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  • Nexus Revo Slim Rot Prostate Massager
  • Nexus Revo Slim Rot Prostate Massager
    SKU: 64162

    Rotating silicone prostate and perineum massager is perfect for beginners or those wanting something with a slimmer shaft. Will deliver intense targeted stimulation. Features 6 stimulation modes and 2 shaft rotation speeds. Rechargeable. Waterproof.

  • $220.00

  • Nexus REVO STEALTH Prostate Massager
  • Nexus Revo Stealth Prostate Massager
    SKU: 71013

    Revo range has been updated and is now better than ever! Nexus Revo Stealth delivers discreet remote targeted pleasure to the prostate and perineum to deliver amazing prostate orgasms! The new model has a 2 speed bi rotational shaft that gently but surely massages the prostate as the 6 function peri...

  • $220.00

  • Nexus SIMUL8 Vibe 2 Motor Anal,Cock&Ball
  • Nexus Simul8 Vibe 2 Motor Anal,cock&ball
    SKU: 71526

    Nexus Simul8 will deliver maximum satisfaction to both you and your partner. The super stretchy cock and balls ring will keep you harder for longer whilst the ergonomically shaped vibrating shaft and base will stimulate your prostate and perineum as you thrust. 6 vibration modes. 2 motors. 48 combin...

  • $65.69

  • Nexus ULTRA Si Massager - Black/Orange
  • Nexus Ultra Si Massager - Black/orange
    SKU: 63142

    Prostate and perineum massager that combines luxury silicone with firm polypropylene for enhanced dual density sensations. The shaft is shaped to massage the prostate internally whilst the stainless steel rollerball gently rolls against the perineum delivering a licking sensation.

  • $65.00

  • O-Boy 7 Black
  • O-boy 7 Black
    SKU: 70721

    For either first-timers or experienced P-spot enthusiasts the sleek stream-lined and unintimidating O-BOY provides you with unique lines and clever angles to provide the optimum fit against your P-spot whilst 7 speeds of thunderous vibrations target your perineum.

  • $60.00

  • OptiMALE  P-Massager Black
  • Optimale P-massager Black
    SKU: 47565

    Specifically designed for optimal prostate and perineal stimulation the OptiMALE P-Massager provides prostate health and pleasure in one. Helps to improve control and intensify orgasms while strengthening your PC muscles for maximum satisfaction to your P-spot. The P-Massager is made of flexible sil...

  • $24.60

  • Performance - Prostimulator VX1 - Black
  • Performance - Prostimulator Vx1 - Black
    SKU: 41513

    Make sure to calculate and appreciate your prostate! Made from Phthalate Free and hypoallergenic TPR which provides good rigidity and it’s shaped for the perfect prostate stimulation every time. They can be used manually but their true beauty lies in the hands-free option using just your sphincter ...

  • $15.58

  • Performance - Prostimulator VX1 - White
  • Performance - Prostimulator Vx1 - White
    SKU: 41512

    Make sure to calculate and appreciate your prostate! Made from Phthalate Free and hypoallergenic TPR which provides good rigidity and it’s shaped for the perfect prostate stimulation every time. They can be used manually but their true beauty lies in the hands-free option using just your sphincter ...

  • $15.58

  • Renegade Revive Prostate Massager Black
  • Renegade Revive Prostate Massager Black
    SKU: 59211

    Fashionably designed to deliver vibrations where you want them most. Revive's dual motors target the prostate and the testicles. This adjustable wonder bends to reach all the right places. Silicone coated and rechargable premium male massager will ignite passions and deliver extraordinary  satisfac...

  • $60.00

  • Rooster Capital P-Black
  • Rooster Capital P-black
    SKU: 74726

    Embrace the cock with the Rooster Capital P from Curve Novelties. This seamless hygienically superior anal plug is an anatomically designed prostrate massager. 4" insertable length with easy grip pull ring. Made from 100 percent silicone. 100 percent waterproof. Materials: 100% SiliconeDimensions: 5...

  • $19.27

  • Sensuelle Homme Ace Black
  • Sensuelle Homme Ace Black
    SKU: 67943

    The Sensuelle Homme Ace Prostate Vibrator features 2 intensely powerful motors and 15 tantalizing functions of deep throbbing and pulsating action. This power packed G-Spot vibe is also flexible so you can adjust it to your unique shape and desire. Sensuelle Aimii is ultra-smooth silky with a sensu...

  • $89.99

  • Sensuelle Homme Pro Vibe
  • Sensuelle Homme Pro Vibe
    SKU: 49990

    Features 10 intense vibrations and pulsations for prostate stimulation. The tip of the massager is a ball-shaped stimulator with a 3-speed up and down motion that can be used simultaneously with the 10 vibrations modes. Rechargeable.

  • $90.99

  • SI Vibrating Prostate Mass Silicone Blue
  • Si Vibrating Prostate Mass Silicone Blue
    SKU: 57100

    Silicone-coated prostate massager features a silky smooth feel and 7 vibrating functions. Waterproof. Requires 2 AAA batteries not included. Measures 6.75 in. long by 1.2 in. wide.

  • $21.01

  • Sono No.27 - Prostate Massager - Black
  • Sono No.27 - Prostate Massager - Black
    SKU: 63716

    A handy curved prostate massager is for beginners who want to experiment with anal. This massager is made of plastic in combination with soft silicone. The curved parts ensure that your perineum is massaged. The sturdy handle allows for easy use. Insertable length is 3.2 in. width is 0.8 in.

  • $21.03

  • The 9's P-Zone Prostate Mssg Advance
  • The 9's P-zone Prostate Mssg Advance
    SKU: 70682

    25mm thick prostate massager ideally sized to reach perineum pressure point. Matte finish holds lubricant in place. Carefully designed for ease of use. its ergonomic handle allows for secured and easy release.Suitable for For beginner to advanced.

  • $12.93

  • Vick Neo Prostate Massager App Controlle
  • Vick Neo Prostate Massager App Controlle
    SKU: 76507

    Controlled remotely via APP give up the power and let your partner lead you on a journey of pleasure from anywhere at any time.

    Ergonomic Design: Vick Neo was carefully designed to adapt to your anatomy with a perfect angle that will target both the prostate and the perineum or the G-spot an...

  • $79.00

  • ZT Rechargeable Teeter Totter
  • Zt Rechargeable Teeter Totter
    SKU: 73000

    Your body is a playground of pleasure with this unique toy that sends your erogenous zones on a rollicking adventure! A seesaw motion gently slides up and down at the base of the toy while the curved shaft stimulates the P-spot with powerful vibrations to bring you the most intense climaxes you’ve ...

  • $52.83

  • ZT T-Bone
  • Zt T-bone
    SKU: 75981

    Introducing the ultimate P-spot pleasure device a hefty T-Bone-shaped remote control prostate vibrator made from soft and squishy medical grade silicone. Its velvet feel is backed up with a fully rigid core and ergonomically designed shape that effortlessly reaches the prostate with a bulbous tip an...

  • $75.48

  • ZT The Gentleman
  • Zt The Gentleman
    SKU: 73549

    Experience the most intense orgasms you've ever had with this powerful rechargeable prostate massager that's designed for easy navigation and pleasure precision. An easy to use one-button control is nestled into the glossy black base that illuminates with a multi-colored LED and fits into the palm ...

  • $47.48

  • ZT Twisted Rimmer Prostate Massager
  • Zt Twisted Rimmer Prostate Massager
    SKU: 61416

    Prostate massager offers 10 vibration functions and an internally beaded shaft 5 rows with its own separate motor (total of two) with a massaging sensation that can switch to move in either direction. Bulbous curved tip massages the p-spot. Submersible. USB rechargeable cable included. Measures 6.25...

  • $67.93

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