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  • Extra Long Midnight Mink Tail Metal Anal Plug
  • Extra Long Midnight Mink Tail Metal Anal Plug
    SKU: TZ-AF424

    Take your partner off guard when you surprise them with a mysterious black tail! Let out the wild animal within with a long, luxurious tail plug. Savor the sensation of cool, hard metal inside you as the weight of the tail creates a delightful, heavy fullness. The petite plug is smooth and easy to i...

  • $69.19

  • Double Tunnel Plug XL - Clear
  • Double Tunnel Plug Xl - Clear
    SKU: PF-HP09C

    The Double Tunnel Plug features two plugs that slightly tapered to the tip which makes it on of the most innovative butt plugs available on the market. In addition to being a standard butt plug you can use the tunnel hole that goes all the way through the plug for various play including lube inserti...

  • $68.52

  • Double Tunnel Plug - Extra Large
  • Double Tunnel Plug - Extra Large
    SKU: PF-HP09B

    Four our more experienced players, The Double Tunnel Plug features two plugs that slightly taper to the tip which makes it one of the most innovative butt plugs available on the market. Just like our Tunnel Plug, it also features the tunnel hole that goes all the way through the plug ? clearing th...

  • $68.52

  • Honcho-1 Small Stumpy Dick Shape Buttplug - Rainbow
  • Honcho-1 Small Stumpy Dick Shape Buttplug - Rainbow
    SKU: OX-1240-1-BOW

    If you're a guy into girth you're gonna love HONCHO' HONCHO is a veiny dick shaped buttplug with a thick fleshy core that fits nice n' snug up your guts. The tapered chode shape and fat shroom-head guarantee that once HONCHO is in, it ain't goin' anywhere until you decide to pull it out'. HONCHO is...

  • $66.32

  • Frisky Foxxxy Fanny Vibrating White Tail Anal Plug
  • Frisky Foxxxy Fanny Vibrating White Tail Anal Plug
    SKU: FR-AE179

    This white and fluffy tail is great for a wide range of exciting role playing!Be a majestic white wolf or a playful fox, a faithful dog, or a naughty kitty. Whatever you decide the classic shape and hypoallergenic material will fill youand stay firmly in place no matter how vigorous your play! The...

  • $66.08

  • Wet Works - Lube Luge - Premium Silicone Plug - 6"  - Black
  • Wet Works - Lube Luge - Premium Silicone Plug - 6" - Black
    SKU: DJ2401-05-BX

    Experiment with slippery, messy, ass-filling fun with the Lube Luge 6' silicone trough-style plug. An opening in the base connects to the Lube Luge's lengthwise open center to completely fill your hole with lube or other liquids of your choosing, with the option to connect your favorite funnel, ...

  • $65.14

  • Everest
  • Everest
    SKU: ZE-AP-6399-2

    This is one traffic cone that won't slow you down! Get ready for some seriously girthy anal play that begins with a tapered round tip, and features a ring-grooved shaft that gets wider as you go. The powerful suction cup base lets your hands roam free as you enjoy the fullest, most deeply satisfying...

  • $64.75

  • Titan
  • Titan
    SKU: ZE-AP-6405-2

    It's never been hotter to "take the bullet!" This long and girthy bullet-shaped anal plug delivers a deeply satisfying full feeling for advanced back door players. It starts slim at the pointed tip and gets wider as you go, ending with a powerful suction cup base that keeps your hands free for oth...

  • $64.75

  • The Challenge
  • The Challenge
    SKU: ZE-AP-6412-2

    Tall, stacked and girthy! This uber-plug is ready for action with 11 inches of slick, smooth PVC length and over 3 1/2 inches of satisfying girth. It's unique tip features 3 phallic heads that stack on top of each other for that initial- entry feeling three times in a row. The shaft is flexible to ...

  • $64.75

  • American Bombshell -  Shellshock - Small
  • American Bombshell - Shellshock - Small
    SKU: DJ0270-28

    The Hut. Ultra-rounded and super wide the Shellshok in size Small Stands 6-inch tall with a hefty 9.11-inch girth. This American Bombshell offers a a flat base for heavy action perfect for rigorous solo play or with your favorite solider. Made of stunning Fun Metal PVC this toy is phthalate free.

  • $64.43

  • Naughty Bits Shake Your Ass Petite Vibrating Butt Plug
  • Naughty Bits Shake Your Ass Petite Vibrating Butt Plug
    SKU: SE4410463

    Shake and shimmy to the rhythmic vibrations of the Naughty Bits? Shake Your Ass? Petite Vibrating Butt Plug. This bold probe has a contoured design and powerful vibe motor meant to flex with your movements while delivering knee-shaking stimulation with the touch of the gemstone button.

  • $63.78

  • Jet - Fierce - Carbon Metallic Black
  • Jet - Fierce - Carbon Metallic Black
    SKU: BL-15895

    The Jet Fierce Plug is truly pro-sized. Experience intense sensations as each delicious section pops in and out. The Fierce Plug is comfortably rounded, smooth, and flexible to conform to your body. It features a safely flared base, equipped with a Lock On hole. Fit it on a Lock On compatible harnes...

  • $63.54

  • Trainer Buttplug C 2 Inch - Large - Black
  • Trainer Buttplug C 2 Inch - Large - Black
    SKU: OX-1306-L-BLK

    Open up that too-tight hole with TRAINER PLUG from OXBALLS'in 4 graduated sizes, designed for long wear. Made from Platinum Cure firm silicone, these hole-plugs can be worn as they are or slide onto the butt-strap of most any body harness or thong-back neoprene or leather jock. They adjust to the ...

  • $63.42

  • Platinum Premium Silicone -  the Stretch - Large - Black
  • Platinum Premium Silicone - The Stretch - Large - Black
    SKU: DJ0103-56-BX

    Explore your partner's backdoor with this innovative open-tunnel plug! Firm yet flexible, the Stretch offers multiple pleasures - it delivers the satisfying 'filling' sensation of a regular plug, but also features a hollow-bodied design allowing access that no other plug can. Insert fingers lube o...

  • $63.06

  • Fetish Fantasy Gold Luv-plug  - Gold
  • Fetish Fantasy Gold Luv-plug - Gold
    SKU: PD3991-27

    Enjoy incredible back door bliss with this elegant ribbed Luv Plug. The sleek plug is made of Pure Aluminium and is incredibly smooth nonporous and body-safe. The tapered tip eases insertion while the neck is perfectly ribbed for enhanced pleasure. The super hygienic Pure Aluminium is great for wate...

  • $62.79

  • Xl Silicone Inflatable Plug
  • Xl Silicone Inflatable Plug
    SKU: SE0430303

    The CalExotics XL Silicone Inflatable Plug is a one-of-a-kind anal probe with inflatable body, easy squeeze bulb and detachable hose. The wickedly thrilling probe even stays inflated when the hose is detached! To inflate your ecstasy, simply attach the hose and press the easy squeeze bulb. Once you...

  • $62.29

  • Colt Xxxl Pumper Plug With Detachable Hose
  • Colt Xxxl Pumper Plug With Detachable Hose
    SKU: SE6869253

    The pioneers of male-centric pleasure have done it again with the COLT? XXL Pumper Plug With Detachable Hose. This one-of-a-kind probe delivers super-sized pleasure with an inflatable body, easy-squeeze bulb and even stays inflated when the hose is detached! To inflate your ecstasy, simply attach th...

  • $62.29

  • Large Spark Silicone Plug
  • Large Spark Silicone Plug
    SKU: BL-17485

    The Spark Silicone Plug is the latest in hardcore anal equipment. Sporting a sleek carbon fiber design and a shape that goes in easy and stays in securely you can take anal play to the next level. This plug is sized for the user just getting into anal play.

    - Featuring a sleek carbon fiber de...

  • $62.26

  • Grey Fox Tail Anal Plug
  • Grey Fox Tail Anal Plug
    SKU: TZ-AD657

    This Grey Fox Tail Anal Plug features :
    - Extra fluffy tail
    - Tapered tip for easier insertion
    - Smooth & semi flexible plug
    - Phthalate free

    Measurements: Overall length is 20", Overall plug length is 4.4", Insertable plug length is 3.8", Widest insertable diameter is 1.5"

  • $61.61

  • Temptasia - Twist Kit - Set of Three
  • Temptasia - Twist Kit - Set Of Three
    SKU: BL-380875

    The Temptasia Twist Kit includes all three Temptasia Twist dildos, so you can find just the right size for any kind of play. The Twist dildos deliver swirling texture that's perfect for gentle G-spot or anal stimulation. Their cute heart-shaped bases have strong suction cups and are harness and str...

  • $60.99

  • Fun Jelly Butt Plugs
  • Fun Jelly Butt Plugs
    SKU: AE-WF-2681-2

    Explore your rear comfortably while building your experience with this stimulating butt plug set!

    Made for backdoor beginners, the Adam & Eve Fun Jelly Butt Plugs are ideal forexperimenting! The two plugs are specially shaped to make them easy to use, even for first timers. The tapered tip s...

  • $59.98

  • Violet Flower Gem Anal Plug Set
  • Violet Flower Gem Anal Plug Set
    SKU: BTYS-AG205

    Who doesnt love flowers for a special occasion? The difference with this bouquet is that these violets will never wilt! Three different plug sizes allow you to take anal play at your own pace, or choose based on what you are in the mood for! Pop in each sleek plug to appreciate the comfortable weigh...

  • $59.10

  • Colt Large Pumper Plug - Black
  • Colt Large Pumper Plug - Black
    SKU: SE6868153

    Pliable and durable Silicone inflatable plug with superior suction cup base. Easy squeeze bulb. Quick air release valve.
    Product Details: Realistic: No Size/Circumference: 0.000 Lubricant Type: Water Based Lubrican How To Clean Item: Clean before and after each use with soap and warm water o...

  • $58.56

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