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  • Mood Exciter UR3 Blue
  • Mood Exciter Ur3 Blue
    SKU: 45849

    This ergonomically designed UR3 stroker features two entrances; the smaller tighter tunnel features plush massage beads while the larger tunnel is heavily ribbed for your pleasure. This unique design makes it easy to flip it grip it and alter the sensation mid-session. Length 5 in. (total and insert...

  • $22.96

  • Mood Thrill Frost
  • Mood Thrill Frost
    SKU: 49181

    Triple your fun with Mood Thrill. Made of the lifelike UR3 material this handheld stroker features three internal textures for versatile stimulation. The unique triple-texture pleasure tunnel includes large massage beads at the entry thick ribbing in the middle and stimulating beads tapering to a ti...

  • $22.96

  • Mr.Marcus Ur3 Personal Fluffer (Pussy)
  • Mr.marcus Ur3 Personal Fluffer (pussy)
    SKU: 31306

    Fluff it all day fluff it every way. Marcus gets it you can too. Get your very own personal fluffer. Stick it in her succulent mouth puckered ass or tight pussy and you too will get the porn star treatment. The Mr. Marcus Personal Fluffers are made of

  • $17.74

  • My Cocoa Stroker
  • My Cocoa Stroker
    SKU: 33310

    Highly detailed masturbatorSoft tight and stretchyRibbed pleasure chamberLife-like Pure Skin® (TPR)Maintenance free4” x 2”/10 cm x 5 cm

  • $16.69

  • Noches Latinas Ur3 Palm Pal Mouth
  • Noches Latinas Ur3 Palm Pal Mouth
    SKU: 40596

    Noches Latinas Ur3 Palm Pal Mouth

    The Noches Latinas line represents the newest in pleasure from Doc Johnson. We present to you the beautiful caramel-colored pussy masturbator. These items are discreet and easy to use due to their wonderfully compact design. Men will revel in the realistic ...

  • $17.51

  • OptiMale Vib Stroker Chain Links Black
  • Optimale Vib Stroker Chain Links Black
    SKU: 52777

    Stroker offers plush internal texture for an amazing lifelike feel. The single hole creates a tight natural suction. Increase your pleasure with the powerful 10-function vibrating bullet that will deliver incredible humming sensations. Made of UR3 this discreet masturbator warms in your hands is eas...

  • $43.68

  • Optimum Power Pussy Power Stroker
  • Optimum Power Pussy Power Stroker
    SKU: 19510

    Power packed full shaft arousal is now at your fingertipsMulti-speedTwin rows of pearl beads stroke the penis with rapid intensity creating orgasmic pleasureSuper-soft hygienically superior SoftTouch® Plus pussySelf-contained with ribbed sleeveLED indicatorABS (masturbator) SoftTouch® (TPR) (sleev...

  • $64.05

  • OxBalls Screw'D, Corkscrew Jackoff Toy
  • Oxballs Screw'd, Corkscrew Jackoff Toy
    SKU: 63089

    Made of signature Flex-TPR this stroker has a heavy metal look. The inner chamber has a hollow spiral-shaped core. The textured outside doubles as a grip. Length is 7 in.

  • $39.00

  • Palm Pal U3 Vagina
  • Palm Pal U3 Vagina
    SKU: 23990

    Pussy Palm Pal. UR3 Masturbation Chamber.

  • $17.51

  • PDX ELITE Dirty Talk Starter Stroker
  • Pdx Elite Dirty Talk Starter Stroker
    SKU: 65019

    Powerful vibration is combined with passionate moans and sexy talk for new levels of satisfaction. The super-smooth lifelike Fanta Flesh interior sleeve is lined with massaging ribs bumps and pleasing textures. Rechargeable motor provides 10 patterns of teasing vibrations. The sturdy exterior case f...

  • $51.34

  • PDX ELITE Mega Grip Anal Stroker
  • Pdx Elite Mega Grip Anal Stroker
    SKU: 61563

    Stroker is an explosive combination of vibration suction and a soft midsection for custom control. Squeeze it to increase pressure suction and excitement. The snug lifelike Fanta Flesh interior tunnel is lined with stimulating massage bumps and ribs and features a sealed bottom for extra suction. En...

  • $67.95

  • PDX Fuck My Cock XL
  • Pdx Fuck My Cock Xl
    SKU: 47257

    This handheld masturbator has a pair of perfectly round ass cheeks connected to a thick 7 in. cock. Spread his chiseled cheeks ram his tight little asshole and suck his cock. Insertable length is 9.5 in.

  • $38.00

  • PDX HEAD-Master Snatch
  • Pdx Head-master Snatch
    SKU: 42273

    Get ready for the most realistic pussy simulator ever created! The HEAD-Master Snatch is the ultimate handheld jack-off sleeve developed for maximum ball-blasting climaxes. The soft pussy lips wrap around every inch of your pleasure rod and cling to your cock with each stroke. Once inside hundreds o...

  • $29.45

  • PDX Male Dirty Talk Interactive Bad Boy
  • Pdx Male Dirty Talk Interactive Bad Boy
    SKU: 73829

    The first interactive male masturbator for an unforgettable sensory experience. Features motion activation snug anal entry built-in rechargeable hi-fi speaker powerful micro bullet and posable erect cock. Once you touch his lifelike skin rock hard cock and hear his sexy voice you won't be able to ho...

  • $140.00

  • PDX Male Reach Around Stroker
  • Pdx Male Reach Around Stroker
    SKU: 73823

    Delivers incredible pleasure combinations with a tight asshole and realistic cock. Created with ultra-soft fanta flesh material the interior tunnel surround your shaft with intense textured stimulation the life-like veined cock exterior allows for a secure grip and easy squeezing. Satisfy yourself w...

  • $53.20

  • PDX Tender Twat
  • Pdx Tender Twat
    SKU: 43827

    This delicate first-timer clings and gently massages you with each sensuous stroke. The super soft Fanta Flesh mimics the feel of real skin and wraps around every inch of your pleasure rod! Lube it up and slip inside. Just be gentle when you penetrate her.

    The velvety soft Fanta Flesh deliv...

  • $24.70

  • PDX Tight Grip Pussy/Mouth Masturbator
  • Pdx Tight Grip Pussy/mouth Masturbator
    SKU: 54663

    Experience the tightest softest most realistic masturbator. Made from ultra-lifelike Fanta Flesh on the inside this super soft stroking sleeve features a firm outer construction that allows a tight grip and perfect squeeze. The ergonomic shape feels great in your hands and won’t get slippery or sti...

  • $41.80

  • PDX Tuna Taco
  • Pdx Tuna Taco
    SKU: 38213

    Slip your chorizo into this spicy Latina's Tuna Taco and have an exotic fuck fiesta! This super-soft Fanta Flesh stroker isn't just a masturbator - its a super-tight cock training machine designed to help you last longer fuck harder and impress your lady. Pair with a vibrating cockring to add incre...

  • $28.50

  • Pocket Pink, Ass Masturbator
  • Pocket Pink, Ass Masturbator
    SKU: 47973

    This velvety smooth realistic palm sized masturbator feels great. Perfect in pink it's just the right size for pleasure on the go. Closed-ended for an awesome vacuum effect. TPR material is phthalate-free and amazingly soft to the touch.

  • $12.93

  • Private Femme Fatale To Go
  • Private Femme Fatale To Go
    SKU: 74446

    Enjoy her on the go! Real Skin Technology Easy to clean and Adjustable suction power for something a little extra.@np2020-14

  • $23.66

  • Private Sexy Sista To Go
  • Private Sexy Sista To Go
    SKU: 74447

    Enjoy her on the go! Real Skin Technology Easy to clean and Adjustable suction power for something a little extra.@np2020-14

  • $23.66

  • Private Tube Tarra White - Ass
  • Private Tube Tarra White - Ass
    SKU: 74435

    This Czech MILF has all the right curves in all the right places. Tarra's gravity-defying proportions have made her the porn legend she is today starring in hundreds of mind-blowing videos. This naughty redhead does not shy away from a challenge and likes everything in the porn directory! Gangbang...

  • $60.32

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