This story is entirely fictional, I think. No one in the story is meant to represent anyone outside of the story. The descriptions of the elves are mine and mine alone. If you are one of those who would be offended because I didn’t follow So-and-so’s elf lore, please read something else. Otherwise, enjoy.

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Jessica Winters slammed the door of her dinghy apartment so hard, the picture of a covered bridge in the snow rattled on the water stained wall. She slipped the chain on and walked through the sitting area to the kitchen bar, setting her treasure on it.

She slipped off her coat and let the snow pile on the already creaky wooden floor. The coat ended up there, too. She wasted little time in grabbing a juice glass from the drainer and pouring it full from the bottle of cheap whiskey she’d just bought with most of her last cash.

She took her glass and the bottle and sat down at a small writing desk. The envelopes and papers she cleared to the floor with one whisk of her arm. Bills from the power company, late notices from the hospital, her severance letter from the station, the manila envelope containing her temporary divorce orders; all on the floor.

Jessica opened the top drawer and took out a sheet of writing paper, an envelope, and an old black ink pen. She took a swig of the whiskey and surveyed her apartment, all she had left. An old fake Christmas tree stood in the corner, three decorations were on it. The stupid Elf on the Ledge her aunt gave her sat on the mantle above the gas heater. The rest of the furniture was second-hand / garage sale chic. In other words, trash.

She opened the lower desk draw and stared at the handgun her mother gave her just before she moved to the city for her new job. It seemed like a lifetime ago. But it would all be over soon. She refilled her glass and wrote: “Dear Santa…”


“Here’s the new batch,” Tannivh said as he dumped a full sack next to Symylythianity’s desk. The thud resounded in the nearly empty room. The Customer Relations department was on half-day shifts until the Covid crisis calmed down. As it was, her shift was reduced in staff due to the quarantining of 20 of her co-workers who thought it would be fun to play a real version of Chutes and Ladders in the Warehouse with the packing crew. Now both are working short-staffed and the pressure from The Big Guy was tremendous.

“Thanks, Tann,” she said as she leaned back in her chair and stretched her 4’3″ frame. She adjusted her black rimmed glasses and ran her thin fingers through her long blonde hair before digging her hand into the sack. Bringing out a handful of letters, she piled them on the desk in front of her. “Can I help you with anything else?” she asked her elven visitor.

“Smitty? How do you do it? I mean,” he scratched his left ear, the one that bent out instead of up, “how can you stand to read all of these letters? Aren’t they just whimpy-whiney-needy….” his question trailed off.

“Tann, I love my work. For a lot of these kids, this is their only hope and I like to think that I can be a part of the work that makes them smile, if only for a day.” She rooted through the new stack and found a letter. Holding it up, she continued, “Take this one, Jessica Winters.” She stared at the envelope and made a mental note of the address change. “Jessica has been writing to us since she was four. She’s twenty-eight now, and still writing.” Smitty smiled. Jessica had become a friend, of sorts; a one-way pen pal. She was very curious to read her latest missive.

Tann placed his hands on her desk and leaned forward. “Wouldn’t you like to take a break and, maybe, have little elven fun?”

Smitty scowled. “Six feet, please. And, no. Is that all you elves think about?” She didn’t allow, or want, an answer. “Before you go, take these.” She handed a stack of letters over the desk. “These are all adult toy requests. I’m sure you’ll have some fun with the elveens down there.”

Tann’s face lit up. “Wow. Thanks, Smitty!” Tann turned and left so quickly that his glitter aura hung for a moment before falling to the floor. Smitty sighed and shook her head. It must be nice to be two hundred years old.

She checked the clock. All four hands indicated that her shift was nearly over. She placed Jessica’s letter to one side and read through the rest of the stack of thirty-four. Five minutes later, she had them sorted and ready for their respective pick-ups. A bell softly chimed.

Smitty picked-up Jessica’s letter and slipped it into a pocket inside her red jacket behind the label that read ‘Symylythianity Thingol: CR’. It was in violation of company policy to take mail from the mailroom, but this was Jessica, a friend, and she wanted, no, needed to read it, alone.

She stepped into the teleporter at the end of the room, pressed in a few numbers and was soon whisked off, appearing within seconds inside her own apartment. She slipped her jacket off, retrieved the letter, and hung the jacket over a nearby chair, the left side one of a pair that faced her fireplace. She placed the letter on the small table that sat between the chairs and snapped her fingers, causing the fireplace to erupt in a warm glow.

She smiled and walked to her small bedroom. A short shower washed the work away and she slipped into her nightclothes, a silky red teddy with reindeer slippers. Elves are nearly always barefoot. But Smitty loved her reindeer slippers. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a plate of cheese from the refrigerator along with a bottle of wine and a glass. All of this she took to the sitting area.

Soon, she was feeling relaxed, warm, and ready to hear from Jessica. She looked at the return address, unusual for a letter to Santa, but normal for Jessica. Her earliest letters were from an address in Nebraska. She looked it up once and found that she lived on a farm. Somewhere along the way, she moved to an address in Phoenix, Arizona. Those letters reflected Jessica’s separation from her father, the pain, but also the growth that came along with it.

For four years in a row, the letters came from Tempe, as Jessica was in college at ASU. Those were full of hope and excitement. She told Santa about her dreams, her loves, eventually, the loves of her life, especially Brian.

Over the past six years, Jessica had found her dream job in broadcasting and gotten married to her college sweetheart. Smitty fingered the letter with a smile. She knew that she was living another life through Jessica, but wasn’t an elf allowed some pleasantries? She slid her finger under the seal and pulled the letter out.

“Dear Santa,” The letter began the same, but there was something different. Jessica always wrote her letters by hand. The hand that wrote this was shaky. The ink strokes were hard and blotted. Smitty continued reading, “I guess this will be my last letter to you. In all the years that I’ve written, you have never let me down. I know that I didn’t get everything I asked for, but you always found a way to provide me with what I needed. You can’t help me now.”

Smitty felt a pang of fear in the words; fear and hopelessness. She leaned forward in her chair and read on. “Nine months ago, Brian and I found out that we were expecting. The joy I felt at that moment cannot compare with the agony I feel now. Within a week, Brian left me. A month after that, my Mom died in an accident. Three months later, I miscarried the baby. I couldn’t work, so they laid me off. Just this week, I received my severance, they hired a ‘fresh face’ to replace mine. I have bills I can’t pay.

“Santa, thank you for all that you have done. I wish you could help me, but I know that even your magic can’t fix this, can’t fix me. By the time you read this, I’ll be dead. Maybe I’ll see you around? Jessica”

Smitty stared at the letter and read it eighteen more times. She couldn’t. She can’t. Smitty darted up and over to a call box. Pressing a few buttons, a voice answered, “Tannivh Myrin.”

“Tann, it’s Smitty. I need your help.”

“So, you ARE ready for some reindeer games, huh?”

“Tann! No, this is serious, okay?”

“Wow, Smitty, yeah, sure. What can I do?”

Smitty ran a plan through her mind; a crazy, hazardous plan. “Your brother works in the Transportation Department, right?”

“Yeah. He made third shift manager last month.”

“Great. I need you to get me transported to an address in the past.” Smitty fingered the envelope in her hand.

“Smitty,” the elven voice sounded suspicious, “what’s this all about?”

“I can’t tell you, Tann. If I do I’ll get us both in trouble.”

“Beluar isn’t going to let you violate regulations, you know.”

“I know, I know,” Smitty’s voice grew desperate, “but this is a matter of life and death. Please, Tann. I need you to help me.”

The line grew silent for a moment. “What’s in it for me?”

Smitty scowled into the box. “Tann, I’m not going trade favors for this. If I have to do it another way, I will.”

“First, I’m hurt that you would think that,” Tann added a pause but Smitty didn’t bother refuting it. “Second, ” he continued, “all I’m asking for is one date.”

“One date. When I get back, okay?”

“Deal.” Tann’s voice took on a more business tone. “What’s the plan?”

Several minutes passed as Smitty laid out her half-baked idea. “You certifiable, you know that?” was all that Tann could say.

“Then you’ll help me?”

He laughed lightly, “Yeah, for one date with the hottest elf in CR, I’ll help.”

Smitty blushed. She’d never considered herself ‘hot’, but she did garner plenty of attention from the elves around the complex. She was never sure why, after 375 years, she never married. “Thanks, Tann,” she said softly.

“I’ll call you back when I have details.” He disconnected the call and Smitty turned, took a deep breath and began her preparations.

Two hours later, Smitty checked herself in the mirror. She had done her best to look human, as much as a 4’3″ elf could. A red knit cap covered her ears and her hair was pulled back and draped down her back. She had raided her chore clothes for the red and green flannel shirt and blue jeans. The problem she discovered was her shoes. Since elves hardly ever wore shoes, she opted for the only real choice she had, her reindeer slippers.

Her call box interrupted her and Tann informed her that they were to meet in causeway 26 in thirty minutes. Smitty looked around as if saying goodbye. She knew the dangers of what she was doing, but she couldn’t let Jessica hurt herself. She grabbed Jessica’s letter and the one she wrote and her jacket and left for the rendezvous.

Tann was alone when she arrived. His eyes were narrow and darting. “Smitty, are you sure about this?”

“Tann, all I’m sure about is that Jessica needs me. I know I can help her if I can reach her in time.”

He sighed in reservation. “Alright. Take this key.” He handed her a large golden skeleton key. “Go to door number 57. It’s down that hallway on the right.” He pointed her in the direction. “And Smitty?”


“I’ve heard tales that the System can scramble your brain. It’s not permanent, just jarring, or so I’m told. I like you, alot. Be careful, okay?”

Smitty smiled both at his concern and his tenderness. She leaned in to kiss his cheek. “I will, Tann. Thanks. And Tann?”


“Mail this letter in the nearest box, as soon as possible, okay?”

“Sure thing, Smitty.”

She turned and walked down the hallway to door 57.


Describing a trip through the Transportation System would be like describing birth from a babies perspective, and just as gross and uncomfortable. The distress was added to because Smitty needed not just a place, but a time. She had selected the day before the postmark on the letter. Her hope was to arrive and get Jessica to see some glimmer of hope. That was the plan.

Smitty jerked awake to a most horrendous smell. After the smell came the realization that someone she didn’t know was waving the nasty smelling substance under her nose. After that, the dull ache of the trip set in. She moaned.

“Are you alright, Miss?” a mask-covered officer asked.

“Yes,” Smitty lied then grunted as she was helped up to a sitting position. “I’m fine, thank you.”

“You sure? Can I get you anything? Take you anywhere? It’s sorta cold out tonight. Do you live around here?”

Smitty blinked. Where did she live? She didn’t recognize anything. She looked around again. Why was everyone so tall? “Why am I wearing reindeer slippers?” she asked out loud.

The officer laughed. “A very good question, Miss. I’m guessing you do live around here.” He helped her up to her feet. “But where?”

Smitty felt something in her jacket pocket and pulled it out. The mist partially cleared and she pointed to the return address. “Here. I need to go here.”

The officer looked at the address, then stepped back to reveal a run-down three-story brick row-house which sat in a line with several others. “Then you’re home, Miss.”

Smitty took stock of the place. It looked nothing like anything she’d ever known. But, then again, what had she ever known? She thanked the officer, tucked the envelope back in her jacket and walked up the flight of stairs, without leaving a footprint in the snow.

Smitty found the apartment easily enough. There was a name on the door. She checked the envelope. It matched. Am I Jessica Winters? She tried the knob but the door was locked. She patted her pockets and found a large golden skeleton key. She tried to force it into the lock, but there was no way.

The noise she was making, however, did bring someone to the door. “Who’s there? Is that you, Brian? I told you to leave me alone! I don’t ever want to see you again, your fucking loser!”

Smitty felt her brain slip left and right as the names ‘Jessica’ and ‘Brian’ melded and swirled. “It’s not Brian.” She said not really knowing what to say. There was a pause before the door opened, restrained by a chain.

“Who are you and what do you…” the woman paused and shifted her gaze down, “want?”

Smitty looked up at the woman and blinked. Something in the fog of her mind put the situation together. This was Jessica Winters. Whoever I am, she thought, I need to speak to Jessica. “I need to speak to Jessica Winters, please.”

“I’m Jessica,” the woman said, obviously peeved at being disturbed. “What do you want?”

Smitty shivered, which she thought was odd but had no idea why she thought that nor why she shivered. “It’s very, very important,” she replied, shivering again.

“Very well. Seeing as your shivering cold and I’m getting that way. I’ll let you in,” she paused, “But only for a moment.” she shut the door, unhooked the chain, and opened it fully to let Smitty inside.

The apartment was, by human standards, small; by elf standards, luxurious. The small entryway opened to the right into a setting area with a sofa, a chair and a flat black panel on a table. A hallway extended down the left side to three doors, two on the left and one at the end. An open kitchen took up the back part of the sitting area, separated from it by a bar with two stools. Smitty walked into the sitting area, still a bit dazed, and gazed around it, noticing the worn furniture and pile of bills on the small desk.

Jessica walked in and around her to stop her further entry. “Now, please tell me what this is about, I was about to go out. And I’m warning you, if this has to do with Brian, you can just leave right now and tell that snake that I have lawyers, too.”

Smitty’s eyes saw the small, nearly empty Christmas tree. Then she gasped as she saw an Elf on the Ledge. “That’s…” But the rest of that sentence never came. Smitty fainted.


Smitty awoke to several sensations all clamoring for her attention. One was the softness of the bed she was laying on. Another was the fact, the real fact, that she was not laying in that bed alone. And third, the person with whom she was laying, was very, very close.

Smitty blinked and remembered everything, not only the past hours, but also who she was and why she had come. She turned her head slightly and the woman next to her, Jessica Winters, shifted and moaned. Okay, so there was a fourth sensation – they were both naked!

Smitty sat up like a rocket, raking her hair over her ears. Jessica awoke with a start. “What’s the matter?” she asked.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” Smitty was hugging the blankets to her naked chest. “We’re naked! In bed! Together!”

Jessica laughed. “Do you remember last night?”

Smitty blushed. She could only remember up to the point she saw Lyraesel’s figure on the mantel. Did she do something inappropriate? Oh my, did she…? Did they…? “Did we…?” she spoke aloud.

Jessica laughed again. “No, silly. You fainted in my sitting room. I carried you in to lie down in the guest room. When I went to bed, you were still shivering, so I thought this might be a nice way to warm up. But, no, to answer the horror in your eyes, no. We didn’t do anything.”

Smitty had not realized that horror was the word that best described her feelings at coupling with a human. She hadn’t meant it to be but centuries of teaching does have its consequences. And she heard a glimmer of disappointment in Jessica’s voice when she said it. “I’m sorry, Jessica. That was rude of me. I do thank you very much for taking care of me. I’m feeling very fine and fit now.” She smiled as she spoke, attempting to disperse any hard feelings.

Jessica sat up and Smitty was immediately taken by the young woman’s body. Her skin was smooth and tanned, no doubt from those summers at her Aunt’s beach house. Her breasts were ample without being vulgar. Elven breasts are what humans call ‘pert’. Even if she had wanted to, Smitty would be hard-pressed to make a 24a bra necessary. Jessica needed a 36c.

Jessica smiled as Smitty admired her. “Well, I guess you aren’t so horrified after all?”

Smitty stammered and blushed. “I’m…I’m sorry…it’s just…”

“Shhh,” said Jessica. “It’s fine.” Then, abruptly changing subjects. “I’m hungry. How about some breakfast?” She stood up from the bed and Smitty nearly gasped at the fullness of her body and the curve of her butt. “Then,” she continued, turning back to Smitty, “you can answer some questions.”

Jessica left Smitty alone with her thoughts. Most of them ran along the lines of ‘she knows who I am. How will I explain this? What have I done? What do I want to do?’ That last one lingered longer than the others and caused Smitty no small amount of discomfort. I’m an elf, she told herself. And elves do not fraternize with humans. Why this was, beyond her being told so, she was not able to grasp.

She got out of bed and found her clothing laid neatly in a chair. Her only hope then was that Jessica had stripped her in the dark and had not seen her ears, nor her undergarments. It was a slim hope, but the only one she had. She got dressed quickly and was standing in the kitchen five minutes after Jessica had arrived there herself.

“You’re a quick one,” Jessica marveled. “What whets your appetite?”

Smitty was about to ask for a sauteed seal steak but caught herself in time. “I’ll have what you’re having, thanks.”

“Good choice, since all I have is coffee and toast.” Jessica prepared everything as Smitty stood in silence. Soon enough, everything was laid out on the counter and Smitty embarrassingly climbed up on the stool. Jessica smiled. “My furniture wasn’t designed for Little People.”

Smitty furrowed her brow. “I’m not a Little Person, just…short.”

“Sorry,” Jessica said, “my furniture wasn’t designed for short people, then.”

They ate the meager breakfast and finally Jessica spoke. “Question time, my guest.” Smitty took a deep breath. “Firstly,” Jessica started in, “is your name.”

“My friends call me Smitty.”

Jessica blinked. “And what does your mother call you?”

Smitty tilted her head. Her mother had been dead for over two hundred years. “Something much longer,” she deflected.

“I see. Smitty it is, then.” Jessica took a sip of coffee. “And what was so important that you would come to see me?”

Smitty had to think fast. She needed a cover now and she hadn’t thought through everything to that point. “Well,” she stalled, “you see…”

Jessica stared at her intently. “Yes?”

“I…uh…I represent a company,” she started making up her cover on the spot, “a company that you have used rather frequently over the years and I was sent to…ummm….to make sure that our services have been to your liking.” She ended with a smile of confidence, certain that her story was ironclad.

Jessica never blinked. “Never shit a shitter, honey.”

“No, really. Listen. I represent a company, just not one that you know. And you have used us with some frequency over the years, just that you might not realize it. And I was sent here to make sure that,” she paused a moment and looked at Jessica. Her voice softened, “to make sure that you’re alright.”

“Well, I have to say that you’re the cutest customer service rep I’ve ever seen.” Jessica stood and walked back around the bar to clean up. “In fact, one might even say you’re elvish.”

“Elven.” Smitty corrected her, immediately regretting it.

“I thought it was elvish.”

“W…they prefer elven.” She blushed.

A brief moment of silence hushed the room before Jessica spoke again as she washed the plates and mugs in the sink. Her voice took a more serious tone. “Well, you can tell your supervisors that, despite a broken marriage,” she slammed a plate into the drainer, “a lost job,” she slammed a fork, “and a stack of unpaid bills, I’m great,” she slammed a mug down, rattling the plates. “Just fucking great.” She stood stock still over the sink. Her hands trembled as she held the butter knife. Seconds passed. “I can’t go on. I can’t do this anymore.”

Smitty sprang from her seat and rushed to Jessica’s side. “No. You see? That’s just it. You can do it. You can move forward. I know you can.”

Jessica turned to her. Her face contorted in anger and confusion. She spat the words out, “How…do…you…KNOW…ME.”

Smitty stepped back fearfully, as far as the mantle. That was when Jessica dropped the knife. Smitty saw her eyes dart from herself to the mantle. Back and forth several times. Then they rolled back into her eyelids and Jessica fainted.

It was nearly noon before Jessica awoke, in her own bed, and saw Smitty sitting in a chair beside her. They smiled at each other but no words were exchanged. Jessica rolled onto her side, facing Smitty. “Who are you, really?”

Smitty sighed. “If I tell you the truth, you won’t believe me.”

Jessica looked down at Smitty’s lap and saw the letter. “Is that my letter to Santa? I thought I mailed that.”

“You did, well, you didn’t. No, you were supposed to…”

“You’re not making any sense.” Jessica sat up.

“Jessica, would you like some hot chocolate?”

“Yes,” she said with a weak smile, “but I haven’t anything in the kitchen to make it…”

And just then, Smitty produced a steaming mug from behind her back, as if it had been made right there under the bedside table. “You should drink this.”

Jessica took it with a trembling hand and sipped. “Wow, this is, like, wow.”

Smitty smiled, “Old family recipe.”

“Just how old?”

Smitty sighed, “742 years this Christmas.”

Jessica blinked. “That is old.”

“Jess, you have no idea.” Smitty got up from the chair and climbed up on the bed next to her. “Do you know why you fainted?”

“I think I do. But it’s crazy, right?”

Smitty faced her and stared into her eyes. She smiled, then pulled her hair away from her ears. As she did, Jessica’s eyes widened.


“Relax, Jess. It’s true. You fainted because you saw the resemblance between myself and Lyraesel.”

“Lyra….what? I saw what?”

“The Elf on the Ledge and me? We’re related on my mother’s side.”

Jessica blinked. Then a light bulb came on in her mind. “The letter! Did you read that?”

Smitty smiled again and nodded. “Yes. And that is why I came. I can’t let you hurt yourself, Jessica. You don’t have to.”

Jessica held her mug tightly and her face fell into a somber gloom. “That’s sweet of you to say, but I have nothing and no one, now. The world would be better if I weren’t around.”

“That’s not true, Jess. You’re not alone.”

“No, I guess I’m not,” she scoffed. “I am talking to an elf in my bedroom. So, as long as I can maintain my break with reality, I might even be able to conjure up a dragon to go burn up Brian.”

“You’re not crazy, either.” Smitty scooted her small body closer to Jessica’s. “I was the elf that read every letter you ever wrote to Santa.”

Jessica thought through that, then blushed. “Even the one that…”

“Yes, Smitty chuckled, “even that one.” She placed her small hand on top of Jessica’s. “Here’s the thing, I remember every last one.”

“No way.”

“Yes, way.” Smitty cleared her throat dramatically. “December 4th, 2000. Dear Santa, Please can I have my own pony so that Luther won’t be always riding Bonny when I wants to. And some candy. Love, Jessie.”

Jessica stared. “Wow. I remember that. I was eight.”

“December 8, 2004. Dear Santa, This is so stupid, but, could you send peace? I really hate Phoenix. Love, Jessie.”

“Yeah. I was twelve. We’d just moved.”

“You get the idea?”

“Yeah. But how can this help me?”

“One more. December 3rd, 2013. Dear Santa, Hey. So, I don’t know if you remembered last year’s letter or not, but I told you about Brian and how we fell in love…”

“Do you have to…”

“Shh.” Smitty continued, “I really do love him, really. But, could you, maybe send me some wisdom? Can you do that? I don’t know if you can, but if you can, could you? I mean, is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time? And so different. Brain is so, well, Brian. But Caroline is just…”

“Stop it.” Jessica’s eyes had welled in tears. “Stop it! This isn’t helping. Hearing about a love I threw away because it was improper. What are you trying to do? PUSH me into suicide?” She flopped herself down on the bed and turned away from Smitty, sobbing.

Smitty placed a hand on her shoulder and held it lightly there. A few moments passed and then Jessica’s hand covered hers. “I loved Caroline, too,” she said, “maybe more. But I would have had to leave Brian, and back then, that just wasn’t a choice I could make.” Her sobs continued and Smitty remained silent.

Several minutes passed and Jessica finally turned over. Her tear stained face red from crying. “Why did you come here?”

“I came because I love you, Jessica Winters. I lived your life with you through those letters. Something about you captivated me. I couldn’t stand the thought of you not being here. So, I came to stop you.”

“You only delayed the inevitable. The landlord is kicking me out on Friday and I don’t even have enough food in the kitchen to last ’til then. I’m tired. I’m lonely. I’m worthless.”

Smitty smiled. “Do you remember that Christmas, the one in 2013?”

“Yeah, I think I remember most of them.”

“What did you get?”

Jessica furrowed her brow and thought. “Mostly gift cards, clothes, cash from my Aunt for the plane fare to Florida.”

“You’re missing something,” Smitty added with a glint in her eye.

“I don’t think so…I…WAIT,” Jessica’s eyes widened, “the camera!”

Smitty nodded. “Yes, the camera. You know the old saying, ‘hindsight is twenty-twenty’?”

“Yeah, but….”

“Where’s that camera now?”

It took Jessica twenty minutes rooting through three boxes before she found it, scratched and at the bottom of a box from her college days. “I haven’t been in this box since…” she let the thought fade.

“Let’s see what’s on it!”

Jessica plugged the charger into the wall and turned the camera on. She sat next to Smitty and began to page through the pictures. “This is the first one. I took a selfie of Mom and me in front of the tree.”

“It’s a pretty tree, Jess.”

“Yeah, Mom always liked Christmas.” She paused a moment before she paged to the next one and gasped, “Brian.”

“When was this taken?”

That was a couple of days later. He showed-up and took me to dinner. The waitress took the picture.”

“You look happy.”

“Do I?” Jessica stared at it. “No, I don’t think I was. He was.” She paged to the next one and stared in silence, a tear welling in her eye.

“Who’s that, Jess?” Smitty asked, already knowing the answer.


Smitty gazed at a young Jessica and her beautiful friend. Caroline was taller than Jess. Her hair was auburn and flowing. Her olive complexion glowed as did both of their smiles. “You’re happy here?”

“Very,” was Jessica’s one word reply. She ran her finger over Caroline’s face and sniffed back the tear that threatened to run down her cheek. “How is this helping?”

Smitty blinked and the camera advanced to the next picture. They both said nothing as each picture displayed Jessica and the love of her life. The early ones were playful selfies, but as they progressed, they became more serious. Jessica had chronicled an evening with her lover.

Smitty had to admit, they were hot. She felt herself tingling as each girl appeared between the others’ thighs. Human women were so intriguing to Smitty. The fullness of their bodies made her desire to see more of them. She sighed as the fingers of one hand kneaded at herself through her jeans.

Jessica’s eyes shifted to Smitty. “This arouses you?” she asked.

Smitty only bit her lip and nodded.

“Have you ever been with a human before?” Jessica asked.

“No,” replied Smitty, “it’s forbidden.”

“But I see that it isn’t repulsive.” Jessica’s hand reached over and gently covered Smitty’s. “I must admit that I’m intrigued by the thought of an elf.” She reached over with her other hand and took Smitty’s, placing it between her thighs.

Smitty immediately felt the heat and sighed. “Will this….will this help?”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt a woman’s touch, Smitty. Yes, this will help.”

They embraced and kissed, each feeling, for the first time, the touch of something otherworldly. Smitty melted into Jessica’s soft, warm lips. Then she felt her tongue, licking, seeking permission. Smitty parted her lips and Jessica’s tongue entered. Seeing as the elven tongue is different from the human one, she was apprehensive as they tangled in her mouth.

Jessica broke their kiss. “What the hell,” she said in surprise. “Show me your tongue, honey.”

Smitty extended her tongue, a good four inches from her mouth, then flicked the very tip of the thin muscle. Jessica’s eyes widened and her lips smiled. “That’s a tongue made for fucking.”

Smitty only giggled and returned to their embrace. Jessica relaxed as Smitty’s tongue not only tangled with hers, but hugged hers. For her part, Smitty was taken by the fullness of Jessica’s human tongue. They both edged closer.

Smitty’s free hand timidly reached for Jessica’s breasts. She gently squeezed one through her top and bra. Even with all the clothing between, Smitty moaned into Jessica’s mouth at feeling of the fullness of it.

Jessica broke their kiss again, staring into Smitty’s gleaming eyes. “I want to see a naked elf.”

Smitty smiled. “I want to see a naked human.”

It took only a minute for them to discard their clothing to the floor. Each one, kneeling before the other on the bed, gazed upon a wonderful sight. Smitty’s eye took in the fullness of Jessica’s breasts. She was amazed by them, captivated.

Jessica’s hands gently roamed over Smitty’s skin. It shone with a subtle glow and tiny rainbows appeared around her fingertips as she pressed in. She circled Smitty’s small nipples on the delicate mounds of her breasts. A small drop of golden liquid emerged from each nipple. “What…”

Smitty felt it and moaned. “Taste it, Jess.”

Jessica leaned down and licked each nipple, extracting the golden droplets. “Honey? No, stronger. Oh,” she paused a moment, “wow, that’s…”

Smitty knew that her secretions were an aphrodisiac. She wasn’t sure that they would work on humans, until she felt Jessica’s fingers caressing her back and pulling her closer.

Their lips met again, soon followed by their tongues dancing. As they kissed, Jessica leaned back on the bed, pulling Smitty on top of her. Smitty floated on the pillows of Jessica’s breasts.

She felt Jessica’s hands on her small tight ass and willingly parted her legs to straddle Jess’s belly. As she did, she sensed hesitation. “It’s okay, Jess. All the parts are the same,” she whispered between kisses.

And with that, Jessica began to finger Smitty’s small slit. Her finger felt nearly as large as an elven cock to Smitty and she felt the strong desire to have it inside of her. But she realized that this wasn’t about her, this was about Jess, and she began to kiss her way down Jessica’s neck.

Jessica moaned as Smitty added her skilled tongue to every kiss. At her breasts, Smitty lingered, wetting each nipple before flicking it, then sucking it. Jessica wasn’t secreting an aphrodisiac but Smitty didn’t need one. The moans of her lover were enough.

The lower she kissed, the more Jessica parted her legs. The closer she came to Jessica’s pussy, the stronger was the aroma. It was a scent the Smitty had never experienced. Elveens smell like a mixture of hot chocolate, mint, and cinnamon. This was wholly different, and Smitty could only imagine what Jessica might taste like.

She snaked her elven tongue over Jessica’s mound and up to her clit, teasing it from her hood. She felt Jessica’s hand in her hair as she guided her tongue down, between the folds of skin and to her opening. Jessica shuddered.

She threaded her tongue in and up, using her sensitive taste buds to feel for Jessica’s spot. It’s exact location Smitty found and then Jessica confirmed by uttering, “Ohhhhffuuuuckyessss…”

Smitty then began a relentless assault on Jessica’s G-spot, causing her to writhe under her. Smitty was delightfully amazed at her reactions. Elveen will sometimes levitate when being aroused. Smitty loved Jessica’s thrashing and moaning.

Her tiny thin fingers worked over Jessica’s clit as her tongue lashed away at her spot. Jessica’s orgasm began to rise and Smitty felt her hips pressing up to her face. But the reaction she wanted was the one she got when she heard Jessica say, “Oh my god…Caroline…YES… YESYESYESSSSS!”

Smitty felt Jessica’s sex pulse and contract as her orgasm raced through her body. She felt the flow and eagerly lapped the tasty nectar up. All the while, Jessica moaned and twisted, eventually calming down to a weak pant.

Smitty kissed her way up Jessica’s sweaty body until their lips met and exchanged soft, delicate kisses. Jessica embraced her, pulling her close. Smitty wrapped her small body around Jessica. “That was amazing, Smitty.”

Smitty smiled, “You need rest. And I’ll stay for as long as you need, so you won’t be lonely. And, I think you’re pretty valuable.”

Jessica offered a weak smile. “I am tired. I think I’ll nap for a bit.”

Smitty ran her delicate fingers through Jessica’s hair and kissed her forehead. “Yes, do that and things will look better later. I know it.”


The hot chocolate, the warm bed, and the orgasm put Jessica to sleep for eighteen hours. Smitty was in the kitchen preparing breakfast, constantly checking her watch, and ever listening with her elven ears when Jessica arose, showered and shuffled her robed self into the sitting area to the aroma of bacon and eggs. “Wow, that smells scrumptious,” she said.

“Have a seat,” Smitty replied with her elven grin. “And, before you ask, this is my treat.”

Jessica sat at the bar as Smitty served her. She finally tilted her head and furrowed her brow. “Smitty, did you grow last night?”

Smitty blushed and smiled. “No, but thank you for noticing. I’m sort of, how can I put this, walking on air.”

“I see,” Jessica said and took a bite of the eggs. Her eyes lit up. “Wow again! These are fantastic!” She then commenced to devour the plate.

Smitty watched and sipped coffee. It’s obvious that Jessica had been on hard times for a while. She checked her watch for the 234th time.

“You waiting for something?” Jessica asked between bites.

“Oh,” replied Smitty, “Ummm, not someTHING so much as someONE.”

“My Fairy Godmother?” Jessica quipped before taking a long draught of Smitty’s elven coffee.

“Not exactly.” Smitty’s spine tingled and her ears twitched. “Jessica, you should get dressed now.”

“But why? No one ever visits me and I have nowhere to go. What’s the point?”

Smitty was getting anxious. “You took a shower, though? So, you should get dressed. Maybe something, you know, holidayish.”

“That’s not even a word.”

“A girl gets a journalism degree and she thinks she knows everything.”

Jessica giggled and smiled. “Alright, alright, I’ll get dressed, if only to say thank you for that fab breakfast.” She got up and walked back to her bedroom. Just as her door shut, a knock came on the front door and Smitty jumped.

Not a jump from fright, she’d fully expected the knock. In fact, the visitor had been pacing in front of the door for ten minutes and it was only Smitty’s mental attention to her that kept her there. The jump was more like a leap that covered the entire space between the kitchen and the front door.

Smitty opened the door and looked up. “May I help you?”

“Oh,” the visitor said, looking down on her short respondent, “I’m sorry, I guess I have the wrong address.”

Jessica’s voice rang out from down the hall. “Who’s at the door, Smitty? Be careful, this neighborhood is a bit dicey.”

There was a brief silence as the visitor registered the voice. Smitty stepped aside and the visitor stopped in. “Jessica? Jessica Winters? Is that you?”

Jessica was just walking down the hall slipping a Christmas sweatshirt over her head. She stopped in mid-motion, one arm up, the other down, her midriff bare. “Caroline?” She yanked the sweater down to reveal a smile that lit the entire apartment. “Oh my God! It’s you!”

Smitty slipped around the walls back to the kitchen to quickly clean things up. As she did, she watched them. The visitor, Caroline Osborne, was just as beautiful as her picture. The two of them embraced. Smitty smiled as they held each other at arms distance and gushed compliments on one another.

Jessica led Caroline to the sofa and they sat and started talking. Smitty prepared two mugs of hot chocolate and delivered them quickly and silently, so much so that neither woman noticed.

“Caroline, why…how did you come here?”

“Funny story. I got my mail the other day and leafed through it, you know, tossing the spam. So this one letter had no return address and looked like spam, so I tossed it in the trash. About an hour later, it was on my dining room table. I thought that I’d forgotten to trash it, so I trashed it then. Then, after lunch, as I was cleaning the kitchen, I found it on the counter. I finally decided that, if a letter was going to be that persistent, I should at least read it.”

Jessica’s eyes darted to Smitty who was sitting quietly on the kitchen bar, looking every bit like an Elf on the Ledge. She smiled back as if to say ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’.

“So,” Jessica said, “what did it say?”

Caroline sniffed as a tear welled in her eye. “It said: ‘To receive your Christmas gift from Santa, be at this address at ten a.m. tomorrow morning.”

Jessica’s head tilted as she put the pieces together. “Your Christmas gift? Here? But….”

Caroline only nodded and smiled weakly as the tear that welled now drifted down her cheek. “You.”

Smitty watched the women embrace. Jessica’s eyes met hers and she mouthed ‘thank you’. She smiled in return. The women’s embrace led to a kiss. It seemed to Smitty that it was a kiss that started years ago and was only interrupted. They fell into each other as if they had never parted.

With a wiggle of her fingers and a twitch of her ears, she faded from their sight. But she was still there, ever curious about the ways of humans, she watched the two lovers reconnect their relationship.

She watched them for several minutes as their kisses grew in passion and their clothing began to be distributed around the room. Just as Jessica was leading Caroline back to her bedroom, Smitty felt a tap on her shoulder. She sighed and turned.

“You are a very naughty elf,” said Beluar, Tann’s brother.

“I plead not guilty.” Smitty said.

“Well, that will be taken up with The Big Guy. Right now, I have to bring you back.”

Smitty sighed and looked around Jessica’s apartment. “One second, please.” She stepped away and walked to the small tree. A wiggle of her fingers and a twitch of her ears and the tree sparkled like any tree at Rockefeller Plaza. Turning around, she walked over to the mantle. “I don’t think Lyraesel would mind.” She winked twice and the face on the elf transformed to her own. “Okay, Beluar. I’m ready.”


The trial was a short one. The Big Guy found Smitty guilty of breaking sixteen separate rules of the Transportation Code and twenty-seven of the Workplace Policies and sentenced her to 150 years of laboring in the stables. All of which were commuted because she made the Christmas wishes of two humans come true. There was much celebrating.


Caroline and Jessica emerged from her bedroom, arm in arm, wearing only dress shirts. They stopped short at the sight of the tree. “I don’t remember that being decorated,” said Caroline.

Jessica looked over at the Elf on the Ledge and smiled. “It wasn’t,” she said, “a friend did it for us.”

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