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  • CleanStream Silicone Double Bulb Nozzle
  • Cleanstream Silicone Double Bulb Nozzle
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: RU710

    Make enema play more enjoyable with the CleanStream Silicone Double Bulb Nozzle. Each bulb is controlled by its own pump, allowing you to vary the size of each as desired. Simply insert the first bulb into your anus and leave the second one out. Doing this will create a seal, ensuring that ...

  • $136.99
    $74.25 45.80% Discount

    You save: $62.74

  • Silicone Inflatable Double Bulb Enema System
  • Silicone Inflatable Double Bulb Enema System
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AD666

    The Silicone Inflatable Double Bulb System is made of premium silicone and is designed for the enema enthusiast. The nozzle is inserted along with the first balloon. Both balloons are then inflated, creating an internal feeling of fullness and an external seal. Once the seal is created, liq...

  • $136.99
    $72.81 46.85% Discount

    You save: $64.18

  • Premium Shower Enema Set with Silicone Tips
  • Premium Shower Enema Set With Silicone Tips
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AF431

    This all-inclusive enema kit allows you to comfortably and thoroughly clean out in your shower. A six-foot long hose attaches to any one of the four nozzles that come with the kit, providing versatility in your cleaning regimen. The flow-regulator that connects the hose to your shower head ...

  • $104.95
    $64.46 38.58% Discount

    You save: $40.49

  • Bidet Enema or Douche Kit with Free Silicone Tip
  • Bidet Enema Or Douche Kit With Free Silicone Tip
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AF238

    Go deep with power and efficiency! This kit includes a 10 inch silicone nozzle and a toilet enema attachment set. Whether it is for health, pleasure, or preparation for anal sex, this combo is the most convenient, effective, and comfortable way to clean out! The same power and efficiency th...

  • $117.94
    $64.27 45.51% Discount

    You save: $53.67

  • Advanced Hand Sanitizer - Gallon
  • Advanced Hand Sanitizer - Gallon
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AG536-Gallon

    Keep things clean and sanitzied with this massive gallon jug of Advanced Hand Sanitizer! Perfect for keeping around the home to refill bottles used on the go or in high traffic areas like the front or back doors. Made in the USA with high standards of quality for a sanitizer you can count o...

  • $58.81

  • Flex Tip Silicone Attachment Kit with 8 oz Enema Bulb
  • Flex Tip Silicone Attachment Kit With 8 Oz Enema Bulb
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AE230

    This 5 piece enema kit lets you get your fill of the nozzle of your choice! The silicone bulb is made of body-safe material that is safe for most allergies. Just screw on one of the included tips and squeeze- it is that simple! Choose from one of the two thin standard tips, a spade shaped a...

  • $74.00
    $52.86 28.57% Discount

    You save: $21.14

  • Silicone Open Flow Top Douche and Enema Bag
  • Silicone Open Flow Top Douche And Enema Bag
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AD495

    The CleanStream Silicone Open Flow-Top Bag is an easy to use and effective cleaning system that has everything you need for a thorough and comfortable cleanse. This kit includes 50 inches of flexible tubing with nozzle style end, and one easy hang hook. The enema bag is made of premium, dur...

  • $69.99
    $49.99 28.58% Discount

    You save: $20.00

  • Universal 3 Piece Silicone Enema Attachment Set
  • Universal 3 Piece Silicone Enema Attachment Set
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AD431

    These versatile enema attachments make this se the perfect bathroom accessory for intimate water play. With two uniquely shaped attachments and one slim tapered tip, CleanStream has your cleansing regimen covered! Each attachment is made of body safe, premium silicone, so it is flexible eno...

  • $58.99
    $41.65 29.40% Discount

    You save: $17.34

  • Travel Enema Water Bottle Adapter Set
  • Travel Enema Water Bottle Adapter Set
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AF642

    Take easy, fun cleansing on the go with the Clean Stream Travel Enema Set! It comes with a smooth, silky, easy to insert silicone nozzle and 3 different adapters, plus a storage lid to keep things neat and tidy. Use it on large or small water bottles when you are on the go, or at home with ...

  • $31.99
    $26.90 15.90% Discount

    You save: $5.09

  • Anti-Bacterial Maximum Strength Hand Sanitizer 8oz 4-Pack
  • Anti-bacterial Maximum Strength Hand Sanitizer 8oz 4-pack
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AG545

    This maximum strength sanitizer kills more than 99.99 percent of most common germs that may make you sick. This 8oz 4-pack of sanitizer will keep you and your household clean for an extended period and perfect for filling travel sized bottles so you can sanitize while on the go at work or w...

  • $59.95
    $26.58 55.66% Discount

    You save: $33.37

  • Aqua Shot Deep Shower Enema Cleansing System
  • Aqua Shot Deep Shower Enema Cleansing System
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AE166

    This intimate cleansing kit comes with a smooth, deep penetrating nozzle and a 79 inch hose, designed to get in all your hard to reach places with ease. Just screw the hose onto your existing shower or sink system, and utilize a constant, steady stream of water. Perfect for all your persona...

  • $35.99
    $25.67 28.68% Discount

    You save: $10.32

  • 3 Quart CleanStream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit
  • 3 Quart Cleanstream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AD403

    The CleanStream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit is an easy to use and effective cleaning system that has everything you need for a thorough and comfortable cleanse. This kit includes one tapered tip, one nozzle tip, one easy hang hook, a flow control clamp, leak proof hose adapter, and 5 feet of...

  • $33.99
    $24.26 28.62% Discount

    You save: $9.73

  • 5 Piece Disposable Douche and Enema Kit
  • 5 Piece Disposable Douche And Enema Kit
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AE379

    These one time use douche or enema bulbs are the ultimate in simple, hygienic cleansing. No need to worry about cross-contamination. These simple, accordion style pumps are one time use, so you can easily dispose of them. No clean up or mess to worry about. There are 5 total, so you can sta...

  • $32.88
    $23.48 28.58% Discount

    You save: $9.40

  • Easy Clean Enema Bulb and Lube Launcher Kit
  • Easy Clean Enema Bulb And Lube Launcher Kit
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AE231

    Get cleaned out and ready for action with this classic and easy to use cleansing system. The flush bulb has a thin, comfortable tip, which allows for a quick and simple clean out. Once you are nice and clean, you can lube up with our popular water based anal lube, specially formulated to ke...

  • $30.88
    $22.06 28.57% Discount

    You save: $8.82

  • Flex Tip Cleansing Enema Bulb
  • Flex Tip Cleansing Enema Bulb
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AD502

    The CleanStream Flex-Tip Cleansing Bulb is a versatile and accommodating addition to your cleansing regimen. Made of body safe, premium silicone so it is durable and clean up is a cinch. This premium bulb includes a flexible tapered tip so it bends with your body. The threaded screw at the ...

  • $28.99
    $20.84 28.10% Discount

    You save: $8.15

  • CleanStream Enema Tip Set
  • Cleanstream Enema Tip Set
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: KL735

    The Enema Tip Kit is a popular enema kit that works well with our high end enema bags. Enjoy a variety of tips of your pleasure and insertion in the most intimate of places.

    Set includes: Male to Male Adapter: .625 inches long and 0.5 inches wide Wide Bulb: 2.5 inches long and 1 inc...

  • $27.99
    $20.22 27.77% Discount

    You save: $7.77

  • Smooth Cleanse Double Tip Enema Bulb System
  • Smooth Cleanse Double Tip Enema Bulb System
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AD869

    This two nozzle enema system offers smooth insertion with a deep reach. The rounded tips are perfectly sized for easy use, whether you prefer a shorter nozzle or a deeper clean. Firm with just a slight amount of give to make insertion easy and smooth. Just pop your preferred tip on the sque...

  • $27.99
    $20.01 28.52% Discount

    You save: $7.98

  • CleanStream Water Bottle Douche Kit
  • Cleanstream Water Bottle Douche Kit
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: CM010

    The CleanStream Water Bottle Douche Kit is an easy-to-use and effective douche system. It has everything you need for a thorough and comfortable cleanse. The kit includes one enema tip, one vaginal tip, one stopper and hook, a shut-off clamp, adapter, and tubing. The water bottle is made of...

  • $24.99
    $21.93 12.26% Discount

    You save: $3.06

  • CleanStream Deluxe Enema Bulb
  • Cleanstream Deluxe Enema Bulb
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: KL720

    Make your enema session quick and pleasurable with the Deluxe Enema Bulb. With an easy grip design on the bulb, you will have ultimate control. The insertable nozzle is curved for comfort and ease, with channels running down the sides to allow water to escape while it is inserted. The holes...

  • $24.99
    $21.93 12.26% Discount

    You save: $3.06

  • CleanStream Diverter Switch Shower Valve
  • Cleanstream Diverter Switch Shower Valve
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AE136

    The CleanStream Diverter Switch allows you to control the flow of water to your cleansing hose and shower head with a simple flip of a switch. Installs easily, just unscrew your shower head, screw the Diverter Switch on, then attach the shower head to the switch. Now you have an outlet for ...

  • $23.99
    $21.43 10.66% Discount

    You save: $2.56

  • Blue Douche and Enema Flush Bulb
  • Blue Douche And Enema Flush Bulb
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AD914

    Get a quick and easy cleanse with this simple, squeezable personal cleansing bottle. The tip is rigid and slick, yet soft with a slight flexibility and a gentle curve. The holes point sideways instead of up, making it ideal for douching or enema cleansing, forcing the water against the wall...

  • $22.99
    $20.63 10.25% Discount

    You save: $2.36

  • CleanStream Thin Tip Enema Bulb
  • Cleanstream Thin Tip Enema Bulb
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AD653

    Ensure your cleansing session is comfortable and efficient with this easy to use Enema Bulb. Simply fill the bulb with liquid, screw on the thin tip nozzle, insert anally or vaginally, and squeeze to release for an experience that is not only pleasurable but leaves you clean and refreshed! ...

  • $17.99
    $15.44 14.18% Discount

    You save: $2.55

  • Anti-Bacterial Maximum Strength Hand Sanitizer - 8oz
  • Anti-bacterial Maximum Strength Hand Sanitizer - 8oz
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AG501

    CleanStream Maximum Strength Sanitizer 8oz. is great for use on hands or toys. Kills more than 99.99 percent of most common germs that may make you sick.

    Drug Facts:Active ingredient
    Isopropyl Alcohol 70 percent ..................Antimicrobial

    Use:Hand sanitizer to help re...

  • $14.99
    $14.05 6.25% Discount

    You save: $0.94

  • CleanStream Enema Bulb Blue
  • Cleanstream Enema Bulb Blue
    BRAND: CleanStream  |  SKU: AB904

    The CleanStream Enema Bulb is a great option to those looking for a quick and easy fix. Simply add fluid to the bulb, screw the nozzle tight and secure the seal. This Enema Bulb is perfect for travel and cleanup is a cinch. Designed for quick cleaning without the need for time-consuming set...

  • $15.99
    $13.98 12.55% Discount

    You save: $2.01


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