Fuck My Wife Please

Fuck My Wife Please


Max and Claire decided to go on a walk one day, as they usually did, but Max had other plans. Max and Claire had been married a few years and they talked about spicing up the bedroom. Him and Claire had been talking about furthering their sexuality and we’re both into trying new things. Max had seen videos online of people flashing strangers or letting them get a grope in and it excited Claire as well.

Max inspired Claire to wear her sports bra and shorts with running shoes while he wore his workout clothes, being shorts and a t-shirt, and they went about their walk. Claire was a beautiful woman with soft, pale skin and shoulder length brown hair with perky breasts and a firm butt. Max loved Claire and the thought of letting strangers lay a finger on his beautiful wife thrilled him. Max knew every curve of Claire, so he knew exactly what other men would see and feel. As for Claire, the thought of strangers touching her, feeling her body and then using her for their pleasure excited her beyond belief. She loved Max the same which made it even more exciting.


The two arrived at a nearby park and began their walk, talking and laughing. Max kept an eye out for any potential strangers as they made a lap around the park. 2 men in particular caught his eye, and their eyes focused on Claire as they walked by. Max slyly watched when they walked by the two men as they stared at Claire’s smooth belly and round cheeks that were barely exposed from her shorts.

They weren’t bad men, looking around 30-40’s and in decent shape. One was a white man while the other was more tan. They talked to each other while watching Claire as her and Max passed them. Max figured they were talking about Claire and it put a smile on his face as well as making his cock twitch slightly in his pants, stirring to life.

Max and Claire walked a little further before Max stopped and looked at Claire.

“Those two were definitely checking you out.”

“Were they? I didn’t notice haha,” Claire said playing coy.

“Yeah. I have an idea… let’s flash them? Something innocent and fun.”

Claire laughed before pausing and realizing Max was serious.

“Wait, for reals? You want me to show them my boobs?”

“Yes. Why not? We’ll never see them again and vice versa,” Max persisted.

Claire smiled and her heart raced at the thought before she finally agreed.

Max and Claire casually turned around and headed back to the two men that were sitting under a hut on a park bench. As they walked up, the two eyed them cautiously.

“Hey guys! Mind if we join you?” Max lead on as they approached.

The two guys looked at each other and shrugged, especially if Claire was going to be closer to them.

“Sure I guess. What you two doing? Going on a walk?” The tanned man said.

“Yeah, actually. I’m Max and this is my wife Claire.”

Claire waved and stuck close to Max as she felt their eyes gaze upon her exposed tummy and smooth thighs.

The two men waved back, “I’m Jerry and this is Frank.”

The tanned man named Jerry pointed to the white man named Frank. Max and Claire smiled at the two strangers.

“Hey so, I’m doing a poll for a project I’m working on and I was wondering if you guys would be interested in giving your opinion?” Max masterfully lied.

Jerry and Frank looked at each other before Frank responded, “Sure. Why not.”

“Cool. So, on a scale of 1-10, how attractive do you think my wife is?” Max asked.

The two men laughed before responding.

“Honestly? Ok what the hell. She’s a beauty. I’d give her an 8,” Jerry said as he checked out Claire, eyeing her up and down rather than being sly.

Frank scratched his chin and winked at Claire, “She’s a 9 in my book. You got yourself a pretty girl, Max.”

Claire blushed and looked away while Max responded, “Thank you! Ok, would you guys be interested in seeing her breasts? Just a quick flash and then you can rate them.”

Claire’s face turned even more red as she looked over at Max and she didn’t take her eyes off of him. The two men grew the biggest grins on their faces. They were smiling so big their cheeks could’ve ripped.

“Wait, hold up. This ain’t a scam or nothing? No recording or anything?” Jerry replied.

“Nope. Like I said, I’m doing a poll. We’re both married so we’re obviously over 18. I’m actually 27 and Claire here is 26.”

The two men looked at each other in disbelief for a few seconds before looking over at Claire with animal like eyes.

“Ok, sure. As long as you’re both cool with it,” Frank replied.

Max nodded at Claire and Claire looked over at the two men as they waited for their show. She’d never shown anyone else her breasts other than Max and an ex or two, but the thought started turning her on and it was exciting plus, she’d never see these two men again and they didn’t know who she was other than some married girl named Claire.

Claire gripped the underside of her sports bra and lifted it up making her perky, round breasts bounce free in front of the two strange men. Their eyes widened and their cocks instantly stood at attention as they saw her breasts come into view. Her cute pink nipples hardened with the breeze as they stared at her chest.

“Wow. Those are magnificent.”

“You’re a lucky guy. Your wife has a beautiful set of tits. Their super perky.”

Claire watched them as they leaned closer to get a better look at her breasts. Her heart skipped a beat when Max said, “You guys can touch them if you want. I want a good answer for my poll.”

Frank and Jerry didn’t waste any time. Their greedy, horny hands reached straight to Claire as they felt and fondled her breasts. She had two random strangers touching her breasts and Max was encouraging it. She was nervous, but extremely excited as she watched their hands fumble around on her chest, groping and squeezing her breasts. They twirled her pink nipples around and softly tugged on them while Max watched with the biggest boner in his shorts.

Claire could see the outline of his cock and it twitched constantly while he watched her get groped. Her eyes darted to the two men touching her and she could see they also had outlines of their hardened cocks in their pants.

“So… what do you guys think?” Max asked as they continued massaging her breasts around in circles and different directions.

“Very, very nice. They fit perfectly in my hands.”

“Yes. They are firm and youthful. Very nice tits.”

Claire watched as two pairs of hands touched her chest all around, feeling her soft skin and toying with her breasts. They tugged on her pink nipples and lifted her breasts up and down.

Max smiled and had Claire cover herself up again.

“Ok, thanks guys! Well, I have a few more questions, but I can’t ask them here. If you’d like, we can find a more secluded spot?”

The two men didn’t even hesitate as they stood up, their raging boners pushing against their pants barely being contained. Claire could see a small wet spot starting to form on Frank’s jeans, right where the head of his cock would be.

“Jesus…he’s really pent up..” Claire whispered to herself.


They moved to a secluded spot no one ever went to and away from peering eyes. The two men’s cocks had just begun to go flaccid and began leaking copious amounts of precum due to not being able to cum with how aroused they had been.

Max’s cock began rising up in his shorts once again as he began talking to the men. His cock lifted part of his shorts upwards, revealing part of his heavy sack to the men and Claire, showing he hadn’t been wearing underwear.

“Ok. Claire, if you’d be kind enough to strip down and show these kind men your body so they can judge it.”

Claire was already dripping wet at this point and any rational thoughts were gone. If Max was ok with it, then she was too. It was harmless if it was just a show right?

Frank and Jerry started to become erect as nice again as Claire lifted her sports bra up and off for the second time. She then slowly lowered her shorts until they were also off. Her full, married body was now on display as naked as the day she was born. The two men’s jaws dropped and they started playing with themselves as they stared at Claire.

They eyed her breasts and her bald, hairless pussy that was oozing with excitement. Claire twirled around for them and winked at Max. He thighs were glistening with pussy juice as she resisted the urge to start touching herself.

“So, what are your thoughts?” Max asked as he softly toyed with his boner through his shorts, only adding to the lust he felt.

“Holy shit. 10/10 most definitely. I’m harder than ever right now,” Frank replied as Jerry nodded and licked his lips while shaking the outline of his cock up and down.

“Harder than ever? Well let’s see,” Max state’d.

The two men yanked their pants down quick making their cocks bounce free and swinging around. Their balls looked bloated and full of cum and their cocks had signs of precum oozing from the tips. Jerry’s 9 inch cock was brown and had a fat head with a thick vein running down the shaft that pulsed with each heartbeat while Franks pale 7 inch cock was oozing furiously and his balls slowly rose up and fell in their sack as he touched his cock after freeing it.

Claire eyed the strangers’ cocks and how hard they were just from looking at her. Max pulled down his shorts to free his own 8 inch pale cock that was oozing just as much as Frank’s was. He stood next to the other two guys and smirked at Claire.

“Babe, whos cock looks the biggest?”

Claire blushed again and looked at all three cocks as they pulsed and twitched in the air, waiting to be touched and their balls sagged needing to be emptied. She walked over and grabbed Franks and Max’s cocks before slowly moving them around in her hands, feeling them and softly squeezing them. Frank moaned loud, “Oh that feels good.” She toyed with the strangers meatrods, inspecting them closely and trailing a finger across their veins that bulged from the shaft.

She then grabbed her husbands twitching cock and laid it across Frank’s oozing member. Claire then pushed the two cocks together and bounced them off one another as she decided making her husband and the stranger moan together. She then compared Max’s cock against Jerry’s rigid member, doing the same as before. She watched as the cocks spit precum at each other as she rubbed them around. Jerry’s fat balls rubbed against Max’s pale sack as Claire shoved them together, upwards to get a good judge. Jerry’s cock began dripping precum onto Max’s cock creating a mess of clear liquid between the two.

“Uhm… probably this one?” Claire finally said, wiggling Jerry’s cock side to side, a smirk forming across her pink lips as she watched Jerry close his eyes as his balls pumped more precum free.

Jerry laughed and moaned at the same time as Max started speaking again, “A winner then! A fun fact for you two, she won blowjob queen at her bachelorette party…so why don’t you prove it and give the winner here a taste?”

Jerry’s heart raced faster as he stared at Claire’s pout lips as his cock oozed across her tiny hand. Claire looked at Max with an, “Are you sure?” Look before getting on her knees and slowly taking the brown cock into her mouth. The man moaned loudly as he felt his cock become engulfed in her saliva and warm mouth. Her tongue flicked around his shaft as she pushed him all the way to his base, gaging softly and feeling his balls sag against her chin before freeing his cock.

“Holy fuck she can suck a cock!!!” He moaned as the other two began jerking off.

Claire then rolled her tongue across his oozing, swollen tip while cupping his brown balls in her small hand. Claire began sucking on Jerry, taking him all the way in and back out again while using her free hand to swirl and pump around on his very large cock. Max and Frank walked up to opposite sides of Claire, their raging, dripping cocks pointing at her face. Claire eagerly took each cock in both hands and began jerking them around in different directions as she swallowed down Jerry’s thick, brown cock.

“Oh my god yes. She definitely is a blowjob Queen! You’re a lucky man!!” Jerry moaned louder as she once again took his cock straight down her throat before gagging and spitting it back out. His brown cock was soaked in saliva and Claire used that to begin stroking him while she took Franks cock into her mouth and began sucking on it just as she had done to Jerry’s.

“Ooooh sweetheart your mouth feels amazing. Oh, your tongue feels great on my cock,” Frank moaned loudly as Claire swirled her tongue around his tip like a lollipop eagerly lapping up any precum he produced.

Max grunted as his wife toyed with his cock, pushing it up and down and all around like he liked.

“Babe, why don’t you let them see your pussy? Get a good look at it hm?” Max moaned as he pulled his cock free before he came too fast from all of the excitement.

Claire pulled Franks throbbing cock free from her mouth and smiled, turning around and bending over. Her bare, dripping pussy was now in full view of two strangers and her husband. Her cute freckle on her butt was caressed by Jerry and Frank as they took turns feeling her round ass and giving her a light slap every now and then. Eager fingers made their way to her pussy as they slid around in her juices, smearing her wetness all over her pussy entrance and lips. Claire moaned as she felt fingers enter her pussy and wiggle around as they played with her like she was a sex toy. She also felt fingers touching her clit and moving it around just as she had done to their cocks earlier. Her knees buckled slightly as she came on their hands, coating their fingers in more of her girl juice.

“Babe…you need to empty these kind men’s balls now. Go on, get a feel for her pussy. It’s the tightest pussy you’ll ever fuck,” Max spoke as he began slowly stroking himself again.

Jerry shoved Frank out of the way and aligned his brown cock to Claire’s white, pale pussy. He steadily slid it into her, violating her married womb. His fat cock head split her pussy open and forced its way deep into her with ease. She instinctively clamped down on his cock making him moan loud as she felt her warm walls tighten around his cock like a vice grip.

“You aren’t wrong. Jesus she’s fucking tight!!! Oh man, I ain’t never been with a white girl before… ” he moaned as he began slowly bringing his cock in and out of her as Claire moaned and began playing with her clit. “..But I’ve always dreamed about it.”

She could feel his brown cock twitching madly inside of her hole as she clamped down trying to milk his eager cock for all it was worth. Jerry had never felt a pussy as tight and wet as Claire’s and it drove him into a lust filled frenzy.

Jerry leaned forward and grabbed Claire’s round hips tightly as he began thrusting harder and faster into her drenched pussy. Max and Frank presented their cocks to Claire as she eagerly began sucking on Franks twitching cock while toying with her husband’s angry looking rod. Frank leaned down and played with her dangling, bouncing tits as Jerry went to town on her pussy.

“Oh yes…” Frank sighed, “Your wife really knows how to suck a cock. I can’t wait to have my turn with her pussy. My balls are aching to explode every drop of cum I’ve had stored for the last few days.”

Claire pulled Frank’s cock free from her mouth with a pop before lapping at his balls that sagged against her chin. In between moans, Claire said, “Last few days? How long is it been since you last masturbated?”

Frank sighed as he felt Claire swirl her hand around the tip of his cock, smearing precum and saliva around like lube. “Oh honey, it’s been a long, long time since I masturbated. I had a wet dream about 6 days ago and that was about it. This is fucking heaven.”

Claire smirked and took his cock deep down into her throat, gagging once again while Jerry neared his climax.

Jerry’s brown balls began ricocheting off her slender thighs as he got closer and closer, his balls churning more and more seed. Claire swore she could feel his cock swell up to twice it’s size before Jerry let out a long moan of pure ecstasy as he began emptying his balls in Claire’s tight pussy.

“Ooooh yeahhhh…..”

Max watched as another man ejaculated into his wife’s scared hole. Days, probably months worth of unreleased seed drained from the man’s balls and into her hole, coating her womb with its seed. Jerry slowed his thrusts down to slow and steady thrusts as he ensured every drop was released into her pussy. As he emptied his balls, he groped Claire’s firm butt a few more times before pulling his softening, limp cock free and allowed Frank to take his place.

Frank sat on the ground free from rocks and grass, his eager cock twitching uncontrollably in the air as he got comfortable.

“Come on doll, I’d love to have you ride this cock while

I play with those gorgeous tits of yours.”

Claire finished twirling her husbands cock around in circles, spraying his precum across her wrists before she joined Frank, Jerry’s cum already beginning to drip free from her pussy.

Jerry lit a cigarette and sat against a rock, his limp brown cock spent and laying on his thigh as he watched his buddy get a chance with the beautiful, young wife.

Claire stood above Frank as he burried his face into her privates, slathering his tongue across her soaked cunt and even licking up some of Jerry’s spunk that was dripping free. Claire moaned softly as she climaxed on Franks face, dripping even more of her cunt juice across his chin before she straddled his eager cock and slowly slid down onto his lap making Franks mouth open wide and a long sigh of relief left his lips.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh. Jerry you weren’t kidding….Max what a fucking beautiful wife you have. Thank you for sharing with us older guys. I never thought I’d fuck someone as young as you, Claire. You’re making an old man very happy right now.”

Claire moaned at his words and pressed her chest into his face making Frank suck on her pink nipples. Max watched as his wife pleased another man as he stroked his cock. He imagined what Frank felt as her pussy tightened around his twitching cock. He knew just how tight she was and how Frank must’ve been fighting with all of his might not to bust a nut as soon as he entered her. He watched as Frank toyed with Claire’s tits, massaging them and rubbing his face all over her chest as she rode his cock, grinding her hips up and down and in circles on his cock.

Max felt his balls stiffen as he readied to erupt, but let go of his cock, trying to save his cum for his wife. Doing so caused a large strand of precum to drip from his angry tip to the ground in anticipation.

“Ohhh Max. You like watching me fuck other guys? This complete stranger is inside me and I’m milking his cock dry. I’m you’re dirty little wife and I need to drain their balls.” Claire moaned as she finally lost herself to ecstasy and pleasure.

She had another hard cock using her for their own pleasure and it drove her through the roof. Two complete strangers whom her and Max had never met before and would probably never see again were using her like a sex toy. A human fleshlight, even. Two older men, probably her fathers age, fucking a younger woman who could technically be their daughter. All these thoughts raced through her head as she came on Franks cock, coating his thick balls in her girl juice.

Frank grabbed her neck and squeezed as he began cumming inside of her.

“Ohhh Max I’m sorry but I’m cumming inside your wife like Jerry did! God damn she’s milking my balls dry!! Fuck!!”

Claire leaned backwards as she rocked her hips harder and faster on Franks cock as it spilled its white warm seed inside of her. Cum began gushing out around her thighs as it pooled inside adding to the previous deposit of cum.

Claire thought Frank had finished cumming and sat up, freeing his cock from her used hole. As soon as his cock popped free, more cum spurt out and landed across his stomach and chest.

“Aww darling you made me cum on myself!” Frank sighed as his balls emptied their last few drops.

Claire shrugged and forced herself onto her Husband, shoving his cock into her pussy and making him grunt loudly.

“Go on baby, fill me with your cum next. Take me back from these filthy men.”

Max moaned as she grinded on his familiar cock, swirling her hips around and rubbing her clit. She loved the feeling of Max’s cock and having two different men’s cum in her womb added to the pleasure. Max could feel their seed sloshing against his cock as Claire rode him harder and harder until he grunted loudly, grabbed her plump hips, and began cumming into his own wife, adding his seed to the other twos.

“Oh that’s right baby, fill me up. Empty those balls of yours after watching me fuck two other guys.”

Max came harder than he ever had before. So hard that he thought his balls would leave their sack and empty into Claire.

“Ooooooooh babyyy!!!!” Max moaned as he finished his last wave of cum.

Claire moaned along with her husband as she reached another climax, her legs tightening and her knees buckling.

Frank and Jerry finished getting dressed as Max and Claire finished cleaning up.

“Wow. Just…I can’t even…wow.”

“What Jerry is trying to say is, that was the finest piece of ass us two geezers have ever had. And he’s never been with a white woman before, so there’s that too,” Frank laughed as he rubbed his hardening cock.

“You two getting hard again already?” Max laughed as he pulled on his shorts.

Claire smiled and winked at the two men.

“It’s been fun, but we gotta get going. Nice meeting you two.”

Jerry groaned and blew a kiss. “10/10. Would fuck again.”

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