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  • A&E Anal Plug Set Of 4 Black
  • A&e Anal Plug Set Of 4 Black
    SKU: 73363

    Set of 4 unique anal plugs. Explore anal play with a variety of shapes & sizes. Bubble plug: curvy and cute 3.14" long/.94" wide. Ribbed plug: stimulating texture 3.49"/.94". Smooth plug: classic shape 4"/1.07". Ball plug: round base 4.47"/1.51". Great for solo or couples play. Made from firm yet fl...

  • $23.48

  • A&E Medium Pink Gem Anal Plug
  • A&e Medium Pink Gem Anal Plug
    SKU: 72580

    "Give Your Backdoor Play Sparkle & Shine!Metal plugs hold temperature for hot thrills and cold chills!Anal play never looked or felt so good! Feel filled up and so stylish when you pop in one of these ultra-smooth aluminum alloy anal plugs. The metal holds onto heat or cold for thrilling temperature...

  • $17.60

  • AFC - Deluxe Perfect Plug
  • Afc - Deluxe Perfect Plug
    SKU: 47156

    If you've never tried anal play this Deluxe Perfect Plug is just what you need to explore the amazing world of anal stimulation. At 1.25in. wide with an insertable length of 5.25c the Deluxe Perfect Plug has a tapered tip for easy entry bulbs that provide extra sensation and a narrow neck that allo...

  • $20.90

  • AFC Elite Inflatable Silicone Butt Plug
  • Afc Elite Inflatable Silicone Butt Plug
    SKU: 64953

    Inflatable silicone butt plug offers a feeling of fullness. It features a detachable hose and an air release valve to deflate the plug. Includes samples of toy cleaner anal lube and Anal Ease Insertz cream and a nitrile glove. Plug measures 4.9 in. long 3 in. insertable 2.8 in. wide. Hose is 8.75 in...

  • $53.20

  • American Bombshell B-7 Tango
  • American Bombshell B-7 Tango
    SKU: 47545

    The triple ripple design of the B-7 Tango is sure to provide a fantastic experience. The flat base keeps it steady while the rounded tip offers easy entry. Features an insertable length of 6.4 in. and a girth of 6.9 in.

  • $21.83

  • American Bombshell B-7 Warhead
  • American Bombshell B-7 Warhead
    SKU: 45781

    Even the most experienced users will surrender to the B-7 Warhead. Each pronounced ripple brings intense stimulation while the thick shaft ensures a fulfilling experience. This Warhead takes no prisoners and leaves no body unfilled. Dimensions: 7.1 in. length 6.7 in. insertable 7 in. circumference. ...

  • $24.11

  • Anal Adventure Anal Anchor Black
  • Anal Adventure Anal Anchor Black
    SKU: 73966

    For anyone looking to explore new anal sensations alone or with a partner! Anal Adventures provides many anatomically targeted options to choose from. The Anal Anchor's flexible tips open and spread—up to 4 inches wide!—for the ultimate full feeling and for the gaping curious.•EXPAND - Take Your ...

  • $22.47

  • Anal Balloon Pump
  • Anal Balloon Pump
    SKU: 27490

    Anal Balloon PumpDiscover new dimensions in anal sex with the Anal Balloon Pump. Insert the balloon and then pump it up to experience new and exciting stimulation. Balloon expands to 5 times it's original size!

  • $20.81

  • Anal Hook (Stainless Steel)
  • Anal Hook (stainless Steel)
    SKU: 47851

    Master Series steel hook can be attached to ropes and other bondage equipment keeping a strong hold on its wearer. There's 5 in. of insertable length (the ball and a portion of the hook). The hook then rests against the back while the ring (1.5 in. diameter) is used to connect to ropes. The ball mea...

  • $61.41

  • Asian Anal Eggs (Red)
  • Asian Anal Eggs (red)
    SKU: 28661

    Asian Anal Eggs (Red)The oval shape of the Asian Anal Eggs offers a more sensual feeling than most other anal beads. With 7 smooth oval gradual points of pleasure it is see how the feeling is like nothing else you've encountered. Great for men or women.

  • $22.44

  • Ass Goblet Silicone Hollow Anal Plug
  • Ass Goblet Silicone Hollow Anal Plug
    SKU: 72725

    "Quench your anal cravings with the Ass Goblet! This larger version of the plug is hollow but angled for easy insertion to set it apart from similar anal accessories. The comfortable rounded opening assists with penetration allowing the wide bulb to squeeze into you. Once inside the hollow core leav...

  • $39.08

  • Avant Pride P4 Power Plug
  • Avant Pride P4 Power Plug
    SKU: 66451

    Small batch artisanal butt plug is just the right size. Tapered design for easy insertion. Base anchors plug safely outside the body. Made of body safe platinum cured silicone. Measures 4.25 in. long insertable 1.5 in. wide. @sc-2019-6 @summer-2019-6 @summer2020-15 @summer2020-38

  • $41.10

  • B Yours - Basic Anal plug - Blue
  • B Yours - Basic Anal Plug - Blue
    SKU: 41501

    Be Sassy and just a little nasty! The Sassy Anal Plug by Blush Novelties is the perfect toy for beginners Kegel exercise if you’re just experimenting or if you have been hesitant to try anal play. Its 4.25” length most importantly is shaped to stay inserted for the ultimate cheeky experience. Th...

  • $10.55

  • B Yours - Eclipse Anal Pleaser Med Purp
  • B Yours - Eclipse Anal Pleaser Med Purp
    SKU: 58192

    Tapered design of this PVC butt plug ensures that it stays put. The base makes removal simple. Measures 4.75 in. long by 1.45 in. wide.

  • $12.95

  • B Yours - Eclipse Pleaser - Small - Pink
  • B Yours - Eclipse Pleaser - Small - Pink
    SKU: 58126

    Tapered design of this PVC butt plug ensures that it stays put. The base makes removal simple. Measures 4.2 in. long by 1.15 in. wide.

  • $11.05

  • B Yours - Medium Cosmic Plug - Purple
  • B Yours - Medium Cosmic Plug - Purple
    SKU: 51545

    Soft enough for comfortable gentle use but firm enough for easy insertion. The wide flexible base below a narrower neck makes it safe and secure. Made of body safe PVC it measures 4.75 in. high with a girth of 1.5 in. and insertable length of 4.25 in.

  • $12.95

  • b-Vibe Snug&Tug
  • B-vibe Snug&tug
    SKU: 73645

    Stimulate multiple erogenous zones with the new b-Vibe Snug & Tug — A two-in-one penis ring and weighted butt plug for exceptional anal play.
    Made from 100% body-safe silicone the b-Vibe Snug & Tug delivers longer stronger erections alongside that sensual feeling of fullness gained from weighted...

  • $47.50

  • Ball Shape Anal Plug Large (Black)
  • Ball Shape Anal Plug Large (black)
    SKU: 38557

    Ball Shape Anal Plug (Large/Black)

    Have a ball with Doc Johnston! This unique anal plug is made with our patented Sil-A-Gel forumula to ensure the highest standard of pleasure.

    1 unique shape. Length: 4" Diameter: 3". Non-phthalate PVC. Anti-bacterial sil-a-gel formula.

  • $23.36

  • Booty Bling - Large Silver
  • Booty Bling - Large Silver
    SKU: 56990

    Add some beauty to your booty. Color sparkles brightly and contrasts with the black silicone to visually stimulate your partner and Booty Bling’s flared base ensures safe play. The tapered tip thin stem and classic spade shape of the pliable health-grade silicone plug makes Booty Bling feel as good...

  • $31.58

  • Booty Sparks Clear Gem - Small Anal Plug
  • Booty Sparks Clear Gem - Small Anal Plug
    SKU: 67190

    Lightweight aluminum alloy booty plug with slim shaft features a stunning crystal at the base. Measures 2.75 in. long 2 in. insertable 1 in. diameter.

  • $14.85


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