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  • Double Sided Snap Hook
  • Double Sided Snap Hook
    BRAND: Kink Industries  |  SKU: KV145

    Great to use with bondage equipment, this snap will allow you to connect any two items, given they both have a secure connection point, to each other. Now you can take your bondage play to the next level and add other objects and or equipment to your bondage sessions.

    Measurements: 3.5 inche...

  • $5.07
    $4.44 12.40% Discount

    You save: $0.63

  • Chrome Lock
  • Chrome Lock
    BRAND: Kink Industries  |  SKU: VF890

    Add some style to all your bondage gear with this stylish Chrome Lock. This will add a sleek look to any accessory from collars and cuffs to chastity devices! Each lock comes with 2 keys, making you the only one holding the way out. These locks are keyed alike.

    Measurements: 0.81 inches tall...

  • $6.40
    $5.43 15.18% Discount

    You save: $0.97

  • Satin Blindfold
  • Satin Blindfold
    BRAND: GreyGasms  |  SKU: EC600

    Add excitement and suspense to your bedroom with this Satin Blindfold. Even though this may seem as a small and insignificant piece, it is very effective and can heighten the senses. When put on your lover not only can they not see, but they will be squirming with anticipation for what will...

  • $6.37
    $5.45 14.41% Discount

    You save: $0.92

  • Anal Rectum Proctoscope
  • Anal Rectum Proctoscope
    BRAND: Kink Industries  |  SKU: LE725

    This medical instrument is used to examine the inside of a patients rectum. Once inserted, the inner plunger with ring tab can be removed to for better visibility during exam. When the inner tab is removed, the outer part resembles a funnel.

    Measurements: 5.5 inch overall length, 1....

  • $8.99
    $7.43 17.40% Discount

    You save: $1.56

  • Trinity Silver Slim Vibrator
  • Trinity Silver Slim Vibrator
    BRAND: Trinity Vibes  |  SKU: RM380

    Slim, sleek and powerful. Everything you want has been incorporated in this great vibrator. Its slim design allows for easy storage and great for travel while its sleek design lets it go in smooth for comfort and pleasure. At the bottom of the vibe you will find a multi-speed dial to help y...

  • $10.90
    $9.45 13.33% Discount

    You save: $1.45

  • Clit Clamp with Bell
  • Clit Clamp With Bell
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: ST192

    Know where your slave is at all times with this Clit Clamp with Bell. Not only will you be able to hear them walking around, but your slave will also get a great sensuous feeling.

    Measurements: 3 inches in length

    Material: Metal, vinyl

    Color: Grey
    Special handlin

  • $11.23
    $9.61 14.41% Discount

    You save: $1.62

  • Trine Steel Ring Collection
  • Trine Steel Ring Collection
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: SP132

    Simple in form, yet intended to be worn with purpose. These steel cock rings are as elegant as they are strict. There is no give here! Simply slip a Trine over the penis like a halo, encircling the scrotum for a supremely snug fit. Revel in the pleasure! The Trine Steel Rings can also be us...

  • $12.00
    $10.60 11.68% Discount

    You save: $1.40

  • Trinity 7-Inch Slim Silver Vibrator
  • Trinity 7-inch Slim Silver Vibrator
    BRAND: Trinity Vibes  |  SKU: EC130

    Enjoy this practical yet very satisfying vibe. Once inside, its long and sleek shaft will send you into climax. With an easy to use dial at the bottom, you can turn the vibration on and off at will, helping you get that extra push whenever you need or want it.

    Measurements: 6 inches...

  • $13.43
    $11.61 13.56% Discount

    You save: $1.82

  • Onus Nipple Clip WMagnet Weights
  • Onus Nipple Clip Wmagnet Weights
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: ST187

    When placed just so, this single alligator style clamp is designed to add graduated pressure to the sensual areas of your plaything. You decide if they deserve light pressure or an intense pinch. Onus comes to you with a rubber tipped clamp with a twist-up adjuster, and 6 removable 1 oz. ma...

  • $14.27
    $12.50 12.39% Discount

    You save: $1.77

  • 5 Snap Rubber Cock Ring
  • 5 Snap Rubber Cock Ring
    BRAND: Strict Leather  |  SKU: AA788-Rubber

    Get harder, stronger and go longer with this 5 Snap Rubber Cock Ring. Cock ring is highly adjustable with its five snaps, letting it fit just about any guy. Made to be easy to put on, you will not fumble around take long to put this comfortable cock ring on, giving you more time for some gr...

  • $14.99
    $12.95 13.62% Discount

    You save: $2.04

  • Reign Tweezer Nipple Vice
  • Reign Tweezer Nipple Vice
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: ST185

    These sexy tweezer nipple clamps are designed to exert either light or strong pressure with a simple sliding clamp. Vinyl coated ends attached to a linked chain. Your plaything will love the variation between light and intense pressure, and the chain serves as a visual adornment for a sensu...

  • $15.47
    $13.54 12.50% Discount

    You save: $1.93

  • Young Forceps
  • Young Forceps
    BRAND: Kink Industries  |  SKU: NS130

    These forceps are the ultimate clamp! These forceps are made from stainless steel and come with removable serrated rubber tips on the end. The rubber tips provide texture for extra pleasure as well as providing extra bite! There are three different locking levels on the forceps for your des...

  • $16.00
    $13.98 12.61% Discount

    You save: $2.02

  • Ox Bull Nose Nipple Clamps
  • Ox Bull Nose Nipple Clamps
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: ST188

    Attached to a single chain, once these bullnose style clamps are affixed to the nipples of your plaything, you can control just how much pleasure or pain they deserve. Simply adjust the level of intensity by turning the screw located near the tip of the clamp. Tips are coated in vinyl for a...

  • $16.07
    $14.03 12.70% Discount

    You save: $2.04

  • Sue Johanson Head Honcho
  • Sue Johanson Head Honcho
    BRAND: California Exotic Novelties  |  SKU: CE103

    This stretchy masturbator is endorsed by Sue Johanson. Its tight stretchy feel and 3 suction cavities is perfect for some first rate cock stimulation.

    Measurements: 5 inches in length, 3 inches in diameter

    Material: TPR

    Color: Clear
    Special handling:
    Packaging: Vacuu

  • $20.99
    $17.20 18.05% Discount

    You save: $3.79

  • Ringed Monarch Clover Style Nipple Vice
  • Ringed Monarch Clover Style Nipple Vice
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: EC024

    A comely device of restriction and paradise. The Ringed Monarch is an effective training tool in the art of endurance and sensation play. These devious chrome clover-style clamps are ideal for solo play or with the one you want to dominate. When the O-ring is pulled, the clamps pressure bec...

  • $19.80
    $17.46 11.82% Discount

    You save: $2.34

  • Tipping the Velvet Vaginal Spreader
  • Tipping The Velvet Vaginal Spreader
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AA896

    Allow your body to be a playground in the most carnal ways. Tipping The Velvet by Frisky is a Vaginal Splay that allows full and complete access to your naughty bits. The neoprene straps secure around the thighs while the labia are placed under the cushioned parts of the straps leaving the ...

  • $21.37
    $18.31 14.34% Discount

    You save: $3.06

  • Monarch Noir Nipple Vice
  • Monarch Noir Nipple Vice
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AA472

    A timeless classic. The Monarch Nipple Vice provides a light initial sensation...until the chain is pulled. They become increasingly harsh as more tension is added to the chain. The clover-style mechanism gives the Monarch a tight and unyielding grip on sensitive flesh. Ideal for solo play ...

  • $21.67
    $19.11 11.83% Discount

    You save: $2.56

  • Rubber Gates of Hell
  • Rubber Gates Of Hell
    BRAND: Kink Industries  |  SKU: SP340

    These Rubber Gates of Hell consists of a series of heavy duty rubber rings connected by a leather strap. The largest metal ring goes over the balls and cock, while the cock alone goes into the other rings.

    Measurements: 5 inches in total length. Rings measure 2 inches, 1.5 inches, a...

  • $25.50
    $21.08 17.34% Discount

    You save: $4.42

  • Sterling Monarch Nipple Vice
  • Sterling Monarch Nipple Vice
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: ST100

    Submit to your deviant desires with this timeless classic. The Sterling Monarch Nipple Vice from Master Series provides a light initial sensation until the chain is pulled. They become increasingly harsh, clamping down harder as more pressure is pulled on the chain. The clover-style mechani...

  • $24.07
    $21.22 11.84% Discount

    You save: $2.85

  • Strict Leather 5 Gates of Hell
  • Strict Leather 5 Gates Of Hell
    BRAND: Strict Leather  |  SKU: ST305-5Gates

    Put your penis in purgatory with the Gates of Hell Chastity device! This chastity devices is made up of a series of 5 nickel plated steel rings, attached together by a leather strap. The first ring is for your cock and the balls the rest of the rings are to secure the penis.


  • $23.00
    $21.57 6.20% Discount

    You save: $1.43

  • Super Head Honcho
  • Super Head Honcho
    BRAND: California Exotic Novelties  |  SKU: AA249

    The best just got better! Head Honcho was voted Toy of the Year by viewers, so this advanced model takes this winning design to a whole new level! With 3 powerful and tight suction chambers, high quality stretchy TPR material, and a full 6 inches in length, Super Head Honcho is destined for greatnes...

  • $26.99
    $21.97 18.59% Discount

    You save: $5.02

  • Double Ended Black Dildo
  • Double Ended Black Dildo
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AB282

    Share the love with this amazingly long dildo or you can be greedy and try to take it all! With a long shaft and a head at each end, you will be able to enjoy yourself on a more personal and intimate level with your partner. The dildo is realistically textured and flexible yet firm, creatin...

  • $28.93
    $23.01 20.48% Discount

    You save: $5.92

  • The Accommodator Face Strap On Dildo
  • The Accommodator Face Strap On Dildo
    BRAND: California Exotic Novelties  |  SKU: VE710

    Strap-on sex takes on a whole new meaning with The Accommodator. The elastic strap secures the latex dong right to his or her chin. Make him or her give you all the pleasure you desire with their new penis. They will love the view and it puts them in a perfect position for oral sex.


  • $26.50
    $23.36 11.85% Discount

    You save: $3.14

  • Stainless Steel Speculum - Medium
  • Stainless Steel Speculum - Medium
    BRAND: Kink Industries  |  SKU: NS109-M

    Made from high quality stainless steel, this gynecological instrument can be used for either vaginal or anal spreading. Take a look deep inside as medical play will never be the same once you own a pair of these.

    Measurements: 4 inches in length and 1.25 inches wide


  • $30.03
    $21.01 30.02% Discount

    You save: $9.02


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