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  • Pony Tail Anal Plug
  • Pony Tail Anal Plug
    BRAND: Tailz  |  SKU: AE627

    This long, sexy pony tail is blonde, smooth, and silky, for movement and fullness with every swing of their hips. The plug is slick and tapered for easy insertion, with a classic shape designed to stay in place. The flared base makes sure it does not go in too far, and makes for easy remova...

  • $27.99
    $20.03 28.45% Discount

    You save: $7.96

  • Popper Plug 7x Rechargeable Vibrating Silicone Anal Plug- Large
  • Popper Plug 7x Rechargeable Vibrating Silicone Anal Plug- La...
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AF579-Large

    Explore your inner cravings with a big, satisfying butt plug! Stuff your ass with 7 modes of intense vibrating pleasure! Perfect for more convenient and comfortable masturbation, or more excitement with a partner, the controller allows you to easily cycle between 2 thrumming speeds and 5 pu...

  • $57.99
    $41.10 29.13% Discount

    You save: $16.89

  • Pranava Anal Plug
  • Pranava Anal Plug
    BRAND: Prisms Erotic Glass  |  SKU: AB575

    With its tapered end and wide body, the Pranava plug not only looks elegant, but also delivers incredible sensations! Uniquely handcrafted, this glass creation resembles and exclusive piece of art! Pranava begins at a gently rounded point, widening outwards before tapering at the neck. A fl...

  • $23.99
    $21.43 10.66% Discount

    You save: $2.56

  • Premium Butt Plug Training Kit
  • Premium Butt Plug Training Kit
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AF927

    This set of 5 gratifying and graduated sized anal dilators has everything you need for all sorts of anal play, whether you are new to backdoor toys or a seasoned connoisseur. Each tapered plug is shaped to be comfortably inserted, with a pointed end and flared base that will help keep everyt...

  • $57.99
    $41.88 27.79% Discount

    You save: $16.11

  • Premium Cleansing Kit with Enema Bucket and Balloon Nozzle
  • Premium Cleansing Kit With Enema Bucket And Balloon Nozzle
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AE488

    We have combined two of our best-selling and most favorite enema accessories into one exciting kit! Our popular double balloon enema nozzle is made of premium silicone, with inner and outer inflatable balloons to help keep it in place. The advantage of the bucket-style enema system is the f...

  • $197.11
    $105.96 46.24% Discount

    You save: $91.15

  • Premium Equine Pony Play Essentials Kit
  • Premium Equine Pony Play Essentials Kit
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AE303

    This premium equine starter set features hoof-shaped leather mitts, along with a silicone bit gag and a horse-tail anal plug for everything you need to get started in pony play! The mitts have an adjustable cuff, so you can fully immerse yourself in your play. The odorless, tasteless silico...

  • $356.87
    $181.12 49.25% Discount

    You save: $175.75

  • Premium Locking Leather Cock Ring and Anal Plug Harness
  • Premium Locking Leather Cock Ring And Anal Plug Harness
    BRAND: Strict Leather  |  SKU: AE420

    This locking leather cock ring and butt plug harness has you covered! With a sliding butt plug holder with two size options, a fully adjustable design, and an integrated metal cock ring, you can cinch this harness down and experience the thrill of having a raging erection while the plug pen...

  • $147.99
    $76.68 48.19% Discount

    You save: $71.31

  • Premium One-Way Valve Anal Douche
  • Premium One-way Valve Anal Douche
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AF196

    This easy-to-use and convenient enema bulb is perfect for cleaning out in preparation anal sex, for health reasons, or simply because you enjoy a deeper clean sensation! Compact and discreet, this anal douche travels well for use on a trip, at the home of your partner, or wherever you go! T...

  • $21.99
    $19.06 13.33% Discount

    You save: $2.93

  • Premium One-way Valve Anal Douche Set
  • Premium One-way Valve Anal Douche Set
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AF198

    Take your pick between three nozzles with this versatile enema set! This all-in-one anal douche kit gives you options for rinsing out in order to provide you with comfort, convenience, and cleanliness! A one-way valve reduces messy backflow to ensure that you have a pleasant experience. The...

  • $32.99
    $23.12 29.91% Discount

    You save: $9.87

  • Premium One-Way Valve Enema Douche
  • Premium One-way Valve Enema Douche
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AF197

    Clean out thoroughly and conveniently with an anal douche that is easy to use, travel with, and clean up after. A one-way valve reduces messy back-flow so that you can enjoy a stress-free enema experience. Whether you use it in preparation for anal sex, for health reasons, or simply because...

  • $26.99
    $19.19 28.90% Discount

    You save: $7.80

  • Premium Silicone Enema Attachment Set
  • Premium Silicone Enema Attachment Set
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AF327

    Molded of premium silicone, the lengths and shapes of these nozzle attachments offer a unique cleaning experience. Both tips include the screw-on base to attach to the hose of your enema system. The smaller nozzle is tapered to slide easily into you until the bulb is fully inserted for a co...

  • $59.99
    $42.33 29.43% Discount

    You save: $17.66

  • Pro Rim Rotating Vibrating Silicone Prostate Stimulator
  • Pro Rim Rotating Vibrating Silicone Prostate Stimulator
    BRAND: Prostatic Play  |  SKU: AF627

    This sensual, spinning, prostate-pleasing plug has 3 sizzling settings for the ultimate in anal stimulation! The smooth silicone inserts easily, with a curved head and rows of spinning beads swirling in the shaft. The head offers subtle gyration as the angle massages your prostate. The exte...

  • $104.99
    $59.40 43.42% Discount

    You save: $45.59

  • Pro-Bead 5X Beaded Prostate Stimulator
  • Pro-bead 5x Beaded Prostate Stimulator
    BRAND: Prostatic Play  |  SKU: AG265

    Take your anal play to the next level with this premium prostate stimulator with a bulb dedicated to moving beads for rubbing against your insides! This beaded stimulator also includes a vibrating tip with 5 different modes to thrum your P-spot until you blow. The massage beads in the bulb c...

  • $69.99
    $49.88 28.74% Discount

    You save: $20.12

  • Pro-Digger 7X Silicone Stimulating Beaded P-Spot Vibe
  • Pro-digger 7x Silicone Stimulating Beaded P-spot Vibe
    BRAND: Prostatic Play  |  SKU: AF951

    This premium prostate massager uses innovative technology and high-grade materials to give you the backdoor bliss that you have been craving. Experience powerful vibration in your anus and against your perineum with 3 speeds and 4 functions to play with. Possible even better, a bead at the h...

  • $66.99
    $48.60 27.45% Discount

    You save: $18.39

  • Pump Action Enema Bottle with Nozzle
  • Pump Action Enema Bottle With Nozzle
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AF535

    Deliver your own enema with ease and convenience! This anal douche kit includes a bottle, pump, and nozzle so that you have everything you need to clean out with more control than an enema bulb, and less hassle than a shower or gravity system. The bottle holds up to 300 mL of fluid, with me...

  • $25.99
    $23.12 11.03% Discount

    You save: $2.87

  • Purple Pleasures 3 Piece Silicone Anal Plugs
  • Purple Pleasures 3 Piece Silicone Anal Plugs
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AF248

    Experience silken satisfaction with this set of three silicone anal plugs! This kit is perfect for anal training because each plug is tapered for easy insertion, with a narrow stem and small base for comfortable wear, even long-term. Graduated in size, all three butt plugs are petite and sm...

  • $32.99
    $23.12 29.91% Discount

    You save: $9.87

  • Purple Pony Tail Anal Plug
  • Purple Pony Tail Anal Plug
    BRAND: Tailz  |  SKU: AF638

    Enjoy hot equine action in a fun, flirty color with this smooth, full pony tail! Braid it, brush it, swish it, show it off! The tail is a full 20 inches of synthetic fiber, topped with a phthalate-free and silky smooth silicone plug. The classic spade shape inserts easily, with a flared bas...

  • $31.99
    $22.44 29.86% Discount

    You save: $9.55

  • Rainbow Unicorn Tail Anal Plug
  • Rainbow Unicorn Tail Anal Plug
    BRAND: Tailz  |  SKU: AG361

    Awaken your inner Unicorn with this gorgeous Rainbow Unicorn Tail Anal Plug! The long and lavish tail has an enthralling rainbow texture sure to catch the eye of your partner or your audience. The long length allows for braiding and other fun hair styles for you to play with! Perfect for rol...

  • $32.99
    $23.52 28.70% Discount

    You save: $9.47

  • Ram and Cram Butt Plug
  • Ram And Cram Butt Plug
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AB386-Reg

    This butt plug is one of our most intimidating. It is designed as two giant cock heads balanced one atop the other. Many size enthusiasts can tackle the first head with some work, but the second is a true challenge. The suction cup base makes it easier for a user to attempt it solo. The pht...

  • $71.99
    $47.25 34.36% Discount

    You save: $24.74

  • Ravens Tail 2X Anal Plug
  • Ravens Tail 2x Anal Plug
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AC404

    Satisfy all of your desires with the Ravens Tail 2X Anal Plug! This lengthy, dual plug is tethered together with a flexible shaft that allows for countless erotic possibilities. Women can enjoy exciting double penetration during solo play. Partners can share the Ravens Tail when they each t...

  • $26.99
    $19.21 28.83% Discount

    You save: $7.78

  • Ravens Tail 2X Dual Ended Anal Plug
  • Ravens Tail 2x Dual Ended Anal Plug
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AE157

    This long, serpentine anal plug is double sided for twice the pleasure possibilities. Use alone or with a partner, with nearly 30 inches of length it is almost impossible to bottom out with this intense toy. The classic shape slips easily inside, with a larger plug on one end and a smaller ...

  • $33.99
    $24.40 28.23% Discount

    You save: $9.59

  • Realistic 10X Silicone Vibrating Thruster
  • Realistic 10x Silicone Vibrating Thruster
    BRAND: Ass Thumpers  |  SKU: AG152

    Veiny and realistic, this average-sized shaft will give you what your hole has been craving! Grab hold of the textured hilt and plunge this silky-smooth dildo through your backdoor to experience 10 powerful vibration settings. With the push of a button at the base of the handle, cycle throu...

  • $81.99
    $47.55 42.01% Discount

    You save: $34.44

  • Realistic Vibrating Silicone P-Spot Massager
  • Realistic Vibrating Silicone P-spot Massager
    BRAND: Trinity Vibes  |  SKU: AC195

    The Trinity Realistic P-Spot Massager is an amazing experience for every male. When inserted you can feel the pressure and pleasure against your prostate and a nuzzle on your testicles and taint. Click the bullet on and the vibration adds another deep stimulating sensation that intensifies ...

  • $46.99
    $33.31 29.12% Discount

    You save: $13.68

  • Red Heart Gem Anal Plug- Large
  • Red Heart Gem Anal Plug- Large
    BRAND: Booty Sparks  |  SKU: AF633-Large

    Spark your desire for decadent anal play with this beautiful Booty Sparks plug! Featuring a smooth metal finish in lightweight aluminum, it features a sweet heart shaped gem in a deep crimson red. The slim shaft will keep it from slipping out of place even during vigorous play. You will wan...

  • $20.99
    $18.49 11.89% Discount

    You save: $2.50

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