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  • X5 - Oral Anne Vanilla
  • X5 - Oral Anne Vanilla
    SKU: 64319

    TPE mouth stroker from the X5 Men Collection features a tongue for extra stimulation and a ribbed orifice. Measures 5 in. long 4.5 in. insertable by 2 in. wide.

  • $23.03

  • X5 Men - Ass Stroker - Vanilla
  • X5 Men - Ass Stroker - Vanilla
    SKU: 65203

    TPE anal masturbator that is open ended and easy to clean. 5 in. of flexible depth 2.25 in. wide.

  • $17.27

  • X5 Men - Fifi Bag - Clear
  • X5 Men - Fifi Bag - Clear
    SKU: 53580

    The prisoner's choice for masturbation is now available to the public. The Fifi bag is the ultimate stroker. The soft ribbed orifice strokes and massages your shaft. You control the tightness by applying pressure. Length is 5.25 in. width 1.5 in.

  • $14.10

  • X5 Men - Honey Pot - Beige
  • X5 Men - Honey Pot - Beige
    SKU: 42644

    Sweet like honey best describes this vaginal masturbator. The Honey Pot was designed to look and feel just like the real thing. Using X5 technology we were able to recreate the feel of the human body. The Honey Pot also comes with a multi-speed vibrator. Insert at the top of the product and the vibr...

  • $36.00

  • X5 Men - Jasmine's Hot Mouth - Beige
  • X5 Men - Jasmine's Hot Mouth - Beige
    SKU: 41505

    My name is Jasmine and I am always ready to swallow your sweet juice!’ Jasmine is waiting to deep throat you and your rock hard cock so give her a mouthful! Just add some lube slip your manhood into Jasmine’s warm mouth and she is always ready to suck you dry. Made of 5.5” soft and supple realist...

  • $15.11

  • X5 Men - Mamacita - Latin
  • X5 Men - Mamacita - Latin
    SKU: 53448

    Mamacita is made from ultra realistic and soft X5 TPR material. The love tunnel is ribbed to increase the stroking sensation. Bringing you to the most intense orgasms. Mamacita fits all lengths as it is open ended. Compatible with water- and silicone-based lubricants. Measurements are 5.5 in. long 1...

  • $15.98

  • ZT Ana Foxxx Movie Download W/Vagina&As
  • Zt Ana Foxxx Movie Download W/vagina&as
    SKU: 77601

    Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a life-like double-entry stroker while lying down! This unique vaginal and anal stroker is made from pliable and stretchy TPE rubber that feels so soft and smooth that it moves with your body for the perfect fantasy fulfilment. Enjoy a free movie starring gorgeo...

  • $100.00

  • ZT Different Strokes
  • Zt Different Strokes
    SKU: 75656

    High tech meets ultimate pleasure with this dual motor stroker made from silky smooth silicone. The shaft channel grip squeezes to fit any size featuring a fold-over head for an erotic closed-end option. The textured shaft and head operate with two separate motors controlled independently to let you...

  • $60.38

  • ZT Double Decker Stroker
  • Zt Double Decker Stroker
    SKU: 76392

    Double your pleasure with two erotic entries in one versatile stroker! Choose from a life-like vaginal entry or a classic round hole shape and enjoy the textured ribbed channel that cradles you in all the right places for a nice tight fit! Complete the fantasy with free lube and a free movie downloa...

  • $60.00

  • ZT Endless Love Rechargeable Stroker
  • Zt Endless Love Rechargeable Stroker
    SKU: 63175

    Vibrating stroker powered by rechargeable bullet. USB cable provided. Choose from 10 powerful speeds and functions. Ergonomic hand grip for maximum control. Made from soft and stretchy TPE. Submersible. Measures 6 in. long 2.5 in. wide.

  • $47.48

  • ZT Kira Noir Movie Download W/Vagina&As
  • Zt Kira Noir Movie Download W/vagina&as
    SKU: 77602

    Experience your ultimate fantasy with the double-entry stroker that feels just like the real thing! Soft stretchy and pliable TPE rubber moves with your body as you enjoy each channel?—vaginal or anal?—depending on your desire. Get erotic inspiration with the complimentary download of one of Kira ...

  • $52.00

  • ZT Like A Virgin
  • Zt Like A Virgin
    SKU: 70876

    It feels like the first time! This unique stroker lets you break through the ‘hymen’ as you thrust past a thin layer of material before the opening to the tight beaded channel. That delicious ‘cherry pop’ sensation fulfills a virgin-busting fantasy mimicking the ultimate erotic feeling. Enjoy th...

  • $34.18

  • ZT Perfect Stroke On The Go
  • Zt Perfect Stroke On The Go
    SKU: 55106

    Travel-sized masturbator works on either flaccid or erect penises to achieve ejaculation and orgasm. Features patented Accumulation Technology that is Perfect for erectile dysfunction. Stroker is custom tapered for a life-like feel. Includes free lube pack free movie download and discrete carrying c...

  • $60.38

  • ZT Real Mouth Stroker W/DVD
  • Zt Real Mouth Stroker W/dvd
    SKU: 61409

    Soft and flexible TPR stroker features life-like lips and tongue and a narrow channel lined with shaft-massaging ribs. Features a double row of pleasure beads for extra stimulation. Open ended for easy cleaning. Measures 6 in. long 2 in. wide. Includes a four-hour explicit DVD.

  • $39.88

  • ZT Sasha Grey Download W/Realistic Vag/A
  • Zt Sasha Grey Download W/realistic Vag/a
    SKU: 75949

    Experience your ultimate fantasy with the double-entry stroker that feels just like the real thing! Soft stretchy and pliable TPE rubber moves with your body as you enjoy each channel – vaginal or anal – depending on your desire. Get erotic inspiration with the complimentary download of one of Sas...

  • $52.00

  • ZT Shell Shock
  • Zt Shell Shock
    SKU: 73677

    Equip your arsenal with an ammo-grip stoker! Shell Shock's durable bullet-shaped canister fits comfortably in your hand and the realistic full-color vaginal lips tucked inside like a sweet surprise feel just like the real thing - with the added vibrations of your choice. With a feature length adul...

  • $56.98

  • ZT Skyler Nicole Movie Download W/Ass&Va
  • Zt Skyler Nicole Movie Download W/ass&va
    SKU: 77569

    Fulfill your double fantasy with this two-channel stroker that lets you slip through the front door and bang the back door as hard as you want! Crafted with super-stretchy and pliable TPE rubber that moves with your body as you thrust use the hips to hold on and dive into that pink sweet spot primed...

  • $80.00

  • ZT Sucking Good
  • Zt Sucking Good
    SKU: 74845

    Experience the unique sensation of a stretchy soft sleeve inside a vacuum pump that squeezes and pulls like the real thing with a tight TPE chamber textured for extra pleasure. Choose from three speeds of vacuum suction or opt for the special feature that sucks and releases alternately for an incred...

  • $80.01

  • ZT Swirl Stroker Clear
  • Zt Swirl Stroker Clear
    SKU: 76833

    Crystal-clear pleasure is here! This soft and pliable see-through stroker has a deliciously soft and tight 6-inch channel lined with small nubs rings and swirl textures that urge you to climax with every stroke. The honeycomb surface on the end of the outer clear cup gives you the stabilizing grip y...

  • $32.00

  • ZT The Snap Stroker With Rechargeable Bu
  • Zt The Snap Stroker With Rechargeable Bu
    SKU: 70212

    This egg-shaped vibrating mini-stroker fits comfortably in your hand and comes with a free adult movie to boost your personal fantasies! With a rechargeable durable bullet that removes easily for charging and cleaning you’ve got some buzzworthy play time that arouses in surprising ways including in...

  • $37.98

  • ZT The Vortex Stroker
  • Zt The Vortex Stroker
    SKU: 69476

    The Vortex Stroker Masturbator from Zero Tolerance tightens right where you need it for truly mind blowing stimulation! Let your imagination run wild with the ergonomic grip of the center pleasure ring that squeezes just like the real thing! With two nice and tight channels to choose from and groove...

  • $30.38

  • ZT Thrusting Rechargeable Stroker
  • Zt Thrusting Rechargeable Stroker
    SKU: 74846

    Zero Tolerance Toys is proud to unveil this powerful thrusting stroker that feels just like the real thing because its motor seems to have a mind of its own! The lifelike vaginal entry gives way to erotic soft and stretchy pleasure nubs that massage and tickle as you slip inside. Choose from five di...

  • $100.79


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