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  • A&E Eve's Fetish Dreams Blindfold Black
  • A&e Eve's Fetish Dreams Blindfold Black
    SKU: 76378

    Each soft caress is epic... the slightest sound thrills... time starts to slip away; get ready to heighten all your other senses when you put on your Fetish Dreams Blindfold. Imagine the erotic potential! This cushy diamond-patterned eye cover stays in place comfortably with soft elastic straps. Sur...

  • $21.13

  • Bondage Couture Blind Fold Blue
  • Bondage Couture Blind Fold Blue
    SKU: 74513

    Indulge your innermost desires with Bondage Couture from NS Novelties. Meticulously crafted from superior materials and featuring exquisite details Bondage Couture is your ultimate accessory for the runway and the bedroom. All synthetic material and nickel free hardware. COLOR: BLUE

  • $20.40

  • FF Deluxe Fantasy Love Mask
  • Ff Deluxe Fantasy Love Mask
    SKU: 41790

    Take sensory play to the next level with this Deluxe Fantasy Love Mask. Made from super-soft neoprene and lined with plush padding on the inside this form-fitting mask feels great on your skin and comfortably keeps out all light. The mask is contoured to conform around your subject's nose allowing t...

  • $14.10

  • FF Satin Love Mask Red
  • Ff Satin Love Mask Red
    SKU: 10736

    With a blindfold the possibilities for sex play are endless. A blindfolded lover can be aroused massaged teased restrained made love to performed oral sex on... anything you can imagine. Plus when they can't see you it's fun to relax and watch them squirm with pleasure.

  • $9.99

  • FFLE - Satin Blindfold
  • Ffle - Satin Blindfold
    SKU: 51192

    Create thrilling sexual excitement with this beautiful Fetish Fantasy Satin Love Mask. Try it on your lover or use it as a nightshade for yourself. When you put it on your partner it softly covers their eyes keeping your lover in a pleasurable state of darkness and anticipation that heightens their ...

  • $21.15

  • Fifty Shades Play Nice Satin&Lace Blind
  • Fifty Shades Play Nice Satin&lace Blind
    SKU: 76458

    Whether you’re looking to tease and please or simply catch some Zs add this beautiful blindfold into the mix. Made from silver satin with black lace for added sex appeal it feels soft and sensual against your skin – perfect for wearing all night long.

    Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Offic...

  • $17.63

  • GLO Bondage Blindfold Green
  • Glo Bondage Blindfold Green
    SKU: 76715

    A new twist for your fetish adventures with GLO in the dark restraints gear. BDSM essentials that are easy to clean made of synthetic materials and deliver a new stimulation for your fetish desires. Tie spank and GLO from NS Novelties.

    Product Dimensions: 7.2 X 2.6 X 0.1 (Inches)

  • $17.27

  • KL Padded Blindfold (Black)
  • Kl Padded Blindfold (black)
    SKU: 42816

    The contoured padding in side this sexy blindfold makes it comfortable for long-term wear because it won't press on eyes or smudge makeup. The smooth elastic band has a satin finish that won't snag hair and stretches for a relaxed but secure fit on most size heads. Made of a soft synthetic polyureth...

  • $16.40

  • Lux Fetish Unisex Blindfold
  • Lux Fetish Unisex Blindfold
    SKU: 51659

    Whether you’re a curious beginner or a experienced lover nothing is more essential in the bedroom than a Lux Fetish Classic Unisex Blindfold. This fully adjustable velvet lined velcro closure blindfold offers wide covering for absolutely no peeking. Keep your lover guessing all night long!

  • $10.58

  • Old School Tattoo Printed Eye Mask
  • Old School Tattoo Printed Eye Mask
    SKU: 75991

    You can use this eye mask for sleep or kinky play. Try it on your lover to create an exciting and sensual experience. Covering your partner's eyes during sex play will stimulate all their sensations to the max. It features an elastic strap to ensure it fits almost everyone!

    Dimensions packag...

  • $15.28

  • Orange Is The New Black Blindfold
  • Orange Is The New Black Blindfold
    SKU: 58591

    Lush leatherette and soft fabric are accented with sexy orange stitching for the dark side of BDSM fun.

  • $12.93

  • Ouch! Blindfold - OUCH - Black
  • Ouch! Blindfold - Ouch - Black
    SKU: 72065

    Ouch! Blindfold - OUCH - Black. Keep your lover in the dark and at the height of anticipation with this faux leather eye mask. The word OUCH is cutout and against a red layer in stitched leather.

  • $15.28

  • Ouch! Blindfold - SLUT - Black
  • Ouch! Blindfold - Slut - Black
    SKU: 72062

    Ouch! Blindfold - SLUT - Black. Keep your lover in the dark and at the height of anticipation with this leather eye mask. The word SLUT is cutout and against a red layer in stitched leather.

  • $15.28

  • Ouch! Blindfold - XOXO - Black
  • Ouch! Blindfold - Xoxo - Black
    SKU: 72066

    Ouch! Blindfold - XOXO - Black. Keep your lover in the dark and at the height of anticipation with this leather eye mask. The word XOXO is cutout and against a red layer in stitched leather.

  • $15.28

  • Ouch! Soft Eyemask - Black
  • Ouch! Soft Eyemask - Black
    SKU: 63591

    Use this eye mask as a nightshade for yourself or try it on your lover. This soft polyester eye mask stays in place with a comfortable elastic fabric strap. Measures 5.75 in. by 8.78 in. by 0.2 in.

  • $8.23

  • S&M Satin Blindfold Hot Pink
  • S&m Satin Blindfold Hot Pink
    SKU: 42064

    Sex Mischief Satin Hot Pink Blindfold

    Entice and excite your night with the Sex Mischief Satin Hot Pink Blindfold. This double layered dual sided blindfold has soft trim with comfortable straps.

    Polyester. One Size Fits Most.

  • $8.15

  • Sincerely, SS Lace Blindfold
  • Sincerely, Ss Lace Blindfold
    SKU: 67799

    This sexy blindfold has soft inviting fabric of fine lace while the double straps provide security and comfort.It’s made from 56% polyester 30% polyethylene 8% polyurethane 5% elastic1% spandex.

  • $16.33

  • SS Edge Leather Blindfold
  • Ss Edge Leather Blindfold
    SKU: 50582

    Leather blindfold with high-end lingerie adjustable strap and comfort lined with satin padding. White-stitch embellishment adds style. Handcrafted in the USA with cowhide leather.

  • $19.39

  • The 9's Fuck Me/Fuck You Mask
  • The 9's Fuck Me/fuck You Mask
    SKU: 53833

    Two comfy blindfolds with messages written in elegant script. One side of each blindfold reads: Fuck Me. The other side reads: Fuck You. @winter2019-69

  • $12.93

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