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  • Evolved Smooshy Tooshy
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS54392

    Evolved Smooshy Tooshy Silicone Butt Plug. Give your tooshy a lift with this soft and squishy silicone butt plug that is so flexible it feels like a cushioned dream going in. The classic tapered shape enters with ease, then swells to a beautiful bulb middle that stimulates from the inside in the mos...

  • $76.98

  • Evolved Sparkle
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS43402

    Sparkle Pink Vibrator from Evolved Novelties. Ride the magical pleasure of your favorite fantasy while holding onto a glitter filed vibe hand grip! 10 powerful thunder through the twisted grooved texture that swells and tapers in the most delicious body hugging way. The colorful LED light helps you ...

  • $65.98

  • Evolved Straight To The Point
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS51492

    Straight To The Point from Evolved Novelties. Powerful precision clitoral vibrator. Concentrated vibrations for intense stimulation. Flexibility of tip of shaft up to about half an inch. 10 powerful speeds and functions. Made from luscious smooth silicone. Stylish chrome base and simple one button c...

  • $50.58

  • Evolved Sunny Sensations
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS72732

    Evolved Sunny Sensations Vibrator from Evolved Novelties love is back collection. There is nothing like a classic! This traditional shaped vibe is long, lean and powerful with everything you need to enjoy a delicious pleasure ride. The smooth matte finish feels silky as it glides in with extra lengt...

  • $35.18

  • Evolved Super Sucker
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS41282

    Super Sucker from Evolved Novelties. Suction vibrator fans will love the Super Sucker’s unique twist a perfectly angled G-Spot vibrator with a shaft tip that features a thumping motion just like the tried and true come hither finger method of arousing the G-Spot. Get ready for a double whammy orga...

  • $120.98

  • Evolved Teardrop
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS57742

    Teardrop Black Vibrator from Evolved Novelties. Pleasure fits right in your pocket with this tear drop shaped vibe that is completely water submersible. Discreet and powerful, it is the perfect toy for direct stimulation pinpointing your primary ergenous zones with 7 intense speeds and functions. T...

  • $76.98

  • Evolved The Butterfly Effect
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS27802

    The Butterfly Effect Clitoral and G-Spot Teal Green Rabbit Style Vibrator from Evolved Novelties. Float like a butterfly on the wings of pure pleasure and fulfill your internal fantasies simultaneously, choosing your personal level of intensity. With this unique toy, the vibrating butterfly has been...

  • $109.98

  • Evolved The Note
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS84162

    Evolved The Note Pink Vibrator from Evolved Novelties. If music is the food of love, play on. This elegant musical note shaped vibe is equipped with rhythmic delights designed to please inside and out. Its flexible shaft fills you with harmony in the key of 10 speeds while the percussion of the g-s...

  • $98.98

  • Evolved The Show Stopper
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS64502

    The Show Stopper Rabbit Vibrator from Evolved Novelties. Experience a full body surrender inside and out that leaves you breathless and completely satisfied. An internal 8 speed vibrating massage twirls and thrusts with 3 intensities while your clitoris is treated to an undulating pattern of dancing...

  • $142.98

  • Evolved Thorny Rose
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS92082

    Evolved Thorny Rose Vibrating Massager. Imagine a supple rose cradling your clitoris and licking it gently as your pleasure builds and builds to a powerful climax. Then imagine that same toy flipping over to deliver internal vibrations for deep satisfaction! This dual end massager brings fantasy to ...

  • $116.58

  • Evolved Thump & Thrust
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS36952

    Thump and Thrust Rabbit Style Vibrator from Evolved Novelties. Thump your way to extraordinary over the top orgasms every time with this magnetic thrusting vibe and its extremely powerful clitoral stimulator that features wings and textures for a deeper sensation. With a G-Spot head that reaches you...

  • $186.98

  • Evolved Tilt-o-twirl Rabbit Style Vibrator
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS35652

    Tilt O Whirl Rabbit Style Vibrator from Evolved Novelties. Get ready for a thrilling ride with this toy that waves and spins its way to the top of your night stand! It has got powerful motors that are completely rechargeable, and its unique dual design is fully water submersible. But the adventure d...

  • $142.98

  • Evolved Tip Tingler
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS82322

    Evolved Tip Tingler You know that tingling feeling you get right before you reach the big O? Prepare to feel those shivers a lot more often with this unique toy that is shaped like a tongue and reverberates with powerful vibrations. The creamy silicone shape is ergonomic and comfortable in your hand...

  • $65.98

  • Evolved Trifecta
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS58282

    Trifecta Black Rabbit Vibrator from Evolved Novelties. Discover the most intense and deeply fulfilling orgasm possible, the trigasm! Stimulate three erogenous zones at once to experience other-worldly pleasure that will leave your knees weak. The realistic phallic shaped main shaft delivers powerful...

  • $109.98

  • Evolved Triple Infinity Vibrator W/ Suction Blue
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS28962

    Triple Infinity Realistic Vibrator with Clitoral Suction from Evolved Novelties. This unique toy combines the intense suction of clitoral suckers and the realistic shaft of a life like vibrator for super charged results! With a cushioned head that looks and feels very natural and a heating function ...

  • $120.98

  • Evolved Twirly Butterfly Purple Vibrator
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS29262

    Twirly Butterfly Purple Rabbit style vibrator from Evolved Novelties. Size 9.25 inches in total length by 1.62 inches in width. Vibrator features 10 motor functions and speeds. Made using phthalate free materials Silicone shaft, rabbit clitoral stimulator, ABS plastic base. Rechargeable vibrator. US...

  • $120.98

  • Evolved Twistin The Night Away
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS63752

    Twistin The Night Away Vibrating Kegel Balls from Evolved Novelties. An extraordinary egg that delivers rotation and vibration in the most satisfying way! Use the remote control for partner or hands free play and enjoy the intensely erotic sensations that only agyrating orb can create! With 9 powerf...

  • $98.98

  • Evolved Unicorn Power
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS44182

    Unicorn Power Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator with a cone shaped sleeve from Evolved Novelties. What is more magical than a spiral horned unicorn? How about a powerful bullet vibe with a smooth silicone sleeve shaped like a spiral unicorn horn? With ten powerful functions, you can ramp up to the speed...

  • $39.58

  • Evolved Wanderful Wabbit
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS51182

    Wanderful Wabbit Vibrator. Two wildly different experiences are united into one extraordinary toy with this ingenious double duty design. One end delivers mind blowing wand power with soft and squishy wavy textures to intensely stimulate your primary erogenous zone, while the other end is a G-Spot r...

  • $131.98

  • Evolved Wild Orchid Purple
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS75022

    Wild Orchid Purple Vibrator from Evolved Novelties. Experience the exotic vibrations of this unique toy with two motors and over 24 speeds and functions. Its gently curved, bulbous shaft delivers an exquisite internal sensation while the extraordinary clitoral stimulator bobs up and down as it vibra...

  • $120.98

  • Evolved You Me Us Bendable Vibe
    BRAND: Evolved Novelties  |  SKU: ENRS80272

    You, Me, Us Bendable Vibe from Evolved Novelties Love Is Back. Strike a pose for twice the pleasure and more with this 2 headed bendable toy. An aerodynamic double bulb pleaser on one end stimulates your back door while the other end is free to nestle against other primary erogenous zones. And here ...

  • $120.98

  • Exciter Thumping G-spot Vibe Aqua
    BRAND: Nasstoys  |  SKU: NW30241

    Exciter Thumping G-Spot Vibe Aqua from Nasstoys of New York. Vibrator features 7 thumping functions. 10 vibration functions. Waterproof vibrations. Phthalates free, RoHS compliant materials Silicone, ABS plastic. Size length 9 inches, insertable length 5 inches, width 1.25 inches. Rechargeable vibra...

  • $81.07

  • Exciter Thumping G-spot Vibe Purple
    BRAND: Nasstoys  |  SKU: NW30242

    Exciter Thumping G-Spot Vibe Purple from Nasstoys of New York. Vibrator features 7 thumping functions. 10 vibration functions. Waterproof vibrations. Phthalates free, RoHS compliant materials Silicone, ABS plastic. Size length 9 inches, insertable length 5 inches, width 1.25 inches. Rechargeable vib...

  • $81.07

  • Executive Rechargeable Auto Douche
    BRAND: California Exotic Novelties  |  SKU: SE038110

    Executive Rechargeable Auto Douche from California Exotic Novelties. To enjoy everything the exhilarating world of anal play has to offer, you will want to prepare to ensure total cleanliness, safety and satisfaction. Never again worry about little accidents spoiling the mood, instead, allow the Exe...

  • $135.85

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