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  • (d) Aria Brilliant Lime Green
    BRAND: Blush Novelties  |  SKU: BN81522

    Aria Brilliant Lime Green Vibrator. You will be hopping with joy after you experience Aria Brilliant vibrator's deep sensual vibrations. Brilliant's exceptionally powerful motor is located in the tip, making for an intense G-spot experience. This bunni ears are soft and tantalizing. Brilliant's ears...

  • $79.90

  • (d) Butterfly Purple Elastomer
    BRAND: Vibratex  |  SKU: VTBUT

    Top rating by Sue Johanson Sunday Night Sex Toys Show. Talk Sex with Sue Johanson Oxygen Network TV Show. This beautiful Butterfly has more girth than our standard Rabbit series, with tracked pearls and multi-colored lights, a round, bulbous ribbed head and a tickler that encompasses the whole clito...

  • $155.87

  • (d) Bwild Deluxe Bunny Jade
    BRAND: B Swish Toys  |  SKU: BSDWB0651

    Bwild Deluxe Bunny has dual motors and 6 functions for maximum pleasure. Waterproof and made from silky all over silicone, the shafts uniquely contoured head will fill the sweet spot you desire, while the bunny's velvety smooth tickly ears and pinpoint precise nose will drive you wild. Though sturdy...

  • $53.13

  • (d) Deep Stroker Butterfly Pin
    BRAND: Nasstoys  |  SKU: NW24161

    Deep Stroker Butterfly Pink Dual stimulating vibrator for women. Deep Stroker Butterfly features: 3 speed shaft thrusts up and down. 3 speed clitoral fluttering butterfly stimulator. Waterproof vibrations. Body safe materials. Phthalates free, non-toxic. RoHS compliant materials: shaft, clitoral sti...

  • $101.09

  • (d) Mini City Vibe Lavender
    BRAND: Nasstoys  |  SKU: NW19792

    The vibe that never sleeps. Available 24/7. Mini City Lavender Vibe. The City Vibe's thrilling vibrations will add lots of excitement to your life. 4 inches slim ridged smoothie vibe with dual insertable vibrating tips. The shaft curves in and out throughout, and is waterproof for fun in or out of t...

  • $27.39

  • (d) Ohmibod Original 3.0h Whit (net)
    BRAND: Ohmibod  |  SKU: OMB03

    OhMiBod is a sleek, sophisticated new generation of vibrator that combines elegance of design with the excitement of your favorite music. The audio enabled integrated microchip allows the OhMiBod ipod massager to vibrate to the beat and rhythm of your music while you listen. OhMiBod comes with a bui...

  • $64.90

  • (d) Voice Touch G Spot Rabbit Plum
    BRAND: Cloud 9 Novelties  |  SKU: WTC500804

    Cloud 9 Voice Touch G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator Plum Purple Voice and Music Activated. Many women and couples are interested in exploring the pleasure of the G-spot erogenous zone as a new way for women to achieve orgasmic pleasure. Educate on G-spot pleasure, so they can learn how to arouse the G-spot f...

  • $28.49

  • (d) Voice Touch G Spot Rabbit Teal
    BRAND: Cloud 9 Novelties  |  SKU: WTC500803

    Cloud 9 Voice Touch G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator Teal Green Voice and Music Activated. Many women and couples are interested in exploring the pleasure of the G-spot erogenous zone as a new way for women to achieve orgasmic pleasure. Educate on G-spot pleasure, so they can learn how to arouse the G-spot fo...

  • $28.49

  • (wd) Adam & Eve Silicone Thrus
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENAEBL82572

    Adam and Eve Silicone Thruster Vibrator sensations, at the push of a button. The Thruster is a multi-function vibrator created to provide constant thrusting motions and the angled tip is G-spot friendly. What makes The Thruster unique is that the shaft moves up and down, thanks to a unique thruster ...

  • $197.98

  • (wd) Bdesired Deluxe Black
    BRAND: B Swish Toys  |  SKU: BSBDC0552

    Bdesired Deluxe Vibrator Black combines sleek design, a smooth silicone touch, and 6 functions, making everything you desire even closer. A silky contoured tip enhances its velvety smooth feel and overall seamless look. Users can try out all 6-functions with the simple click of a button. Perfect for...

  • $33.44

  • (wd) Bdesired Natural Coral
    BRAND: B Swish Toys  |  SKU: BSBDC0569

    Bdesired Deluxe Vibrator Natural Coral combines sleek design, a smooth silicone touch, and 6 functions, making everything you desire even closer. A silky contoured tip enhances its velvety smooth feel and overall seamless look. Users can try out all 6-functions with the simple click of a button. Per...

  • $33.44

  • (wd) Bela Clit Teaser-pink
    BRAND: Nasstoys  |  SKU: NW28461

    Bela Clit Teaser Pink Vibrator from Nasstoys of New York. Vibrating silicone massager 10 functions. Waterproof vibrations. Phthalates free RoHS compliant materials Silicone and ABS plastic. Size length 7.25 inches, diameter 1.25 inches. Vibrator uses 1 AA battery, not included.

  • $33.66

  • (wd) Bela Dual Lover Purple
    BRAND: Nasstoys  |  SKU: NW27432

    Bela Dual Lover Purple Vibrator features 7 function. Dual motors. 100% Silicone. Waterproof vibrations. Made using body safe, phthalates free, RoHs compliant materials Shafts Silicone, Base ABS plastic. Size total length 8.375 inches, insertable length 4.5 inches. Vibrator requires 2 AAA batteries, ...

  • $63.58

  • (wd) Breast Stimulator Clear
    BRAND: Nasstoys  |  SKU: NW19121

    The Breast Stimulator Clear Hands free stimulation. Enjoy the stimulation from a myriad of tiny silicone ticklers vibrating with perfect pressure with these vibrating textured stimulator cups. Made with incredibly soft and smooth silicone that is hygienically superior and safe. These cups fit snugly...

  • $29.04

  • (wd) Climax Spinner 6x Purple Rabbit Style
    BRAND: Topco  |  SKU: TO1070170

    Climax Spinner 6X Purple Rabbit Style Vibrator. Climax Spinner is a gyrating rabbit style vibrator. 4.5 insertable inches and 1.4 inches of girth. Made of soft Thermoplastic Rubber TPR material that feels incredible against your skin. Unique rotating tip swoops in and hits all the right spots. 6 aw...

  • $63.76

  • (wd) Commotion Samba Purple
    BRAND: BMS Enterprises  |  SKU: BMS95115

    Commotion Samba Purple Rabbit style vibrator. Get moving with Samba! These smooth curves rotate and twist with power and ease, in 3 distinct areas of the shaft. The combination of the internal movement, along with the all encompassing triple clitoral shape, creates a unique sensation unlike anything...

  • $99.00

  • (wd) Cyber Wabbit Blue
    BRAND: Golden Triangle  |  SKU: GT249BL

    Cyber Wabbit Vibrator is available in three colors: Blue, Purple and Red. Each sold separately. The Cyberwabbit is made of a new material that will warm to the body as well carry the intense vibrations from the powerful multiple-speed bullet, throughout the dual eared wabbit tickler. Armed with unst...

  • $33.00

  • (wd) Energize Her Pleasure Mas Pink
    BRAND: Nasstoys  |  SKU: NW2909

    Energize Her Pleasure Massager Pink Rabbit Style Vibrator from Nasstoys of New York. Features: dual motors. Semi realistic head has four ribs just pass the end for extra stimulation. Made using body safe latex free, phthalate free materials Silicone. 16 functions. Size length 9.25 inches, insertion ...

  • $49.28

  • (wd) Femme Fatale Flexi Rabbit Teaser Pleaser Amethyst
    BRAND: Nasstoys  |  SKU: NW20192

    Why wait for Prince Charming? Femme Fatale Collection Flexi Rabbit Teaser Pleaser Vibrator Amethyst Purple. Flexible, bendable jelly shaft and perfectly shaped head for penetration. Clitoral stimulating rabbit also bends to conform to your personal anatomy to hit the right spots. Waterproof for wet ...

  • $45.76

  • (wd) Iroha Zen Yuzucha (net)

    Iroha Zen Yuzucha Yellow Vibrator from Tenga. Size 1.3 inches in depth by 1.3 inches in width by 5 inches in height. Bulk weight 2.5 ounces. Vibration settings: 3 speeds, 1 pattern. Materials body safe Silicone shaft, ABS plastic base. Other specifications: features iroha's Soft Touch Silicone and d...

  • $38.50

  • (wd) Ravishing Angel Dolphin Lavender
    BRAND: Nasstoys  |  SKU: NW25682

    Ravishing Angel Dolphin Lavender Vibrator 100% Silicone. 7 functions of vibrations. Soft and natural feel. Rotating shaft. EZ Button Control. Made using phthalate free, RoHS Compliant materials shaft, dolphin Silicone.Base ABS plastic. Waterproof for play in and out of the water. Total length 9.25 i...

  • $62.15

  • (wd) Sophia Bendable Duo Vibe Purple
    BRAND: Impulse Novelties  |  SKU: CLOS210

    Impulse Novelties The Closet Collection Sophia Bendable Duo Vibrator Purple. Here is Sophia, the dual stimulator that sports an ergonomically correct, sexy, smooth and silky silicone shaft with a delightfully shaped external stimulator. With her gently bulbous head and effortlessly bendable body, So...

  • $48.40

  • 4in Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug
    BRAND: Electric / Hustler Lingerie  |  SKU: ELLF5304

    Add a new toy to your trove of pleasure devices with the uniquely designed Lux Fetish Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug is an adult pleasure product accompanied by a side controller that controls a varying degree of seven vibration modes. It also comes with a handy pump for inflation control, giving us...

  • $72.60

  • 4play Deluxe Slim Rabbit Vibe Blue
    BRAND: NS Novelties  |  SKU: NSN033017

    Slim Rabbit Vibe Blue. Slim, sexy and hard to resist, this petite rabbit vibrator will quickly become your new best friend. Four rotation speeds and eight options of clitoral stimulation for customized pleasure. The rabbit ears will titillate the clitoris while the dainty, rippled shaft is perfect f...

  • $43.67


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