In a penthouse apartment in northern Virginia, the statuesque brunette Danielle Charante had finished a light meal and a glass of Sancerre. She strode into her bedroom barefooted and unzipped her dark green sleeveless dress, shimmying her lithe and toned 5’10” frame out of it. She stood in front of her full-length mirror wearing only her straining black Cosabella bra and matching g-string. She admired her body as she flicked the rear clasp and unleashed her breasts, the large pink nipples protruding a good half inch from her silver-dollar-sized areolae. Just as she was about to slide her g-string off and draw a bath, her phone rang – the telltale sound of an incoming Facetime request.

The caller ID indicated her boss, Manuel Bienfait. She was slightly surprised he was calling as it was past midnight in London where he was traveling on business. She picked up the phone and answered it, only allowing her face to show. They began conversing in French.

“Monsieur Bienfait – what a surprise! It is late in London – how was your day?”

She could see his face – a square jaw with dark five o’clock shadow, his dark brown eyes, his Roman nose with slightly flared nostrils, and his short cropped hair slightly askew. It appeared he was in a hotel room, his head on a pillow.

“It was excellent, Danielle. I came to an agreement with that sheik, and we’ve been celebrating – Farah, Sonja, and I.”

Danielle smirked. Farah, a 24-year-old former Miss Beirut, and Sonja, a 25-year-old Serbian from Belgrade, were both assistants in the London office. She heard some girlish giggles in the background.

“Sounds like you are still celebrating, Monsieur Bonfait?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact we really have just begun, Danielle, and we wanted you to join in the fun!” Manuel held up the phone to the label of Dom Perignon and then to three glasses of bubbly on the nightstand, all half drunk, two with smeared red and pink frosted lipstick on the rim. “I hope you don’t mind,” he laughed.

“Hold on a moment – the girls wanted to say hi.” His finger approached the lens and suddenly a new image appeared on Danielle’s phone – reversed, looking from the back of his phone.

“Hiii Danielllle!!” Both women greeted her in unison and waved into the camera with a free hand, their covergirl faces both framing Manuel’s enormous erection, and each with their fingers wrapped around the shaft as much as they could muster. No matter how many times Danielle had laid eyes on it, his cock always took her breath away – 9 veiny inches of uncut manhood, almost as thick as a beer can.

Danielle looked first at Farah, on the left, her perfect olive skin, smiling almond-shaped green eyes, and full lips matching her red-lacquered nails, her glossy black hair trailing down her long slender back. She then looked at Sonja, a Slavic beauty queen with high cheekbones and ice-blue eyes, the white tips of her French-manicured slender fingers matching the frosty look of her long tresses and a more bitchy-looking mien. Neither woman’s grasp could match the girth of Manuel’s cock, and both hands, one on top of the other, still left several inches exposed.

“Danielle, we had an argument this evening,” said Farah. “We wanted to be in control of this evening’s celebration, and Monsieur Bienfait thought he should dictate how things should transpire.”

“We reached a compromise,” chimed in Sonja. “We all agreed on you controlling the action.”

“Is this true, Monsieur Bienfait?” asked Danielle.

“Yes, it is, Danielle,” replied Manuel. “I was outvoted, but last time I checked, I’m still the boss. So, the only way out of this dispute was to call you.”

“Before we commence with the activities, Monsieur Bienfait, I have one piece of additional good news to share,” said Danielle.


“Our intern, Candace, started work in our Tysons office today. I believe you land in the early afternoon Tuesday – perhaps we can pick you up so you can meet her in person. I feel confident that she will assist us enormously this summer. She could even fit into our longer-term plans, Monsieur. And, I’ll be sending you a video I think you’ll enjoy. Perhaps it will offer some stimulation on an otherwise boring plane trip.”

“Bravo, Danielle,” replied Manuel. “I can’t wait to meet her. Now, please, proceed with your dick-tation.” Danielle could hear Manuel laugh off camera.

Danielle laid back on her bed back against the headboard, holding the camera to her face with one hand and sliding her pink manicured fingers inside her g-string.

“Well, girls, I think the first step is to get that cock well-lubed. Let’s start with Farah’s mouth. Farah, I want you to start on just the head. Sonja, start on his balls.”

“Mmm very nice,” uttered Manuel approvingly. “That’s a good start, girls.”

He and Danielle watched as Farah’s pillowy red lips parted and stretched around the crown of his cockhead – the thickest part of his cock other than the very base of it. Her lips formed a tight seal, which she started to run slowly back and forth over the crown, making a slight, wet fapping sound. She moaned as she pleasured his cock, alternately closing her eyes and then peeking up at him to see if he was duly pleased.

Sonja, meanwhile, dipped her blonde head down and parted her frosted lips to suckle one of his egg-sized testicles. She ran her tongue around the freshly-shaved skin of his scrotum as she fondled his jewel with her hot wet mouth.

“Unnnnggghhh,” uttered Manuel. The sight was so erotic, these two model-hot women, slaves to his manhood, their mouths wet and hot on such sensitive areas.

Danielle, still mesmerized by the scene on the phone, slid her slender fingers further down her panties, over her waxed-bare mound to her pussy lips, teasing out the growing bud of her clitoris. Her middle finger dived into her lips, lubricating sufficiently to allow her fingertip to glide with ease in a circular fashion around her clitoris.

“Dannnnielllle?” said Manuel. “Are we hearing you pleasuring yourself?”

“Why, why no, why ever would you think that?” replied Danielle sassily. Farah and Sonja broke their mouths away from Manuel long enough to giggle.

“Girls, I want mouths on cock and balls. Get back to work,” commanded Danielle. They complied immediately.

Manuel moaned as they resumed their ministrations. “Danielle?”


“Would Candace react like you are if she could see this right now?”

Danielle was caught off guard for a second. “You mean, the intern?”

“Yes, of course. Candace is her name, no?”

“Yes, that’s her name.”

Danielle paused for a moment. “Yes, I think so. I think if you showed her right now she would be shocked but she couldn’t help but be turned on. A gradual introduction would be more prudent and probably more successful.

“Fine fine. But suppose she were here in this room, Danielle?”


“Would she do a striptease for me like Farah and Sonja did? You know what they did for me tonight, Danielle?”

“Mmm no, tell me, please.”

“They looked so hot tonight, Danielle. They stripped me until I was completely naked and pushed me on the bed. Then, they teased me relentlessly, Danielle. They slowly, slowly undressed each other. First, their tight little dresses, so they were just in lingerie and their heels. Then they took off each other’s bras. Their tits are so beautiful – not as big as yours, Danielle, but still quite well formed. And their asses in those little panties. Oh fuck. Each removed the other’s panties with their teeth Danielle. And then, they took turns bending over while the other ate them out from behind, Danielle.”

“I missed…mmm…quite…uhhh…a show it seems,” said Danielle, trying to hold herself together.

“You did, Danielle. Do you think Candace would have liked doing that?”

“Yesssss,” replied Danielle. “She would have loved stripping you down and then teasing you with her buxom little 18-year-old body. I am confident she would have gladly dined on either Farah or Sonja’s pussy. She is so ripe for you, Monsieur. Such a wholesome looking American girl – her body screams sex.”

“Farah’s sucking my cock right now, Danielle.”

“Imagine that’s Candace’s mouth doing that to you, Monsieur.”

“Ohhhhh. Sonja’s suckling my balls, Danielle. I want Candace to do that, Danielle.”

Now Danielle felt her arousal go to the next level. “Nggh.”

“Danielle I want you to tell them to do everything you want Candace to do to me,” said Manuel.

“Farah, I want you to suck on his cock – go deeper. Gag yourself,” ordered Danielle.

Farah’s lips stretched around the crown again and this time inched lower toward the base of Manuel’s cock. With three inches left, Farah gagged.

“Good girl, you can take more,” said Manuel.

“Sonja,” ordered Danielle, “help her – hold her head.” Sonja broke free of Manuel’s balls and grasped Farah’s head, guiding her mouth back to the prodigious cock and forcing her deeper. She gagged again, this time with Sonja not letting her up, but forcing her down further. Farah started to struggle, then Sonja relented. Farah gasped for breath.

“Candace can go deeper,” said Manuel. “You’ll see.”

Farah’s almond-shaped green eyes watered, and her dark eye makeup started to run slightly. Her long eyelashes fluttered. “I need to get in a different position, then you can get all the way in,” she said.

Farah laid on her back with her head hanging over the side of the bed, her long tresses brushing the carpet. Manuel sprang from the bed and moved so his heavy cock stood proudly over her face. Sonja squatted next to him, to help guide his cock into Farah’s mouth. Slowly, his enormous cock penetrated first her mouth, and then her gullet. Sonja massaged his cock’s bulge in Farah’s throat, and he chortled from the pleasure it brought him.

“Fuck her throat, boss,” moaned Danielle, and her floodgates to orgasm opened. Manuel pulled all the way out, multiple strands of saliva still connecting his shaft with her red pillowy lips, panting and begging for cock. He plunged back in, this time fully embedding all nine inches in her orifice. Sonja reached between his legs and massaged his ballsack as she reached forward and did the same to Farah’s needy pussy.

Manuel began a steady rhythm, picking up steam as he fucked Farah’s mouth as hard and deep as he would a pussy.

“Danielle, when I get back I want to fuck your tits like I’m fucking Farah’s mouth,” uttered Manuel.

“My tits are all yours, boss.” Danielle assured him. “But I think you’ll really want to try Candace’s if she’ll let you. Sonja, time to give Monsieur his special treatment.”

Manuel stopped thrusting. “Already? I have a while to go still.”

“I want Farah to be able to talk in the future. You may be doing permanent damage to her vocal chords if you don’t cum soon.”

Sonja smiled slyly. She knew exactly what Danielle meant. If there was one thing that turned Monsieur Bienfait more than a leggy young girl in heels or pretty face gagging on a cock, it was a pretty model getting down and dirty – by rimming him.

Sonja knelt behind Manuel and leaned in, sweeping her long blonde tresses over her shoulder, kissing his gluteus and caressing it while still fondling his ballsack. She then ran two long french manicured fingers up and down his asscrack and then teased his asshole. He started a guttural moan again. She then parted his ass cheeks with both hands, fingers spreading them wide, and leaned in to rim him with her perfect pink tongue. It took only a minute for Manuel to reach his peak, with his enormous cock embedded in Farah’s throat and Sonja’s tongue embedded in his ass.

“Oh fuck you slut you’re going to make me cum way too quick. Get on your knees, you whores!”

Both girls abandoned their posts and knelt together submissively in front of Manuel, his purple headed cock distended, the veins ready to pop. “Stroke it!” he commanded.

Both reached for his cock and began frantically stroking his cock, keeping it aimed at Farah’s face. The first blast ripped across the olive skin of her face, leaving a trail over her black hair. The second followed suit, tracing across her right eye and again over her hair.

The third blast she took straight in the face, and much of it rebounded off and landed on her heaving c-cup tits. The girls then aimed it at Sonja, who took two equally huge loads over her nose and on her tongue, again much dripping onto her b-cup pink-tipped tits. A normal man might be close to done, but Manuel was only half done – at least six more blasts to go, he unloaded two more on Sonja’s face leaving her coated, and then aimed again at Farah with the last four, leaving her face frosted.

Danielle laughed at the absurdly huge cumshot. “Clean each other up, girls; I don’t want a drop wasted.” Farah started to scoop up cum with her fingers, but Sonja went right in for the kill, slurping it off of Farah with her mouth – first her tits, then her neck, and finally her face. The two girls then engaged in a cummy make-out session, while Manuel just gazed on them lustily, his cock still hard and dripping.

“Shit – I have a plane to catch in five hours,” said Manuel. “Danielle, pick me up at Dulles tomorrow afternoon about 3. Bring the intern if you can. I promise I will be a perfect gentleman – for now.”

“Please,” said Danielle. “Good night, my dears.” The Facetime session ended.

Danielle fell asleep, nude, on top of her covers, and began to experience a vivid dream.

In her dream, Danielle found herself in some sort of dungeon, dressed like a dominatrix, wearing a leather bustier and fishnets with holdups and high-heeled booties, holes cut out for her breasts.

Monsieur Bienfait was there, dressed in a tailored business suit, looking dashingly handsome as ever, nonchalantly sitting in a lounge chair, reading a paper.

Then Candace entered her dream, her long blonde locks tied in braided pigtails, dressed as a fetish school girl – very tight but midriff-baring button down, almost transparent shirt, navy cardigan, very short pleated grey uniform skirt, frilly ankle socks and Mary Jane shoes, but with 6-inch heels and a one-inch platform.

In her dream, Danielle began to tell Candace to start slowly stripping off her clothes for Monsieur Bienfait. Candace feigned reluctance, and Danielle struck her firm teen ass with a riding crop. She shed a single tear and began to remove the cardigan,slowly – reluctantly, but yet seductively. As her striptease began to progress, the erotic sight became too much for Danielle, and she began to masturbate. Monsieur Bienfait looked at Danielle, shocked. “She is MINE!” he yelled.

Danielle awoke with a start. She felt as though she had wet her bed, but then realized she had just orgasmed in her dream.

She looked at the clock on her nightstand. Two more hours to her normal alarm. Two more hours to the start of a day – that promised even more than the last.

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