Hunter Fucks Wife in His Deer Stand

Hunter Fucks Wife in His Deer Stand

It was the first frosty Saturday in November and an hour before daylight. It was opening day of deer season and my wife and I were walking along the edge of a four hundred acre pasture. I could see my breath in the cold air by the light of my flashlight.

Kitty’s light and crunchy footsteps reassured me she was still behind me. She hunted with a camera and I hunted with a gun. Sharing the same deer blind was not a problem. She took photographs for magazines and I harvested meat for the freezer.

About half a mile from the road where we had parked our truck, I paused at a piece of yellow flagging hanging from the barbed wire fence we had been following. I put my foot on the second strand of wire from the bottom and pulled up with my hand on the third.

Kitty grinned, slipped between the parted strands, and sat the backpack she had been carrying over one shoulder on the ground. She held the wire while I slipped through.

As I straightened up, she whispered, “Is this the new stand”

I nodded. “You’ll like it. It even has heat.”

Kitty shivered and nodded. “I sure hope so, my feet are freezing.”

I chuckled as I led the way along a marked trail headed into the woods. “Your feet are always freezing,” I whispered. “Even in bed on a warm night.”

“That’s why I married you, your warm butt,” she whispered back.

I chuckled and nodded as I made a left turn at a marker. Another twenty steps and I stopped at the base of a wooden ladder. Kitty stopped behind me and shined her light up the ladder to spotlight the deer stand. This was her first look at it.

“That’s not a deer stand, that’s a friggin’ house.”

“Yeah, with lights, a stove, a bucket to pee in, a water tank, and a bed. All the comforts of home.” I told her as I started up the ladder toward the small porch across the end of the building.

“How the hell did you get it in here?”

“Buddy’s tractor and my big trailer,” I said softly as I unlocked the door. “It took two trips with the supplies, ladder, porch, and all.”

Kitty followed me up and then followed me inside. I snapped on a switch and two dim red lights came on up near the peak of the ceiling. We had enough light to see even without the flashlights.

“I’m impressed,” Kitty whispered.

“The walls, ceiling, and floor are insulated so keeping your feet warm shouldn’t be any problem,” I said as I lit a propane infrared heater in the corner. It added a little light and a lot of heat. “It’ll be toasty enough to open a window here shortly.”

Kitty grinned and shook her head. “You have really out done yourself this time,” she said as she eyed the bunk along the back wall, the two high backed swivel chairs and the small sink in the corner.

“I figured we might as well be comfortable and since I bought this strip of land, we can do as we like.”

“You bought the land? When did this happen?” Kitty asked with surprise in her voice.

“Right after deer season last year. I went by to see Mr. Cooper to thank him for letting us hunt here and he made me an offer. It was a damned good one, so I took it.”

“And you were planning to tell me when?” Kitty asked.

With a grin, I replied, “Like right now.”

“Uh, how much land did you buy and for how much?”

“I bought the whole strip between the pasture and the main highway. It’s about a quarter mile wide by two miles long. I figure we can build a house up here later, when we retire,” I said taking off my heavy coat.

“That’s a big chunk of land. Can we afford it?” Kitty asked with concern in her voice. She worried about money a lot more than I did.

“Mr. Cooper wants someone to have it that will use it and keep the hardwood that’s on it. He hates pine trees as much as I do. I figured that cutting the existing pine will pay for more than half of it. The bank figured the same way and gave me a good deal on financing.”

Kitty stood there frowning at me. “Over the summer, I had the north end cut and paid the bank more than we originally figured. I figure this coming summer they can cut the rest of the place and pay most of the note off.”

“And you figured all this out by yourself without consulting me,” my wife said softly.

“Actually, Mr. Cooper had already had the timber appraised and added twenty percent above that to the price. He really wanted us to have the place,” I said as I unzipped my heavy coveralls.

“Uh huh,” Kitty said still frowning.

I grinned at her. She looked so cute standing there with her arms folded across her chest. The thick insulated coveralls and heavy coat made her look round and hid all of her sweet curves. She always joked about falling down and rolling a mile before she could get stopped.

“You love this place and have said so many times,” I said softly.

“Yeah, I love to camp and hunt here. I love to wander around and take pictures but I never thought about buying it.”

“You also like the privacy,” I said with a grin as I remembered our lovemaking and naked hikes.

“Yeah, that too,” she said and smiled for the first time.

After a moment, she unfolded her arms and sighed. As she unzipped her coat she said, “It’s done and so far we’re ahead on the deal so I shouldn’t complain.” She paused and gave me a hard look. “Next time, talk to me first and don’t just drop it on me like a rock.”

“Yes, Dear,” I said and chuckled.

“It’s not funny, I don’t like surprises. Not big dollar money ones anyway unless it’s diamonds or a fur coat.”

“Diamonds and a fur coat would look stunning with your levies and cowboy boots,” I said jokingly.

“Yes. Yes they would,” she replied and then laughed. “I’ve never been that kind of girl and you know it.”

I stepped over to her, slipped my arms under her coat, and pulled her to me for a kiss. She tried to resist for a second and then kissed me back. After a minute or so, her hands and arms slipped inside my coveralls and she explored my back and butt. I did the same but through her thick insulated coveralls.

I broke the kiss and whispered, “Hey, one of us is getting short changed on the feeling up thing.”

She giggled and unzipped her coveralls. I slipped my hands and arms inside to explore her warm body. I expected the normal fleece sweatshirt and pants but I was in for a big surprise. Her body was covered in something skin tight and silky soft. I let my hands wander from her shoulders down her back and then over her ass.

As I squeezed a cheek in each hand I asked, “What are you wearing?”

She grinned and asked, “Do you like it?” When I nodded she said, “I ordered a little something to keep me warm but that looked sexy as hell at the same time.”

“When are you going to let me see?” I asked as my hands roamed over her back and butt. From what I could feel she seemed to have on a cat suit of some silky material.

She giggled and snuggled close to me, her hands slipping around to the front of my overalls. Through my sweat pants, she wrapped the fingers of one hand around my semi hard dick and cupped my balls with the other. Between my hands on her body and hers on mine, my dick started to harden immediately.

“Now that’s what I like to see or in this case, feel,” she whispered as she gave my hard shaft a squeeze.

The sound of steps in dry leaves came from outside and Kitty let go of me and took a step back, her eyes going to the front window. It was still dark outside. She looked back at me and mouthed, “Deer?”

“Sounds like it,” I mouthed back.

She shrugged off her coat and tossed it on the bed. Picking up her backpack, she sat it in one of the chairs and unzipped it. I grinned and took off my coveralls as she put her camera together and moved closer to the window. The sound of the steps in leaves had moved south and couldn’t be heard any longer.

Setting her camera on a shelf under the window, she sighed and looked at me. “It’s still to dark to take pictures,” she whispered. Her eyes dropped to the tent in the front of my sweat pants and she grinned. “Maybe I should get some inside pictures.”

I wiggled my hips and the tent moved from side to side as my dick moved. “Only if I can get some pictures of my own.”

She reached into her backpack and handed me a small digital camera. “Don’t you always?” With that said, she sat down in the chair and took off her boots and heavy socks.

I took the camera and stood there transfixed as she stood up and wiggled out of her coveralls. She was encased from her neck to her toes in black silk long johns that were skintight and form fitting. I forgot all about the camera as my eyes roamed over her body. She looked even more naked than if she had been. My dick grew even harder. Now the tent was gone as my dick rose up tightly against my belly.

Kitty tossed the coveralls onto the bed and stood there grinning at me. “About the reaction I had hoped for,” she whispered.

I gave out with a low whistle under my breath and raised the camera to take her picture. She laughed as she turned this way and that, posing for me. Her small cone shaped breasts were clearly displayed, as was the camel toe of her sex. When she turned around, I groaned softly as her upside down heart shaped butt came into view.

Looking over her shoulder at me, she slowly bent at the waist. I took several pictures and groaned again as she took a step to each side and grabbed her ankles. Now she was grinning at me from between her legs. “Too bad that bottom half doesn’t have a trap door in the back,” I said softly and licked my lips.

Kitty laughed and straightened up. She rolled the shirt top up until the bottom of it was even with the bottoms of her shoulder blades. Then she rolled the bottoms down until her tailbone and the top of the crease down the center of her ass showed. Sexy was a good enough word for it, I thought as I took her picture.

When she turned around, I took another picture. The top was just below her breasts and the bottoms were right at the top of her mound. Her lower ribs and belly were nicely displayed. “So, what do you think of my silk long johns?”

“I love them and I love what is in them even more,” I replied as I walked over and took her in my arms for a long lingering kiss. The camera ended up back in her backpack, as I needed both hands to explore her back and ass. Smooth warm skin and silky warm material with a beautiful woman underneath. What’s not to like.

As the kiss grew more passionate, my wife wiggled her hips and rubbed against my hard dick. My hands cupped and squeezed her ass, pulling her even tighter to me. She groaned and then broke the kiss. “I’m… I’m going to make a big mess if we don’t quit this.”

With a grin, I turned her around and pulled her back against my body. Now my dick was pressed to her tailbone and lower back. My hands were exploring her bare stomach. When I brought both hands up to cup, squeeze, and caress her covered breasts, she moaned again. A few minutes later, my right hand slipped down to cup her sex. The silky cloth was damp feeling on my fingertips.

I had been nibbling on her neck and ears, which drove her crazy any time I did it. Now she was squirming against me and whimpering softly as I squeezed her right breast and rubbed her sex lightly. “You have a small mess going on already.”

She shivered as my middle finger ran up and down her slit, pressing the damp clothe against it. Her hands had been at her sides but now they came up to cover my hands. She stopped my lower hand from moving and pulled at my upper hand. I let her pull my hand away from her breast and then moved my lower hand to her hip.

“You’re right on the edge?” I asked and she nodded her head. I kissed and licked the back of her neck. She groaned softly and stepped away from me.

Looking at me over her shoulder she shivered and whispered, “You’re bad, very bad.”

“Speaking of bad, I wonder what a spanking with that outfit on would be like?”

My wife moaned softly as her hips gave a jerk and a twitch or two. Her eyes closed and her lower lip was between her teeth. I grinned and asked, “Did that put you over?”

She nodded her head quickly. A few moments later, she whispered, “Not the big one but… big enough.”

I was still grinning as I picked up my coveralls and hers to hang them on hooks on the wall, along with our coats. With the bed clear, Kitty sat down on the side of it. She was looking at me with a big smile on her face. “How long until daylight?”

I glanced at my watch and then out the window. “Not long enough,” I whispered as the sound of rustling dry leaves came from the side window.

Kitty stood up and moved to the front window to pick up her camera. She moved slowly to the side window and peeked around the edge. A moment later, she shook her head. Looking at me she mouthed, “Still too dark.”

I listened to the rustling leaves and whispered, “Sounds like a squirrel or possibly an armadillo.”

She listened closely and nodded. “An armadillo.”

My rifle was leaning against the end of the bed. I picked it up, jacked a shell into the chamber, and checked the safety. I moved to the left of the front window and sat the butt on the floor between a set of blocks and leaned it back into a u-shaped groove by the side of the window.

Kitty grinned as she rolled the top of the long johns down and bottoms up. She opened the side window slowly, soundlessly. I did the same on the front window. It was twice as wide as the side window. I opened the small window next to the door.

Looking at the back wall above the bunk, my wife asked, “Why no window in that wall?”

“This place is up against three large cedars on the edge of a brush line. We couldn’t see anything if there was a window in that direction.”

She grinned. “That means all the action will be out in front.”

I wiggled my hips and my semi hard dick made a moving tent in the front of my sweat pants. “Isn’t it always?”

She chuckled as she moved to the swivel chair closest to the side window and sat down. She leaned back and then hooked her knees over the ends of the arms. As I grabbed my camera, she looked up at the lights. “What powers those?”

“A battery under the bunk that is charged by a solar panel on the roof,” I replied as I moved back and took her picture from the side and then moved so I could get one from the front.

She whimpered softly as I squatted down to take another picture from a lower angle. The silky cloth was pulled tight across her sex. When I leaned forward and took a slow lick up where I thought her slit was, she groaned softly. I took a second lick and she pushed my head away.

“What? You don’t want me to clean up the mess you’ve already made,” I asked with a grin.

“That would only lead to a bigger mess and me napping first light away,” she whispered in reply. She glanced at the window and sighed as she lowered her feet to the floor. With a grin, she added, “Hold that thought for later when I get bored.”

I chuckled softly. “You do get naughty when you get bored.”

“I hope you’re not complaining,” she whispered as she moved closer to the side window.

“Who me? Not me,” I said with a grin as I sat down in the chair at the front window and leaned forward to look out. The sky was red in the east but it was still too dark to make out much on the ground.


Kitty took pictures of several squirrels and the armadillo we had heard earlier. She changed lenses and took pictures of several small birds as they hunted for food in the dry leaves. I was watching her as much as anything. The normal deer traffic through this area was north to south so anything showing up would be visible out her side window first.

When she froze suddenly and used the little finger on her right hand to draw my attention, I picked up my rifle and leaned her way. She took several quick pictures and whispered, “Two Does just this side of the creek.”

My eyes followed the direction her camera was pointed in and it was only a moment before the deer seemed to materialize out of nowhere as one of them dropped her head to the ground. The second looked over her shoulder in the direction they had come from. That meant there was more Does or possible a buck behind them.

Kitty looked at me and lifted her eyebrows in a silent question. I shook my head and whispered very softly, “Continue to take your pictures.” She took more pictures as I watched from behind her.

The Does wandered along slowly feeding. When they got even with the corner of the stand, Kitty started to move to the other chair but I put a hand on her shoulder. She looked at me with a questioning look. “The creek,” I mouthed and she looked around.

There was a very large buck standing between two trees looking the flat between him and Does over carefully. Kitty groaned softly as she raised her camera and started to take pictures of him. He wasn’t feeding as much as following the Does. We’d had two weeks of cold weather so the rut was starting early.

The buck moved out into the opening but turned toward the brush line where the stand was. He stopped by several low limbs and started to paw the ground. I leaned my rifle up against the wall and turned to get the video camera with a short tripod on it out of Kitty’s bag.

I sat the tripod up on the ledge under the window and started it as I got it aimed in his direction. He continued to paw the ground but now he was using his horns to fight with the low limbs. He was making a scrap and rub. The scrap he would pee on to attract Does and the broken limbs would be a warning to other bucks that this was his territory.

Kitty grinned as she took more pictures. “This is going to be a money making set of pictures. Especially the video.”

It was a good twenty minutes before the buck was satisfied with the scrap and rub. He even raked the base of the small tree to enhance the rub. The Does had returned and were standing off to the side watching.

When he was finished, the Does turned back in our direction but the buck snorted and made a grunting sound. The Does came back toward him and he stepped into the brush next to the scrap. The Does followed him.

Kitty lowered her camera and then shut the video off. “Wow, that was intense,” she whispered and then frowned. “You didn’t take a shot.”

Shaking my head, I whispered, “He’ll be back. Anyway, I didn’t want to spoil your fun.”

“I know a half dozen magazines and websites that will buy these pictures in a heartbeat. The video is a once in a lifetime thing so it will sell even better.”

“Enough to build a house?” I asked with a grin.

“Probably not but enough for you to put up some fencing,” she replied with a wink.

“I already have the whole property posted with signs all the way around. Buddy’s tractor has a post hole digging attachment so in the spring we can start on the fences.”

Kitty looked out the window and picked up the video camera. She went to put it away and then looked out the front window. I returned my rifle to its rack. Kitty sat down in the chair and asked, “Why did he go into the brush? Was it the stand that spooked him?”

I shook my head. “He wasn’t spooked. This stand has been here long enough to be part of the scenery. Why deer do things is still a mystery even to people who have studied them.”

Kitty grinned as she lifted her legs and spread them wide over the arms of the chair. “Maybe he had a hot date.”

I chuckled and nodded. “Bucks can smell Does a long ways when they are in heat.”

Kitty chuckled as she moved her feet back to the floor and stood up. A moment later, the silk long john pants were down around her ankles. Grinning, she sat back down and took the long johns off her feet.

When her knees hooked over the chair arms again, I went to my knees. I leaned forward and took a deep breath through my nose right over her sex. “Speaking of Does in heat,” I said softly.

Kitty’s hands found the back of my head and I didn’t need any more of an invitation as I devoured her sex. After her third soft yell, she tried to move my head away from her sex. I gave her a few more licks and then let her push my head away.

She was breathing hard and fast. It was a couple of minutes before she groaned and whispered, “Are you trying to kill me?”

“Orgasms don’t kill, they just lead to naps.”

Kitty made a giggly sound and shivered hard. “Not until I take the stuffing out of a certain buck I know.”


Ten minutes later, Kitty was sprawled out on her belly on the bed completely naked. I was standing next to the bed as naked as she was. She grinned at me and wiggled her butt as she moved her knees forward until her ass was stick up nicely.

“Damn, what a sight,” I whispered as she moved her knees wider apart.

She made the giggly sound again as she moved her ass from side to side and whispered, “Mount up, cowboy.”

I squatted down and licked her from just above her opening to her tailbone. She made a soft sighing sound as my tongue dipped into her vagina and then she whimpered as my tongue ran over her asshole. When I took another lick, she wiggled her ass.

“For god’s sake, fuck me,” she said with frustration in her voice.

I stood up, positioned the head of my dick at the entrance to her sex, and pushed gently. The head squeezed inside and she made a soft whimpering sound. I held still until she flexed her hips. When she did, I rammed my hips forward. Half my dick entered her as she arched her back and moaned long and loud.

“Oh yes, that feels so good,” she whispered as she wiggled her ass from side to side.

Slowly I pulled out until just the head remained inside her. Her hips trembled as she waited for the next thrust. My hands pulled on her hips as I pushed my hips forward as slowly as I had pulled out. My hips almost touched her ass cheeks. I quickly reversed direction and then rammed my dick home, my hips slapping loudly against her tight ass cheeks.

She made a soft gasping sound as she wiggled her ass around. A moment later, she shivered hard and whispered. “So good.”

I smiled and started to fuck her with long slow strokes from the head of my dick to my hips tight against her ass. Her hips continued to wiggle and squirm as I did. Her inner muscles grabbed at my dick as it moved in and out. Her hands had a grip on the sleeping bag under her. I could see her gripping it tighter as my hips touched her ass.

A couple of minutes later, she said, “Faster, harder.”

I was very happy to comply. After that, I was spanking her ass with fast full strokes. My hips hitting her ass rocked her forward as she made a grunting moaning sound. I was hoping her orgasm was getting close because mine was.

A moment later, Kitty threw her head back and literally howled as hers broke over her. Mine was right behind.


Kitty was flat on her belly and I was on top of her. I pushed up with my arms and sighed. “You might not be the only one who needs a nap.”

With a chuckle, she replied, “After all the noise I made, there won’t be a deer in a hundred miles.”

“I love the call of the wild,” I said jokingly.

She lifted her head and grinned at me. “We still have two chairs to christen.”

“Don’t forget the floor, the porch, and the ladder,” I added, returning her grin.

With a shiver, I could feel, she asked, “How strong is that porch rail?”

“It’s bolted and screwed.”

With a half giggle, she asked, “How many screws?”

“As many as you think you need.”

She laughed and pushed up onto her arms. “Okay, get your happy ass up from there. Time for me to test out that water system you were bragging about.”

I straightened up and slowly moved my hips back away from her ass. She made a soft whimpering sound as my dick came free of her tight grip. She lowered on foot to the floor and then the other. I stood back and enjoyed the view. Her vagina had a fresh well fucked look and I could see the opening pulsing as it slowly closed.

“My, oh, my,” I whispered.

She straightened up and shifted her hips from side to side. “Yeah, you made a big old mess.”

“I had some help, if I remember correctly.”

Kitty laughed as she turned around and grinned up at me. “Yes, you did. Now where are the rags and how does this water thing work?”

“The rags are under the sink and the faucets work just like at home. Hot on the right and cold on the left.”

“Hot? Don’t kid a messy woman.”

“There is a solar water heater up there with the solar cells. This early, it might just be warm but it’s better than cold,” I replied.

With a smile, she tested the water. “Hey, it is warm.”

“Would I lie to you?”

She laughed as she wet the rag. “Not on purpose, anyway.”

I sat down on the bed and watched her clean herself up. She saw me watching and turned so she could make a show out of it. “You do like watching,” she said softly.

“And you love being watched,” I replied with a smile.

When she finished, she rinsed the rag out and tossed it to me. “Here clean up with this.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to clean it up yourself?” I asked.

Her eyes were on my shiny dick. “Tempting but that would only get me messy again.”

As I cleaned up, she grinned, walked over, and looked out the side window. A moment later, she turned and moved so she could look out the front window. Watching her move around in the deer stand naked had my dick on the rise.

“Anything out there?” I asked as I stood up and head for the sink.

She turned and looked at me. Her eyes dropped to my semi hard dick and she shivered. “It must be the fresh air,” She said as she turned back to the window.

After rinsing out the rag and hanging it on the side of the sink, I walked over behind her. I put my arms around her waist and kissed her on the shoulder. “More like the sexy naked lady, I’m married to.”

She sighed and leaned back against me. “I love this place.”

“So do I,” I said as I kissed her shoulder again.

She wiggled her ass against my hips. My dick found its way between her ass cheeks. “I love you,” she said softly.

My hands came up to caress and massage her breasts. “I love you too.”

We stood still as we looked out the window for a while. Kitty wiggled against me and asked, “Will this be a ranch or a farm?”

“With you running around naked, it will be bare heaven,” I replied.

Kitty chuckled and said, “You just named the place.”

“Bare Heaven,” I whispered. “Sounds good to me.”

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