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  • The Driller 10X Swirled Silicone Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug
  • The Driller 10x Swirled Silicone Remote Control Vibrating Bu...
    BRAND: Ass Thumpers  |  SKU: AG391

    This Driller vibrating anal plug is a dream for anal enthusiasts – every swirly ridge meets at the soft flexible tip so you can enjoy every twist as the Driller enters you. Made with super plush body safe materials so you can squeeze and please in comfort and with peace of mind.


  • $73.87
    $52.88 28.42% Discount

    You save: $20.99

  • Four Stage Rocket Dildo Flesh
  • Four Stage Rocket Dildo Flesh
    BRAND: Master Cock  |  SKU: AF172

    The Four Stage Rocket Dildo is a great new challenge for any big toy enthusiast. This huge cock has four widening ripples that offer incredible stimulation during use. It is made of high quality PVC and even has a suction cup base for hands-free operations. The PVC allows the dildo to be fl...

  • $80.07
    $53.07 33.72% Discount

    You save: $27.00

  • CleanStream Shower Enema System
  • Cleanstream Shower Enema System
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: LE776

    This is a very neat enema system. Its douche and enema nozzle is outfitted for use as a shower attachment. The Shower Enema Kit comes with two nozzles, one is 5 inches and the other is 3.5 inches. It also comes with a 6 foot metal hose. One end of the hose screws into your shower, the other...

  • $74.97
    $53.49 28.66% Discount

    You save: $21.49

  • Scepter 10 Function Vibrating Silicone Penetrator
  • Scepter 10 Function Vibrating Silicone Penetrator
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AD510

    Delight in the powerful ten functions and tease with intense vibration as it emanates from every curve of this enchanting penetrator. This an ample 8 inches of insertable length that is textured with graduated pleasure swells, you will see them truly writhe in ecstasy. The control at the ba...

  • $76.27
    $53.94 29.28% Discount

    You save: $22.33

  • Three Bumps for your Rump Butt Plug- Large
  • Three Bumps For Your Rump Butt Plug- Large
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AB387-Large

    The Three Bumps for your Rump Butt Plug, is a huge black butt plug with three ridges that resemble cock heads. The butt plug has a suction cup bottom so that it can be placed on any surface for hands free pleasure. This is an excellent toy for ambitious power bottoms, and fisting enthusiast...

  • $80.07
    $54.93 31.40% Discount

    You save: $25.14

  • Electro Anchor eStim Vibrating Anal Plug
  • Electro Anchor Estim Vibrating Anal Plug
    BRAND: Zeus Electrosex  |  SKU: AF604

    Add an electric charge to your anal expansion! Combine the tickles and jolts of electrosex with a smooth, manageable insertion that sprouts into a wide, anal invasion! This unique anal plug pinches together for comfort while you push it into you, but opens up once it gets past your sphincte...

  • $77.67
    $54.93 29.28% Discount

    You save: $22.74

  • Spread Me Open Thigh Harness with Hollow Anal Plug
  • Spread Me Open Thigh Harness With Hollow Anal Plug
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AE682

    Keep them spread open wide with this ultimate inner access system! The adjustable body harness will keep their legs spread, comfortably wrapping around the neck and pulling their knees back. The hollow plug will spread their ass open a full inch and a half, leaving their innermost areas exp...

  • $80.00
    $54.97 31.29% Discount

    You save: $25.03

  • CleanStream Complete Cleansing System Kit
  • Cleanstream Complete Cleansing System Kit
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AD742

    This kit includes one enema bulb, plus our complete Shower Enema System. Use this kit as a prelude to fun backdoor explorations, or for traditional cleaning. The bulb is a versatile cleansing tool, and can be used anally or vaginally. The shower system hooks up to any standard shower nozzle...

  • $77.22
    $55.16 28.57% Discount

    You save: $22.06

  • Jewel Butt Plug Emerald
  • Jewel Butt Plug Emerald
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: JS700-Emerald

    These stunning chrome-plated steel plugs are beautifully designed for comfortable, long-term wear. Enjoy a constant sensation as these plugs weigh more than others, while the gemstone-like detailing on the handle of the plug adds a little sparkle to your stimulation.

    Size: Small plu...

  • $60.07
    $55.46 7.67% Discount

    You save: $4.61

  • Silicone Prostate Vibrator and Strap with Remote Control
  • Silicone Prostate Vibrator And Strap With Remote Control
    BRAND: Under Control  |  SKU: AF871

    Revel in powerful vibration, inside and out with this textured prostate massager and stretchy cock ring with a perineal stimulator! Dual motors send thrumming thrills into your anus and taint while your penis is kept rock hard. Whether you appreciate the convenience during solo play, or the ...

  • $75.93
    $55.48 26.93% Discount

    You save: $20.45

  • The Enormass - Ribbed Plug With Suction Base
  • The Enormass - Ribbed Plug With Suction Base
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AE812

    Been waiting for a massive insertion to stretch you out and massage your insides? The wait is over! Take a seat on this deeply ribbed suction cup dildo! With 10 whole inches of insertable pleasure and 3 ample inches of width, your body is in for an experience of a lifetime. Just mount it to...

  • $78.80
    $55.88 29.09% Discount

    You save: $22.92

  • Passage 7X Rechargeable Ergo Prostate Stimulator
  • Passage 7x Rechargeable Ergo Prostate Stimulator
    BRAND: Prostatic Play  |  SKU: AE963

    Do more than just plug up that butt… make it hum! Cycle through 7 functions, including 3 powerful vibration intensities and 4 pulsation patterns with one simple button. The curve of this ergonomic plug creates a pin-pointed prostate massage, buzzing vigorously inside you. Made of premium ...

  • $80.07
    $56.56 29.36% Discount

    You save: $23.51

  • Journey 7X Rechargeable Smooth Prostate Stimulator
  • Journey 7x Rechargeable Smooth Prostate Stimulator
    BRAND: Prostatic Play  |  SKU: AE964

    Slide this silky, sleek plug up your hole and buzz that booty! With 3 powerful speeds and 4 pulsation patterns, you have 7 incredible settings of vibration to massage your prostate with just one easy-to-use button. The prominent curve applies pin-pointed stimulation. Premium silicone materi...

  • $80.07
    $56.56 29.36% Discount

    You save: $23.51

  • The Skew 10X Silicone Vibrator with Handle
  • The Skew 10x Silicone Vibrator With Handle
    BRAND: Ass Thumpers  |  SKU: AG298

    With every thrust, the dramatically curved tip of this vibrating shaft will hit the spot while every bold ripple massages your insides! Grab hold of the textured hilt and plunge this silky-smooth, silicone dildo into your hole to experience 10 powerful vibration settings. With the push of a ...

  • $79.10
    $56.62 28.42% Discount

    You save: $22.48

  • The Large Realistic 10X Silicone Vibrator with Handle
  • The Large Realistic 10x Silicone Vibrator With Handle
    BRAND: Ass Thumpers  |  SKU: AG300

    This buzzing boner thruster features a curved shaft to hit the spot, as well as a bulging head and veins to massage your tunnel! Grab hold of the textured hilt and plunge this silky-smooth, silicone dildo into your hole to experience 10 powerful vibration settings. With the push of a button ...

  • $79.10
    $56.62 28.42% Discount

    You save: $22.48

  • The Groove 10X Silicone Vibrator with Handle
  • The Groove 10x Silicone Vibrator With Handle
    BRAND: Ass Thumpers  |  SKU: AG299

    Each of the three bulging bulbs will fill you with buzzing girth as you push this throbbing thruster deeper and deeper inside! Grab hold of the textured hilt and plunge this silky-smooth, silicone dildo into your hole to experience 10 powerful vibration settings. With the push of a button at...

  • $79.10
    $56.62 28.42% Discount

    You save: $22.48

  • 7X Light Up Rechargeable Anal Plug - Large
  • 7x Light Up Rechargeable Anal Plug - Large
    BRAND: Booty Sparks  |  SKU: AG253-Large

    Put on a sexy backdoor light show! This ample plug nestles between your cheeks and buzzes your booty with 7 modes of powerful vibration. Meanwhile, 5 different LED light colors will flash out of your anus in a psychedelic sequence, with 3 speeds of strobing to choose from. Use the remote con...

  • $79.13
    $56.66 28.40% Discount

    You save: $22.47

  • Ribbed Butt Plug E-Stimulation
  • Ribbed Butt Plug E-stimulation
    BRAND: Electroshock  |  SKU: AG115

    This luxury buttplug will make sure you experience anal play the way it is meant to be played! This specific plug has a sleek design with 3 stimulation beads in various diameters. These beads make sure you will feel every movement of the plug hitting all the right places! On the bottom of the plug i...

  • $79.99
    $56.92 28.84% Discount

    You save: $23.07

  • Trinity Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug- Kit
  • Trinity Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug- Kit
    BRAND: Trinity Vibes  |  SKU: VF896-KIT

    These soft, supple butt plugs feature a sleek design. The narrowed tip and widened base allow for easy insertion. The powerful vibrations provide intense waves of anal pleasure.

    Measurements: Small: 5 inches in total length (including vibe), 4 inches are insertable, and 3.75 inches ...

  • $80.23
    $45.54 43.24% Discount

    You save: $34.69

  • Good Boy Wireless Vibrating Remote Puppy Plug
  • Good Boy Wireless Vibrating Remote Puppy Plug
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AD710

    This weighted puppy tail plug is a great way to know when your pup is happy. The end is weighted, so with a simple shake, the puppy tail will sway with excitement, just like the wagging of a real tail! When your puppy deserves a reward, simply use the wireless remote to send a wave of stimu...

  • $81.99
    $46.34 43.48% Discount

    You save: $35.65

  • Eclipse 10 Function Remote Silicone Probe
  • Eclipse 10 Function Remote Silicone Probe
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AC849

    Reward them with this black velvet tapered pleasure tool. Eclipse X features a deviously rippled shaft made of premium silicone for exquisite stimulation. Control the ecstasy of your plaything with 10 pulse pattern settings via the wireless remote. Stimulate their erogenous zones with 10 ti...

  • $81.99
    $46.34 43.48% Discount

    You save: $35.65

  • Brutus Glass Dildo Thruster
  • Brutus Glass Dildo Thruster
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AF178

    Shove this textured glass dildo into your eager hole, or play with a partner! Designed with a grooved handle, this rod allows you to take a secure grip and easily thrust at your desired length and pace. The realistic shape is complimented by protruding ridges that will offer a unique intern...

  • $84.97
    $46.72 45.02% Discount

    You save: $38.25

  • Accordion Inflatable XL Anal Plug
  • Accordion Inflatable Xl Anal Plug
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AE130

    Fill them up with this inflatable, accordion style anal plug from the Master Series. Take your anal play to the next level with this sizable plug that expands inside you, for an amazingly full feeling and an incredible stretch. The smooth rubber plug expands with each squeeze of the pump, a...

  • $82.37
    $46.72 43.28% Discount

    You save: $35.65

  • Thruster Sex Stick- Black
  • Thruster Sex Stick- Black
    BRAND: Trinity Vibes  |  SKU: AC298-Smoke

    Introducing the revolutionary Thruster Sex Stick! Expertly designed for anal play, this magnificent piece boasts a powerful motor that extends throughout the shaft. You can even see it working! Non-jamming metal beads rotate at the top, coupled with a unique thrusting action for the push an...

  • $82.47
    $46.78 43.28% Discount

    You save: $35.69

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