Chillin’ with the Pool boy

Chillin’ with the Pool boy

Stripping completely naked as I walk, I slip my board shorts on. Grabbing sunglasses, smartphone and a little cash, I step out on the balcony to see if I can spot Silver among the glistening sun goddesses. There she is, looking as if she hasn’t moved a muscle. I switch to the camera and zoom in as close as I can get… ddaaaamn. How in the hell did I get this woman to marry me? Click, click, click click click click…I stand there gazing down, her pert nipples standing at attention the other people becoming a blur as I focus on her.


Oh shit, I’ve gotta go… those drinks are prolly melting. The door slams behind me as I push the down button. Thankfully, the doors open and I step in and jam my thumb on the POTP button.

Chris is placing two umbrella drinks on the bar as I walk up, “Here yar!” Repeating what I’m coming to know as his standard drink delivery greeting .

“‘Preciate, it!”, dropping a $20 in his tip jar. “You’re a good man, Charlie Brown”. He rings the bell in response.

Making my way through the various pool obstacles, I look up in time to see a short, dark haired guy wearing shorts, sandals and a collared shirt with the hotel emblem on the back, talking to Silver. He nods a couple of times and turns away with a smile and a purpose; Silver settles back on her lounger, looking out over the pool behind her dark sunglasses. A golden goddess. Yum.

I almost trip, but convince myself that I recovered smoothly. Silver’s grin widens as I approach.

“Yay! How do you always know what I need before I do?”, she asks, taking the frosty drink from my hand. “Come here, you sexy man and give me a kiss!” Sitting up while pulling me down, she plants her mouth on mine for a quick, sloppy kiss. “Thank you baby!”

Somewhat out of breath, “I’ll take thanks like that anytime.” Absently rubbing in the oil that transferred from her breasts to my chest. Nodding in the direction of the retreating hotel employee, “What’s up?”

“That was Miguel, the one who we thought was just a bell hop? Apparently, he is assigned to us and one other couple for the weekend. He says that if we want or need anything, all we have to do is send him a text. Anyway, he’s off to get us some towels, a few snacks and …” she pauses, “something else.”

It takes a minute, but I catch the “something else”… that’s the phrase the cigarette vendors in Mexico use for weed. Smoke. Cush. Marijuana. Yep, I absolutely love my amazing hotwife.

I grin, saying “My baby is so smart!”

Laughing, she pats the cushioned bed, “C’mere, I’ve missed you.” Sliding in beside her, she cuddles up, arm and leg draped over my body, breasts pressed against my side and chest.

“It kinda surprised me when he stopped and started talking to me, lounging here 99% naked. But, I would have felt silly covering up… so.. yeah. There you go. At least he didn’t stare at me or anything; he acted like it was nothing to concern himself with, so, again…yeeaaah… it was a bit intense though, I will say.”

“Mmmmmmmm…”, she rolls slightly and I feel the heat between her thighs pressed against my thigh muscle as she applies a little pressure.

“That makes me so happy, love. You know how much I appreciate and LOVE everything you do for me, but I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable all weekend, so thank you.”, planting a kiss on her forehead.

She snuggles in, her hand resting on my stomach, playing with the crispy, curly hairs. We lay in silence, enjoying the atmosphere, the sun and our bodies pressed against each other. A spectacular specimen of a man passes by, glancing down at us. His tan chest was void of hair, but a trail of soft curlies disappear under the waistband of his low-riding suit. I feel Silver’s expression change as she smiles at his retreating ass.

He stops a few beds down and joins a pretty blonde. I nudge her, and she responds with a low, huummmmmmmmm. This elicits a smile from me as she squeezes my thigh between hers. Oh. God.

Abruptly sitting up, Silver reaches for her drink. After a couple of gulps, she stands… stretching her arms. “I’m hot, time to cool off”, slipping into the sparking water before I have a chance to move.

I’m content to watch her for the moment, standing with the water level just below her nipples. She motions for me to join her, so adjusting myself before standing, I jump in beside her with a splash. Sputtering as I surface, she dunks me under again and makes for the side of the pool, post haste. I catch her as she is climbing the ladder, wrapping my arms around her slick body, pulling her back into the pool. “Not so fast, little lady.”

She twists around, laughing, “You splashed me on purpose!” I pull her away from the ladder as she wraps her legs around my waist and arms around my neck. “Carry me!” Her nipples feel like pebbles against my chest as I glide around the pool with her wrapped around me. Little Gabriel is beginning to wake up and Silver notices immediately. “Already?”, she questioned.

“As you know, baby, little Gabriel has a mind of his own.”

She tightens her legs, “What does he think now?” Applying pressure to her lower back, I demonstrate his exact feelings. “Oh! I see…do you think he will mind if I go back and lay down? I’m ready to lay out on my tummy now.” Releasing her grip, she floats toward the ladder with a wicked grin. “Maybe when he’s a little more relaxed, you can come put some oil on me. Don’t take too long though, otherwise I might have to send Miguel a text.”

Sticking her tongue out at me playfully, she turns and starts up the ladder.

“I’ll be there in just a sex… I’ll, umm, just a sec”, I repeat. The thought of his hands rubbing warm oil on my hotwife’s body drains the blood from my brain. Jebus, that woman knows me better than I do. Halfway up the ladder, Silver pauses, looking over her shoulder. The silhouette of her erect nipples is mesmerizing as they stand proud on her swaying breasts. Watching my face as her ass emerges from the water, she sees my mouth slowly forming an “O”, while, under the water Little Gabriel comes to immediate, and full attention.

“Sheer when wet” is my only thought. Silver’s lovely butt is higher than my head, providing a rare and incredible view. Click! I hear in the background. Was that me taking a mental picture? Her ass is no longer a mystery behind pink fabric, but a pink tinted masterpiece.

Stepping up on the deck, she says, “Well, you coming?”

“Uhmmm, not quite yet, dear” I joke. “We will need just a little bit more time.” My eyes travel down her body. The pink fabric covering her smooth pussy is semi-transparent and my baby is definitely smooth all over.

Oh boy… I’m gonna need more than a few minutes.

“Ohhh…kaAAaay…”, letting the ‘y’ trail off as a reminder of her threat, reaching for her phone.

She is on her tummy looking at me expectantly, when I realize that she WANTS me to climb out of the pool right now. She wants to see the bulge pressing against the fabric of my suit. She’s casually looking around, left and right; its almost like she’s checking the potential audience as I emerge. Surely not.

I know without looking that it will be very obvious that my cock is hard, actually, approaching “whisky dick” status. Locking eyes, I take a page from her book and step up on the ladder. I watch her eyes scanning my body as I emerge from the water, dripping as I go. Her gaze travels down, focusing on the obvious bulge in my swim suit. Propping herself up with her elbows, her smile grows as she does a quick scan around the immediate vicinity, making note of the other women who are watching me too. This causes her breasts to sway, nipples grazing the soft fabric. I see goose bumps pop up on her arms.


Both taken by surprise, we turn to see Miguel approaching with towels and a paper bag. I slip over to the bed and sit next to Silver, placing my hand on her left ass cheek.

“Miguel, you are back so fast! Honey, do you remember Miguel from earlier?”

“Absolutely!”, reaching out to shake his hand. “From what I understand, you are our personal ‘anything or something else’ guy.”

“That’s right, Boss,” He grins, remembering our earlier encounter. “Your snacks and something else are in the bag.” Before I can ask, he continues, “I’ll just keep a tab and you can settle up before you leave.”

“It makes it easier on everybody”, he adds, smiling.

Handing him a sawbuck, “Well, take this anyway and grab a beer or something. You must be burning up in that thing.”

“Gotta keep it on for a few more hours, but, you’re right… it’s hot out here.”

“It sure is…”, we turn to Silver. “Honey, will you fill me up, pretty please?”, giving me a evil grin. Hummm…huh?

Oh… her drink… She knows damn good and well that my cock is still rock hard, the outlike clearly visible behind the wet swimsuit. But, what am I gonna say… No? Standing up directly in front of her, I reach down and adjust myself. She has nowhere else to look but directly ahead. Glancing up, she sticks her tongue out at me again and hands the empty glass over. Lifting her glasses, she gives me a wink.

Boy howdy, her eyes are pretty glassy… “BRB, darling…”

Thinking as I walk, I realize that Silver is probably a bit tipsy based on the number and size of the drinks she’s consumed. I’m feeling a little relaxed, but she’s had more and weighs 40 pounds less… hummm… As usual, Chris is already mixing up the drinks when I prop my bare foot up on the rail.

“You guys must be thirsty,” he chuckles.

“I’m afraid that Silver drank two of mine before they got too watery, I’ve been running around like a crazy guy. Who comes to a pool without putting a swimsuit??” rolling my eyes at myself, taking Silver’s stool.

“So, Silver’s been enjoying hers to the fullest!” I add.

Laughing, Chris replies, “It seems to me that your Silver enjoys everything to its fullest!”

“Yes, she does… and it makes me a very happy man. Anyone who would try to dull that beautiful light, would need a serious ass kicking!”

Placing two shot glasses on the bar, Chris grabs the tequila and in 2 seconds we are toasting. “To my incredibly hot, Hotwife, may she always love, loving me!”, I announce.

Clinking our glasses together, Chris winks, “Ditto!”

I manage to get he shot down before barking out a laugh. “Perfect!”, I exclaim.

Two umbrella drinks appear on the bar, “Here yar, enjoy!”

Tipping the glasses in his direction, “I plan to… I definitely plan to…”. Turning around, I’m on my way back to my incredibly hot, Hotwife.

Huh… there goes Miguel just now; Silver must have needed a few more things. I’m at the bed in a few more steps and find Silver on her tummy, eyes closed, the sun glistening off of her sunkissed back. Placing the cold drinks on the side table, I gently rub her lower back with my hand.

Huh… that’s oil… she elicits a little moan as I rub. I move my hand over her cute butt, down the outside of her thigh and back up her legs. As my gentle fingers glide in between her thighs, brushing the soft skin of each … she emits a throaty groan. The fabric seems to be wet. It should be dry by now; wait, is that oil?

I guess she didn’t wait for me and just did it herself. Another moan rumbles in her throat, “Mmmmmm, that feels sooo good!” Raising her head, turning to me, “Did you think you missed a spot?”

Her face looks so surprised when she sees me; she chokes out, “Oh, hey there baby! That was quick!”

I give her a knowing smile and grab the oil bottle in search for any spot that’s been missed.

Silver, you little vixen.

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