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  • 4 Piece Lube Injector Set
  • 4 Piece Lube Injector Set
    SKU: 72662

    "Turn just about any lubricant bottle into a lube injector! This set comes with two differently sized adaptors for small and large bottles of lubricant. Attach the nozzle for the ability to pump lubricant directly from the bottle into your orifice. The no-backflow design ensures a hygienic experienc...

  • $20.56

  • b-vibe Lubrication Application Set Of 3
  • B-vibe Lubrication Application Set Of 3
    SKU: 73646

    Followers of the b-Vibe blog already know that lube is essential for anal play. That's where our lube launchers step in!
    3-Pack Lube Applicator Set — Sharing is caring but not when it comes to anal play. That's why we've included three lube applicators for your solo coupled and threesome escapad...

  • $25.00

  • Boneyard The Skwert Lube Injector
  • Boneyard The Skwert Lube Injector
    SKU: 63909

    Quickly converts most lube bottles into a lube injector. The 4 in. interchangeable plastic injector comes with a small and large lube bottle cap. Features comfortable finger pump holds to inject the perfect amount of lubricant with no backflow. Also comes with a sanitary storage/travel cap.  The ho...

  • $18.80

  • JO Beginner's Luck Gift Set - x8 foils
  • Jo Beginner's Luck Gift Set - X8 Foils
    SKU: 66902

    Jo Beginner's Luck Various Gift Set features 8 different lubricants in .34 fluid ounce foils. Eight of the most popular System JO brands. Share different uses for each formula. Great opportunity to introduce flavors warming and cooling glide. Beginner's Luck comes with JO H20 Original Water Based Lu...

  • $13.82

  • Links Shooter Silicone LinkedLauncher
  • Links Shooter Silicone Linkedlauncher
    SKU: 72731

    "Equipped with 5 links for added pleasure this lube launcher delivers a precise application so that your sensual experience does not have to be messy! The plunger is designed for one-handed ease of use. With the convenient finger loops you can fill the applicator with whatever liquid you want and in...

  • $22.60

  • Lube Tube (2) Shooters
  • Lube Tube (2) Shooters
    SKU: 35378

    Easy to use Lube Tube™ lets you put your favorite lube exactly where you want it!Reusable refillable and easy to cleanUse the ideal amount every timeHandy cap makes travel a breeze2 Lube Tubes™per packageABS3.25”x .5” / 8 cm x 1 cm

  • $8.81

  • Lube Tube Orange
  • Lube Tube Orange
    SKU: 74433

    Reusable refillable and easy to clean the Lube Tube™ is a lubricant dispensing tube set that lets you lubricate with pinpoint precision. To deliver luscious lubrication to just the right spot the Lube Tube™ has a slim shaft rounded tip and seamless body. Each slim tube is equipped with two finger ...

  • $8.81

  • Mood Lube 5 Pack (1oz each)
  • Mood Lube 5 Pack (1oz Each)
    SKU: 40566

    Mood Lube 5 Pack 1 Oz Each

    Five premium lubricants one for every mood! This 5-pack features the whole set of mood lubes in cute 1 oz. tubes! Includes Silicone for that ultra slick feel Warming to add a little spice to the bedroomTingling for that touch of adventure Water-Based for your ever...

  • $17.98

  • Mood Pleasure for Him Lube Multi-Pack
  • Mood Pleasure For Him Lube Multi-pack
    SKU: 49174

    Five formulas sure to get your manhood in the Mood. Each in a sleek 1 oz. bottle the Pleasure For Him multi-pack includes a Slow It Down Cream for marathon sessions a Slick Smooth Water-based Body Glide a cream to lube so you can Stroke it Right a flavorful Berry Mint BJ Gel for delicious playtime...

  • $18.80

  • Relax DesensitizingNozzle Tip Lube 4oz
  • Relax Desensitizingnozzle Tip Lube 4oz
    SKU: 72658

    @winter2019-42"Pinpoint application with a nozzle-tipped anal lube! Allow your body to focus on pleasure with this specialty water-based formula. Relax Anal Lubricant is a desensitizing lube that can help ease some of the potential discomfort associated with anal play. This silky smooth liquid keep...

  • $18.14

  • Ribbed Silicone Lubricant Launcher
  • Ribbed Silicone Lubricant Launcher
    SKU: 72661

    "Make lubricant application feel even better with the many ridges of this stimulating lubricant launcher! The tapered tip makes insertion comfortable while the texture excites. The plunger is designed for one-handed ease of use. With the convenient finger loops you can fill the applicator with whate...

  • $20.56

  • Ride BodyWorx Lube Cube (12)
  • Ride Bodyworx Lube Cube (12)
    SKU: 51562

    Box includes 12 individual pillow packs of three BodyWorx lubricants. Each pack contains 5 ml. Includes 4 packs each of silicone-based lubricant Silk Hybrid water/silicone lubricant water-based lubricant.

  • $17.63

  • SI Lube Shooter 15ml Capacity
  • Si Lube Shooter 15ml Capacity
    SKU: 57890

    Get that lube where it needs to go with this ABS lube shooter that features a silicone seal ring and a smooth tip for easy entry. Measures 7.5 in. long by 0.75 in. diameter.

  • $9.38

  • Silicone Beaded Lube Launcher
  • Silicone Beaded Lube Launcher
    SKU: 72657

    "Deep lube application meets pleasure with this 6 bulb lube launcher! Enjoy every smooth round bead as they push into your hole. This vaginal or anal accessory is designed for one-handed ease of use. With the convenient finger loops you can fill the launcher with whatever liquid you want and inject ...

  • $21.60

  • Sliquid Essentials Cube (12)
  • Sliquid Essentials Cube (12)
    SKU: 44899

    Two sample packets of each of the following from the Sliquid Naturals line of lubricants: H2O Sassy Sea Satin Silk and Silver.

  • $17.63

  • Smooth Silicone Lubricant Launcher
  • Smooth Silicone Lubricant Launcher
    SKU: 72660

    "Silky-smooth and seamless lubricant application is at your fingertips! This silicone lube launcher squirts it deep in your hole and is designed for one-handed ease of use. With the convenient finger loops you can fill the applicator with whatever liquid you want and inject with one simple thrust. T...

  • $20.56

  • Trinity Lube Launcher (Set Of 3) - Smoke
  • Trinity Lube Launcher (set Of 3) - Smoke
    SKU: 63383

    Load it up and shoot it out. The lubricant launcher's narrowed injector makes it easy to ease into anal or vaginal play by lubricating hard-to-reach places. The convenient finger grips allow for precise insertion while the attractive casing is easy to clean. Includes three launchers.

  • $11.47

  • Trinity One Shot Lube Launcher Smoke
  • Trinity One Shot Lube Launcher Smoke
    SKU: 67294

    Get the slip you crave when and where you need it most with One Shot XL Lubricant Launcher by Trinity Vibes. Thrillingly designed with 1 XL lube applicator tube and 1 plunger with a rubber seal this kinky tool is a must-have for adventurous play as it shoots lube inside of you in a clean direct way....

  • $15.32

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