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  • Hunkyjunk ELONG Wide Base Nipsucker Blac
  • Hunkyjunk Elong Wide Base Nipsucker Blac
    SKU: 73008

    "ELONG wide base nipsucker by hunkyjunk Hunkyjunk puts design in every toy ELONG nip-suckers work and look so cool. They are slightly curved but not tapered--these will suck any size nip and are deep enough and big enough to fit small to medium piercings. These suckers stay on the base flares out fo...

  • $24.00

  • Kink - Swell - Auto Nipple Sucker Cups
  • Kink - Swell - Auto Nipple Sucker Cups
    SKU: 62637

    Rock-hard ultra-sensitive nipples and heightened arousal are just a touch away. With the push of a button the suckers  adhere perfectly to the skin with a strong automatic suction seal for hands-free fun—just place the transparent cups over each nipple power on and watch them grow. Powerful multi-...

  • $95.02

  • Kink Nipple Sucker Set Black
  • Kink Nipple Sucker Set Black
    SKU: 59599

    Tweak nipple suckers create powerful natural suction for authentic sensations and engorgement that traditional clips can’t provide. With a simple squeeze the set fits perfectly against the skin and creates a strong seal for hands-free fun. Just attach to each nipple and watch them swell through the...

  • $17.46

  • Light Butterfly Clamp  Spf41
  • Light Butterfly Clamp Spf41
    SKU: 6763

    Spartacus Nipple Clamps Light ButterflyApply the perfect amount of pressure with these Light Butterfly nipple clamps. The stimulating effect will make your nipples the center of attention as they should be.

  • $31.50

  • Lite Point Clamp W/Curbd.Chain Spf17
  • Lite Point Clamp W/curbd.chain Spf17
    SKU: 10308

    Spartacus Endurance Nipple Clamps Light Point Clamps With Curbed ChainApply the perfect amount of pressure with these adjustable nipple clamps. The stimulating effect will make your nipples the center of attention as they should be.

  • $19.75

  • Mack Tuff Nipple Teasers Silver/Black
  • Mack Tuff Nipple Teasers Silver/black
    SKU: 71005

    Pull straps to snug or loosen on nipples. Squeeze me till it hurts. Features Easy push button vibration.Waterproof. Phthalates free. RoHS compliant. Materials: Back is silicone Chrome is ABS. Size: Overall length: 4.25 inch Width: 1.5inch Diameter: 0.75 inch. 1 AAA battery each vibrator (not include...

  • $34.49

  • Master Series Bauhaus Precision Nip Vice
  • Master Series Bauhaus Precision Nip Vice
    SKU: 71656

    "Designed for precision and strength the Bauhaus Nipple Vice comes to you with two clamps that can be adjusted to your desired level of tightness with the adjusting screws located at the base. The tips are covered in soft TPR with the addition of a delicate curve at the very end that assists in gri...

  • $28.56

  • Masters Affix Triple Chain Nipple Clamps
  • Masters Affix Triple Chain Nipple Clamps
    SKU: 57022

    Please your partner with the stunning aesthetic of these unique nipple clamps. The extreme grip tip keeps them firmly on your lovers nipples pinching for the perfect combination of pleasure and pain. Easy to use these clamps can be utilized quickly and efficiently in the heat of the moment or during...

  • $23.84

  • Masters Anais Y-Style Nipple To Clit Set
  • Masters Anais Y-style Nipple To Clit Set
    SKU: 59402

    Connect her most sensitive areas together. These metal clamps have vinyl-coated ends linked chain and a sliding ring to adjust the tightness anywhere from just enough to hold them to a really severe pinch. They stay on are easy to use and look good. Measures 24.5 in. long. Nipple chain measures 18 i...

  • $28.46

  • Masters Chained Collar+Nip To Labia Clmp
  • Masters Chained Collar+nip To Labia Clmp
    SKU: 53211

    With this chained collar and clamp set connect your playthings sensitive areas while adorned with a seductive chain collar. The clamps feature vinyl-coated ends and will provide constant stimulation. Can be used on the male anatomy as well. Collar chain is 11 in. long. Nipple chain is 12 in. long. L...

  • $46.90

  • Masters Charmed Heart Padlock Nipp Clmps
  • Masters Charmed Heart Padlock Nipp Clmps
    SKU: 59407

    These easy-to-use clamps have a simple screw-down design accented with heart shaped padlock detailing. The vinyl-coated tips allow for a comfortable and secure grip while the red lacquered heart accent dangles enticingly from the end. The screws on the sides allow you to control just how much pressu...

  • $22.33

  • Masters Chimera Adj Bell Nipple Clamps
  • Masters Chimera Adj Bell Nipple Clamps
    SKU: 70535

    @npc2019_22"Audio erotica is in play when these devious little bells are ringing. Your plaything will look and sound tantalizing when these clamps are placed just so. These tweezer style nipple clamps have a bell attached at each end that makes a low pitched ringing sound when in motion. The vinyl...

  • $20.68

  • Masters Deviants Monarch Wgtd Nipp Clmps
  • Masters Deviants Monarch Wgtd Nipp Clmps
    SKU: 53227

    These metal clamps are specially designed to tighten their grip as they are pulled downward. The ends are tipped with ribbed rubber to help retain their grip and add to the sensation. Each weight clips easily on to the end supplying 8 oz of pull each. Clamps are 3.5 in. long including rings 1.58 in....

  • $47.74

  • Masters Magnus Extreme Magnetic Orbs
  • Masters Magnus Extreme Magnetic Orbs
    SKU: 59403

    This set of two small ultra-magnetized orbs pack some serious pressure. Once placed on sensitive flesh these powerful magnets begin to apply pressure. See how long they can keep these pinching set of extra strong magnets in place. As your partner relaxes the pressure will continue to give them what ...

  • $15.91

  • Masters Onus Nipple Clamp w/Magnet Wts
  • Masters Onus Nipple Clamp W/magnet Wts
    SKU: 46244

    This single alligator style clamp features 6 removable 1-oz. magnet weights. No chain is included. Sold individually. For a pair order two.

  • $15.91

  • Masters Rhinestone Nipple Clamps Sq Clr
  • Masters Rhinestone Nipple Clamps Sq Clr
    SKU: 57024

    This sparkling set of rhinestone adorned nipple clamps will give you a dazzling look. The cube-shaped embellishments are set on all sides with clear sparkling gems which catch the light with every movement. The clamps themselves are vinyl coated with a thumb screw to adjust the tightness. The adjust...

  • $22.34

  • Masters Silver Triple Nipple Clamps
  • Masters Silver Triple Nipple Clamps
    SKU: 50543

    These tweezer style nipple clamps adorn the chest with three graduated silver balls that dangle from the end. The adjustable clamps have a sliding ring that will allow you to modify the amount of pressure that is applied and are coated with vinyl for comfort and a better grip. These beaded clamps ar...

  • $16.57

  • Masters Viper Nipple Suckers
  • Masters Viper Nipple Suckers
    SKU: 59328

    Take your nipple play to the next level. These suckers create a vacuum on the nipple and surrounding area for an erotic feeling of suction that often results in larger more sensitive nipples. Simply place over the nipple and squeeze gently with your fingers to attach. Measures about 1.5 in. long abo...

  • $12.06

  • Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps
  • Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps
    SKU: 40086

    Give "precious metals" a whole new meaning with this luxurious pair of high-end magnetic nipple clamps. Cast in high quality steel and hand-polished to perfection these jeweled gems are equal parts art and pleasure. The hygienic metal finish is sleek nonporous and easy to clean while the design i...

  • $41.80

  • MHWGO Nipple Clamps
  • Mhwgo Nipple Clamps
    SKU: 63328

    Adjustable nipple clamps with violet crystals. My Heart Will Go On.@vday2020-19

  • $15.16

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