Loving Wife Drives The Bus

Loving Wife Drives The Bus


My wife Rosie has taught high school drama for almost ten years now at our school in Richmond Indiana. We have 3 children if you can call a thirteen year old young lady a child? Our second is ten and the baby is seven. Rosie is a very good teacher and Drama is her passion. Over the years she has had a few boys who had a crush on the drama teacher. Three in all who have been gifted and have gone on to work in the industry. Two as teachers, one at the college level and one in high school. The other was very gifted and is an actor on stage in New York on Broadway.

I am not completely sure how far Rosie let any of the relationships with the boys. She told me the first one was very hard to control. They were very close and remain very good friends. She admits to some necking and very lite petting. The third was maybe even more hard to contain and she admits it was even more risky in the direction it went. I ask her how far things had gone between them. She replied that it went far enough if anyone knew she would be fired. The second was contained pretty well and kept above board.

I then had to really ask about all three relationships. The first one Dan?

“I treated Dan like a first time boyfriend. We necked several times and we petted some.”

“So how far did the petting go?”

“Much farther than it should have. By the third time we made out I let him fondle my tits.”


“The second month I let him have them out bare. He had my tits out bare maybe thirty times.”

“Which lead to him fingering you?”

“Maybe six times?”

“How many blowjobs did you give him?”

“Maybe ten times or twenty?”

“You swallowed?”

“Yes, every time or he’d have fucked me.”

“Did he get his cock in you?”

“Very close, well sort of yes.”

“How close was the Yes sort of?”

“We were naked twice and before I could blow him we were necking and he was on top of me and his cock was touching me. You know right in my opening and he pushed. I was very wet and he slipped in me.”

“How far in did he go?”

“Deep very deep and I couldn’t stop him as he began to fuck me. But I got it stopped and sucked him off.”

She told me she controlled the second young man much better and things didn’t get quite as far. They had necked some and they did some petting.

The third young man had only been a couple years ago. He was the most talented by far and things had gotten out of hand. She had tutored him some nights at school even quite late. They had become very close to the point of it turning sexual.

“Charles I finally gave in and I became John’s lover. Not once but nearly the whole last semester of school. When a group of us were in New York this summer I was with him twice out there.”

“You were with him as his lover out there?”

“Yes, I was. He ask me to come to New York this summer and act in a production her is putting on off Broadway for six weeks. I told him I’d ask you about it.”

“Is it something you’d like to do? You haven’t done any acting since college have you?”

“Just a couple local theater things is all. Charles this is an Off Broadway thing only done once in a while. The cast is 90% nude. There is lots of sex stuff in it. There are four women of various ages in it and all four get fucked on stage live in the play. It is quite graphic.”

“Is this something that will look good on your record for future works?”

“If the right people see it yes it could help me get work on Broadway or even in films.”

“Is it filmed for the theater like your stuff here?”

“Not for the same reasons no, these are openly shared with many producers and directors. It will be very graphicly filmed and even some copies go to some porn producers.”

“Is this something you think you would like to do?”

“If you agree I would think about it yes. There are things I need to tell you more about it. It will be up for three weeks. Twenty one nights, with a fourth week option if it sells out nightly. My person is a married woman who has sex with her husband. But is having an affair with a black guy so I actually have sex with two men in the show.”

“Can the audience see you being actually sexually used?”

“Yes, Love I will be totally exposed to all. Anyone who comes to the show will be able to watch me being sexually used twice by two different men.”

“How soon do you need to be there to begin the show? “

“I need to be there to begin set ups in two weeks.”

“Pay out to you? And you have a place to stay?”

“I get five grand for the show and John wants me to stay with him.”

“Are you alright with that?”

“I can stay with the other girls but it will cost half my pay out to bunk with them.”

“Sounds like you should sty with him.”

“Well unless you are uncomfortable with me staying with him?”

“Well it isn’t like you have not already been lovers?”

“No it isn’t John and I have made love maybe over a hundred times so it probably doesn’t matter really?”

Two weeks slipped by quickly and Rosie flew to New York City to help set up the play. I looked online for the play they were doing and sure enough it was up for tickets. “JUST HOW LIFE WORKS” is the play and the ads for it said Off Broadway play and completely nude cast . Rosie Jordon In the lead role. And my wife’s picture on the Add. Completely naked. Wow. hadn’t expected that. Directed by John Bramen and the rest of the cast listed. So far expected to be a sell out every night. Over 100 seats per night. I had not expected that either.

Rosie called nearly every night and checked in on us. We talked for nearly and hour most nights. The days sped by and opening night was coming up fast.

“Rosie have you done undressed , yet?”

“We have yes, a couple of times and with the understudies too.”

“Did John require you to actually have sex while doing it then?”

“He felt we should get comfortable with each other before the on stage live thing. So yes I have had sex with both my costars and both my understudies twice.”

“Did that go well?”

“Yes, John is an excellent director and made us all comfortable with it.”

“So are you ready to do it live for your viewers?”

“Who knows I have never had sex live on stage before, but I guess we are about to find out.”

“Your curtain goes up in a couple days now so you’ll know.”

“Rosie is it strange having sex with a black man?”

“Actually I need to tell you about that. We did stumble slightly the first time we did it. John was worried about it. He had several friends over a few nights and it cured me.”

“And how did a few friends coming over cure it?”

“I have had sex with the two men in the cast who are black, but I have become comfortable with black men in general by doing it with others too.”

“How many others Rosie?”

“Well several LOVE.”

I got stern with her.

“An exact number DEAR?”

“It sounds bad Charles. But it put me at ease with being intimate with black men. Fourteen different men and it fixed it.”

“Fourteen in all?”

“No fourteen others and my two cast members. And yes they had me several times. John wanted them to do me every night for two weeks and it worked.”

“Well I hope it did.”

The play opened and it did sell out every night. And it was held over for three more weeks and it did wonderfully for the cast and the director.

I was very glad to have things back to normal. The school year had started nearly two full weeks before Rosie came back so she had catch up to do. Rosie was very excited about her class for this year and felt she could have another student as talented as John.

As the year progressed Rosie was very busy with school and the duties fell on me more and more with the children. As first semester move along I felt she was being very deeply involved in this class.

“So Rosie is this class as talented as you thought it might be?”

“I can’t be sure yet but it does seem that it might be the best I have had so far.”

“Any of them in that really very good type level? You know the John level maybe?”

“I have three boys I think could be of that level?”

“Are you sexually involved with any of them Rosie?”

“No, Not yet Charles, but they are just beginning to push it in that direction.”

“You say they, as a group they are pushing that way?”

“I have engaged in sexual activities with a couple students in the past and I know it was wrong. But I have never had them as a group push me in this way.”

“Do they know John and did they see the play you did this summer in New York City?”

“Yes they do know John and they know we had a sexual relationship. He has told them about me, even sexually. You know I slept with him out there all summer. And yes they all saw the play in New York this summer. So they have seen me nude and active sexually on stage. They feel it should just be a part of my class. In fact the students have openly discussed it in our class when they have been in work shop. Charles, I have 23 boys in my class and 31 girls. I am not always in work shops every day. They took a vote as to whether sex should be part of my work shops. They voted one hundred percent that it should be.”

“So exactly what does that mean to them?”

“They voted that when of age (18) me as their teacher should be sexually active for all students. Every girl should become active with every boy.”

“So how crazy is that really? You may have as many as 7 boys and what maybe 8 girls in your senior class and not all are 18 yet?”

“Normally yes, except I have a very large senior class. There are 15 boys and they all are over 18 now and I have 22 girls and 20 of them are 18 and the other two are very nearly of age.”

“And they have all voted to do this?”

“Dear, they have already begun doing it. Seven of my girls brag about having already had sex with all 15 boys and are teasing the others about catching up. What is worse is almost all of the girls have steady boyfriends and they are bragging about it too.”

“Bragging that their girl friends have done it will all the guys in your class?”

“So is this a one time thing and it is done?”

“I wish. No it is a completely open thing for the year. They expect to have sex lots and lots of times to become openly able to do it in front of of an audience on stage! So it is practice for them being able to do that.”

“So when do you begin?”

“Are you saying I should really become sexual with 15 male students for the year?”

“Will it be fair to your female students who have already done so?”

“God, I hadn’t thought of that, no probably not?”

“Rosie have you heard anything from John about work out there this summer? You made really good money last summer.”

“Yes, and in part, John is the problem here now. He has written two new plays and wants to cast me in both next year. I think he has instigated this in my class to get me out in New York To work full time. He has cast 3 of my girls and 4 boys too.”

“Are they full nude parts?”

“Yes, and lots of sex on stage and yes he has a thing about interracial stuff So all males are black and females are white. It is in an off broadway theater and he has a very good group of producers and most are black men who saw me last summer in the play.”

“So are you interested in doing it?”

“What do you think, should I go do it? If I do your wife is about to become a complete porn star.”

“Rosie, I think this is an opportunity you need to look at very good.”

“Are you alright with your wife fucking lots of guys for our living?”

“Sweetheart you didn’t do anything last summer that I wasn’t good with. I knew John wanted you as his lover for the summer. I was fine with you doing so. I found it a huge turn on you did the play and fucked on stage. John sent me copies of the play. You look fantastic on stage fucking. I loved it. You need to begin letting the boys have you.”

“This may end my tenure here Charles?”

“Rosie It sounds like you have a much better opportunity in New York with John, anyway?”

“My LOVE, John has told me he sees me as a BBC porn Star and after this summer that is where he wants to move me.”

“Rosie I see no problem with that do you?”

“No, Sweets I don’t, I will let the boys begin having me this week.”

Rosie had a acting reading the next afternoon and took seven of her boys to the contest and on the way home as she drove their bus one of her boys sat right behind her and reached around and fondled her breasts. She finally pulled over on a side road and they took her to the rear of the bus and it began.

She told me seven of them know my body nearly as well as you do. She told them she was free to them anytime from now on. They ask if they could set up something to put her with the rest of the boys?

She told them yes anytime.

“Not quite a week later going to another contest with the boys only she had to pull the bus over and again they took her to the rear of the bus and took her, but this time it was all 15 boys. And so it started as she openly began to be the young men’s lover and the girls were sexually active with them too.

The kids and teacher had a very wild year in our school that year and when it was over and Rosie moved on to the OFF Broadway productions that summer both the school and Rosie were happy. But the talent was never as good and the young people never moved on to the big time again.

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