slobbering, "I LOVE YOU." Christina smiled, at least someone did. It was enough to make her want to increase her efforts.

Needing to stretch out due to back pain Christina withdrew her hand and tossed Loni over on to her back. Snatching her socked ankles Christina brought the girls legs over her torso and headed back in, tongue razing. Lapping persistently over Loni's clit brought on howls, as well as a ticklishness. The deafening cries of ecstasy made Loni hoarse. A third orgasm at Christina's dueling fingers and tongue brought on convulsions and a splashdown that literally drowned Christina's entire face.

Reeling from the downpour Christina realized Greg stood behind her again. Seconds of recognition he unloaded another round all across Christina's back. Hearing his grunts made pretty Miss Holly giggle. As soon as he had finished he stepped over Christina's right leg and stood over Loni. "She hasn't had enough. Scissor my bitches!" Naïve a bit Christina looked lost. Seeing her confusion Loni returned to her own sanity enough to sit up and scoot closer to the blond.

"Sit up like me Chris." As prompted Christina crawled to her feet and swung her legs around to face Loni. "Lift this leg up." Loni's toes tapped Christina's right calf, encouraging her to pose as told. Once ready Loni spider walked toward her friend and matched angles until they could make vaginal contact. Labia's smothering one another Loni did most of the work in the friction department. Discovering how good it felt Christina joined in until both women were dancing divinely.

Christina came first, sorely needed after investing so much attention toward Loni earlier. Circling them Greg enjoyed the connection. Prodding Christina with his toes he had to get in his authority. "Get into it slut. I wanna see those pussy lips making out like they're in love. Lover's lane you cunts." Both girls increased their efforts working up a healthy sweat. Loni was closing in again, her expression straining to hold out in seeing Christina's own fight to hang in there.

"Let's cum together Chris. You can do it."

"I want to."

"I want you to too." Greg huffed standing right over both tangled sluts, jerking off like a madman. "On three!" He laughed. "I want in on this lip lock." Timing was tedious for all three of them but just hearing one another reaching a breaking point the trio compared notes and fired on all cylinders. Gush, gush, in a rush! Twin cunts flowed a scalding hot current over one another. From above came violent missiles hitting Christina's tits in one shot while shifting in step to scatter further threads of white on to Loni's perky nips.

"About time I got some of that." Loni laughed falling back from exhaustion. "I was getting jealous of Chris's backside."

"Painting the broad side of the barn." He chuckled.

"You need to stop putting my girl down or I'm dumping you." Loni found the energy to sit up and lunge over Christina body to body, chest to chest. Hugging Christina seemed important. Even Greg noticed their growing bond. Sighing he gave up and went to sit back on the sofa and let the girls snuggle. Lost in one another's body heat and cum stickiness the girls found peace.

"What the hell?" Greg heard something as he watched the movie alone, "Are you bitches...snoring?"


"Well fuck!"

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