How To Give Fantastic Head

How To Give Fantastic Head


OK, this is for the ladies out there. Well, really for the women and the men, as you’ll see.

Here’s the thing. I love (LOVE) giving blowjobs. Nothing sexier to me. I have literally had orgasms while going down on a guy – it turns me on that much. But….lean in a little closer here…I have a secret to share. I, um, well don’t really like the taste of cum that much. I, know, I know just shoot me (ha). Actually I guess I should say I like the taste more than I did. But it’s still not my favorite. Many of my female friends would probably say the same thing. Look, semen tastes strange. It does. It’s really salty and powerful. It has an odd consistency. It’s kind of messy. There can be a lot of it. Don’t believe me, guys? Well, next time you are masturbating, just shoot a blast into your hand and lick it up. Tastes a bit sour, no?

OK, I said it. It’s out there. But yet….I love swallowing. LOVE! It is unbelievably sexy to me, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. And to all the women out there who don’t like giving head, and hate the taste of cum…I’m here to tell you that you can have the second part, and still love the first. I’m living proof.

So what’s my secret? Well, two things. First off, I really get into it. I completely let myself go. It’s OK to feel slutty and sexy and hot while you are doing it. Let the icky factor turn you on. I mean come on, you have a guy’s hard dick in your mouth. He’s all sweaty. Your pussy is getting wet. It’s primal. It’s dirty and sexy as hell. Let those feelings overwhelm you.

Second? – Mouthwash.

OK, stop laughing. I’m not kidding. And I don’t mean after. Nope. I mean before. Here’s the thing about mouthwash – it has alcohol in it, and flavoring, and it kills germs and for a short period of time pretty much numbs all of your taste buds. Plus your breath smells and tastes good. So use it….use it for a while (or all the time) until the mental hurdle becomes less and less, then maybe (like me at least a good deal of the time) you won’t need it at all.

Because here’s the thing….women if you really want to be a good lover and you really care about pleasing your partner…then you should swallow. Period. Anything else is telling your partner that something he does, with sex, is gross. Now I’m not saying there aren’t lines you shouldn’t cross. If your partner wants to piss all over you, and you find that disgusting (my hand is raised here), I’m not saying that you should grin and bear it. It’s OK to have some lines that you don’t cross. But I’m sorry – not swallowing shouldn’t be one of them. Well, let me back off that a little….at the VERY LEAST you should always let the guy cum in your mouth. And really if you are going to do that, then swallowing should be the next step. But the bare minimum must include letting him shoot his cum in your mouth. Anything less is – frankly – insulting and selfish, and those are two things that you should never, ever, EVER have associated with sex. I mean look, if I ever date a guy and he won’t perform oral sex on me….well, we don’t date very long (i.e. not after I find that out). It comes with the territory here – pun intended. If a guy thinks that sticking his tongue up inside my pussy when it’s wet is gross….well, then that’s his call, but it’s then my call to kick him to the curb.

But it goes both ways. How can I expect a man to keep wanting to date me, if I don’t/won’t give him a blowjob? Not doing so, as I said before, is tantamount to me saying that his cum is gross, or that licking his dick is wrong. It’s crazy. If you don’t like giving blowjobs, then either date an ultra conservative who only believes in intercourse, date a guy who can’t get an erection, or go lesbian. Those are your options. And if you are going to give a guy head, how can you even consider not letting him cum in your mouth? Seriously? It would be like letting a guy lick you, and right as you start to cum, he just pulls away and stands there and watches. Huh? What’s sexy about that? What’s erotic or selfless about that? Nothing, nothing and nothing.

So, here’s where mouthwash comes in. Ladies – decide that you are going to give you guy a blowjob, and go rinse your mouth out with mouthwash. Then go get him. You have about ten minutes before the effects fully wear off, and most guys won’t last a full ten minutes….not if you know what you are doing. Of course I don’t use the mouthwash right away. And to understand why, let me tell you how I like to give head.

To start with, I let him know right away that I want to suck his cock. I use dirty words. I let him know I feel slutty. This is not about me sucking him a little then having his cock in my pussy. Sure, that’s OK, but I’m talking about wanting to just give a blowjob here. Kiss your man. Nibble on his ear, or lick his neck. Do what you know turns him on. Then whisper to him, “God I want to suck your cock right now. I’ve been thinking about it all day. Picturing your hard cock moving in and out of my wet mouth. My pussy was so wet today imagining it.” Use hot words. Let yourself get wet while you are saying it. And let him know, in no uncertain terms, what you plan on doing with his cum. My favorite things to say:

“I can’t wait to suck your cock and swallow your hot cum.” To the point and sexy. No ambiguity.

“Oh God, I can feel how hard you are. I can’t wait to wrap my lips around your cock and suck every last drop of your hot cum into my stomach.”

Or my favorite:

“I want to suck your cock so badly, but only on two conditions,” I say as I’m licking on his ear. “One – that you’ll cum in my mouth, and two – that you promise, and I mean PROMISE, that you’ll make me swallow every fucking drop.” Yeah, that’s hot. I know (ha).

Say these things or something like them. Be a slutty cock sucker. It’s OK. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It’s sex. It should turn him on (and you). So then I build up the tension. He knows that he’s getting his dick sucked. He knows I want it. He knows I’m going to swallow him. Those things….um….well, they tend to turn a guy on. They tend to make his cock really hard. Ladies – those are good things. So then I make him wait, while I increase his arousal. I take off his shirt. I kiss his nipples. I take of my shirt. I let him lick my now rock hard nipples. While he does, I let him know how much that turns me on, and I whisper that I bet his cock is rock hard, and that I can’t wait to use my mouth on it. Sometimes he’ll get excited and start to try and take my pants off, or put his hand down into my panties, but at times like this, I stop him. This is about him…not me. I want to bring him off, not have him do the same to me (again, at times it’s OK, but I’m talking about just wanting to suck his cock).

So then I take off his pants. Slowly. First I rub my face all over the hard cock that wants to badly to get out of his pants. I kiss it through his jeans or shorts, or slacks. I run my hand over it. I whisper more dirty things “What’s this in your pants? Is that your hard cock? You’re naughty to have such a hard cock. You must really want that cock sucked to have it be so hard.” It’s simple really. Keep him turned on. Let him know that this is turning you on just as much. When I take his pants off, I leave on his boxers at first (and guys – please – either boxers or a cool kind of underwear…no tighty whitees…ha). Now his cock has room to be fully extended, but he’s still clothed. Now I can rub the soft cloth of his boxers over his cock. Now I can cup his balls through the fabric. And now, I can see how much precum has poured out of his cock.

And that’s a HUGE turn-on for me. When I take his pants off I get the evidence of the work I’ve done. Look, most guys will have precum develop even at the hint of having sex. It’s biological. The stuff comes out to create lubrication for sex. But when you turn them on. When you build up their desire….boy, it pours out. You take off their pants, and their boxers have a huge wet stain on them. When I see that, my pussy literally starts leaking it turns me on so much.

And here’s why I don’t use the mouthwash at first….because precum….well, it actually tastes pretty good. It’s sweet. For the life of me I’ll never understand why that liquid can taste so completely different than semen itself, but it does. So ladies….no excuses here. Go after their precum. When I see this, I’ll dip my nose into the wetness on his boxers. Then I like to find the opening and whisper something like “I’m not the only one getting wet here am I?” and then I lick it up…slowly. I slurp at it. I let him know that I’m sucking up the fluid coming out of his cock and taking it onto my tongue and in my mouth and swallowing it. I want him to know that. It turns him (and me) on even more. That’s my goal. Sometimes I’ll dip my finger in it and pull it up to my mouth. It’s stringy and will dangle from my finger down to his cock. I’ll lick it off my finger then follow the trail back down to the head of his cock where more of the tasty stuff waits.

But I’m not done. Now I’ll lick down his legs a little. Kiss under his knees. Then I gently slide his boxers off…..and tease him some more. I lick up into his crotch where his legs attach. I kiss up around his pubic hair. And I lick his balls. I don’t spend too much time there, because honestly, his balls aren’t typically that sensitive….but it’s sexy. So while I lick them I’ll say things like “I love licking your balls. I know how much cum is in them, and I can’t wait to feel it shooting down my throat.” By now there’s even more precum, and his dick is fully in view. Now it’s time to compliment him, ladies. Tell him how hard he is. Tell him how big his cock is (even if it’s not, or not as big as others you’ve seen….it’s big now, and that’s what matters). Keep telling him how hot this is making you.

Then I slowly lick up his shaft, and when I get to the head I (once again) drink in his large pool of precum. Then I tell him how good it tastes (and say again that I can’t wait to taste all of his cum as it shoots into my mouth). Then, I like to take his hand and take one of his fingers and slide it up hard along the shaft, which brings out a huge glob of precum. I’ll giggle and say, “Is that all for me?” and then lick it up and swallow it. Again, this stuff tastes sweet. It’s fun to do. Your taste buds actually like it, and by now your man is squirming. I lick around his cock and up and down, and lick his head.

So now it’s ready for the main course. Ladies, some of you can do the mouthwash before anything happens. That’s fine, but it will wear off a little and you won’t taste his precum at all. So at this point, I’ll say something like, “stay here…I’ll be right back. Stroke your cock for me and get me more of that sweet fluid to drink” and I’ll dart in the bathroom and very quietly swish some mouthwash. Not so that he hears it. When I walk back I’ll say something like “I needed some water cause I’m so fucking hot sucking you like this.” Whatever….at this point, he’s just dying to have my mouth on his cock. But I’ve now numbed my taste buds. It’s go time.

So then it’s kind of simple. You lick him a little, take him in your mouth and suck on him. Use your tongue on the part just below his head (that’s where his nerves are). I like to bob my head a few times, and then just stop right there and swirl my tongue back and forth without moving. It drives them wild (and warning, sometimes they will cum right there…just be ready in case it happens). I like to lick slowly at first. Make sure to keep your teeth back…grazing him with the edges or your teeth does not feel good. Do what feels natural. Moan. Let him know you are enjoying it.

If he can last a while, then great. Finally I’ll pull off him, look up and with my sexiest voice (and a soaking pussy) I’ll say something like “I want your cum so fucking bad. Please shoot your hot cum into my mouth. Please! I’m begging you to let me swallow your cum.” It’s fast and slutty what I say, but I’m letting him know that the end is near. That the next time I take my mouth off his cock will only be after I’ve swallowed every single drop of his cum. Then I go to town. I lick fast and furiously. I moan like crazy. I like to take one hand as well and very softly tickle the end of his balls….letting him know with my hands that I want all the cum that’s building up in them.

And you can tell when it’s about to happen. His breathing will increase. If his inhibitions are gone (and they should be) he’ll talk to you. Tell you how hot you are. Tell you how good his cock looks in your mouth. Tell you what a good cocksucker you are, and how much he’s about to cum. Then typically he’ll yell out or scream “Oh God,” or “I’m cuming,” or just “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Sometimes you get a quiet one, but even then you’ll feel their cock start to twitch.

And then I slide his cock until just the head is in, and (here’s a tip), I pull my tongue back up and curl it a little, so that it’s not under his cock any more. Now his cock literally explodes in your mouth. Cum blasts out, and then again, then again. Really fast at first, and thick. If you haven’t used mouthwash, the change in flavor is dramatic. As I said, much more bitter. More salty. If you have…well, you can’t really taste anything (and that’s the point – there’s no more gross factor for you). Of course now there is physics at play here. Your mouth is filling with his cum, and there’s not a ton of room in there. This is why you pull your head up before he cums so that you create a little more space. Let him shoot about 5 or so blasts, and then just contract the back of your throat and swallow it down. Good, first wave is sliding down your throat now…but more is coming out. That’s good too. If you’ve done your job, he’ll cum a great deal. That should turn you on. It’s ALL because of you. So swallow again, and now you can start moving your head again. He’s still cumming, but it’s slowing even more now, and you can coax it out with your moving mouth. Now I just let it fill up, and wait, and then I’ll pull my mouth off completely and give my first good (and quick) swallow, before immediately putting him back in and sucking some more for those last amounts. Remember I told him I would suck every drop.

So a guy’s cock gets really sensitive after this, and eventually he will pull you off him (after say 5 seconds or so) because it’s just too much. What I like to do then is look up at him with a big smile and lick my lips a little for any that might have slipped out and swallow. Then I’ll run my hand up his cock just a little so some more appears at the top of his cock, and then quickly flash down and suck that up. He’ll pull back because it’s still sensitive, and I’ll laugh and say “Hey, you promised you would make me swallow it all.” At this point he should pull you up and tell you how awesome you are.

When you are done, make sure you let him know how much you liked it. The end game matters here. Kiss him and say, “Thank you for letting me swallow your hot cum. God I love how good it feels sliding down my throat.” or “Your cum tastes so fucking good. God that was so hot.” Let him know this was not a chore….and that you’ll be back for more!

OK, so that’s the basics. Now a few other things.

First to the men:

1) As I said, you better be prepared to return the favor. If I’m going to work to make you cum more than you ever have, and swallow it all down, then you better be ready to lick my pussy, stick your tongue way up in me (tongue fucking is always hot) and make me cum like a mad person. Period. This is a two way street. Otherwise, you get one blowjob from me and one only.

2) Don’t force your cock into our mouths. Don’t. Let us take charge. You can run your hands through my hair. You can hold my head while I bob up and down, even moving with my rhythm, but don’t force your cock down my throat. Many of us don’t like that, or can’t do it, or have gag reflexes. I knew a girl who was giving a blow job while a little buzzed, and he grabbed her head and shoved his cock into the back of her throat and she got sick right there. Not fun! If your girl likes to deep throat, or can, let her take you there. Not the other way.

3) If we are going to treat your cum like it’s candy, then you better not be disgusted by it. Let me say the QUICKEST way for me to want to give a guy another blowjob is when I’m done for him to pull me up and make out with me. God that is sexy. Let’s him know that he knows the taste is a little odd, but that he’s OK with that, and that he’s appreciative of what I’ve just done. One boyfriend in college would always say, “I love kissing you after you’ve swallowed my cum.” He would say that and I immediately wanted to suck him again. Man, why did that relationship have to end? Ha.

So ladies, once you’ve gotten your technique down, you can do more things. You can use the mouthwash before you even start, or an hour before. Sort of ease your way into the taste of his cum. Now there are some times when I don’t use it at all, and even though I still don’t like the taste, I try to turn that into a strength. I tell myself how slutty I’m being – getting all wet and hot knowing that I’m about to let a guy blast his cum into my mouth.

And try different things:

* If he’s standing up…make sure you look up at him when he cums. Show him with your eyes how fucking hot he’s making you.

* Let him fuck your face. Be careful here, because he could gag you…but just get a pillow under your head and make sure you have some room. The fact is, most guys won’t want to fuck all the way down your throat. That doesn’t feel very good for them. They like the spit and wetness, and they’ll be pulling back and forth. The best part here is that you can now reach up with both hands to caress his balls. Also, one thing to know is that often when this happens they will push forward as they cum, which makes it harder to swallow….just be prepared and ready to move your head back a little more.

* Have him stand up and when he cums tell him to pull out and shoot it directly into your mouth like they do in porn movies. It’s not as hot for me….but many times they will like it.

* Let him cum in your mouth, but don’t swallow. Tell him before that you’re going to hold it all. Then look up at him and show him all that cum in your mouth and then close your lips and swallow it with a lusty stare (here’s where mouthwash really helps).

* Have him cum on your breasts, and then slowly lick it up with your fingers while he plays with your clit (I had one of the strongest orgasms in my life the first time I did this).

* My favorite…..when a guy is fucking me, every now and then I’ll whisper in his ear something like “Yes. Fuck me with your hard cock. It feels so good. But when you cum, I want you to pull out and cum in my mouth. I want to swallow your hot cum and lick my wet pussy off your cock. Fuck me and cum down my throat.” Sometimes I’ll even tell him that before we fuck, but I like to be spontaneous (even though I might have sneaked in some mouth wash that he doesn’t know about). But it’s super hot to have him pull out, and when he sticks his cock in the first thing I taste is my pussy and his precum, both of which are sweet. If I haven’t used mouthwash, when he comes it’s such a contrast, and dirty and hot as hell. If I’m really, really into the guy, and feeling super slutty, I’ll even let him cum inside me, then have him either use his fingers to feed me his cum, or tell him to pull out his dick so I can lick him clean (and do it more than once).

The guy I knew in college would fuck me and sometimes he would say to me, “Where do you want me to cum? You want my cum in your hot pussy or down your fucking throat?” God that turned me on. Usually I would say, “You pick,” and he would almost always say, “I want to cum in that hot mouth of yours and have you taste your pussy while you swallow every drop,” because….duh…what guy doesn’t want his girlfriend/partner/wife to swallow his cum in the hottest way possible. Why did I not end up with that guy again?

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