“You’re such a gentleman, Daddy,” she said sweetly as I opened the door for Lynn to the black Tesla. She crawled into our Lyft like a cat and I was taken back to a memory of that tiny ass against me and her beautiful blonde hair draped over my shoulder and flowing down my back as we rocked in ecstasy.


Dinner was amazing. Full buffet of the most exotic eats from around the world. Phenomenal wine service. Fine desserts.

We talked for several hours about the out of state partners we were having a hard time with. Every now and then the conversation drifted into new sex positions she wants to try and BDSM equipment she’s been reading about. I had to ask for the check because this little girl was starting to get to me again and I could tell she was well past ready to go.


When we arrived back at the hotel one of the door greeters opened the car door, I tipped him and the driver each a 20, helped Lynn out of the car and we proceeded back up to our room. We locked arms as a happy couple would after a blissful date and she put her head on my shoulder as we traversed the lobby.

“Daddy?” She said with a low, flirty inflection as the elevator doors closed.

“Yes, dear,” I responded calmly as the elevator began its ascent.

“Stop the elevator,” she confidently commanded.

“Baby we’re just a few floors down now, you can wait.”

“No, Daddy,” she’s insisted as she rushed to push the stop button. “I want you now, Daddy, NOW!!”

She turned to face me and I was all over her like chrome on the railings of that elevator. She gasped in surprise as I pushed her against the side wall. She tried to raise her leg to climb me, but her dress hindered her movement. My left hand came up to her neck, I leaned in to kiss her squarely on the lips, and my right hand found the button to our floor.

The elevator dinged, the doors rolled open, I released my grip, and she pouted as the spell broke with the kiss.

“I said you can wait,” I said firmly. “You didn’t need to be a brat earlier to get what you wanted.”

She bit her lip as she lowered her eyes in submission. I put my hand out to both stop the doors from closing and invite Lynn to lead the way to our room. She picked up her purse and gracefully stepped out of the elevator. I slipped the key card into the door, followed Lynn inside, closed the door behind me, hung my coat on the rack beside the door and after removing her pearls Lynn came completely un-welded from her self control.

She sank her teeth and claws into me like a hungry leopard. It took all the self control I had to get my bowtie off. She yanked at the center of my shirt to pull it apart and reveal my athletically toned chest. A few buttons flew off and hit the coatrack before she could get the shirt off me completely. I gripped a handful of Lynn’s hair and kissed her to keep her still long enough to unzip that beautiful, expensive dress she bought while I was at the meeting.

She moaned into my kiss in response to my firm grip and tried to regain control of the situation. We were in an all out battle for Top position at this point. I pushed her small frame hard enough to slam her against the wall. Her back connected with a loud thud and her dress fell to the floor.

She huffed half in frustration half in delight as she realized exactly how much control I actually had over the situation. I smiled wickedly. She was mine and she knew it.

She stormed her bare naked body back to me with her eyes fixed on my belt. After watching her fumble in frustration I finally took over. I quickly slipped my belt from the loops and wrapped it around her neck. Her eyes shot wide open and she stiffened up to await orders.

“Calm down, little girl,” I commanded. “You’ve lost this round.”

“Yes, Daddy.” She suddenly responded. All signs of dominance left her as she almost sank to her knees.

“Finish,” I said lowly as I removed my belt from her neck. She placed her head on my chest, looked me in the eyes, bit her lip and never broke physical contact with me as she lowered herself too her knees. She began untying my dress shoes and purred as she pressed her cheek into my hardening cock through my slacks.

“Don’t make me wait, Daddy,” she began. “I’ve been thinking about you all day. I got the dress for dinner and wanted to surprise you after your meeting.”

“And what a surprise that was, dear.” I stroked her neck with the back of my fingers. She pulled my shoes off one at a time and placed them on the rack.

“Mmm… God, Daddy. I wanted to crawl under the table, but I didn’t want to drain you entirely before the night was over.” She reached up to my chest and arched her back like a cat, gripped the button of my slacks in her teeth, jerked her head and relieved the weight of the material onto the zipper. She put her hands behind her back and looked me in the eyes as she took the zipper between her teeth and slowly pulled it down. She opened her mouth, my slacks fell to the ground at her knees, and my cock jumped out to slap her chin.

Lynn wasted no time in devouring my cock. She took it all the way to the base, gagged a few times and came back up with a strand of saliva connecting her tongue and the top of my shaft. She spread the saliva all over my meaty rod as she stood up and looked me in the eyes again.

Her tiny little body fit right into my hands as she climbed onto me. I felt her juices down her thighs to her knees as she wrapped her legs around me. Her firm C size beasts pressed against my chest as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I backed into the wall and held her tight figure close.

“God, fuck, Daddy,” she whimpered as she mounted my cock and slid half way down. She leaned back to gain better control of her momentum and slowly rocked her hips back and forth. Her tight body was having a hard time with me tonight, but eventually she was enjoying us enough to take my whole length.

“God I feel so full, Daddy,” she moaned with a shaky voice as our bodies finally met in the center.

I almost lost it, but she stopped, shifted around so she could hold on better, and continued grinding a cyclone with her hips against me. She lifted herself until just the tip of my cock was in her and sank all the way back down. Her eyes rolled back as I grabbed her hair again and thrusted up to meet her drop. Her body shook in ecstacy as she approached orgasm with each hard collision.

“Hold me close, Daddy,” she moaned into my ear. “Cum with me.”

We cried out together as her desperate words sent a wave of pleasure straight to my cock. I wrapped my arms around her tight body, buried my cock deep inside her and we held each other in an intense, passionate kiss while I filled her with my hot cum; each spurt making my cock pulse inside her and earning a soft whimper against my lips.

She stayed wrapped around me after our mind shattering climax passed. Each kiss that followed became more loving than passionate.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she softly cooed before climbing off, wabbling to the bed and crawling in.

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