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  • Virgin Palm Pal
  • Virgin Palm Pal
    SKU: 40497

    Virgin Palm Pal

    Nothing should come between your palm and your penis except of course the world-famous Palm Pals. This Pussy designed in life-like UR3 material is the only pal you will need. Made from non-phthalate body safe material which inlcudes Doc's anti-bacterial Sil-A-Gel formula and...

  • $17.51

  • Noches Latinas Ur3 Palm Pal Mouth
  • Noches Latinas Ur3 Palm Pal Mouth
    SKU: 40596

    Noches Latinas Ur3 Palm Pal Mouth

    The Noches Latinas line represents the newest in pleasure from Doc Johnson. We present to you the beautiful caramel-colored pussy masturbator. These items are discreet and easy to use due to their wonderfully compact design. Men will revel in the realistic ...

  • $17.51

  • Mr.Marcus Ur3 Personal Fluffer (Pussy)
  • Mr.marcus Ur3 Personal Fluffer (pussy)
    SKU: 31306

    Fluff it all day fluff it every way. Marcus gets it you can too. Get your very own personal fluffer. Stick it in her succulent mouth puckered ass or tight pussy and you too will get the porn star treatment. The Mr. Marcus Personal Fluffers are made of

  • $17.74

  • Shanes World Mast Sorority Pussy
  • Shanes World Mast Sorority Pussy
    SKU: 27934

    Ohhhhh so tight!Super stretchy and soft masturbators with stroker beads for incredible sensationsSenso® (TPR)4”x 2”/10 cm x 5 cm

  • $18.45

  • Sono N0 93 Reversible Masturbator
  • Sono N0 93 Reversible Masturbator
    SKU: 76202

    Made from super-smooth and flexible TPE the open-ended masturbator can be effortlessly flipped inside out. Easy-to-use easy-to-clean and perfect for solo or partner play. The inner diameter measures 2cm (0.79") the outer diameter 6.2cm (2.45") and the total height 4cm (1.58"). The masturbator can al...

  • $18.68

  • Virgin Ass UR3 Palm Pal
  • Virgin Ass Ur3 Palm Pal
    SKU: 51308

    This stroker is designed to replicate the sensation of breaking an actual virgin hymen the Palm Pal features a thin hymen-like barrier to be broken through upon use. The stroker is molded from an actual person and the ergonomic handheld size makes it perfect for playtime. Length is 5 in. width 2 in.

  • $19.62

  • Mistress BioSkin Sabrina Latte
  • Mistress Bioskin Sabrina Latte
    SKU: 56239

    Double textured with ribs and nubs for intense pleasure. Soft and stretchy with realistic hand-painted lips for a real life look and feel. Compact design with non-slip comfort grip. Open-ended design makes clean up a breeze. Use only with water- or silicone-based lubricant.

  • $19.98

  • Mistress BioSkin Nicole Vanilla
  • Mistress Bioskin Nicole Vanilla
    SKU: 56242

    Double textured with ribs and nubs for intense pleasure. Soft and stretchy with realistic hand-painted lips for a real life look and feel. Compact design with non-slip comfort grip. Realistic lifelike entry feels just like the real thing. Open-ended design makes clean up a breeze. Use only with wate...

  • $19.98

  • Taffy Puller
    SKU: 74667

    The Taffy Puller is Rock Candy's newest irresistible pleasure toy specifically created for male sexual stimulation stamina training and as a creative treat during partner sex! Engineered with an ultra-realistic super supple feel our uniquely-designed men's masturbation sleeve dishes out a multitude ...

  • $19.98

  • Shanes World The Virgin Stroker
  • Shanes World The Virgin Stroker
    SKU: 29704

    Just like the first time!Super soft and tight masturbator with an intact hymenFuturotic® (TPR)5”x 2.5”/13 cm x 6 cm

  • $20.56

  • Tenga Double Hole Cup - Ultra Size
  • Tenga Double Hole Cup - Ultra Size
    SKU: 68922

    Revolutionary disposable male masturbator from Tenga combines advanced technology and internal design for unprecedented pleasure. Tenga Double Hole Stroker lets you enjoy two different penetration sensations. One side firmly tightens while the other gently clings to your penis. Use is one side at a...

  • $20.56

  • HGP BioSkin Slappin Sally Vanilla
  • Hgp Bioskin Slappin Sally Vanilla
    SKU: 56234

    Ultra premium lifelike BioSkin pussy looks real feels better. Handmade and hand painted with authentic detail. Tight entry and compact triple-ribbed tunnel stretch to take you all in. Open-ended design makes clean up a breeze. Use only with water- or silicone-based lubricant.

  • $21.03

  • HGA BioSkin Adventurous Annie Vanilla
  • Hga Bioskin Adventurous Annie Vanilla
    SKU: 61182

    Ultra premium lifelike TPR BioSkin ass looks real and feels better with a tight entry and ribbed inner tunnel for an intense stroking session. Handmade and hand painted with authentic detail. Open-ended design makes clean up a breeze. Measures 4.5 in. by 2.5 in.

  • $21.03

  • G.N.D Girl Next Door Pocket Pal Ivory
  • G.n.d Girl Next Door Pocket Pal Ivory
    SKU: 43414

    Variety is the spice of life with these life-like masturbatorsSoft tight and stretchyMaintenance freePureSkin®/TPR5.5” x 2.5”/14 cm x 6.25 cm

  • $21.62

  • VIVID RAW Beaded Deep Throat
  • Vivid Raw Beaded Deep Throat
    SKU: 54587

    Curved deep throat TPR masturbator features beaded entry plus life-like ridged chamber. Stroker is soft tight and stretchy. Measures 6 in. by 2.75 in.

  • $22.80

  • Mood Exciter UR3 Blue
  • Mood Exciter Ur3 Blue
    SKU: 45849

    This ergonomically designed UR3 stroker features two entrances; the smaller tighter tunnel features plush massage beads while the larger tunnel is heavily ribbed for your pleasure. This unique design makes it easy to flip it grip it and alter the sensation mid-session. Length 5 in. (total and insert...

  • $22.96

  • Mood Thrill Frost
  • Mood Thrill Frost
    SKU: 49181

    Triple your fun with Mood Thrill. Made of the lifelike UR3 material this handheld stroker features three internal textures for versatile stimulation. The unique triple-texture pleasure tunnel includes large massage beads at the entry thick ribbing in the middle and stimulating beads tapering to a ti...

  • $22.96

  • Skinsations Ass Fucker Stroker W/Lube
  • Skinsations Ass Fucker Stroker W/lube
    SKU: 57910

    Not too loose not too tight with realistic skin. Specially contoured anal canal with Elasto-Grip walls enhances the grip and pleasure. Includes non toxic non-staining personal lube.

  • $23.03

  • Skinsations Body Fuck Stroker W/Lube
  • Skinsations Body Fuck Stroker W/lube
    SKU: 57911

    This torso-shaped stroker features realistic skin and a specially contoured canal with Elasto-Grip walls. Includes non toxic non-staining personal lube.

  • $23.03

  • 4M Endurance Stroker
  • 4m Endurance Stroker
    SKU: 62799

    Train your way to a longer stronger performance with this stroker which is equipped with an extra tight unique interior texture. Soft flexible body-safe material for a strong finish. Removable sleeve makes cleanup fast and easy. Simply add lube and start training. Measures 6.1 in. long 2.5 in. wide.

  • $23.12

  • Ultimate Jack-off Sleeve
  • Ultimate Jack-off Sleeve
    SKU: 22702

    Soft tight and stretchy masturbator with over 150 stimulation nodules inside the shaftTPRLubricant included6”x 1.5”/15 cm x 4 cm

  • $23.38

  • Beaded Stroke Master Masturbator
  • Beaded Stroke Master Masturbator
    SKU: 24941

    Super tight and soft masturbator with 20 strategically placed stroker beadsOversized ribbed chamber for incredible sensationsStretchy Senso® (TPR)5.25”x 2”/13 cm x 5 cm

  • $23.38

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