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  • Wand Essentials 8 Speed 8 Function Wand Purple
    BRAND: XR Brands  |  SKU: XRTV300

    Wand Essentials 8 Speed 8 Mode Massager. Enjoy the erotic side of massage with your Wand Essentials 8 Speed 8 Mode Massager. Try out all eight of the amazing vibration speeds and pulsation modes to find your perfect pleasure combination. Whether you choose a lower speed to sooth and tease or a highe...

  • $102.08

  • Wand Essentials Charmed Petite Wand
    BRAND: XR Brands  |  SKU: XRAC913

    Wand Essentials Charmed Petite Massager Wand from XR Brands. Experience dazzling massage to go! The Charmed Petite Wand is perfect for stimulating all your sensitive areas and looks fabulous doing it! This petite wand is powered by an ultra strong variable speed motor and is accented with beautiful ...

  • $26.22

  • Wand Essentials Fluttering Kiss Dual Stim Wand Attachment
    BRAND: XR Brands  |  SKU: XRAD440

    Wand Essentials Fluttering Kiss Dual Stimulation Silicone Wand Attachment Fluttering Kiss is a velvety soft silicone wand attachment that features a revolutionary dual stimulation design. Features include a perfectly placed fluttering clitoral stimulator that dances upon your most delicate areas, pl...

  • $43.56

  • Wand Essentials Rabbit Lover Wand Tip
    BRAND: XR Brands  |  SKU: XRAD893

    Original Rabbit Dual Stimulation Wand Essentials Attachment. Convert your powerful wand massager into a rabbit vibe with this exciting attachment from Wand Essentials! This rabbit revolutionized the world of vibrators when it gave women simultaneous vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation. Now ...

  • $26.47

  • Wand Essentials Spellbinder Flexi Neck 10 Function Wan
    BRAND: XR Brands  |  SKU: XRAD541

    Wand Essentials Spellbinder Flexi Neck 10 Mode Wand Massager. With the Wand Essentials Spellbinder Massager, you can enjoy deep tissue massage with enchanting vibration. Try out all 10 amazing speeds and pulsation modes to find your perfect massage combination. Whether you choose a lower speed to so...

  • $81.62

  • Wand Essentials Strap Cap Wand Harness For Dildos
    BRAND: XR Brands  |  SKU: XRAE137

    Wand Essentials Strap Cap Harness For Dildos Black. With the Wand Essentials Strap Cap, you can have the ultimate in penetrating pleasure with a strap on harness for your wand! Simply slip your chosen dildo through one of the top or side openings, then secure over your standard size wand. Once secur...

  • $27.21

  • Wand Essentials Turbo Pearl Wand
    BRAND: XR Brands  |  SKU: XRAC394

    Wand Essentials 8 Speeds Turbo Pearl Massager 110V. The Wand Essentials Turbo Pearl is a variable speed, electric wand massager with a Turbo button that takes your massage to a whole new level! Lay back and find the speed that suits you, press the Turbo button, and let this powerful wand take over w...

  • $115.65

  • Wand Essentials Utopia Cordless Wand Massager
    BRAND: XR Brands  |  SKU: XRAD834

    Wand Essentials Utopia Cordless Wand Massager. With 10 amazing features and a cordless design, you can enjoy deep tissue massage with the Wand Essentials Utopia USB Rechargeable Wand Massager. Try out all 10 vibration and pulsation modes to find your perfect pleasure combination. Whether you choose...

  • $84.30

  • Waterproof Mini Mini Wanachi Purple
    BRAND: Pipedream Products  |  SKU: PD302812

    Waterproof Mini Mini Wanachi Massager lets you enjoy soothing vibrations anywhere you go with this cordless mini massager. Powered by a whisper-quiet motor, the Mini Wanachi massager is the premier choice for revitalizing tired muscles. Choose a variable speed that is right for you and enjoy the fre...

  • $26.40

  • Wet Dreams Ball Crazy Purple
    BRAND: HOTT Products  |  SKU: HO2874

    Wet Dreams Ball Crazy Purple is made using phthalate free materials ABS plastic with soft touch polyurethane PU cote. Insertable ball head. Vibrator has 3 speed functions. Vibrating sex toy requires 2 AA batteries, not included. Colors may vary.

  • $25.41


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