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  • Sex Planner
    BRAND: Ozze Creations  |  SKU: OZ20010

    Add a little chance to your erotic fun! Spin the top wheel to find out what you're going to do. Spin the bottom wheel to find out where it's going to happen. Sex Planner from Ozze Creations. New image added February 5, 2013.

  • $5.48

  • Sex Scratch Tickets
    BRAND: Kheper Games  |  SKU: KHEBGR145

    Sex Scratch Tickets Game for couples play. Eight sexy scratch tickets to get you and your lover in the mood for a night of passion. Every ticket is a winner, so give one to your lover when you feel that it is your get lucky day! Couples games. Rated X Scratch off tickets. Item BG.R145. Sex Scratch T...

  • $5.50

  • Sexo! Card Game
    BRAND: Kheper Games  |  SKU: KHEBGC45

    Sexo! Card Game.Sexo! is the popular Sex! card card game that has been completely translated into Spanish. Each Sexo! card explicitly illustrates either a foreplay activity or a sexual position. While playing one of three Sexo! card games, you and your lover use the cards to plan out one of the 100,...

  • $7.70

  • Sexopoly Game
    BRAND: Creative Conceptions  |  SKU: CRESEXOP

    Sexopoly where friends mix business with pleasure. Sexopoly is a board game of strategy and luck, to be played by couples, friends and very good friends, who enjoy intimate and sexy games, the chance to loose those inhibitions, as well as clothes! Depending on your business brain and the turn of the...

  • $41.80

  • Sexplosion Bath Bombs
    BRAND: Kheper Games  |  SKU: KHEBGR29

    Sexplosion! Assorted Bath Bomb either Citrus Bath Bomb or Sensual Bath Bomb. Dissolves to reveal 3 sexually suggestive, waterproof cards. Language: English. Target Audience: Couples. Random item. Sexplosion Bath Bombs Assorted Scents from Kheper Games.

  • $7.70

  • Sexual Fantasies Scratcher
    BRAND: Ozze Creations  |  SKU: OZ07042

    Sexual Fantasy Scratcher to spice up your sex life. Get kinky as you get down and dirty when either you or your partner redeem one of the ten full color coupons in this sassy booklet. A fun way to enhance your intimacy and explore your sexual boundaries, each voucher is an amorous challenge that's s...

  • $3.28

  • Sexual Fantasies Vertical Coupons
    BRAND: Ozze Creations  |  SKU: OZVCB20

    Sexual Fantasies Vertical Coupons 10 fantasies to spice up your sex life! Sexual Fantasies Vertical Coupons from Ozze Creations.

  • $5.48

  • Sexual Fantasy Vouchers
    BRAND: Ozze Creations  |  SKU: OZVB09

    Sexual fantasy vouchers 10 fantasies to spice up your sex life. Sexual Fantasy Vouchers from Ozze Creations. 17

  • $5.48

  • Sexual Position Vouchers
    BRAND: Ozze Creations  |  SKU: OZ07053

    Sexual Position Vouchers. The most fun you will ever have exchanging vouchers! 10 vouchers with fun comic couple in anything but Kama Sutra positions like: The Star, The Black Bee, The Crab Legs, The Panda Hug, The Monkey Business and more! A fun inclusion for a gift bag or birthday card, each coup...

  • $5.48

  • Sexual Treats For Her
    BRAND: Ozze Creations  |  SKU: OZSCRA14

    Scratch off one of the 6 spaces and find out the prize. Scratch one heart a week and you have seven days to perform whatever is on the card. Treats include Kisses with my tongue all over your body, Oral sex wherever, whenever you want, and more! Sexual Treats For Her Scratchers from Ozze Creations.

  • $3.28

  • Sexual Treats For Him Scratchers
    BRAND: Ozze Creations  |  SKU: OZSCRA13

    Scratch one per day and your treat is her command - Promise! Sexual Treats For Him Scratchers from Ozze Creations

  • $3.28

  • Sexual Treats For Him Vouchers
    BRAND: Ozze Creations  |  SKU: OZ07057

    Sexual Treats for Him Vouchers. The most fun you will ever have exchanging vouchers! 10 vouchers with fun comic couple in anything but Kama Sutra positions like The Star, The Black Bee, The Crab Legs, The Panda Hug, The Monkey Business and more! Multicolor. Type Coupon Book. Pages 10. Sexual Positi...

  • $5.48

  • Sexy 6 Dice Kinky Edition
    BRAND: Creative Conceptions  |  SKU: CREUSS6K

    Sexy 6 Dice Kinky Edition couples game from Creative Conceptions. Dice with domination for impromptu fetish fun! Dice with domination and let the Sexy 6 dictate your kinky fate. Explore the dynamics of domination and submission, and have boundless fun with 720 seductive scenarios. Feel the excitemen...

  • $11.00

  • Sexy 6 Dice Sex Edition
    BRAND: Creative Conceptions  |  SKU: CREUSS6S

    Sexy 6 Dice Sex Edition couples game from Creative Conceptions. Roll with raunchiness for impromptu flirty fun! Get down and get dirty with Sexy 6! Toss the dice to add a little spice and surprise to your bedroom antics, with 720 possible combinations for you to enjoy. Roll the dice and revel in the...

  • $11.00

  • Sexy 6 Foreplay Edition
    BRAND: Creative Conceptions  |  SKU: CREUSS6

    Sexy 6 Foreplay Edition Dice Game from Creative Conceptions. Foreplay edition with pleasure for impromptu foreplay fun. Adult game for two players. 6 dice.

  • $11.00

  • Sexy Boudoir Promises
    BRAND: Little Genie  |  SKU: LITBCD019

    Sexy Boudoir Promises game from Little Genie. Sample cards: I promise to give you 10 minutes of any foreplay activity of your choosing, I promise to talk dirty before we make love, I promise to remove your clothes while telling you what will happen next. Adults only please.

  • $15.40

  • Sexy Girls & Guys Playing Cards
    BRAND: Little Genie  |  SKU: LITBG073

    Sexy Girls and Guys Playing Cards from Little Genie. 54 card deck. Adults only please.

  • $8.80

  • Sexy Puzzle Damien
    BRAND: Little Genie  |  SKU: LITLGP103

    Sexy Puzzles Men in Motion Damien from Little Genie. Our sexy puzzle will keep you busy for hours. What better way to spend a rainy day or dark night than putting together Damien? This puzzle has 500 pieces and is 20 inches by 30 inches when complete. Stay in and spend some quality time alone or wit...

  • $29.33

  • Sexy Puzzle Easton
    BRAND: Little Genie  |  SKU: LITLGP104

    Sexy Puzzles Men in Motion Easton from Little Genie. Dreaming of warm summer days by the pool? Then Easton is your man. This puzzle has 500 pieces and is 20 inches by 30 inches when complete. Stay in and spend some quality time alone or with friends. Either way completing this puzzle will leave you ...

  • $29.33

  • Sexy Rendezvous
    BRAND: Kheper Games  |  SKU: KHEBGR155

    Sexy Rendezvous Game is a romantic game for two adult players. Flirt, kiss, massage, and enjoy frisky foreplay as you and your lover move around the board. Earn Sexy Rendezvous cards as you go. Each card contains a steamy sexual encounter that is also creative, adventurous or absolutely erotic. The ...

  • $11.00

  • Sexy Santa Says Naughty Card Game
    BRAND: Kheper Games  |  SKU: KHEBGC104

    Sexy Santa Says Naughty Card Game from Kheper Games. The game for couples who wish to keep being naughty this year. The naughty card game for lovers looking for fun roleplay and foreplay. Sexy Santa will expect you to do things like suck his north pole while Ms. Claus might want a finger in her figg...

  • $7.70

  • Sexy Scratcher Quickie
    BRAND: Ozze Creations  |  SKU: OZSCRA18H

    Sexy Scratcher Quickie scratch a different quickie every day of the week. Each quickie must be redeemed within 24 hours.

  • $3.28

  • Sexy Submissive Kit
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS68003

    Sportsheets Sexy Slave Kit seduce your partner into obeying your every whim. Seductive red fantasy kit contains: one soft blindfold, 4 wrist and ankle ties with extensions restraints with 42 inches long connectors and one pleasure feather. Sultry red blindfold is a one size fits most. Feather tickl...

  • $37.55

  • Sexy Vibrations
    BRAND: Ball and Chain  |  SKU: BLCCG19

    Sexy Vibrations game from Ball and Chain. A naughty game to make lover quiver! Batteries included. Add some sparks to your sex life with Naughty Vibrations game. Includes 25 naughty foreplay activities, 25 sex positions and 1 powerful mini bullet- guaranteed sexual satisfaction. Love sex? Add some v...

  • $16.50

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