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  • 7in. Dynamic Extension
  • 7in. Dynamic Extension
    SKU: 6797

    Dynamic Strapless Extension (7 Inch)Pleasure your partner anytime - erection or no erection - when you use the Dynamic Strapless Penis Extension. Easy to use for endless hours of sexual intercourse - no straps or attachments necessary. The 7c of useable length will fill your partner up anytime anywh...

  • $30.50

  • A&E Super Stretch Tickler Sleeves Clear
  • A&e Super Stretch Tickler Sleeves Clear
    SKU: 51974

    These 7 super-stretchy tickler penis sleeves add variety and stimulating pleasure with every thrust. Ranging from 1.75 in. to 2.75 in. long these clear silicone sleeves are covered with pleasure nubs ribs and sensi-studs that rub against her vagina and clitoris for more stimulation than ever before....

  • $23.48

  • Bigger And Better Hot Rod Enhancer Smoke
  • Bigger And Better Hot Rod Enhancer Smoke
    SKU: 31622

    Our best selling Hot Rod Enhancer™ just got better40% larger than the original super-stretchy and comfortable to add that “snug feeling” for you and your partnerTPR3.5”x 1.5”/9 cm x 4 cm

  • $14.69

  • CyberSkin 3in Xtra Thick Exten Dark
  • Cyberskin 3in Xtra Thick Exten Dark
    SKU: 67501

    Original 3 inch Xtra Thick Penis Extension is crafted from realistically life-like CyberSkin material with firm dual-density tip for easy penetration and better vaginal stimulation. CyberSkin Penis Extension enhances penis length by 3'' (7.5 cm) and girth by 0.25'' (6 mm) and is designed to wear du...

  • $28.73

  • CyberSkin 3in Xtra Thick Exten Light
  • Cyberskin 3in Xtra Thick Exten Light
    SKU: 67500

    Original 3 inch Xtra Thick Penis Extension is crafted from realistically life-like CyberSkin material with firm dual-density tip for easy penetration and better vaginal stimulation. CyberSkin Penis Extension enhances penis length by 3'' (7.5 cm) and girth by 0.25'' (6 mm) and is designed to wear du...

  • $28.73

  • Dr. Joel Adj Ext w/Added Girth Smoke
  • Dr. Joel Adj Ext W/added Girth Smoke
    SKU: 40477

    Endorsed by Dr. Joel Kaplan®Soft and stretchy sleeve adds girth and lengthTextured and nubbed for added stimulationTrim for a custom fitTotally reversibleTPE7.75”x 2.25”/ 19.75 cm x 5.75 cm

  • $17.27

  • Dr. Joel Silicone 2in Extension
  • Dr. Joel Silicone 2in Extension
    SKU: 54514

    Stretchy and comfortable silicone extender adds 2 in. to your length. Includes built-in scrotum ring for added support and secure placement. Measures 5.75 in. by 1.75 in.

  • $19.48

  • FIDO Cocksheath Red
  • Fido Cocksheath Red
    SKU: 69746

    Give the dog a bone in a whole new way with Ox Fido Pup-Knot Cocksheath with Ballsling by Oxballs. Fido puppy-dick sleeve features a built-in ball band and is fat fleshy and shaped just like man`s best friend. Your anal sessions have never been this nasty before with a slick glossy surface and small...

  • $49.08

  • Firefly Fantasy Extenstion LG Blue
  • Firefly Fantasy Extenstion Lg Blue
    SKU: 74467

    Add inches and add excitement to your love life with Firefly’s glow-in-the-dark penis sleeve. Made of odorless body-safe TPE this super-stretchy extension is designed to enhance user and partner’s pleasure. Available in assorted sizes. Suitable with all lubricants. COLOR: BLUE

  • $21.85

  • Flesh Magnificent Eleven
  • Flesh Magnificent Eleven
    SKU: 6795

    The Magnificent Eleven Penis Extension/DongThere's no doubt that you already have a great penis but you could make it super with the Magnificent Eleven Super Dong Penis Extension. This male enhancement accessory will give you the power to fulfill your partner's porn star fantasies with 11c of hard t...

  • $23.75

  • FX - Beginners Silicone Power Cage
  • Fx - Beginners Silicone Power Cage
    SKU: 51087

    The Beginner's Silicone Power Cage is the ultimate couples friendly erection enhancer. With this silicone cage wrapped snug around every inch of your manhood you'll maintain rock hard erections and prolong the fun while you stimulate your partner. The stretchy ball strap prolongs ejaculation for exp...

  • $26.60

  • G-Spot Extension - Clear
  • G-spot Extension - Clear
    SKU: 17349

    Jelly tipped extension with unique G-Spot headSoft PVC1”x 1.2”/3 cm x 3 cm

  • $13.98

  • Happy Top Tickler Cage (8)
  • Happy Top Tickler Cage (8)
    SKU: 11401

    Add a little more texture to your rod with this unique penis cage with tickler top. Give her a little more than what she bargained for with every thrust of your cock. The super-stretchy cock cage helps maintain erections and prolong ejaculation while giving your partner added sensations!

  • $57.38

  • His Masturbation Kit
  • His Masturbation Kit
    SKU: 54527

    Set includes: 3 sturdy stretchy TPR enhancer rings; an ultra-stretchy compact travel-sized masturbator with ridged chamber; and heavy-duty stroker with 3 inner suction chambers. Ring diameters range up to 1 in. Compact masturbator measures 4.25 in. by 1.75 in. Full-size measures 5 in. by 3 in.

  • $28.22

  • Hot Rod Xtreme Enhancer Clear
  • Hot Rod Xtreme Enhancer Clear
    SKU: 74348

    Elevate and extend your erotic performance and sensual pleasure with the Hot Rod Enhancer. Satisfy your lover while enjoying self-gratification orgasmic arousal with the textured sleeve made for your climax delight. The easy to use erection enhancer also adds instant girth and delivers intensified s...

  • $16.10

  • Jock 2in Enhancer W/Ball Strap Chocolate
  • Jock 2in Enhancer W/ball Strap Chocolate
    SKU: 67964

    Experience the joy of extra length and girth. Realistic cockhead adds 2 inches of lengthy while ball strap keeps the sheath in place. Snug fit helps to maintain erection. Low maintenance and easy to clean. Made in the USA. Made of soft quality PVC Material waterproof. Color: Chocolate.

  • $25.27

  • Jock 2in Enhancer W/Ball Strap Vanilla
  • Jock 2in Enhancer W/ball Strap Vanilla
    SKU: 67963

    Realistic Cockhead Adds 2 of Length While Ball Strap Keeps the Sheath in Place
    Snug Fit Helps to Maintain Erection and Delay Ejaculation
    Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean
    Ultra Durable Firm & Pliable

  • $25.27

  • Latex Extension - Ivory 4in
  • Latex Extension - Ivory 4in
    SKU: 13721

    Soft and smooth penis extension with roll down sleeveLatex4”x 1.4”/10 cm x 4 cm

  • $12.22

  • LeBrawn Extra Large Penis Sleeve Extend
  • Lebrawn Extra Large Penis Sleeve Extend
    SKU: 72994

    "Get an assist in the bedroom with this massive penis girth and length enhancing sleeve. The material is super soft and stretchy with a natural skin-soft feel and realistic detailing. This one size fits most penis extender is sure to make you the MVP in bed. The extra thick girth and impressive leng...

  • $29.45

  • Light Up Extreme Pleasure Sleeve MS-Blue
  • Light Up Extreme Pleasure Sleeve Ms-blue
    SKU: 47121

    Waterproof sleeve features rows of erotic silicone pearls as well as a silicone head for extra length and girth that will add stimulation during sexual play. Includes powerful four-speed motor and a multi-colored flashing light show.

  • $22.68


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