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  •  Ouch Army Bondage Kit
  • Ouch Army Bondage Kit
    SKU: 77335

    This incredible army camouflage BDSM kit is a worthy addition to any BDSM collection. Bring your submissive to heel with this fabulous fashionable and functional set of accessories. Including Wrist & Ankle Cuffs Hogtie Collar with Leash O-ring Gag Hook Gag Breathable Ball Gag Bli...

  • $198.95

  • A&E Eve's Fetish Dreams Adv Bond Set
  • A&e Eve's Fetish Dreams Adv Bond Set
    SKU: 76414

    Get everything you need to bring your kinky fantasies to life! Made from padded diamond-stitched vegan leather this gorgeous 7-piece bondage kit gives you so many ways to play. Cuff ankles and wrists together or to the four-way cross buckle to achieve the wildest bondage positions. A breathable ball...

  • $159.99

  • A&E Eve's Fetish Dreams Begin Bond Set
  • A&e Eve's Fetish Dreams Begin Bond Set
    SKU: 76412

    Act out your wildest bondage fantasies with this 4-piece set – it has everything you need for wickedly sexy playtime! Ankle & wrist cuffs in diamond-stitch padded vegan leather will make your submissive partner feel cherished even when they’re naughty! Heighten their other senses with an erotic bl...

  • $99.99

  • A&E Eve's Fetish Dreams Interm Bond Set
  • A&e Eve's Fetish Dreams Interm Bond Set
    SKU: 76413

    Take command of your domination fantasies with a kit that has everything you need for your wild side! Collar your lover in padded vegan leather and clip on the leash to lead them around as you desire. Use the ankle & wrist cuffs for erotic restraint in dozens of sexy positions that stay put – metal...

  • $139.99

  • Beadspreader All Chained-Up Bondage Plsy
  • Beadspreader All Chained-up Bondage Plsy
    SKU: 70216

    Get ready for a wild night of kinky domination and submission with a complete kit for bondage play. The Lux Fetish Master-Slave Domination Chain-Me-Up Bedspreaders - Bed Restraint 6PC Set includes sensual accessories for two or more players with stylish accessories such as nipple pasties a sexy Ca...

  • $110.00

  • Bedspreader Fuzzy Lovers 4pc Set
  • Bedspreader Fuzzy Lovers 4pc Set
    SKU: 70215

    Give your bondage play a soft sensual upgrade with the Lux Fetish 4-Piece Bedspreaders Set. Featuring a collection of BDSM essentials each item features faux fur to tickle and tease your partner(s). This all-in-one kit includes bedspreader that effortlessly transforms any bed into your own convenien...

  • $70.00

  • Bondage Couture 6pcs Kit Blue
  • Bondage Couture 6pcs Kit Blue
    SKU: 76752

    Bondage Couture brings your BDSM role-playing fantasies to life with an all-in-one 6-piece kit of top-quality restraints and accessories including wrist and ankle cuffs collar and leash hogtie blindfold and whip. Made of synthetic materials and nickel-free hardware all items are body-safe durable an...

  • $140.30

  • FF Bedroom Bondage Kit
  • Ff Bedroom Bondage Kit
    SKU: 19853

    Explore each other's naughtier side with this all-in-one beginner's bondage kit. Perfect for couples who've always wanted to try bondage this kit has everything you need to start having fun with fetish. This kit includes:ankle straps wrist restaints leather whip satin mask and 4 bedpost extensions. ...

  • $54.99

  • FF Bondage Teazer Kit
  • Ff Bondage Teazer Kit
    SKU: 54677

    Turn your bedroom into an erotic playground with this first-timers kit. Everything you need to explore your fetish fantasies is included: Satin Love Mask Feather Tickler Cat-O-Nine Tails Furry Cuffs and Beaded Whip.

  • $57.00

  • FF Purple Passion Kit
  • Ff Purple Passion Kit
    SKU: 54673

    Turn your bedroom into an erotic playground with this first-timers kit. Everything you need to explore your fetish fantasies is included: Feather Tickler Satin Love Mask Furry Cuffs and Pasties.

  • $31.99

  • FF Purple Pleasure Bondage Set
  • Ff Purple Pleasure Bondage Set
    SKU: 33506

    Keep your lover quiet and under control with this playful Purple Pleasure Bondage Set. Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike this sexy set of cuffs and a ball gag puts a seductive twist on bondage play by combing two classic favorites. The soft neoprene cuffs adjust to fit most sizes and con...

  • $69.99

  • FF Sensual Seduction Kit
  • Ff Sensual Seduction Kit
    SKU: 28263

    Share a little fantasy with your lover using our Sensual Seduction Kit that includes a Fantasy Feather Tickler Love Mask and First Timer's Cuffs. Change your routine and bring a little spontaneity and an element of surprise and anticipation into the bedroom.

  • $25.65

  • FFLE First Time Fantasy Kit
  • Ffle First Time Fantasy Kit
    SKU: 43764

    Turn your bedroom into an erotic playground with the First Time Fantasy Kit. This kinky collection is perfect for bondage beginners and offers something exciting for everyone. Break the ice with a flirty game of erotic dice then blindfold your lover and begin to take advantage of your subject. Tease...

  • $38.00

  • Heart-On Harness Kit W/Curved Dong Purpl
  • Heart-on Harness Kit W/curved Dong Purpl
    SKU: 71008

    Heart On Deluxe Harness Strap-on Kit With Curved transparent 7 Inch Dong Includes Blindfold and Paddle Purple/ Transparent. Kit includes Eye mask and Paddle. Phthalates free - Materials: PVC PU iron and polyester. Adjustable straps size: One size fits most (Fits waists up to 56 inches). Harness hear...

  • $65.00

  • Heart-On Harness Kit W/Straight Dong Pur
  • Heart-on Harness Kit W/straight Dong Pur
    SKU: 71007

    Heart On Deluxe Harmess kit includes: 7 inch straight transparent dongHeart shape harnessEye maskPaddle Materials: PVC PU iron and polyester Harness heart pad size: Width: 6 inch Height: 5 inch Adjustable straps size: One size fits most (Fits waists up to 56 inches) Blindfold size: Width: 7.5 inch H...

  • $65.00

  • KINK Bind & Tie Kit Hemp Rope 5pc
  • Kink Bind & Tie Kit Hemp Rope 5pc
    SKU: 64628

    This collection includes everything needed for safe and thrilling rope bondage. Three bundles of Hogtied Bind and Tie Hemp Bondage Rope - a strong natural hemp rope in a 6mm width ideal for most types of rigging - in two lengths of 30 feet and one length of 50 feet provide plenty of options. The Bin...

  • $112.76

  • KL Bondage Basics Pad Leather Blindfo Bk
  • Kl Bondage Basics Pad Leather Blindfo Bk
    SKU: 76348

    The KinkLab Bondage Basics Padded Leather Blindfold has full coverage for a blackout effect with contoured padding for a comfortable fit and an elastic band that fits a range of heads sizes.

    Product Details: Available in 2 colors: Black & RedFull coverage for a blackout effectContoured paddi...

  • $29.00

  • KL Bondage Basics Restraint Kit
  • Kl Bondage Basics Restraint Kit
    SKU: 42819

    Kit is great for both beginners and serious players. Includes: 2 self-keeping leather wrist cuffs (fits 5.5 to 7 in.) 2 self-keeping leather ankle cuffs (fits 7 to 10.5 in.) 1 padded leather blindfold and 25 ft of black nylon rope.

  • $95.00

  • KL Leather Hog Tie Kit (Red)
  • Kl Leather Hog Tie Kit (red)
    SKU: 42834

    Everything you need for instant submission. Kit contains 2 self-keeping leather wrist cuffs (fits 5.5 to 7 in.) 2 self-keeping leather ankle cuffs (fits 7 to 10.5 in.) 1 leather hog tie.

  • $38.95

  • Luv Pearl Delight Whip & Nipple Clamps
  • Luv Pearl Delight Whip & Nipple Clamps
    SKU: 75732

    Hard spanksDelicate ticklesPhthalate-freeMaterials: Chains – Iron Pendants – Alloy + Pearl Handle – ABSSize: Whip length: 17? Nipple clamp length: 15"

  • $60.00

  • Lux Fetish Breathable Gag W/ Nip Clamp
  • Lux Fetish Breathable Gag W/ Nip Clamp
    SKU: 73693

    Two BDSM must-haves come together to provide a kinky experience that you’ll never forget. A beginners-friendly breathable ball gag attaches to a set of adjustable nipple clamps that offer a tailored sensation allowing you to push the limits of tantalizing torture. The breathable ball secures around...

  • $31.35


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