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  • Sono N0 93 Reversible Masturbator
  • Sono N0 93 Reversible Masturbator
    SKU: 76202

    Made from super-smooth and flexible TPE the open-ended masturbator can be effortlessly flipped inside out. Easy-to-use easy-to-clean and perfect for solo or partner play. The inner diameter measures 2cm (0.79") the outer diameter 6.2cm (2.45") and the total height 4cm (1.58"). The masturbator can al...

  • $18.68

  • SLT Easy Grip Masturbator XL Oral Flesh
  • Slt Easy Grip Masturbator Xl Oral Flesh
    SKU: 64458

    With its new Self Lubrication Technology (SLT) this masturbator is always ready. No lubricant is needed. Just add a little water or saliva on the inside. The Deluxe Easy Grip Mouth and SLT makes a quick and smooth penetration more than pleasurable. After use just wash preferably with toy-cleaner. Th...

  • $52.77

  • Skinsations Body Fuck Stroker W/Lube
  • Skinsations Body Fuck Stroker W/lube
    SKU: 57911

    This torso-shaped stroker features realistic skin and a specially contoured canal with Elasto-Grip walls. Includes non toxic non-staining personal lube.

  • $23.03

  • Skinsations Blk Dia Sugar Baby Stroker
  • Skinsations Blk Dia Sugar Baby Stroker
    SKU: 56588

    You will think you're getting the real thing when you close your eyes and let the stroking begin. The realistic feel of this Black Diamond stroker adds even more to the pleasure. Measures 2.75 x 2.75 x 2.5 in.

  • $27.17

  • Skinsations Ass Fucker Stroker W/Lube
  • Skinsations Ass Fucker Stroker W/lube
    SKU: 57910

    Not too loose not too tight with realistic skin. Specially contoured anal canal with Elasto-Grip walls enhances the grip and pleasure. Includes non toxic non-staining personal lube.

  • $23.03

  • Signature Stroker Mia Malkova Pocket Pus
  • Signature Stroker Mia Malkova Pocket Pus
    SKU: 51312

    The All Star Porn Star Mia Malkova Pussy is molded directly from Mia herself which means you get to experience every detail of her perfect pussy.

    Soft internal ribbingOpen-ended designMade Of plush lifelike UR3Antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula

  • $27.72

  • Signature Strok B.Williams ULTRA Pocket
  • Signature Strok B.williams Ultra Pocket
    SKU: 74014

    She’s always within reach. Doc Johnson’s Main Squeeze Pocket Pussy line of hard case masturbators starring our most popular porn star molds is designed to put the power in your hands featuring a squeezable grip that lets you vary the tightness of each stroke. Molded directly from sexy girl next do...

  • $22.80

  • Shanes World The Virgin Stroker
  • Shanes World The Virgin Stroker
    SKU: 29704

    Just like the first time!Super soft and tight masturbator with an intact hymenFuturotic® (TPR)5”x 2.5”/13 cm x 6 cm

  • $20.56

  • Shanes World Mast Sorority Pussy
  • Shanes World Mast Sorority Pussy
    SKU: 27934

    Ohhhhh so tight!Super stretchy and soft masturbators with stroker beads for incredible sensationsSenso® (TPR)4”x 2”/10 cm x 5 cm

  • $18.45

  • Screaming O Jackits Throttle Pad (DP/12)
  • Screaming O Jackits Throttle Pad (dp/12)
    SKU: 66726

    Made from a body-safe SEBS material with smooth ribbing for a tight textured grip. Use as a stroker an extra thick cock ring or as a bumper for couples play. Available in a display of 12. 

  • $71.39

  • Screaming O Jackits Sleeve (24/Bowl)
  • Screaming O Jackits Sleeve (24/bowl)
    SKU: 61303

    Make self-love more fun with this reusable male masturbation sleeve designed for an easy-to-use convenient and discreet experience. Stretches wide and long to fit almost any size and are equipped with a nubby interior texture to intensify the sensation. Apply a water-based or silicone-based lubrican...

  • $132.27

  • Screaming O Jackits Sleeve
  • Screaming O Jackits Sleeve
    SKU: 61305

    Soft and tight with a ridged chamber for excellent sensation this design is ergonomically sized to fit your palm perfectly. Its clear dimpled jelly-like texture provides an effective grip. Open on both sides for easy cleaning.

  • $8.81

  • Sasha Grey UR3 Deep Throat Pocket Pal
  • Sasha Grey Ur3 Deep Throat Pocket Pal
    SKU: 40590

    Sasha Grey Deep Throat Pocket Pal

    Sasha Grey is one of porn's newest and most award-winning stars. And now you can perform with her - in a most personal way - with the Sasha Grey Deep Throat Pocket Pal. It's modeled directly from her own mouth... it feels just like human flesh thanks to pht...

  • $23.37

  • Sasha Grey UR3 Cream Pie Pocket Pussy
  • Sasha Grey Ur3 Cream Pie Pocket Pussy
    SKU: 37329

    Sasha Grey Pocket Pal (Pussy)

    Doc Johnson's most desired starlet award winning performer Sasha Grey is now available for hot oral action! Sasha's Pocket Pussy has proven to be hotter and more popular than any pocket pussy on the market. With a closed end the suction pleasure is further inte...

  • $21.41

  • Road Warrior Whacker
  • Road Warrior Whacker
    SKU: 15639

    Soft textured masturbatorLubricant includedPVC5.5”x 2”/14 cm x 5 cm

  • $7.52

  • Quickie Kit - Jerk Off - Clear
  • Quickie Kit - Jerk Off - Clear
    SKU: 67621

    @QUICKIEKIT Enhance your enjoyment with the Quickie Kit - Jerk Off. Use the three cock rings to create extra pressure and increase stamina as you stroke your shaft with the sensuously soft sleeve. The ribbed inner channel of this bestselling clear stroker heightens sensation during solo play—or ha...

  • $15.58

  • Private Tube Tarra White - Ass
  • Private Tube Tarra White - Ass
    SKU: 74435

    This Czech MILF has all the right curves in all the right places. Tarra's gravity-defying proportions have made her the porn legend she is today starring in hundreds of mind-blowing videos. This naughty redhead does not shy away from a challenge and likes everything in the porn directory! Gangbang...

  • $60.32

  • Private Sexy Sista To Go
  • Private Sexy Sista To Go
    SKU: 74447

    Enjoy her on the go! Real Skin Technology Easy to clean and Adjustable suction power for something a little extra.@np2020-14

  • $23.66

  • Private Femme Fatale To Go
  • Private Femme Fatale To Go
    SKU: 74446

    Enjoy her on the go! Real Skin Technology Easy to clean and Adjustable suction power for something a little extra.@np2020-14

  • $23.66

  • Pocket Pink, Ass Masturbator
  • Pocket Pink, Ass Masturbator
    SKU: 47973

    This velvety smooth realistic palm sized masturbator feels great. Perfect in pink it's just the right size for pleasure on the go. Closed-ended for an awesome vacuum effect. TPR material is phthalate-free and amazingly soft to the touch.

  • $12.93

  • PDX Tuna Taco
  • Pdx Tuna Taco
    SKU: 38213

    Slip your chorizo into this spicy Latina's Tuna Taco and have an exotic fuck fiesta! This super-soft Fanta Flesh stroker isn't just a masturbator - its a super-tight cock training machine designed to help you last longer fuck harder and impress your lady. Pair with a vibrating cockring to add incre...

  • $28.50

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