Extra Credit To Graduate

Extra Credit To Graduate


Becka sat patiently at her desk as the rest of the classroom poured into the hallway like wildebeest following their instincts to the watering hole, only it was final period, so the buses and student parking lot was where they were headed. Becca, on the other hand, had more important priorities than going home.

Sliding her notebook into her light blue backpack, she took her time zipping her bag up until all the students had left her English classroom. Mr. Probst was at the front of the classroom wiping down the white board with his dry eraser. Becka knew most girls could overlook Mr. Probst as being too nice guy looking. He was articulate, always wore tucked in and ironed shirts, and wore glasses most days instead of contacts. He was also quite the polite man. Even on the days when Becka and other high school girls came to school dressed like complete sluts and knowing they were running the risk of having one of the moody old hags of the female teacher lot send them home or force them to where the ‘communal hoody and sweat pants,’ Mr. Probst wouldn’t look down at Becka’s cleavage or up her short skirt as she bent over purposefully by him.

It was to the point that it had been a challenge for her to get him to look, but she settled for a modest victory when she was able to just make him blush unstoppably and often. Today, however, Becka needed Mr. Probst to do much more than just blush.

“Mr. Probst, can I talk to you a sec?” Becka asked meekly and innocently enough.

Mr. Probst turned around surprised someone was still in the classroom and even more surprised at who it was. He smiled and set the eraser down on his desk, “of course, Becka, what’s up?”

“Well, you see, its about my grades,” Becka said as she stepped around the column of desk slowly. Her black heeled boots made her two inches taller than the 5’6 she was. “The end of the school year is coming up and I looked at the assignments left. Even if I ace every assignment it looks like I can’t pass this class.”

Mr. Probst stepped around his desk and half sat on it as he frowned. He nodded his head as he looked down, but Becka noticed his eyes stopping a moment on her line of cleavage her push up bra created. She was 18 years old as of two weeks ago, and comfortable with her body in many ways. Being a fit cheerleader with a slender figure and athletic body was desirable, but Becka had always wished her breasts were just a little bit bigger. Her cherry lipstick and bombshell blonde hair would have to make up for her lack in curves.

“Yeah, yeah, I definitely understand,” Mr. Probst said solemnly. “That’s why I was pushing you so hard before winter break to get the paper in. I didn’t want you to be in this position.”

“I know, I know, ugh,” Becka huffed as she crossed her arms and leaned on the student’s desk in front of him. “I’m so stupid. I should have listened to you.”

“Hey, no, you’re not stupid,” Mr. Probst reached out and put his hand on her shoulder and gave it a squeeze. Becka could help herself. She felt a warm tingling sensation prickle down her arms and body all the way to her sex where her lips wetted under her blue panties.

While Mr. Probst on the surface definitely had a nice guy vibe to him, for the girls who were in his class for more than one year, like Becka, they could easily find his attractive qualities. His square jaw and thick auburn hair. When he touched Becka’s arm she felt his big masculine hands and saw his broad shoulders. Becka had overheard some of the football guys talk about how Mr. Probst went the school gym everyday after school and as the jocks said, ‘he could throw some weight around.’ This definitely had sprouted many fantasies where Becka imagine Mr. Probst throwing her around.

“Unfortunately, at this point there’s not a whole lot left we can do,” Mr. Probst continued. He quickly retreated away from Becka and behind his desk. Sitting in his chair he leaned his head on his hand and glanced at his computer. “There’s only 4 weeks left in the semester. Maybe, we can work something out for summer school- or…”

“What about some extra credit assignment?” Becka perked up and asked with a bounce in her step.

“I mean, yeah, I could give you one or two EC assignments, but the points you’d get from them wouldn’t be enough to get your average up to a C,” Mr. Probst said as he adjusted his cornflake blue tie on his chest.

“Well, here’s the problem,” Becka said stepping around his desk. “I’m supposed to be graduating this year, but if I don’t get a B in this class or better, I won’t be able to walk for graduation.”

“Oooo, yeah, unfortunately, I definitely don’t have any assignment that can boost you that high. I’m sorry,” Mr. Probst shrugged.

Becka nodded as she leaned her butt on the front side of his desk right beside his legs. She could see him tense as her bare long, tan legs were straight beside him. His gaze forced to follow to the top where she strategically wore a plaid, short schoolgirl skirt to compliment the tight white top she had on.

“Well, how about a bigger extra credit assignment?” Becka smiled playfully at her teacher.

“Like I said, I can’t give any-“

“Well if you can’t think of any, how about I think of one for me to do?” Becka interrupted. Her leg nearest Mr. Probst lifted over his legs while she remained leaning on his desk. With her legs spread she lifted the front of her skirt and exposed her wet spotted panties to Mr. Probst. The shock on his face and the long stare of this older man, nearly twice Becka’s age, turned her on. The power she had. The beauty he thought of her but could not speak. The desires he felt but could not act on. It was such a turn on to have this control.

It was a no-loss situation in Becka’s mind. If she succeeded, she would get to hook up with a teacher she had a crush on since sophomore year and get to graduate on time. If she was turned down she would likely get in trouble but that didn’t matter because she wouldn’t see any of her teachers or fellow students again and she’d get her GED over the summer. But her belly was still filled with nervous butterflies. I’m committed now, she thought.

Becka stood and straddled Mr. Probst and as she leaned forward to put her face near his, Mr. Probst began his protests. “No, no- Becka we’re not doing this-“

But Becka was already committed. Her fingers with a swift pull had managed to unzip his khaki pants and her hand easily found Mr. Probst’s erect cock through his boxers. With a reverse grip she stroked it several times, feeling his harden with every pull.

“Becka-” Mr. Probst said as he scooted in his chair, but Becka wouldn’t relent. She pushed her breasts into her teacher’s face as she managed to pull his boxers down over his shaft. With a proper grip she began to pump his hard, mature cock with her hand. Mr. Probst halfhearted struggled for a moment. She felt how strong he was. with a push he could easily fling her off if he wished… but he didn’t. With every stroke of his shaft the fight left his body.

Becka’s lips parted as she began to pant. Her hips were pressed forward against Mr. Probst’s stomach as she straddled the man in his chair, stroking his cock behind her ass cheeks. It wasn’t a hard grind, but with how aroused she was in the moment, the feel of her spread clit rubbing against his hard abs sent crashing waves splashing over Becka’s thoughts.

With a flick of her neck she whipped her blonde hair out of Mr. Probst’s face and over the side her neck. Mr. Probst took off his glasses and set them on the table. The final sign of commitment as Becka lowered her lips down onto his. She moaned into him as she felt the grooves of his pectoral and shoulder muscles. She felt the slickness of his pre-cum on the palm of her hand as their tongues lapped each other.

Her cheeks were flushed red, she knew, by the time she pulled her wet panties to the side and lined his long shaft up with her tight pussy. When she lowered herself down on him Becka broke the kiss to cry out, but luckily had the wherewithal to clap her tiny hand over her mouth. The scream was muffled as her teacher’s cock stretched her pussy lips and filled her up as she slid down on him slowly.

Becka heard him groan quietly and saw his eyes roll back when she bit her lip and squeezed herself on his shaft. He’s in heaven… raising her pussy up a small amount, she’d quickly slip down even further. Over and over again she fucked his cock slowly, until she finally managed to get the whole thing inside her. The feeling made her eyes want to roll backwards. Her pussy was stretched to the limit on this real man’s cock. She couldn’t take it anymore, she needed more. She wanted this to never end.

To her surprise, Mr. Probst pulled her shirt down at her breasts which made the fabric snap as it stretched. Becka stopped caring about her shirt as soon as her perky breasts had been pulled from her bra and shirt and had fallen into Mr. Probst’s mouth. He tongued her nipple. Flicking back and forth over and over as she combed her fingers through his hair, holding her lips to her chest. Her pussy raised and lowered slowly on his shaft. The slow riding motion conjoined with the over stimulation of her nipples by her teacher became too much for Becka too quickly.

Before she even knew it was happening, she felt her pussy beginning to seize on Mr. Probst’s cock. Her thighs were quivering, her mouth hung open in shock as the orgasm took control of her. Both her hands smacked over her mouth and her teeth dug into the meat of her hand. Becka did all she could do to keep from screaming as she came hard on her teacher’s cock.

“Oohhmmygahdd…” her muffled moan leaked between her fingers.

It took a moment of her arms, legs, and body slumped in Mr. Probst’s chest before Becka realized Mr. Probst’s hard cock was still flexed inside her. Becka climbed off of her teacher, slowly lifting off of him. The chair they were on had slid into the corner of the room with the back braced against the two walls. Mr. Probst was careful not to touch her, as if he needed to convince himself that he was not the one forcing her to do this or keeper her here.

Once on her feet, she turned, and Mr. Probst must have thought she was moving to leave because he tried to put away his massive erection. After pulling my once light blue, but now soaked and dark blue panties down my legs and onto the floor, I quickly stopped his futile attempt to put his cock away.

Facing away from him, she flipped the rear of her skirt up and lowered her pussy back down on his throbbing shaft. Becka’s eyes twitching backwards as the familiar feeling of him filling her up overtook her. Now with more leverage she began to bounce her pussy down on his cock hard and at a steady pace.

“Ugh!” Mr. Probst let a grunt loose that nearly made Becka cum, again, it was so sexy. She reached behind her to find the arm of the chair or his knee to steady herself on but to her surprise Mr. Probst snatched up her wrist and bent her arm behind her back. His other hand gripped waist band of her plaid skirt and used the two points of contact as leverage as he thrusted up inside her. The pressure was immense and unbelievable.

“Oh god…” Becka cried through gritted teeth. The sound of her wet pussy smacking down on his hard cock made a clapping sound that filled the room. She squinted through wincing eyes at the classroom door that was still open. Even though the room was at the end of a dead-end hall, any eyes could peer inside and see her tits spilling out the front of her shirt as she rode her teacher’s cock hard.

Becka bit her lip as she lost her breath as a second orgasm struck her as Mr. Probst fucked her from behind just like she always fantasized about. A sudden push from her backside and Becka was lifted off of Mr. Probst’s cock as she stumbled backwards into his lap. Her teacher’s cock throbbed between her thighs as it flexed and suddenly spurted hot cum on her inner thigh and skirt. Mr. Probst’s hands cupped Becka’s breasts roughly but slowly became gentler as his cock began to relax.

After a moment passed, Becka stood on wiry legs as Mr. Probst quickly began to zip up his pants and clean himself off. The look of worry showing on his face. With a sweaty brow, messy hair, and flushed cheeked, Becka smiled and drunkenly snatched her wet panties from the floor. Tossing them onto his desk in front of him she walked to the doorway and stopped.

“Thanks for the B, Mr. Probst,” Becka said with a wink to her teacher before walking out.

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