Highschool Gets Sexy

Highschool Gets Sexy


*****The following story is inspired by true events and everyone in this story is 18******

My name is Peter and I’m 18 years old. I am gay! The following story is a retelling of my final night of high school with a few of my friends from the football team.

David and I were at the local supermarket picking up some snacks for tonight’s little get together. Tonight was the last night of High School. The last four years flew by quickly. The latter two years, I spent it on the football team. For the first couple of months of being on the team I made sure to keep my sexuality a secret. My team would love to crack gay jokes around and I wasn’t sure how they would treat me if I came out to all of them. But over time, I slowly came out to some of them. Eventually coming out to the entire team. None of them gave me any flack toward my sexuality. Which was awesome. With permission, they continued to crack gay jokes and sometimes they went a bit too far. Which I made sure they knew they went too far, and they would apologize.

The little get together was going to be at Martin’s house. It was only supposed to be the five of us. The five of us were kind of a small little crew in high school, we did basically everything together. So it made sense we would spend our last night of high school together.

Martin, was the oldest of the group. He was 19 and held back a year in Sophomore year. He was Latino with light skin, with a buzzcut for a haircut. His chin was well defined and had a goatee. Martin was also very tall, he towered over me at six feet two inches. I was 5’8.

Ludi, 18, was a student who immigrated to America in his freshman year. When he first joined the football team he was a scrawny kid, but now he is buff. Really buff. Close to Henry Cavill. He was the same height as me and was light skin. No facial hair.

Darius, 18, was the black member of our group, he stood at six feet even. He was muscle thin. Having a six pack that all the women would drool over. Including myself, but I never told him that. His hair was cut short and he had a trimmed beard that ran along his jawline.

Then there was David, who just turned 18 last week. He was the white guy of the group. Although I was white too, I had a tan, David didn’t. It’s why he got the nickname, Ghost. Because he was so white. He stood at five foot nine inches. He was not only on the football team, but also the soccer team. When the football season would end, he would be on the soccer team. Martin was also on the same team. As a matter of fact, David was the soccer team captain and he led our soccer team to champions. David had shoulder length blonde hair, with no facial hair. He rocked the babyface look, so he made sure to shave every day.

“Is that everything?” David asked as before stepping into the cashier line.

I scanned through the basket and saw everything on the list and said, “Yup, seems so.”

The two of us entered the line and began to converse about the upcoming night. “I heard, Martin is going to get us beer,” David whispered into my ear.

I raised a brow, “Oh, really? Hopefully we don’t get stale beer like last time.”

“Hey! He didn’t know they were his old man’s lost beer.”

“Who even loses beer like that? And for that long?”

David shrugged.

“You know, I could borrow one of my brother’s bottles of liquor.”

“You’d do that? Won’t he get mad?”

I shrugged, “I’ll make it up to him somehow.”

David and I went through the cashier and paid for everything. Then we got into his car and drove to my house. Where I went in and checked if my brother was home. No one was. My parents were at work and Brandon was probably out somewhere. I went to the door of his room and slowly turned the knob. When the door opened, I was shocked to see Brandon laying face down on his bed only in his underwear. He seemed to be fully knocked out. I called out his name and got no response.

The alcohol was on his dresser on the other side of the bed. So I had to walk across his room to get it. Slowly, I began traversing his room and made it to the other side. Now over the dresser stocked with alcohol, I began looking for a nearly full bottle.

I found a bottle of whiskey that wasn’t opened, I reached for it and that’s when I heard a voice coming from behind me, “What are you doing, Pete?” It was Brandon.

I gulped and turned to him holding the bottle in my hand, “Was going to borrow…”

Brandon was now sitting up on his bed, interrupting me, “Let me guess, you and your little friends are going to have a final night party?”

My response came as a nod. There was silence for a few seconds and I was worried he might start yelling but instead he said, “Take it, you owe me 30 bucks. Have fun and be safe and whatever.”

I let out a sigh of relief and said, “Thank you Brandon, I really…”

“Oh shut up and get out of here before I change my mind,” he said as he laid back down.

I nodded then left. With the whiskey in hand, I hopped into David’s car and we drove off to Martin’s.

Everyone got to Martin’s house around 8pm where we quickly got to drinking while watching a movie. It was a drinking game. And by the end of the movie, the majority of us were drunk off the beer and whiskey we had gathered. As you can see, Martin got unexpired beer.

It was 10:30 when the boredom began to sink in and we decided to play a little game. The five of us sat around in a circle as if we were going to play Ouija. Then David grabbed an empty glass bottle and said, “Let’s spin the bottle and whoever it lands on has to answer a question from the spinner.”

“Isn’t this the shit girls do at sleep overs before they fuck?” Darius said.

The entire group laughed.

“No,” Martin began to say, “They do each other’s nails and then they fuck,” another round of laughs came out.

Darius was the first to grab the bottle and spun it. It landed pointing at Ludi. Darius smiled and said, “Alright Ludi, you the first, did you let me win in the Street Fighter V tournament?”

Darius was referring to a tournament at the local arcade, where the final match was between him and Ludi. Ludi had won the previous two tournaments. While Darius, despite participating in the previous four years, had never won a tournament. Darius had spent an excruciating amount of time training for it. So when the final match came up, it was neck and neck, but it was Darius, who was victorious. It seemed that Ludi had messed up, so he said. The rest of the group figured Ludi threw the match for Darius to win.. Every time Ludi had been asked, he always denied it. Made me wonder if tonight he would continue to do so.

Ludi kept quiet for a few seconds then finally spoke, “Yes! I did, are you happy? Sorry I wanted you to win.”

Darius and Ludi stared at each other for a few seconds as they were about to fly towards each other. But David was the one who ended it by saying, “Come on guys! We’re supposed to be having a good time. Just let this go”

“But, he let…” Darius began to protest.

“Relax, let it go,” Martin told him.

The two broke the stare off and Darius groaned, “Fine, but we are fighting again! To settle this.”

Ludi smiled, “Alright, I won’t hold back.”

“You fucking better not!”

“Alright, now that the two are you got over that, it’s Martin’s turn,” David said.

Martin spun the bottle and it landed on David, “Well, well, if it isn’t my best friend who I get to ask the questions,” Martin said with a slight grin.

“I’m all ears, bro,” David said, throwing his hands up.

“Did you really fuck Mr. Torres’ teacher’s assistant?”

David’s mouth dropped. There was a rumor that the teacher’s assistant, who was a college girl, was caught fucking a student. But no one was able to confirm who the student was. Martin figured it could have been David since he was really into her and he often flirted with her. And David had just turned 18 and was awfully quiet about his evening’s events. Which was unusual, he’d always talk about his nights with women.

David turned to us then back at Martin and chewed on his lower lip for a few moments, then eventually spat out, “I did.”

“I fucking knew it!” Martin yelled.

“Hey man, I don’t want her to lose her job man.”

The rest of us patted him on the shoulder and said, “Hey man, the secret will be with us. No one will know,” Ludi assured him.

It was now David’s turn. He spun the bottle and it landed on me. Which made me gulp.

David’s face showed no emotion as he began his question, “Since we’re talking about secrets, I guess I should ask you this Peter. Last weekend, when you stayed over, did you slip your hand in my underwear?”

I had never had sex with either of these men, but I did think about it a lot. I had seen all their dicks in the showers and would constantly fantasize about doing things with them. However, I made sure to keep our friendship sexless. Which it still was. But last weekend, I stayed over at David’s place. I was on the floor while he was on his bed, when I woke up in the middle of the night. The moonlight shone into the room as I sat up. When I turned to face David, I saw that his sheets were off and he was lying in bed in just his underwear. And inside his underwear was his erect cock. It was clear David was asleep. And curiosity took over me as I reached over and cautiously snuck my hand into his underwear and pulled out his cock. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to play with it long as he moved as if he was waking up. Which, I tucked his cock back inside and quickly lied down. The next day, David never mentioned it so I figured he didn’t know about it. Clearly, I was incorrect.

I gulped again and thought about how it could go. Since everyone was being honest, I decided to do the same. “Yes, I did. And I am sorry.”

David bit his lower lip and saw the worry in me, “It’s cool man. I thought it was a dream.”

The rest of the guys looked at me and it was Darius who asked a follow up question, “You haven’t jerked off thinking about us right?”

My lips pursed and realized I was being asked a second question from a person who hadn’t spun the bottle. I grabbed the bottle and said, “It isn’t your turn to ask questions.”

That’s when I felt David’s hand on mine, “Screw the rules. Answer his question.”

“Fine, I have. I’m sorry.”

“Gross,” Darius said.

“Hey man, don’t give him shit. We’re all hot here, it makes sense why we’d make him hard,” Martin said.

The group laughed. And it seemed the tension had faded away. As Darius smiled at me and said, “It’s cool bro. If you were another fag, yeah I’d be mad, but you my fag. You my brother.”

“You want to suck it?” a voice said. That’s when everyone stopped laughing and the four of us turned to the person who had asked, which was David. “What? Don’t give me that look. You’ve all been curious, I know. I sure have been curious to know how good of a cock sucker Peter is.”

“I haven’t,” Darius and Ludi said. But Martin didn’t say it, instead he said, “I have.”

Darius and Ludi stared at him, to which Martin responded with a shrug, “What? I’m comfortable with my sexuality. It isn’t gay to get your cock sucked by a dude.”

“You sound like you’re speaking from experience,” Darius pressed.

“Hey man, don’t knock it until you try it,” was Martin’s response.

“I’m with Martin,” David said, “Why not guys, it’s the last night together. Let’s fulfill our friend’s dream.”

“I ain’t going first,” Darius said.

“Me neither,” said Ludi.

“Pansies! I’ll go first,” Martin said, grabbing his junk.

“Uh, what this night turned out differently than I expected,” I said.

Martin stood up and walked to me. He wore white soccer shorts and I could already see his member getting hard. So he clearly was getting hard during the conversation. I looked at Darius and Ludi then back at the bulge right before me. David opened up his shorts quickly revealing his grey briefs, which he said he wore because the girls digged them. I definitely did. He took out his cock from his briefs and pulled my head towards it. My mouth opened and the cut cock slipped into my mouth. It was long, about 7 inches, with a girth of 4 inches.

David’s hand was on the back of my head guiding me on his cock. My hands were on his thighs as his cock slid deep into my throat. My throat muscle massaged his cock which caused him to let out a moan. The rest of the guys let out a chuckle.

“Hey, shut up, not like you haven’t moaned before,” David said.

While I continued to suck on his cock, Martin was the next one to offer up his cock. He stood next to David with his pants open and his cock pulled out from his boxer briefs. David pulled his cock out and turned me to the other cock waiting for me.

Martin’s cock was a bit shorter than David’s. About 6 inches but it was thick, like really thick. I pulled back his foreskin and took in the cock. Slowly I moved my head back and forth, and unlike David who was a bit embarrassed to get his cock sucked in front of his friends, Martin let out a series of moans.

As I sucked on Martin’s cock, David was stroking his cock and he turned to the other two, “So who’s next?”

Darius and Ludi looked at each other, then settled it with a match of paper, scissors, rock match. Which was pretty hilarious, especially since Darius was the one who lost. Seeing as he was the one most against this.

Martin’s cock left my mouth and I turned to see Darius’ bulge in my face. He pulled down his sweats and pulled out of his flaccid cock from his boxers’ hole. Without any further hesitation, I swallowed his uncut cock into my mouth. Which got erect shortly after. His cock was thick and long like David’s. Darius, however, didn’t moan, instead he stared down at me as I sucked his cock. But it did seem he enjoyed it, as I would occasionally see his eyes roll back.

When it came to Ludi’s turn, we did something different. Ludi didn’t stand up, he remained in his seat and I went over, undid his shorts and pulled his chubby cock out of his underwear. The reason for this was because David wanted to fuck me. Something Darius and Ludi weren’t too keen on doing. But I was. I was expecting to just suck their cocks, but it was clear David wanted more than that. He always loved to escalate things.

Ludi did moan a bit which was great. David stood behind me with his hands on my waist. He undid my pants and pulled them down along with my briefs. With my exposed butt to him, he parted my cheeks and began to enter me. I wasn’t an anal virgin so I was used to it already.

“Oh shit, it’s tight,” David gasped.

I smiled loving the fact I was still tight. He continued pushing his cock deep into my hole and when he was fully inside, he began to thrust. Slowly at first, until he found a rhythm and sped up. In the meantime, I continued to slobber on Ludi’s cock. And apparently I was doing a very good job as I felt him jolt and it felt like he would be cumming soon.

And he did, he was the first of us to cum. And it was very sudden. Ludi’s body jolted once more as the first shot of cum flew out. The shot was accompanied by a grunt. He placed his hand on the back of my head and held me down as the remaining load fired into my mouth. When he finished, he apologized for cumming into my mouth. I guessed he wasn’t used to cumming in someone’s mouth. But I assured it was alright and I preferred it since it was less messy.

David’s thrusting had gone up a bit more and I was beginning to pant. But I was quickly silenced when Darius stuffed his cock back into my mouth. My hands were on his bare butt cheeks as he held onto the sides of my head and began to thrust. Somehow David and Darius managed to sync up their thrusting. Which caused me to roll my eyes back. This was an amazing moment to be in.

Darius was the next person to cum. His body slowed down when the first shot fired into my mouth. I still had some of Ludi’s cum in my mouth. But that didn’t stop me from draining Darius’ cock. His head was tilted back with his eyes rolled back as I drained every last drop from his cock. When he was done unloading his cum, he stepped back and admitted, “That was pretty good, to be real.”

Darius then sat down on the couch with just his underwear and t-shirt on. Ludi had also removed his shorts.

David pulled out his cock from my ass and Martin stood behind me. He stuffed his cock inside me and that one made me grunt since his cock was a bit thicker than David’s. With it inside, Martin began to slowly thrust. David stood before me and stuffed his cock into my mouth. He had a handful of my hair in his hand as his pelvis thrust back and forth at a rapid rate. The two men let out moans as my body pleasured their glorious cocks. But it was David who would be the third to cum. His body slowed down as the first shot flew into my mouth. It collided with my inner cheek followed by the rest of the load. He cried out as he filled my mouth with more cum then the other two men who came before.

When David finally stopped cumming, I slurped on his cock and sucked out as much cum as I could before he pulled his cock out. I swallowed the hefty load and watched David step away from me. He removed his shorts and sat down on the couch next to Darius with just his briefs on.

Martin took longer than the other boys but he eventually got there. Not wanting to cum in my ass, even though I wouldn’t have mind, Martin warned me he was close. He pulled out his cock while continuing to stroke it and I quickly turned to him and placed my mouth on the tip of his cock. Sucking it for a few moments before the inevitable happened. Martin’s knees bent as he fired his load into my throat. Each shot came with a moan and his hand was on the back of my head pressing down. After that, I sucked out the remaining cum in his shaft, then he pulled out and I swallowed his load.

Martin sat down on the floor with just his boxers on and turned to the other guys, “So that happened?”

The four of us laughed. I pulled up my briefs and pants, but then David urged me to just be in my underwear like the rest of them.

“I didn’t think I’d enjoy a blowjob from a guy so much,” said Darius, “Shit, If I would have known how good you were, we could have been doing this before.”

“Ha, thanks. Well they say guys are better at sucking cocks because they know how to pleasure a cock.” I said.

“That makes sense,” Ludi added.

David then turned to Martin, “So, you clearly had your dick sucked by a guy before. How did that happen?”

Martin snickered, “I knew you would bring it up,” Martin sighed, “Well, remember Monica?” the four of us nodded. She was Martin’s girlfriend of a year. “She wanted to kink things up in the bed, so she invited her gay friend over. At first, I was against it, but I really wanted to fuck her. So I said yes. The guy sucked my dick, then I fucked her. When I was done with her she wanted me to fuck the dude, which I did.”

“I see, that is pretty kinky,” David said.

“I need more whiskey in me,” said Darius.

Darius stood up and poured whiskey into each of our empty glasses. We each raised our glasses as David spoke, “To our badass friendship, to the awesome years we had in high school, and to you, Peter, who has been a great friend to us all and who took all our cocks and cum.”

The four of us laughed and then took our shots of whiskey.

The following morning was a blur, my head spun and I felt that if I stood up I’d fall back down. But I managed to get up and go to the bathroom to urinate. When I got out of the restroom the four had woken up. Martin patted me on the shoulder as he went into the bathroom. David, who seemed to be doing fine, said he was ordering us some breakfast. The five of us dressed and waited for the food.

When the food came, the five of us ate our food and talked about sticking together after high school. David and Martin were going to the same school which was hours away. While Darius and Ludi would remain local, like me. It was then and there that we pledge to never let our friendship die and that we would always stay in contact with each other.

My four years of high school were awesome and the main reason for it was my four friends. Who stuck by me through it all. And I was entirely grateful to have them in my life.

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