I Fuck My Boss

I Fuck My Boss


Margie was talking to a guy from IT when Mrs. Gleaves approached. The boss’s wife was elegant and stunning in a full length black sheathe that indicated almost no breast and no rear. Though her short cocktail dress was not quite so elegant, Margie felt she more than made up for it in tits and ass. Mrs. Gleaves spoke to the two of them, but turned to Margie, effectively dismissing the IT guy.

“Are you enjoying the party?” she asked. Her brunette hair was medium length but salon perfect.

Marge smiled, “Of course. Your husband always puts on a great Christmas party.”

“Sam does love Christmas. Is your husband here?” she asked with raised eyebrows.

“Yes. He didn’t want to come. Said he feels like an outsider but he is right over there, talking to Claire from accounting.”

“The tall hunk with the blond bimbo?”

Margie laughed, “I don’t know her well enough to say she’s a bimbo but Frank is evidently interested.”

“Oh, she’s a bimbo, alright. Sam has screwed her a couple of times.”

“Mr. Gleaves?”

“Yes, my philandering husband.” She shrugged. “But she’s not the only one. He hires girls he thinks he can screw, and most of them, he does”

“Why haven’t you divorced him?”

“Oh, I don’t know. He still provides for me, very nicely, thank you. And when he’s in my bed, he’s a good lover. And I don’t feel bad about my occasional dalliance.” She took a sip of her wine. “Has he done you yet?”

“What? You mean sex? No. I’m happily married.”

“Happily? How long have you been married?”

“Five years, almost six.”

“Are you still lovers?”

Margie stared at her, wondering where this was going. “Yes. We make love almost every night.”

“And does he satisfy you?”


“Do always have an orgasm?”

Now Margie was being defensive. “Yes, sometimes two or three. Why are you asking?”

Mrs. Gleaves smiled, “Because lately Sam has been obsessed with your bottom.”

“My bottom?”

“Yes, he thinks you have a beautiful ass.”

Margie considered herself overweight with big boobs and a big rear. But Frank seemed to like her that way so she wasn’t worried.

“My bottom?”

“Yes, and he loves your tits. He would like to push them together and wrap them around his cock.”

“He told you this?”

“Oh, yes. When he mentioned it, I asked him if he wanted me to get bigger tits, but he said ‘no.’ Now I take great pleasure in winding him up. If I want to get him excited, I just ask what you were wearing and he starts telling me about your tits and ass. And when he’s screwing me, I ask if he’s thinking about what it would be like to screw you. That’s really all it takes to put him over the edge.”

Margie shook her head, her blond curls bobbing, “I’m glad it works for you. But I’ve got Frank.”

Mrs. Gleaves turned and looked at Frank, appraising him, smiled, “Broad shoulders and narrow hips; and he brings you off two or three times?”

“Yes. I’m quite happy, thank you.”

She placed her hand on Margie’s arm, “Perhaps after the holidays, you and Frank can come for dinner.”

“That would be nice.”

“And I can get to watch Sam screw you.”

“What? Frank would never allow that.”

“Not even if he was screwing me?” She leaned in close and kissed Margie’s cheek. “Merry Christmas,” and she walked away.

On the ride home, Margie snuggled against Frank. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

Frank was non-commital, “Oh, you know. It wasn’t too bad.”

“You enjoyed talking to Claire?”

“Who?” but she could tell he knew who she was referring to.

“The braless blond in the red dress that was low cut in front. Could you get a peek at her tits?”

“Oh, her. Yeah, she was nice. But I didn’t notice, was she braless?” Of course he noticed.

“Yes, and I don’t think she wore panties.”

He laughed, “Now you tell me.”

“And you met Mrs. Gleaves?”

“Sandra? Yes, she was very nice, a little touchy feely for me.”

“I can imagine. She wants to invite us over for dinner sometime after New Years. She wants to get to know you better.”

“Works for me.”

She reached down and rubbed the front of his slacks. “And she wants to watch Sam screw me.”

Frank slammed on the brakes and swerved to the side of the road. He looked over at her, his jaw down. “You’ve been screwing the boss?”

She smiled, “No, I have not. He’s made a few lewd suggestions but I’ve ignored them. Said I could get a raise and other perks. But I always brush him off.”

Deep breath, “Okay, then.”

“But Mrs. Gleaves wants you to screw her. She said I could watch.”

“What the hell?”

“You don’t think she’s sexy?”

Frank was caught. He thought about it. “She’s too elegant, too genteel. She’s like ‘The Queen.’ And I’d rather make love to the Princess.”

“I think that’s her facade. I bet she’s a hellcat in bed. Oh, and you’re thinking about it, aren’t you?”

He couldn’t help that he was getting hard, “That’s just because you’re rubbing it.”

She kissed him again. “Can I watch you fuck her?”

Frank wrapped his arms around her, “Never happen.” He drove back on to the road and home.


It was late January before Margie told him they had been invited to dinner at the boss’s house. Margie told him it was dressy; he should wear a coat. But when he put on a paisley cravat with his button down blue shirt, she frowned, “Not that dressy.”

She wore a full length black skirt that hugged her bottom and Frank wondered if she was wearing any kind of panty. Her gray sweater had a scoop neck that showed off her cleavage and she had her hair done up making her neck seem even longer.

Frank smiled, “I like your hair that way.” And in a false accent, “It makes me vant to bite your neck.”

She laughed, “Later, Dracula. Right now we’re going to dinner.”

As he helped her into the car, he realized the skirt was slit all the way up to her hip. When he got behind the wheel, he reached over and slipped his hand through the slit. She grabbed his hand and held it on her thigh.

“You know your boss is going to try to seduce you, don’t you?”

“Well, if he tries, he’ll be disappointed. ” She squeezed his hand and took a deep breath. “I’d rather him want me than have me. If he’s had all the girls Sandra says he has, I’ll be the exception and a challenge.”

Sam greeted them at the door wearing what Frank thought of as a smoking jacket. And a blue cravat. Sandra emerged behind him wearing a short clingy dress of shiny fabric that changed color as she moved. Her auburn hair fell to her shoulders and she smiled as she embraced Margie and then Frank, welcoming them.

In the living room, there were four glasses and a pitcher of martinis and as they were seated, Sandra poured. Sam lifted his glass and toasted, “To friendships.”

Frank was thirsty and uncomfortable. He quickly downed his drink and Sandra refilled. They talked without really saying anything; weather, business.

A young lady in a maid’s uniform came in announced that dinner was ready.

When they were seated, the maid served soup, then salad, then beef and potatoes. As they were finishing a sorbet, Margie turned to Sandra, “The meal has been wonderful. Did you prepare all this?”

Sandra shook her head, “Oh heavens no. Randolph from Cafe Francaise came in and prepared it all and Sally is serving. I do well to mix a drink from time to time.”

They were sipping cognac when Sandra asked Frank to come help her in the kitchen. As soon as they were out of sight of the den, she turned and put her arms around Frank and kissed him His will power crumbled as she pressed her body against him. And his body betrayed him as he quickly grew hard. She could feel it and ground her pelvis against him.

He pushed her away. “We can’t do this.”

“Why not? You don’t want to make love to the Queen?”

“What? Where did you hear that?”

“Margie and I had lunch. She said lots of good things about you. But she said you had never taken her from behind.”

Frank shook his head, “Yes we have, We’ve done it dogie style.”

“No, she said you’ve never screwed her ass.”

Frank blinked, “Well, we tried it, but she said I was too big.”

“I’m surprised. With a rear like that, I would think she would love it. I mean, as narrow as my ass is, I love it.”

She pulled him into another kiss. She leaned back, “The next time you make love to her, think about me. Think about if I were there, you could turn me over and shove it in my ass.” She pulled away and led him through the kitchen.

“I want to show you my new car.” There was a small green convertible in the garage, its top down.

Frank frowned, “What is it?”

“It’s a Volkswagen.”

“Not like any I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s a Karman Ghia. Isn’t it neat?”

“Yeah, but it’s so small. You couldn’t travel in it. There’s no room for a suitcase.”

She laughed, “You don’t pack a suitcase, you pack the car.”

“And It’s too small to make out.”

She giggled, “You don’t make love in the car, you make love on it.” She pulled him into an embrace and kissed him. She reached down, found his zipper and reached inside and began stroking him. She stepped back, pulled her skirt to her waist and sat on the fender. She was not wearing any panty and before she reached down to caress herself, he saw that she was shaved except for a vertical strip that made her crease appear even longer. She smiled as she sat back and spread her legs.

Frank unfastened his pants and let them fall, his erection popping out. He ran the tip up and down her crease and she grabbed it, guiding into her.

“Well, damn. She wasn’t lying. You really are big. That feels so good. Yes, Yes. Right there. Good. Oh, fuck me.” She pulled him into a kiss, crushing his lips to hers as their tongues intertwined.

She leaned back, “You don’t mind. If . I come. Do. You?” She shook and as she recovered, she pushed him away. She stood, turned and bent over the hood. She reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks.

Frank thought she wanted him to take her dogie, but looked down and saw her other hole. It wasn’t a little brown star like Margie’s, it was already distended, almost big enough for him. He pressed the tip against it and discovered it was lubed. He pushed past her tightness and was going to go slow but she pushed back against him and he went all the way in.

“Yes. Right there. That’s what I want. You’ve never fucked the Princess’s ass, have you. Yes, push it in, further. Oh, damn, it’s big. Now fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

He grabbed her hips and pushed in again and again. But she was tight, tighter than Margie had ever been. She pushed pack, squealing, “Yes, yes.”

And that was enough for Frank, he loosed shot after shot inside her. He kept pumping until he softened and slipped out. He helped her stand and she hugged him and they kissed. She took a deep breath, “Now let’s go watch Sam screw the Princess.”

“No. She’s not interested.”

“Not even if we tell her we just screwed?”

He shook his head, “I’ll deny it.”

She laughed, “I’ll show her what’s running down my leg.”

“She still won’t believe you if I say we didn’t.”

She shrugged, “Okay. But next time we’ll go slower.”

“Next time?”

“Sure. Saturday mornings Sam goes to the golf course for three or four hours. That’s when you can come over and we can enjoy ourselves. Give me your phone.”

He pulled out his cell and she dialed a number. “Now I have your number and you have mine. Just put it under ‘Queen.”

She gave him another quick kiss and they went back in.

Margie was sitting on the couch, her feet tucked under her, her thigh exposed. Sam was in an easy chair sipping his cognac.

Sam looked up, “We were just talking office politics. I’m amazed at what goes on that I never hear about.”

Sandra raised her eyebrows, “You mean who’s fucking who?”

Margie laughed, “No we didn’t get into that. Maybe next time.” She stood, came over to Frank and wrapped her arms him and they kissed. “But now, I think it’s time for us to get home.”

Sandra and Sam walked them to the door and they said their good nights.

In the car Frank asked, “Well, did he seduce you?”

Margie snuggled against him. “He tried but I made it clear that I wasn’t interested. Did Sandra get you?”

“I’m going to have to admit, she kissed me. And I’ll tell you, she has no tits at all.”

“And her rear?”

“She pressed her tits against me, not her ass.”

“So you enjoyed yourself?”

“Oh yeah. We could do that again. How about you?”

“It was nice sitting there knowing both the men in the room wanted to do me.”

“I think Sandra might have been interested, too.”

“Well, it was nice. Now take me home and rape me.”

“It ain’t rape if you want me.”

“And, damn, I want you.”

Saturday mornings, Frank told Margie he was going to the hardware store, but went to Sandra’s. The fourth week, they were lying in bed, recovering. Frank was on his back and Sandra was half on top of him.

“I love having you in back. You fill me up.” She sighed, “Have you fucked the Princess’ ass yet?”

“No. I don’t think it’s going to happen. I had a finger in her and it was awful tight.”

“Did she like it?”

“She came when I did it. So I guess she did.”

“Bring her over next Saturday, and we’ll work on her together.”

“Sure, that’ll work great. I can hear it now, ‘Hon, I’ve been screwing Sandra in the ass and I want you to come watch and then we’ll stretch yours.”

The next Friday, Frank got a call. “Don’t come over tomorrow.”

“Why not? Is there a problem? Does Sam know?”

“No, nothing like that. I’m coming to your house.”

“Oh no. Margie will be there.”

“That’s the idea. Margie will be there and you will be gone, just like usual.”

He was quiet for a moment, considering. “You’re going to seduce Margie?”

“That’s the plan.”

Saturday he left and when he returned two hours later, the little green Khia was in the driveway. He eased in through the kitchen and the den without seeing anyone. As he slipped down the hall, he heard murmurings from the bedroom.

He peeked around the corner and saw the two ladies lying together, naked. Sandra was up on one elbow, one finger idly drawing circles around Margie’s nipple. She looked up and smiled. Margie turned her head toward him, “Come here,” she sighed.

Frank went in and sat on the side of the bed, leaned over and kissed Margie. “You’re enjoying yourself?”

“Hmm. Did you know Sandra likes girls?”


“And she’s very good. She kissed me down there.”

“And you liked it?”

“Oh, yeah. And she tastes good.” She pulled Frank down for another kiss, her tongue pressing between his lips. She pulled away. “Doesn’t she?”

When Frank didn’t answer, Margie went on, “And she played with my bottom. I think she stuck a finger in me.”

Sandra corrected her, “It was three fingers.”

“Did you like it?”

“Oh, yes. I did it.”

“Oh, she liked it. She came three times.”

“Yes, I guess I did. She said I would like you doing me in back, but I said you’re too big. She said I could watch you do her in back and see how much fun it is. Do you want to do her in back?”

“I would rather make love with you but if that’s what you want, we’ll try.”

“Good, get your clothes off and get in bed.”

Later, after Sandra had left, they were lying in bed sexually drained..

“So, tell me what happened this morning.”

“Sandra came over and we made love.”

“Oh, no. You didn’t just jump in to bed.”

“Well, she called, said if I would make coffee she would bring pastries. I agreed. We were having coffee and she asked if Sam had done me.”

“Screwed you.”

“Yes, and I assured her he had not. She said that was a shame because she would like to have you screw her. Then she asked me about how we made love and she started talking about my boobies, wondering if you played with them. I told her you did and she asked to see them because she was thinking about getting hers done. I took off my tee shirt and bra and she took off her top. She really doesn’t have any boobies. She started playing with my nipples, and kissed and sucked. I got so excited, I did it right there at the table.”

“You had an orgasm?”

“Yes. And before I knew what was happening, we were in our bed, naked. She was kissing me and her hands were all over me. She was playing with my nipples and her hand got down between my legs and began rubbing my nubbin and I did it again.”

“Another orgasm?”

“Yes, and then she got down between my legs and kissed me down there, like you do, but it was different. I did it again and again. I thought I would never stop. She started playing with my bottom and I loved it. She finally eased off and let me come down. It felt so good I asked her if I could do her. I had never been with a woman, but I got my head down between her legs and she told me what to do. I was licking and fingering and she had me push a finger in her bottom and when I did, she had one.”

“An orgasm?”

“Yes, and I really felt proud of myself for making her happy. Then we were snuggling and she was talking about how Sam does her in back and how much she likes it and that since it was so exciting for me, maybe I should try it. I turned over and she played with my bottom and I did it again. She said she was stretching it for you. Then we were lying there talking about you when you came home. You did me, then Sandra had you do her in back to show me. Then the two of you worked on my bottom until you got it in and I did it a couple of times. I really like it.”

She snuggled next to him and asked, “Are you okay with me and Sandra?”

“Yes, I guess. As long as it’s not some guy. But you said you wouldn’t sleep with the boss.”

“She’s not the boss. She’s the boss’s wife.”

“But she might tell him about you.”

“Oh, she’s going to tell him, alright. That way he’ll want me even more but he still can’t have me. You two are all I need.”

“And you’re okay with me and Sandra?”

She shrugged, “Well, I liked you showing me how to do her in back. But maybe you shouldn’t enjoy it so much.” And she giggled.

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