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  • Vibrating Rechargeable Penis Pleaser
  • Vibrating Rechargeable Penis Pleaser
    BRAND: Trinity Vibes  |  SKU: AG197

    This stretchy silicone sleeve slips over the most sensitive part of your shaft to stimulate it with intense vibration! Apply a little water-based lubricant to create a slippery orifice to slide in and out of. The multitude of nubs within will massage the head of your penis while you experime...

  • $52.70
    $37.37 29.08% Discount

    You save: $15.33

  • Vibrating Penis Head Teaser
  • Vibrating Penis Head Teaser
    BRAND: Trinity Vibes  |  SKU: AF136

    Tease the tip of your cock with a textured and vibrating stimulator! This masturbation toy includes a removable bullet that provides powerful vibration, as well as a head teaser that is internally lined with exciting nubs. The stretchy material allows it to fit over the head of just about a...

  • $19.43
    $16.99 12.56% Discount

    You save: $2.44

  • Vibra-Stroke Masturbator Wand Attachement
  • Vibra-stroke Masturbator Wand Attachement
    BRAND: Wand Essentials  |  SKU: AF910

    Transform your standard-sized massage wand into a male sex toy with this stroker attachment! Just open it up and wrap it around that penis for a thrumming massage during masturbation or partner play. The bold, beaded texture will stimulate up and down the shaft with every stroke, while the ...

  • $28.20
    $20.41 27.64% Discount

    You save: $7.79

  • Vibra Cup Wand Attachment
  • Vibra Cup Wand Attachment
    BRAND: Wand Essentials  |  SKU: AC715

    The Vibra Cup is bound to please your rod with its teasing inner texture. Add to this some powerful vibration and you are ready for one thrilling ride! The Vibra Cup is so stretchy that it fits most wand massagers. Simply attach this pleasure upgrade to your favorite wand massager and place...

  • $28.43
    $20.12 29.23% Discount

    You save: $8.31

  • Ultimate Male Masturbation Wand Kit
  • Ultimate Male Masturbation Wand Kit
    BRAND: Wand Essentials  |  SKU: AD956

    Why let the ladies have all the fun? Wand Massagers are an incredibly powerful way to enjoy hot stimulation. With our exciting Hummingbird Attachment, you get a tight grip on your cock while you stroke, powered by a serious motor that will have you on your knees in ecstasy. The open ended t...

  • $124.51
    $70.68 43.23% Discount

    You save: $53.83

  • Twin Turbo Strokers 2 in 1 Wand Attachment for Men
  • Twin Turbo Strokers 2 In 1 Wand Attachment For Men
    BRAND: Wand Essentials  |  SKU: AF474

    Transform your favorite massage wand into a male sex toy with an accessory that gives you two ways to play! Perfect for masturbation or use with a partner, this attachment slips easily over the head of a standard sized wand vibrator, providing two textured strokers that will thrum with the ...

  • $33.33
    $23.56 29.31% Discount

    You save: $9.77

  • Tom of Finland Stroker Sheath
  • Tom Of Finland Stroker Sheath
    BRAND: Tom of Finland  |  SKU: TF3839

    This ultra soft and stretchy ribbed stroker has a ball strap and easy grip exterior for the ultimate tugging experience. The outer texture gives you a firm grip, as the ball strap tugs your nuts with every stroke. Super stretchy, with a velvety soft finish and an open end for maximum pleasu...

  • $23.57
    $19.99 15.19% Discount

    You save: $3.58

  • The Rock Tumbler Ball Tugging Stroker
  • The Rock Tumbler Ball Tugging Stroker
    BRAND: SexFlesh  |  SKU: AD208

    Give your man marbles some much needed attention. The internal ridges of the stroker give you all the stimulation you know and love while the stretchy loop bounces and tugs your balls with each thrust. Super elastic and pliable, the loop will fit any size and shape and the stroker feels gre...

  • $35.70
    $24.95 30.12% Discount

    You save: $10.75

  • The Handjob Texture Sleeve
  • The Handjob Texture Sleeve
    BRAND: Trinity Vibes  |  SKU: AB463

    Make masturbation more enjoyable and stimulating with The Handjob. With two unique sides, you can choose the smooth side or the nubbed side. Since the sleeve itself is soft and stretchy, it will make your masturbation session that much more comfortable. Take a break from the traditional mas...

  • $11.17
    $9.78 12.48% Discount

    You save: $1.39

  • Tenga Cool Original Vacuum Cup
  • Tenga Cool Original Vacuum Cup
    BRAND: CUP Series  |  SKU: AF389

    Beat the Heat with COOL TENGA! COOL TENGA CUPs feature a cooling menthol-infused lubricant that send a soothing, cool stimulation upon insertion! With its hourglass shape and special valves, the Original Vacuum CUP delivers amazing suction and stimulation from unique internal details. To create a st...

  • $11.28

  • Sydneys Deep Throat Stroker
  • Sydneys Deep Throat Stroker
    BRAND: SexFlesh  |  SKU: AF225

    Sydney will provide you with oral sex whenever and wherever you want it! This travel-friendly blowjob sleeve is shaped like a pretty little mouth, inside and out! Lifelike lips and tongue beckon you for a pleasure experience that goes beyond human capabilities. The ultra-realistic inner tun...

  • $41.17
    $29.13 29.25% Discount

    You save: $12.04

  • Stroke-In Sadie
  • Stroke-in Sadie
    BRAND: SexFlesh  |  SKU: AC975

    Stroke with ease! Sadie is internally and externally texturized with orgasm inducing sensation ridges so you can grip her just right as she grips your cock. Made of signature SexFlesh material, Sadie feels just like the real thing! Just apply some water based lube into her inviting pussy an...

  • $19.83
    $17.34 12.54% Discount

    You save: $2.49

  • Sleeve Sensations Pamelas Tight Bod Stroker
  • Sleeve Sensations Pamelas Tight Bod Stroker
    BRAND: sexFlesh  |  SKU: AB469

    Let Pamela and her curves take you all the way! This exquisite masturbator replicates the voluptuous curves of a woman in high quality SexFlesh material and offers you the most realistic sensations and ultra-tight fit with its internally textured love tinnel. This toy is the ultimate access...

  • $22.90
    $20.21 11.75% Discount

    You save: $2.69

  • SexFlesh Pink Beaded Pussy Stroker
  • Sexflesh Pink Beaded Pussy Stroker
    BRAND: SexFlesh  |  SKU: AC442

    Prepare to plunge your package into this plush pink pussy! This convenient hand-held stroker lets you control the speed and intensity of your experience. Grab some lube and slide right in to the tight ribbed tunnel and let the internal pleasure beads massage your cock as you move in and out...

  • $13.13
    $11.37 13.37% Discount

    You save: $1.76

  • SexFlesh Little Blue Box Stroker
  • Sexflesh Little Blue Box Stroker
    BRAND: SexFlesh  |  SKU: AC758

    Only the Little Blue Box knows what happens in those final few moments of ecstasy. The realistic vaginal opening feels like a pair of wet pussy lips wrapped around your cock, while the clear jelly tube lets you see your cock pulse in and out of the blue pleasure core. The ribbed inner tunne...

  • $11.23
    $9.80 12.74% Discount

    You save: $1.43

  • SexFlesh Bodacious Bella Breast Stroker
  • Sexflesh Bodacious Bella Breast Stroker
    BRAND: SexFlesh  |  SKU: AC414

    Bella has a pair of bodacious 34Ds that she wants to share with you! Those breasts are made of our amazingly lifelike SexFlesh material that gives you the opportunity to do all those things you think about doing to a real pair of tits any time you want! The detailed pink nipples are perfect...

  • $177.67
    $96.12 45.90% Discount

    You save: $81.55

  • Sarahs Sexy Mouth Stroker
  • Sarahs Sexy Mouth Stroker
    BRAND: SexFlesh  |  SKU: AF208

    Get the most realistic blowjob possible from a stroker! Shove your shaft in Sarah’s sweet little mouth to experience an intense jack-off experience that simulates everything you love about oral sex! Behind those pretty lips are a set of firm teeth that will graze your cock just the way yo...

  • $41.17
    $29.13 29.25% Discount

    You save: $12.04

  • Palmer Hand Held Ergo Stroker
  • Palmer Hand Held Ergo Stroker
    BRAND: Palm-Tec  |  SKU: AE380

    This stroker is ergonomically designed to fit in the palm just right, contoured inside and out for a powerful finish! The interior is tight enough for friction, and contains ultra-satisfying ribbed interior texture for enhanced sensations. The super stretchy material is soft and tight, and you contr...

  • $24.73
    $21.88 11.53% Discount

    You save: $2.85

  • Palm-Tec Vibe Tube Vibrating Stroker
  • Palm-tec Vibe Tube Vibrating Stroker
    BRAND: Palm-Tec  |  SKU: AD842

    Stroke into overdrive! Ergonomically designed to fit in the palm just right, and contoured inside and out for a powerful finish. The interior is tight enough for great friction, and contains ultra satisfying ribbed inner texture for enhanced sensations. The Vibe Tube is made of clear, ultra...

  • $35.33
    $25.00 29.23% Discount

    You save: $10.33

  • Palm-Tec LX Vol 20 Stroker
  • Palm-tec Lx Vol 20 Stroker
    BRAND: Palm-Tec  |  SKU: AC720

    The Palm-Tec LX is the superior choice in palm strokers, designed for maximum gripping power and grand sensations. This impressive stroker features an ergonomically contoured exterior and a taut interior that is ribbed in the middle and nubbed at the entrance for the ultimate in masturbator...

  • $28.87
    $20.39 29.38% Discount

    You save: $8.48

  • Palm-Tec DX Vol 17 Stroker
  • Palm-tec Dx Vol 17 Stroker
    BRAND: Palm-Tec  |  SKU: AC717

    Gentlemen...start your engines! This deluxe clear stroker gives you the power to amplify your performance as well as your pleasure. Ergonomically contoured so you can grip it and see it as you stroke away. The Palm-Tec DX is designed with a ribbed interior for the ultimate in solo pleasure ...

  • $28.87
    $20.39 29.38% Discount

    You save: $8.48

  • North Star Enhanced Sensation Male Stroker Wand Attachment
  • North Star Enhanced Sensation Male Stroker Wand Attachment
    BRAND: Wand Essentials  |  SKU: AD788

    Uniquely designed for amazing stroking adventures. Made from extra soft TPR material, this male masturbation attachment will provide powerful vibrating pleasure with the addition of any standard size wand massager. Its unique design has small pleasure buds within a tight yet stretchy tube. ...

  • $30.93
    $21.89 29.23% Discount

    You save: $9.04

  • Monikas Tight Pussy Stroker
  • Monikas Tight Pussy Stroker
    BRAND: SexFlesh  |  SKU: AD344

    Let this pair of sexy pussy lips get you off properly! Made of signature SexFlesh material and internally texturized with orgasm inducing pleasure ridges throughout her tight hole. Monika will surround your cock with tight, textured pleasure. Her hot hole is open ended, making clean up easy...

  • $14.37
    $12.34 14.14% Discount

    You save: $2.03

  • Maries Tight Mouth Stroker
  • Maries Tight Mouth Stroker
    BRAND: SexFlesh  |  SKU: AD346

    Let this luscious pair of lips suck you off! Made of signature SexFlesh and internally textured with orgasm inducing pleasure ridges, Marie with surround your cock with tight pleasure and soft, pliable SexFlesh skin. Her hot hole is open ended, making clean up easy!

    Measurements: 5 ...

  • $14.37
    $12.34 14.14% Discount

    You save: $2.03


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