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  • Strict Leather Scottish Tawse
  • Strict Leather Scottish Tawse
    BRAND: Strict Leather  |  SKU: ST810

    You have a bad sub or student? Then discipline them with our Scottish Tawse. The Scottish Tawse is a beautifully hand-made from two heavy black leather pieces, side by side, and a brown and black pattern on the handle

    Measurements: 17.5 inches in length, 2 inches in width


  • $108.90
    $60.60 44.36% Discount

    You save: $48.30

  • Strict Leather Silicone Bit Gag
  • Strict Leather Silicone Bit Gag
    BRAND: Strict Leather  |  SKU: ST610

    Keep your slave quiet with this gag. These gags are usually used during pony play, but serve as a regular gag just as well. While some gags are not comfortable enough for everyone, this sleek bit gag is a delight to wear. Since the gag is made from silicone it has no odor or taste.

  • $48.87
    $35.89 26.56% Discount

    You save: $12.98

  • Strict Leather Sling and Stirrups
  • Strict Leather Sling And Stirrups
    BRAND: Strict Leather  |  SKU: AA248

    Put your partner in the ultimate penetration position—on their back with their legs spread wide in the air—with this leather sling and stirrups combination! This sling lets your partner feel and receive every inch you have. The sling position allows you to give them the oral sex of a li...

  • $384.13
    $177.69 53.74% Discount

    You save: $206.44

  • Strict Leather Stallion Guard
  • Strict Leather Stallion Guard
    BRAND: Strict Leather  |  SKU: LE500-Reg

    Put your man on lock down with this great chastity device! Made to be functional and inexpensive, this device will encase his penis in a metal cage. For a secure fit, the locking leather cock ring at the base of the device is adjustable.

    Measurements: 4.25 inches in total length, ca...

  • $64.07
    $43.93 31.44% Discount

    You save: $20.14

  • Sue Johanson Head Honcho
  • Sue Johanson Head Honcho
    BRAND: California Exotic Novelties  |  SKU: CE103

    This stretchy masturbator is endorsed by Sue Johanson. Its tight stretchy feel and 3 suction cavities is perfect for some first rate cock stimulation.

    Measurements: 5 inches in length, 3 inches in diameter

    Material: TPR

    Color: Clear
    Special handling:
    Packaging: Vacuu

  • $20.99
    $17.20 18.05% Discount

    You save: $3.79

  • Super Head Honcho
  • Super Head Honcho
    BRAND: California Exotic Novelties  |  SKU: AA249

    The best just got better! Head Honcho was voted Toy of the Year by viewers, so this advanced model takes this winning design to a whole new level! With 3 powerful and tight suction chambers, high quality stretchy TPR material, and a full 6 inches in length, Super Head Honcho is destined for greatnes...

  • $26.99
    $21.97 18.59% Discount

    You save: $5.02

  • The Accommodator Face Strap On Dildo
  • The Accommodator Face Strap On Dildo
    BRAND: California Exotic Novelties  |  SKU: VE710

    Strap-on sex takes on a whole new meaning with The Accommodator. The elastic strap secures the latex dong right to his or her chin. Make him or her give you all the pleasure you desire with their new penis. They will love the view and it puts them in a perfect position for oral sex.


  • $26.50
    $23.36 11.85% Discount

    You save: $3.14

  • The Fucking Adapter
  • The Fucking Adapter
    BRAND: LoveBotz  |  SKU: SD700-Unit

    The Fucking Adapter is a high quality, affordable fucking tool. It is electro polished for a super smooth surface. It fits any vac-u-lock dildos, so you are not tied down to one particular cock. It can be used in the anus or vagina. The Fucking Adapter works on most Sawzall or similar type ...

  • $120.13
    $66.74 44.44% Discount

    You save: $53.39

  • The SMP Power Pump
  • The Smp Power Pump
    BRAND: Size Matters  |  SKU: VE916

    This penis pump is ideal for beginners who want to increase the size of their cock. The device creates a tight vacuum seal around the penis, causing intense suction and additional mass. The pump has a quick air release control, pneumatic bulb, latex ring for a tight seal and a see-thru cyli...

  • $33.77
    $24.07 28.71% Discount

    You save: $9.70

  • The Titan XXL 14.5 Inch Dildo
  • The Titan Xxl 14.5 Inch Dildo
    BRAND: Master Cock  |  SKU: GD103

    Only the boldest size enthusiasts can handle the Titan Black Dildo. This humongous dildo offers a realistic cock head and veins along the shaft. It is made of high quality jelly rubber material and even includes two realistic balls at the base. This is one of the most massive dildos in our ...

  • $166.60
    $90.12 45.91% Discount

    You save: $76.48

  • The Tower of Pain
  • The Tower Of Pain
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: BC100

    A simple yet very efficient design to help you squeeze and pull on your subs nipples. The Tower of Pain includes to two Japanese Clover Clamps at each end of the rod. Once claps are attached to their nipples, place the rest plate on top of there sternum and then screw in the ball rod and st...

  • $129.50
    $84.97 34.38% Discount

    You save: $44.53

  • The Twisted Penis Chastity Cock Ring
  • The Twisted Penis Chastity Cock Ring
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: VF145

    Keep your man in line with this unique and innovative chastity. Once you place his penis in, he will be unable to penetrate anything, much less anyone! The Twisted Penis Chastity also gives a great look with its chromed finish.

    Measurements: Larger ring is 1.25 inches in diameter wh...

  • $96.07
    $52.37 45.49% Discount

    You save: $43.70

  • Tipping the Velvet Vaginal Spreader
  • Tipping The Velvet Vaginal Spreader
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AA896

    Allow your body to be a playground in the most carnal ways. Tipping The Velvet by Frisky is a Vaginal Splay that allows full and complete access to your naughty bits. The neoprene straps secure around the thighs while the labia are placed under the cushioned parts of the straps leaving the ...

  • $21.37
    $18.31 14.34% Discount

    You save: $3.06

  • Trine Steel Ring Collection
  • Trine Steel Ring Collection
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: SP132

    Simple in form, yet intended to be worn with purpose. These steel cock rings are as elegant as they are strict. There is no give here! Simply slip a Trine over the penis like a halo, encircling the scrotum for a supremely snug fit. Revel in the pleasure! The Trine Steel Rings can also be us...

  • $12.00
    $10.60 11.68% Discount

    You save: $1.40

  • Trinity 7-Inch Slim Silver Vibrator
  • Trinity 7-inch Slim Silver Vibrator
    BRAND: Trinity Vibes  |  SKU: EC130

    Enjoy this practical yet very satisfying vibe. Once inside, its long and sleek shaft will send you into climax. With an easy to use dial at the bottom, you can turn the vibration on and off at will, helping you get that extra push whenever you need or want it.

    Measurements: 6 inches...

  • $13.43
    $11.61 13.56% Discount

    You save: $1.82

  • Trinity Silver Slim Vibrator
  • Trinity Silver Slim Vibrator
    BRAND: Trinity Vibes  |  SKU: RM380

    Slim, sleek and powerful. Everything you want has been incorporated in this great vibrator. Its slim design allows for easy storage and great for travel while its sleek design lets it go in smooth for comfort and pleasure. At the bottom of the vibe you will find a multi-speed dial to help y...

  • $10.90
    $9.45 13.33% Discount

    You save: $1.45

  • Vibrating Pussy Sucker
  • Vibrating Pussy Sucker
    BRAND: California Exotic Novelties  |  SKU: EC7085

    Vibrating and sucking action in one exquisitely detailed oral arouser. Nestles snuggly over the vagina while the noduled stimulators excite every pleasure point it touches. Powerful suction and vibration create the perfect blend of pleasure. Removable plug-in jack.

    Material: PVC and ABS

  • $47.99
    $31.60 34.16% Discount

    You save: $16.39

  • Whitehead Ratchet Mouth Gag
  • Whitehead Ratchet Mouth Gag
    BRAND: Kink Industries  |  SKU: NS140

    This medical device is used by dentists and oral surgeons to keep mouths open during examinations and surgeries. Made of high quality stainless steel with a matt finish, it is designed to adjust open and stay open until the catch is engaged at the side.

    Measurements: 5.5 inches in l...

  • $64.07
    $45.26 29.36% Discount

    You save: $18.81

  • Womens Leather Body Harness- Large
  • Womens Leather Body Harness- Large
    BRAND: Strict Leather  |  SKU: SP810-Large

    Made of quality leather and offered in 3 sizes, nothing can compare to being bound in our womens leather harness. The bust and hips are open to fit a wide range of body sizes and types, with adjustable straps at the shoulders, waist, and chest to bind and accentuate your natural curves. St...

  • $262.99
    $133.36 49.29% Discount

    You save: $129.63

  • Womens Leather Body Harness- Medium
  • Womens Leather Body Harness- Medium
    BRAND: Strict Leather  |  SKU: SP810-Medium

    Made of quality leather and offered in 3 sizes, nothing can compare to being bound in our womens leather harness. The bust and hips are open to fit a wide range of body sizes and types, with adjustable straps at the shoulders, waist, and chest to bind and accentuate your natural curves. St...

  • $262.99
    $133.36 49.29% Discount

    You save: $129.63

  • Young Forceps
  • Young Forceps
    BRAND: Kink Industries  |  SKU: NS130

    These forceps are the ultimate clamp! These forceps are made from stainless steel and come with removable serrated rubber tips on the end. The rubber tips provide texture for extra pleasure as well as providing extra bite! There are three different locking levels on the forceps for your des...

  • $16.00
    $13.98 12.61% Discount

    You save: $2.02

  • Zippered Eyeless Hood
  • Zippered Eyeless Hood
    BRAND: Strict Leather  |  SKU: SU104

    Enclose your slaves head in this stylish black hood. With only a mouth opening, your slave will not be able to see what your doing or gonna do to them. The mouth opening can also be closed if desired by simply pulling across the zipper.

    Note: This hood is new and improved. The color...

  • $60.83
    $41.74 31.38% Discount

    You save: $19.09

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