Finding The Perfect Man

Finding The Perfect Man


As I sat there cradling my darling baby, cherishing her amazing blue eyes, cute button nose, and adorable chubby cheeks, I couldn’t help but remember the unlikely circumstances that brought me to this point.

It had been a wonderful nine months, where I relished carrying a child for the man of my dreams.

Jim had been kind and caring, always doing his best to keep me happy as I rode the roller-coaster of emotions that came with pregnancy.

Before we got together, I had wanted Jim for years, first meeting him when I was only 18.

He had started dating my mother right around that time, and when I met my mother’s new boyfriend, who was not only gorgeous, but also polite and respectful, I couldn’t deny the powerful attraction I felt.

Finding out about his various successes – which included him founding several businesses and generating considerable wealth at a young age – only made him more appealing.

It felt like a magnet was drawing me in, causing powerful feelings to rise up inside me.

As much as I longed to go for him, I held back, crushing away and doing my best to simply enjoy the situation.

Jim started dating my mother when I was still a Senior in High School, and things took an interesting turn when my mother lost her job.

She was understandably nervous, but Jim offered a solution, inviting her to move in.

He even offered me a room in his house, which was sizable and gave me plenty of distance from the two of them.

It felt a little odd to live in a house owned by my mother’s boyfriend, but it was the best option we had, at least at the time.

While it did feel good to be around Jim, it was difficult in a way, as my feelings for Him never subsided.

Things became a bit easier when I started dating a boy from my school, a Senior named Conner.

We had plenty of common interests, enjoying simple activities like attending sports games at our school and watching our favorite teams on TV.

He could always make me laugh, and I felt like we had a great connection.

My boyfriend was very helpful, always making me feel comfortable. Even though I had issues with anxiety, he helped me stay calm.

Conner always made me feel loved, a complete contrast to the countless boys who had tried getting into my pants. I suppose I couldn’t blame them, as I was a blue-eyed blonde with an hourglass figure and D-cup breasts.

The local boys weren’t the only ones who noticed.

My boyfriend and I went to a sports game in the big city, about 30 miles from our hometown, and while we were there, I met a photographer, Mark, who asked me if I had ever thought about modeling.

Mark said he had worked with plenty of models, and I stood out to Him.

He gave me his card and suggested I at least consider a career in modeling.

After talking it over with Conner, I decided I would give Mark a call. After making sure I could bring my boyfriend with me, I went and did my first photo shoot.

I must admit I enjoyed it. Modeling was definitely a confidence booster, and it felt so good to get my first professional shoot under my belt.

Over the coming months, I kept up with my schoolwork, all while building up my portfolio as a model, applying to colleges and of course spending time with Conner.

When we heard back from some schools, we opted to attend university close by, which would make it easier for us to go home on the weekends and see our friends and families.

During my first semester, I lived in a dormitory, as my school obligated full-time students to pay for student housing for the first two years.

I must admit it was a great place to meet people, and I made tons of friends in very short order.

It was good to spend time away from my mother, as it afforded me a level of freedom I had never before experienced. I started off by taking general education courses and keeping up the modeling shoots in order to bring in some extra income.

Fortunately, my school had given me a partial scholarship, which helped defray the expenses. For the next few years, I continued to enjoy dormitory life, eventually deciding upon a major in Music.

By the time my Junior year rolled around, I moved to Jim’s house once again, figuring that I could save some money that way.

I quickly found comfort in my old room, enjoying the slower pace afforded by Jim’s house. It was nice to have a break from people partying at 2 a.m., and I found it far easier to relax.

While my new living situation was peaceful, it did not prepare me for one particular revelation.

My mother was pregnant, and she was carrying the child of a man I still cared for.

The second I found out, the jealousy pulled at my heartstrings. I had been experiencing a lot of baby fever, and every time I saw someone holding a bundle of joy, I desperately wanted one of my own.

Even worse, while I really did like my boyfriend, he wasn’t the perfect male specimen that Jim was. Conner was hot, but Jim was hotter. While the former seemed marked for success, the latter had already made millions.

The whole situation was confusing for me, and I felt trapped in a way, as I felt I couldn’t confide in my mother or my boyfriend.

At any rate, I maintained my composure the best I could, and spent as much time as possible at my boyfriend’s house.

After a few months, my mother started showing, her belly slowly pushing out from her midsection.

Watching her respond to the pregnancy caused mixed feelings. I was certainly happy for her, but at the same time, I was dying of jealousy.

I mean I had always liked kids, but I never thought I would want a baby so desperately.

Several months later, after I finished my Junior year of college, my mother gave birth to a darling girl who looked just like her and named her Kayla.

I was the second person to hold her, and I knew I would be the first one to volunteer for babysitting!

After my mom got back from the hospital, I spent a lot of time caring for my newborn sister, which helped make things easier for my mother.

Fortunately for all of us, Kayla was a sound sleeper, and watching her frequently meant that I could either compose music or catch up on my favorite shows on Netflix.

I continued to chip in once my final year of undergrad began, although I did so on a more limited basis.

The year was pretty good, as I felt myself drawing closer to the completion of my degree. While the anticipation was certainly exciting, I was having trouble in one particular area.

While I would soon have a bachelor’s in Music, the economy was not the greatest, and I couldn’t find many places that wanted to hire people with my academic background.

There were tons of jobs that simply required a bachelor’s degree, but many of those opportunities didn’t seem particularly inspiring.

To make matters worse, I started having problems with my boyfriend. I wanted to stay close to home after graduation, while he wanted to get away.

I really did care for him, but I didn’t know how well our relationship would hold up if he moved to the other side of the country.

Past that, my feelings for my mother’s boyfriend were still rather strong. He was very attractive to me, and I felt like he was a little better than my boyfriend at just about everything.

While I might have a hard time admitting it, I liked Jim more than I liked Conner.

I mean my boyfriend was a sweet guy, but I never desired him the way I did Jim. Of course at this point, my feelings for Jim were a moot point, as he was still dating my mother.

However, things started to change as my graduation drew closer. My mother and her boyfriend started fighting quite a lot, and I did what I could to maintain the peace in our household.

We even put a crib right inside my room so Kayla could sleep near me if Jim and my mother were fighting.

The couple tried working it out, but after a while, their relationship became unsustainable, and they broke up. Fortunately, my mother was working a steady, full-time job at this point, which made things a bit easier.

While she had moved in with Jim at least partially out of necessity, living at his house had become a matter of convenience, especially after Kayla was born.

Now, however, she had a full-time income, and Jim, who was never hurting for cash, was more than willing to provide for his daughter.

My mother was obviously upset about the breakup, but she reasoned that her relationship with Jim had a good run, and it was simply time to move on.

We found a two-bedroom apartment, which offered plenty of space, and signed a lease.

A few months after we moved into our new place, the problems that were afflicting my relationship with my boyfriend became worse.

He had been a great rock at some points, but recently, things had changed. All my boyfriend ever did was complain. It was like nothing was ever good enough for him and being around that turned into a huge downer.

I was tired of listening to his griping, and it was coming to the point where I just couldn’t look at him the same way I did before.

When he got an offer for his dream job, several states away, and accepted, we both agreed it was time to move on.

Shortly after we broke up, I found myself feeling rather lonely, and while I mourned the loss of my boyfriend, I never forgot about Jim.

Even at a college that had its fair share of cute boys and great athletes, Jim was still the only man who truly interested me.

I sat down and discussed this with my mother, informing her that I was genuinely smitten by him.

Emphasizing that her relationship with Jim was over, I pointed out that he might be able to bring me some happiness.

Past that, I stressed that I had always liked him, caring for him even more than I did my former boyfriend, a revelation which seemed to shock her a little.

I asked her to please consider giving me her blessing to pursue Jim.

My mother wanted some time to consider my request, which I completely understood.

I gave her several days to process the situation, and when she finally announced her decision, my mother gave me her blessing.

In the coming days, I contacted Jim, telling him I wanted to meet up so we could speak in person.

We sat down at my favorite restaurant, my crush looking as handsome as ever, dressed in a buttoned-down shirt and designer pants.

He asked me how we were doing in our new apartment, and I said we were enjoying it.

I confessed that while the new living situation suited us, it wasn’t the same without him.

I had enjoyed living with him, as he was great company.

However, there was more to it than that.

Right there in the middle of a restaurant, I stressed how much I missed him, making my interest perfectly clear.

While we had been in relationships for years, the circumstances had changed, and now we were both single.

“Maybe we could spend some time getting to know each other better,” I told him with a playful smile.

Jim seemed enthused by the idea. Was he as drawn to me as I was to Him?

He asked me if my mother was ok with this, and I assured him that she was.

Over the coming weeks, I spent more and more time with Jim, relaxing at his place while we gradually fanned the flames that existed between us.

Things progressed between us, and soon enough, I was wrapping myself around him as we relaxed on his luxurious couches.

I felt like I was falling ever more deeply under his spell, and a few weeks later, we shared our first kiss.

His lips felt so soft on mine, and I couldn’t help but feel my excitement build.

When his tongue sought the entrance to my mouth, I didn’t resist, letting him enter my body for the first time.

What started out as an innocent kiss turned into a make out session, where I felt like he was exploring every single inch of my mouth.

We started making out like this on the regular, and every time we met, we took things a little bit further.

When Jim and I finally went “all the way,” I mounted him, placing the head of his hard cock to the entrance of my tight pussy and descending ever-so-slowly.

Gradually accepting him inside my body made me feel so feminine and receptive, and when he finally reached maximum depth, Jim was touching parts of my body that nobody had ever reached before.

I had never felt so full, and I loved the experience of Jim being so deep inside me.

I rested for a minute, simply enjoying this wonderful union.

The fact that I was on top of him put my sizable breasts at the perfect level, allowing him to pleasure them to his heart’s content.

Since I had been taking the birth control pill for years, we skipped the condom, and I relished letting him take me au naturel.

It felt so good to experience every single vein and ridge of his manhood while he explored my oh-so-receptive body.

The whole experience brought me a wonderful combination of happiness, bliss and euphoria, and I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to go without it again.

After that, I started spending all my time at his place, and we made love at every possible opportunity.

We eventually made our budding relationship official, agreeing to commit to each other fully.

The fact that Jim was finally my boyfriend made me very happy, and I made sure he knew how content I was.

We celebrated our new relationship with some great sex, where I spent hours staring into the eyes of the man I had wanted so badly.

Jim and I were in a great place, where we could truly relish our fresh, new relationship.

Shortly before I was due to graduate, I started feeling more tired than usual. Further, my breasts became a bit tender to the touch.

I immediately took a pregnancy test, which came out positive, before going straight to a doctor for confirmation.

As soon as I knew for certain I was carrying Jim’s baby, I was filled with joy. While this pregnancy was completely unexpected, I was ecstatic knowing I was finally going to have the child I had always wanted.

Jim and I were both over the moon, and we looked forward to our new family unit. When we found out it was a girl, we were even more excited.

I had always wanted a daughter, and I was truly looking forward to dressing her up in cute little outfits and raising her into a brilliant young woman.

Despite all the happiness I was feeling, I knew there were some potential complications.

For starters, the baby I was carrying was put inside me by my mother’s ex.

Further, my child would be both a niece – and a half-sister – to Kayla.

To prepare for this situation, I made sure to sit down with my mother, letting her know that I was expecting a baby in the next several months.

I emphasized that I had taken my birth control pills religiously, but I ended up pregnant anyway.

Past that, I made sure to stress that I was having a girl, a situation that would give us plenty of opportunity to help her pick out adorable outfits.

My mother took a minute to respond to this news. While I could tell she was happy about having a granddaughter, I could feel the jealousy rise up within her.

I assured her that no matter what she was going through, I would be there for her, and we would get through this together.

My mother obviously had a lot of emotions to process, but fortunately, she embraced the situation, readying herself for the new addition to her family.

I could tell she was struggling at some level, but I also knew she was doing her best to think of the whole situation in a positive manner.

Knowing that she had accepted my “new normal” made me feel at ease, and I felt like I was in a very good place as I finished my final semester.

When I showed up for my college graduation, I ran into Conner, who was very nice to me. I had been worried there would be hard feelings between us, but that apparently wasn’t the case.

Conner had apparently found a new girlfriend, and he seemed perfectly happy with the situation. He shook my hand, telling me he hoped I was doing well.

He even went so far as to say that I was glowing. I blushed at his compliment, knowing that the reason my skin color was so bright would become apparent soon enough.

Over the coming months, my body continued to respond to the pregnancy. It felt so good to grow a life for Him, and I couldn’t wait to finally embrace my bundle of joy.

I knew how taboo it was to carry a baby for the same man who had impregnated my mother, and I was a bit concerned about how it might affect her, but there was no point crying over spilled milk.

Past that, I had to admit that the taboo nature of the situation turned me on a bit. It made my pussy wet knowing that I was doing something that most women would never do.

The whole situation made me quite happy, and my elation was hard to miss.

Jim certainly picked up on it.

He told me he had never seen me so happy, and since I seemed so blissful with child, he just might keep me that way forever.

In other words, he might keep me barefoot and pregnant for the rest of my life.

The simple thought of feeling this elation forever sounded like a dream come true. I was overwhelmed with emotion, and I started kissing him uncontrollably.

I knew my family tree was going to be interesting when I gave birth to my first child, and I could only imagine how it would look if I ended up having more.

Over the next several months, my pregnancy continued to be a happy one, and I felt like I was glowing on both the inside and the outside.

I started modeling different outfits, but this time I didn’t do it for money. I did it for Jim, and I did it for myself too.

My boyfriend took countless pictures of me, as I liked showing off for him, and I snapped a steady stream of selfies.

We worked hard to chronicle my pregnancy, building a catalog of both pictures and videos.

Many of these ended up on my Facebook and Instagram, with some going “viral,” being shared thousands of times.

Because of this, tons of people got to see my body as it slowly responded to the pregnancy.

I had always been a hot number, so I could only imagine how many men – and women – enjoyed seeing me in enticing outfits, including revealing dresses and bikinis.

When I finally gave birth to my adorable daughter, I named her Emilia. She looked just like me, with beautiful, blue eyes that made me think of a blueberry muffin.

There was nothing I enjoyed more than cradling her in my arms, staring at this adorable child that Jim and I had created.

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