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  • Breathable Ball Gag
  • Breathable Ball Gag
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AD352

    This perforated gag lets you restrict the speech of your sub while still allowing them to breath easily. The smooth plastic is tasteless and odorless, and is large enough to gag them without being too uncomfortable. The vegan-friendly straps are made from soft, pliable man-made leather with...

  • $13.99
    $11.89 15.00% Discount

    You save: $2.10

  • Do Me Sex Position Support Sling
  • Do Me Sex Position Support Sling
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AD269

    Gone are the days of legs high in the air, straining to keep them up until you are finished. With this ultra sturdy sex support sling, you can explore a variety of sexual positions, comfortably! Simply slip the neck piece behind your head and position so that the straps are even at the bott...

  • $33.99
    $23.75 30.13% Discount

    You save: $10.24

  • Double Finger Banger Vibrating G-Spot Glove
  • Double Finger Banger Vibrating G-spot Glove
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AE593

    This uniquely shaped vibrating G-spot stimulator will take fingering your partner to a whole new level. The waterproof textured finger sleeves slips over your first two fingers, with a wrist strap that cradles the vibrating bullet in the palm of your hand. The uniquely shaped, ribbed, vibra...

  • $22.99
    $20.05 12.81% Discount

    You save: $2.94

  • Feathered Nipple Clamps
  • Feathered Nipple Clamps
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AE409

    This set of adjustable nipple clamps are adorned with beautiful lightweight feathers, to tickle and please. The thumb screw allows you to control the tightness, with coated rubber tips for grip and comfort. Create a unique sensation and a visual delight with the Frisky Feathered Nipple Clam...

  • $15.99
    $14.01 12.41% Discount

    You save: $1.98

  • Frisky Adjustable Strap On Harness
  • Frisky Adjustable Strap On Harness
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AD385

    With the Frisky Adjustable Strap On Harness, you get to be in charge! Look hot wearing this easy to use strap on system. Simply slide the harness up like a pair of panties and cinch the adjustable straps down. Choose any of the 3 O-rings to suit your dildo and use the metal snaps to secure ...

  • $22.99
    $20.63 10.25% Discount

    You save: $2.36

  • Frisky Catalog
  • Frisky Catalog
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: XR927-Frisky

    Easily browse 36 pages of Frisky products in vibrant color! The 2016 full line catalog contains photos, SKUs, ad descriptions for products. It has never been easier to place your order!

    Measurements: 11 inches in length, 8.5 inches in width.

    Color: White.

  • $20.00
    $4.70 76.50% Discount

    You save: $15.30

  • Frisky Feather Tickler - Black
  • Frisky Feather Tickler - Black
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AD182-Black

    Allow your inner tease to come out with this elegant little ostrich feather tickler. The fabric wrapped handle is topped with a sweet bow with a crystal set into the center. The delicate whisper soft sensations are sure to stir up some sensual cravings in your partner as you run it over the...

  • $7.99
    $7.38 7.65% Discount

    You save: $0.61

  • Head Spin Pink Dancing Silicone Rabbit Vibe
  • Head Spin Pink Dancing Silicone Rabbit Vibe
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AF528

    Enjoy internal and external pleasure with a twist! This gyrating rabbit vibrator is great for solo or use with a partner, featuring a suction cup base that mounts to any smooth, hard surface, and a wired controller that lights up for your convenience. Play with 2 speeds of vibration and 3 p...

  • $69.95
    $50.92 27.21% Discount

    You save: $19.03

  • Mount Me Inflatable Sex Position Pillow
  • Mount Me Inflatable Sex Position Pillow
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AF158

    Make sex more comfortable, more fun, and more frequent! This positioning pillow inflates easily with an included pump, creating a soft and sturdy piece of sex furniture to play with! Four handles give both partners options to hold onto while engaging in a wild ride of passion! The velvety m...

  • $53.99
    $38.51 28.67% Discount

    You save: $15.48

  • Open Wide Padded Thigh Sling Position Aid
  • Open Wide Padded Thigh Sling Position Aid
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AE282

    Now you can get in deep and penetrate your partner in comfort with the Open Wide Padded Thigh Sling. With a padded neck brace, it will pull their knees back and expose their innermost areas to your attention. Uses a buckle style system for easy adjustment, and additional D-rings so you can ...

  • $55.99
    $39.67 29.14% Discount

    You save: $16.32

  • Paddle Me Silicone Paddle
  • Paddle Me Silicone Paddle
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AD819

    Get ready to put the naughty person in your life in place with this flirty paddle. Made from premium silicone, it is soft to the touch for comfortable handling. You also have the option of dual sides: an exquisitely shaped diamond pattern, or a flat and smooth surface. At a full 16 inches i...

  • $46.99
    $33.31 29.12% Discount

    You save: $13.68

  • Peg Me Universal Padded Strap On Harness with Back Support
  • Peg Me Universal Padded Strap On Harness With Back Support
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AD471

    Explore and indulge your strap on fantasies with this supportive harness from Frisky! Feature fully adjustable leg and waist straps that will accommodate most sizes. Cushioned front and back harness pads offer a more form-fitting design that hugs the contours of your body, allowing you to m...

  • $40.99
    $29.18 28.80% Discount

    You save: $11.81

  • Power Pinchers 10 Mode Vibrating Nipple Clamps
  • Power Pinchers 10 Mode Vibrating Nipple Clamps
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AE419

    These high powered nipple clamps have an integrated vibration feature, for more power and direct stimulation! Gives a gentle pinching sensation as you control the speed via the wired remote. Ideal for couple play, these body-safe nipple clamps have a user-friendly design and are travel-read...

  • $44.99
    $31.73 29.47% Discount

    You save: $13.26

  • Silicone Comfort Ball Gag
  • Silicone Comfort Ball Gag
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AE160

    This odorless, tasteless ball gag is made from soft, matte silicone, designed to keep the corners of your mouth comfortable. The smooth material extends to either side, attached to cruelty-free faux leather strap with stitching details and multiple holes for lots of adjustment.


  • $28.99
    $19.87 31.45% Discount

    You save: $9.12

  • Strip Tip Whip
  • Strip Tip Whip
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AE652

    This vegan-friendly whip is artfully woven for sadists and masochists with a taste for the dramatic. They will hear this whip before they feel it! Take careful aim and bring the four falls at the end of this whip down upon your target for a sting that will leave a mark! Impact play enthusia...

  • $15.99
    $14.26 10.79% Discount

    You save: $1.73

  • Textured Blue Silicone CBT Ball Slapper
  • Textured Blue Silicone Cbt Ball Slapper
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AE524

    This simple, double sided paddle slapper has 4 different textures so you can enjoy a myriad of different spanking sensations! Simple and compact, it is perfectly sized for scrotal slapping. A surprisingly intense toy for the size, it has just enough weight for an impressive sensation with a...

  • $15.99
    $14.34 10.35% Discount

    You save: $1.66

  • Tickle Me Pink Nipple Clamp Tassels
  • Tickle Me Pink Nipple Clamp Tassels
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AE124

    Adorn yourself with these sexy pink nipple tassels from Frisky! Soft cotton candy colored tassels will dangle enticingly from your nipples, and are the perfect addition to any lingerie set. Give your nipples a pleasured pinch with the adjustable bullnose style nipple clamps that are quickly...

  • $17.99
    $15.13 15.88% Discount

    You save: $2.86

  • Vibe Me Vibrating Nipple Clamps with Variable Speeds
  • Vibe Me Vibrating Nipple Clamps With Variable Speeds
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: EC165

    Keep yourself or a partner in a sexy pinch with the ultra powerful vibrating nipple clamps! The twist down design of these fun little toys offer delightful versatility and pleasure for every experience level. Soft vinyl coats the tips to enhance grip and offer more comfort during use. Each ...

  • $27.99
    $20.24 27.71% Discount

    You save: $7.76

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