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  • Scandal Collar With Leash
    BRAND: California Exotic Novelties  |  SKU: SE271250

    From California Exotic Novelties new Scandal line. The Scandal Collar with Leash is a luxurious, dual sided collar with universal buckle closure and detachable leash with heavy-duty metal. Designer fabric on one side, with supple leatherette on the other. Safe and pure for body and pleasure. Made us...

  • $53.02

  • Scandal Come Closer Bj Strap
    BRAND: California Exotic Novelties  |  SKU: SE271219

    Scandal Come Closer BJ Strap from California Exotic Novelties. Come Closer BJ Strap pushes deep penetration even further and lets you explore new angles of pleasure. Strap in for the ride of your life with this multi-talented love sling. Perfect for season fetishists or blushing beginners, the desig...

  • $26.29

  • Scandal Control Cuffs
    BRAND: California Exotic Novelties  |  SKU: SE271220

    From California Exotic Novelties new Scandal line. Everybody wants to be a little naughty. Scandal Control Cuffs. Designed for perfect leverage and deep penetration. Adjustable, comfortable wrist or ankle restraint. Soft and plushy on one side, with designer fabric on the other. Fully adjustable sup...

  • $27.39

  • Scandal Flogger
    BRAND: California Exotic Novelties  |  SKU: SE271230

    From California Exotic Novelties new Scandal line. Everybody wants to be a little naughty. Flogger sensual S&M play includes both punishment and reward. The dual purpose, soft flogger gives the dominant role player the ability to deliver punishment with a few well placed swats on their partners bac...

  • $55.00

  • Scandal Hogtie
    BRAND: California Exotic Novelties  |  SKU: SE271240

    From California Exotic Novelties new Scandal line. The Scandal Hog Tie is totally adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs. Soft and plushy on one side, with designer fabric on the other. Universal clasps and O-rings with swivel design. Disassembles completely and may be used as individual wrist and ankle c...

  • $58.52

  • Scandal Over The Door Cuffs
    BRAND: California Exotic Novelties  |  SKU: SE271235

    Scandal Over The Door Cuffs total surrender to a trusted lover increases emotional connection. Everybody wants to be a little naughty. Cuffing and binding a submissive lovers arms up over their heads allows the dominant free reign to to tease and tantalize while their partner is helpless to pleasura...

  • $42.79

  • Scandal Wide Open Mouth Gag
    BRAND: California Exotic Novelties  |  SKU: SE271217

    Scandal Wide Open Mouth Gag from California Exotic Novelties. Wide Open Mouth Gag is a bold erotic accessory perfect for couples looking to experiment with erotic restraint play or stylish fetishists looking to indulge in designer desires. Surrender to your naughtiest fantasies and open yourself up ...

  • $32.67

  • Sex & Mischief Adjustable Rope Restraints
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS10033

    Keep your lover under control with the Sex and Mischief Adjustable Rope Restraints. The adjustable restraints fit all bodies and you can determine how much or how little control your lover gets. So much fun, you'll want to explore your bondage fantasies all day long. Don't let your lover get away. T...

  • $19.62

  • Sex & Mischief Baby Paddle
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS92115

    Sex and Mischief Baby Paddle. Black vinyl paddle with BABY design. 12 inches handle allows for more power behind the spanking. Wrist strap keeps paddle in place. BABY text is backwards for proper display on your skin. Leaves a great impression on your partner. Black on red. Includes: 1 BABY Black ...

  • $14.81

  • Sex & Mischief Beginners Silk Sash Restraint Black
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS32630

    Sex and Mischief Beginner's Silky Sash Restraint Black. Tie your lover up tonight with the sensual feel of silk. This pair of soft, erotic sashes can be used to bind wrists, ankles, arms, and even made into a blindfold to keep your lover in the dark! Each sash measures four feet by four inches wide,...

  • $17.60

  • Sex & Mischief Black Day Collar
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS09940

    Sportsheets Sex and Mischief Black Day Collar. One low profile collar that can be worn all day, or, all night. Wear out as a fashion statement, accessorize with charms. Product specifications: lined, stylish and soft. Easy on, easy off closure. One size fits most. .875 inch wide, 19 inches long. Li...

  • $17.42

  • Sex & Mischief Breathable Ball Gag
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS10023

    S&M Breathable Ball Gag silent Communication. She lost the bet and I intended for her to honor it. She loves to talk. She talks on the phone, talks to the neighbors, talks to strangers, and talks to me while I am trying to watch TV. But she lost the bet, and I was in for a night of blissful silence....

  • $13.75

  • Sex & Mischief Enchanted Crop
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS09820

    Sex and Mischief Enhanced Crop from Sportsheets. Heighten your senses with every impact.. Sturdy, durable and light, the Enchanted Crop is sure to be your new go to impact toy. Put your partner in the perfect position and the carbon fiber crop will glide through the air quickly and leave an impressi...

  • $20.17

  • Sex & Mischief Enchanted Heart Paddle
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS09920

    Sex and Mischief Enchanted Heart Paddle. Want to be sweet yet sassy? The Enchanted Heart Paddle has two sides, one vegan burgundy fur and the other a flat velvety feel for whatever mood you may be in. Start by tickling and stroking with the sweet vegan fur then leave a sassy sting with the flat soft...

  • $22.73

  • Sex & Mischief Enchanted Silky Sash Restraints
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS09830

    Sex and Mischief Enhanced Silky Sash Restraint from Sportsheets. Lasso your lover with luxurious silk Give your restraint play a silky new touch with these incredibly soft but secure restraints. The fusion of helplessness and luxury makes for an intensely erotic experience. Beautiful burgundy tether...

  • $18.70

  • Sex & Mischief Faux Leather Flogger
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS10040

    Sex and Mischief Faux Leather Flogger. Stroke Me, Stroke Me. Stroke after exhilarating stroke, the flogger was brought down upon my yearning and receptive flesh. At times there was almost a musical rhythm to the frenzy, but it seemed every time I had figured out the pattern, the cadence was changed;...

  • $13.38

  • Sex & Mischief Feather Slapper
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS10062

    Sex and Mischief Collection from Sportsheets Feather Slapper Spanker is a fancy spanker features luxurious black feathers on one end and a sturdy spanker on the other. Dual purpose tool: one end is a feather tickler for flirting and teasing. The other end is for more serious play. Small slapper leav...

  • $19.07

  • Sex & Mischief Feather Tickler 7in Red
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS10072

    Sex and Mischief Collection from Sportsheets. Feather Tickler Red. Designer turkey feathers for ultimate tickling tactile play. Details 13 inches soft Feather Tickler in red. Materials Turkey feather, ABS plastic, rubber cap. Includes: 1 13 inches in total length with soft red feathers. Category: T...

  • $7.33

  • Sex & Mischief Heart Paddle Restraint
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS09931

    Sex and Mischief Heart Paddle. A special heart filled spanking paddle with a split surface, With a flick of the wrist create spanks that deliver audible impact without too much force. Great for beginners who love to hear the sound of spanking, but are not quite ready for those full throttle whacks...

  • $15.40

  • Sex & Mischief Hush Ball Gag
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS10022

    Sex and Mischief Hush Ball Gag is high fashion, stylish design, breathable ball gag is a high end accessory at a low end price. Accessible to all consumers, beginner to advanced. Think of it as a blindfold for your mouth. Includes: 1.75 inches diameter ball and a one size fits most fabric strap. Mat...

  • $18.15

  • Sex & Mischief Kinky Pink Cuffs
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS10014

    Sex and Mischief Kinky Pink Cuffs with Tethers from Sportsheets. Adjustable cuffs. The new and improved Kinky Pinky Cuffs can be tethered onto a variety of BDSM accessories to provide more restraint versatility. These cuffs pair great as an extender for the Under The Bed Restraint System, or you ca...

  • $19.25

  • Sex & Mischief Shadow Ball Crop
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS09928

    Sex and Mischief Shadow Ball Crop from Sportsheets. Where power, pleasure and pain combine. Take your submissive slave to their limits and show them who is in charge with this solid Shadow Ball Crop. Its sleek handle and wrist strap makes this crop easy to wear and even easier to use when your partn...

  • $17.42

  • Sex & Mischief Shadow Full Hood
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS09916

    Sex and Mischief Shadow Full Hood from Sportsheets. Tantalize your submissive senses by depriving them.. Make your lover quiver with anticipation by exploring the world of deprivation and control play with your partner wearing the Shadow Hood. Discover the submissive side of intimacy, using the Ench...

  • $22.73

  • Sex & Mischief Shadow Heart Paddle
    BRAND: Sport Sheets  |  SKU: SS09929

    Sex and Mischief Shadow Heart Paddle from Sportsheets. Leave an impact on your sweetie. Heighten impact play and leave a mark of your heart with the Shadow Heart Paddle. You will not have to worry about losing your grip with the sturdy handle and wrist strap making this paddle is easy to wear and re...

  • $17.42

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