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  • (d) Mini Penis Suckers (eaches Asst.
    BRAND: Candy Prints  |  SKU: CAP668MP

    Candyprints Mini Penis Suckers ingredients: sugar, maltose, natural flavors, artificial color: FD&C Red 40. Net weight: .26 oz. Made in Vietnam. Color may vary. Randomly selection.

  • $1.10

  • (d) Bachelorette Bead Purple Metallic
    BRAND: Forum Novelty  |  SKU: FN57973

    Bachelorette Bead Purple Metallic 6 strands of small faux pearl Mardi Gras style beads. Shown with pink on the right, blue in the center and purple on the right. Each sold separately. Girls night out, bachelorette party supplies and favors from Forum Novelties.

  • $1.65

  • Sexy Battery Lr23/23a
    BRAND: EP Supply/Sexy Battery  |  SKU: SBXB

    Sexy Battery LR23/23A Voltage 12V. Type Xtra Endurance Alkaline Batteries per package 1. Other Name: 23AE, P23GA, VA23A, V23GA, MN21, EL12, VR22, L1028, LR23A, CN23A, GP23AE, A23s. Shape: cylindrical. Size: 28mm. Diameter: 10mm . The Sexy Battery batteries deliver powerful and constant performance...

  • $2.33

  • Blowjob In Progress Door Hanger
    BRAND: Ozze Creations  |  SKU: OZ08011

    Do not disturb blowjob in progress! If your busy in the bedroom then this is what you need to keep others out! Blowjob In Progress Door Hanger from Ozze Creations. New image added February 5, 2013.

  • $3.28

  • Bar Glass Veil
    BRAND: Kheper Games  |  SKU: KHENVS45

    Bride To Be Bar Glass Veil. Here comes the drink! This veil fits all standard wine and bar glasses. Includes: Includes: 1 veil with elastic band.

  • $3.30

  • Willy Whistle

    Gasworks Omg Willy Whistle Bachelorette Items. Be the perfect hostess with this Bachelorette Party Item. Make the girls last night out an unforgettable one with these hilarious Bachelorette party favors. We design, create, and innovate the best novelties and party gifts in the world. Our pledge is...

  • $3.67

  • Liquored Up Mai Tai
    BRAND: HOTT Products  |  SKU: HO2835

    Liquored Up Cock Pops alcohol flavored penis shaped candy. Flavor: Mai Tai from Hott Products Unlimited.

  • $4.29

  • Liquored Up Strawberry Daiquiri
    BRAND: HOTT Products  |  SKU: HO2837

    Liquored Up Cock Pops alcohol flavored penis shaped candy. Flavor: Strawberry Daiquiri from Hott Products Unlimited.

  • $4.29

  • Grow Your Own Boobies
    BRAND: George's Funfactory  |  SKU: GE839

    Grow Your Own Boobies. A tongue in cheek gag gift for your favorite rack lover, the grow your own boobies are a small pair of toy breasts that slowly grow to 600% of their original size when kept in a container of water over several days. The best part is these pert little boobs can be used over and...

  • $4.36

  • Mini Penis Latex Baloons
    BRAND: Little Genie  |  SKU: CAP3635

    Dirty Balloons Mini Penis Style Latex Balloons. 9 inches, white latex balloons, printed on 2 sides. Eight balloons per poly bag with header card.

  • $4.40

  • Mini Boob Latex Baloons
    BRAND: Little Genie  |  SKU: CAP3637

    Dirty Balloons Mini Boob Style Balloons. 9 inches, white latex balloons, printed on 2 sides. Eight balloons per poly bag with header card.

  • $4.40

  • X-rated Birthday Napkins
    BRAND: Candy Prints  |  SKU: CAP521

    X rated birthday party supplies. Eight 2 ply 9.8 inches by 9.8 inches napkins emblazoned with, Happy Fucking Birthday! Matching balloons, plates and hats with the same theme available. Sold separately New image added February 4, 2013.

  • $4.40

  • X-rated Birthday Balloons
    BRAND: Candy Prints  |  SKU: CAP533

    X-rated Birthday Balloons. Eight 11 inch balloons emblazoned with, Happy Fucking Birthday! on each side. Matching plates and napkins with the same theme available. Sold separately. Please don't let children play with inflatable balloons. Choking hazard. Always storae out of reach of small children. ...

  • $4.40

  • Fuck You Sucker
    BRAND: Kheper Games  |  SKU: KHENV060

    F*ck You Sucker from Kheper Games. Let other people know how you really feel about them with your strawberry-flavored F*ck You! Sucker. Includes one 1.76 ounces sucker. 80 calories per sucker.

  • $4.40

  • Pride Confetti Gay
    BRAND: Kheper Games  |  SKU: KHENVC19

    Pride Confetti Gay from Kheper Games. 15 grams of fabulous confetti that is perfect for weddings, parties, parades, birthdays and more! Confetti comes in 6 assorted colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

  • $4.40

  • Pride Confetti Lesbian
    BRAND: Kheper Games  |  SKU: KHENVC20

    Pride Confetti Lesbian from Kheper Games. 15 grams of fabulous confetti that is perfect for weddings, parties, parades, birthdays and more! Confetti comes in 6 assorted colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

  • $4.40

  • Sperm Confetti
    BRAND: Kheper Games  |  SKU: KHENVC30

    Sperm Shaped Confetti. A whole load of fun! Fling it at someone you love, unload on your friends, frost an adult cake, spooge on someone's desk, shock your in laws, use in a two weeks notice, give your roommate a wet dream, or buy several and go nuts Includes: 15 grams e or approximately .52 ounce o...

  • $4.40

  • Glowing Penis Shot Pink
    BRAND: Kheper Games  |  SKU: KHENVE23

    Glowing Penis Shot Glass Pink. Want a shot? Suck it down! Hold under a bright light for 1-2 minutes, go into any dark room and let these fun shot glasses show you their wild side! Shot glass holds 1.5 fluid ounces.

  • $4.40

  • Naughty Confetti
    BRAND: Kheper Games  |  SKU: KHENVC17

    Naughty Confetti includes 15 grams of penis shaped confetti in four metallic colors: red, purple, blue and pink. Confetti is a party must for bachelorette parties, birthday party and any other event that needs a little spicing up! Penis confetti can be used for decorations, party invitations, to toa...

  • $4.40

  • (d) Bachelorette Jumbo Sucking Straws Flesh 11in
    BRAND: Pipedream Products  |  SKU: PD623000

    Bachelorette Party Favors Jumbo Sucking Straw. Jumbo Sucking Straw Flesh 11 inches of fun! Package Depth 1.5 inches. Package Width 3.25 inches. Package Height 15 inches. Packaged Weight 0.75 ounce. Package Type Poly Bag Header Card. Country of origin Hong Kong. Harmonized Tariff Schedule HTS Code 95...

  • $4.40

  • Pecker Candy Straw
    BRAND: HOTT Products  |  SKU: HO3305

    Candy Pecker Straw Hard Sucker from Hott Products. Hard sucker. Strawberry lollipop,

  • $4.40

  • Glitterati Confetti
    BRAND: Little Genie  |  SKU: CAP1033

    Glitterati Confetti Penis Party decorations from Little Genie.

  • $4.40

  • Cum Shots Marshmallow Strawberry
    BRAND: HOTT Products  |  SKU: HO2845

    Cum Shots Liquid Marshmallow Foam Candy in three flavors: Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Cherry. Each sold separately. Gooey erotic fun. Flavor: Strawberry.

  • $4.84


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