It was 7:00 am, and I had just licked my come from the pussy of Mistress J.

She headed to the bathroom, and I lay in bed, examining, for the first time, my fresh bikini tan. She returned, “Stand up. Lets see our body-of-work.”

The bikini bottoms had covered quite a bit of skin, so now, the un-tanned white area was quite prominent. My entire buttocks and front were stark white, and the side straps were approximately an inch wide, so now there was an unmistakable inch-wide white strip on the sides. One could almost sell it as speedo tan, but the sides were a bit too narrow, and the narrower “V” front was clearly cut for a woman; it was undeniably a bikini bottom, not a speedo. Mistress had cleverly selected the bikini bottom that adequately contained my genitals, such that I could wear it in public, (assuming I wore a shirt hiding my bra tanned top). On my chest, for the bikini’s bra area, were perfect untanned triangles, and my nipples were perfectly centered.

I stood, hands voluntarily clasped behind my head. I slowly turned in a circle, and she smiled with satisfaction. She was the Artist, and I was her canvas. My skin was quite colored, almost sunburned, except of course, where I’d been wearing the bikini top and bottom, where my skin was starkly white.

I’d been “branded”, which was lasciviously exciting.

“Go shower and shave.”

The shower was nice. I luxuriated as I shaved my entire body.

Mistress called, “Are you done?” “Yes,” I replied, and then felt freezing water shocking my body, as she’d reached in and turned off the hot water. It must have been 5 minutes of cold water! Finally She allowed me out. I had goosebumps, my nipples were hard, and my genitals were shrunken.

I dried, and she handed me a pair of tiny, see-thru thong panties. They were literally strings, connected to a tiny ring in the back, and a tiny see-thru pouch. The panties were incredibly tight. Even with my genitals shrunken, the panties barely contained me. Next she had me put on a pair of four inch heels we’d bought yesterday. Next she made up my face, put on red lipstick, and a shoulder-length blond wig. Then she took a few photos, and texted them to Sara.

She handed me some cloths, and instructed me to dust every single surface in her apartment. While I worked, she curled up on the couch and called Sara. I could hear Sara laughing as they discussed the photos, hearing her say, “I can’t believe he’s ok with being tanned like that!”

Mistress J held the phone up to me, “Tell her.”

I replied into the phone, “I love my new bikini tan,” to which Sara laughed.

“Tell her about licking up your come,” and I spoke into the phone, “I am grateful for every time I am allowed to come, and I love being trained to swallow come,” and she laughed some more.

“He’s all yours,” I heard her say.

Mistress J looked up from her call, observing me, she said, “Suck that tummy in; at all times,” and went back to her conversation. I did not have a large stomach, but holding my stomach in, I looked dramatically more feminine. Henceforth, I would try to hold in my stomach at all times.

They continued talking while I cleaned. Every time I passed the full length mirror I saw myself. My tummy held in, I looked so feminine, exposed, and vulnerable, naked except for high heels, and the see-thru thong panties, and a fresh bikini tan, which sort of announced, “femmy-slave tramp stamp”.

Mistress J went out, and left me alone with a daunting cleaning list, which I dutifully worked on.

I was sweaty and dirty when she returned, and sent back into the shower. My make-up was washed off, and she had me dress in a thong, girl shorts that were cut high on my thighs, and a silky girly top with very short sleeves.

I was barely dressed when there was a knock on the door, and I was introduced to her cousin, Christine. She wore short summer shorts, and a tight top. She was shapely and voluptuous, with an air of confidence. They talked on the couch, while I wrapped up the chores. Christine commented on the great job I’d done cleaning.

Mistress spoke, “As I said, he’s available to clean for you.”

Christine said, “Are you sure?”

“Come here, slave,” said Mistress.

I approached, and she said, “Lower your pants,” and Christine’s eyes widened and she yelped when she saw me wearing a thong. “Now the top,” said Mistress. Off came the top, and Christine was even more shocked, blushing, hand over her mouth, when she saw my bikini bra tan.

“On your knees,” said Mistress, and naked except for my thong, I lowered to my knees.

“Stand up,” she said to Christine. “Spread your feet a bit, and put your hands on your hips.”

Christine stood tall and regal; she was ALL woman.

“Kiss her pussy, and say it,” Mistress said to me.

I tentatively crawled in front of Christine, and looked up at her, in her eyes, and on the front of her shorts, at her pussy, I very lightly kissed, and said, “I am your slave,” and my blood boiled with sub-sexuality.

Mistress had obviously prepared Christine, and she also had obviously been told by Sara, that this scenario was a most powerful fantasy for me, kneeling naked in front of a powerful woman, kissing her pussy, and professing my servitude.

Christine seemed to swoon a bit, me still kneeling before her.

Mistress J stated, “That’s one of his most powerful fantasies. For the rest of his life, he will cherish this moment. Isn’t that right,” she looked to me.

“Yes Mistress”, I quietly replied.

“His true fantasy is to have you naked, except maybe for panties and high heels, and stand over him with hands on hips, and have him kiss your pussy.

He wants to worship your feminine beauty, to be seduced, and then be denied. You can walk around the house naked, or in panties, and he will be wildly excited, but remain completely submissive to you.

Isn’t that right slave?”

“Yes Mistress.” I volunteered, “It is my most powerful fantasy. Exquisite teasing by my Mistress; naked, except wearing panties, and me worshiping her, but with the thin cloth of her panties keeping my lips from ever actually touching her pussy. She has presented herself in a most seductive fashion, having a powerful seductive effect on me. Each time you have me kneel and kiss your panties, the deeper I crave to be your slave.”

Christine exclaimed, “Whew!”

“Put your clothes back on. You’ll be leaving with Christine,” said Mistress J, adding,

“It goes without saying, he will address you as Mistress Christine.”

Still a bit flustered, Christine answered, “That will be fine.”

As we drove, Christine asked, “How is it that you are like this?”

I told her how I’d seen the magazine with the Dominatrix, and from that point on, the only relationship I pursued was a dom/sub existence, that I’d spent hours and hours on line, reading and learning.

She advised, “You understand, I have a boyfriend. You will never get to touch me.”

I replied, “I did not know you had a boyfriend, but it doesn’t matter. In fact, I am more excited knowing you can in a sense, cuckold me. You get to enjoy sex, while I exist only as your slave.”

Christine continued, “Joy told me the same, but I wanted to hear it from you.

I must admit, I am a bit excited by this whole dynamic. I have always taken some pleasure in teasing men, and frankly, I’ve always wanted to tease more than would be socially appropriate. Now, with you, I get to tease, and I get my house cleaned!”

“Yes Mistress Christine,” was all I said, as she smiled.

We arrived at Christine’s home, and I was a bit shocked. It was more like an Estate.

A long private driveway, an upscale pool and hot tub, expensive hedge rows and fencing, and mature shade trees. Christine clearly was wealthy to own such a home. Inside looked professionally decorated, but badly in need of some TLC. This home would take days to clean.

Once inside, she said, “Strip to your thong,” and in seconds I was so. She pointed to the floor, and I fell to my knees. She looked down at me, slightly smiling as she took off her top, tossing it aside. Next came her bra, revealing her bountiful breasts. Then she removed her shorts. She stood before me in heels and sexy sheer panties, hands on hips, and feet wide apart.

I sat back on my calves, and she approach, bringing her panty covered pussy to my face. Kissing, I professed, “I am your slave!” Over and over, kissing her panties, saying, “I am your slave!” It came to pass. As I kissed, looked up at her. Her breasts beckoned. Her female power overwhelmed me. I was (willingly) brainwashed.

Fantasy had become reality, and I found it wildly exciting.

My cock was rock hard in my panties.

She strolled across the kitchen and returned with a viagra, ordering me to swallow.

For the next hour or so, she strolled around wearing only high heels and panties, showing me around the place, and what jobs I would be doing. I also wore only high heels and panties. Her breasts were large and magnificent. She exuded sexuality. I was hard the entire time. My thong panties were just such that my hard cock could jut to the side, and the panties still neatly contained it. My fresh tan line contrasted with the thongs. I was involuntarily leaking precum, producing an (increasing) wet spot in my panties.

She retired to the couch, and I dropped to my knees in front of her.

She was almost giddy, “This is teasing on steroids! How is it for you?”

I replied, “You are so sexy, and such a tease. I want to fuck you so bad; I literally can taste it. I am thoroughly teased, and completely enslaved.”

She smiled as I answered, and her hand slid down her panties. I watched as she slid back on the couch, and raised her feet, tucking her high heels into either side of the cushion, her legs spread wide.

“Come,” she said, “Kiss.”

Her legs spread wide, her finger inside the panty, stroking her clit.

I kissed the narrow part of the panty, below her hand, directly over her vaginal hole. The panty was soaked. I could smell her sex. As I kissed, she stroked herself.

Her eyes closed and she continued her masturbation.

While I continued to kiss, I discretely reached down to my cock. I simply could not stop myself. I gripped for a few discreate strokes, squeezing out of large dollop of precum, which was a bit of exquisite relief.

Mistress Christine’s eyes were at half mast. Her stroking increased, and she came hard, loud, and gushing. Then she relaxed, laying back, hand still in her panties.

She withdrew her hand, and presented it to me, feeding each finger into my mouth, and I licked her hand clean.

Then she presented her feet to me, and I removed her high heels.

Then she slid down her panties, and wryly fed them into my mouth.

She told me to stand, and she took a close-up photo of my sodden panties, texting it to Mistress J.

“I saw you touching your cock. We’ll see what Joy has to say about that,” Christine mentioned as she walked toward the rear door, “Or shall we make it our little secret.”

“Yes, Mistress Christine,” I said, as she dove into the pool.

Her head popped up from the water, and smiling, she said, “You can start in the Powder Room.” Her panties still in my mouth, I began cleaning.

Fifteen or twenty minutes passed, and she approached, naked, drying herself with a beach towel.

“Come with me,” she said.

Following, we entered her spacious Master Bedroom.

She commented, “I’m not really that keen about fulfilling your panty kissing fantasy; even if it makes you a better slave. I’m betting there are plenty of other ways to make you a better slave. I care about fulfilling MY fantasies.”

She sat on the bed, “Take off those panties and heels, and kneel.”

She smiled, and removed her panties from my mouth, dropping them to the floor.

She spread her legs. I brought my face to her pussy, and her hands were on the sides of my head, guiding, controlling. She laid back on the bed, and I continued.

“Joy told me that with viagra, you can fuck without coming. Is that true?”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied.

“Get up here,” and I gently eased into her, trying to follow her ques and directives.

What an unexpected surprise, fucking Christine! Her pussy was exquisite!

We fucked for a long time. She reminded me of Sara, directing me to manage my weight upon her, telling me to slow, stop, more, etc; demanding my attention exclusively to her needs.

Finally, as I ground my pelvis against her, she came, again, loud and hard.

She was delighted, “Never in my life have I had sex where it was entirely about my preferences. I have always felt obliged to my Partner’s needs. Tell NO ONE that I fucked you.”

“Yes Mistress Christine,” I replied.

Although I had not come, and had taken viagra, my cock softened.

She got up and returned with a shaver and cream.

She spread and said, “Get to it. Don’t nick me, and don’t miss a single hair.”

I took to the task, and in fifteen minutes her pussy was completely denuded.

We went to her shower. I washed her hair, tended to her in every way.

As we dried, she asked, “Do you like being feminized?”

“Yes Mistress. I like being femininized, and it makes me more submissive.”

She asked, “Sub to both women and men?”

I replied, “I have always fantasized being submissive to women, but dressed in femmy attire, it would seem that men would be inherently superior as well.”

The implication was clear.

She commented, “If you intend to continue with this lifestyle, its only a matter of time before you are made to be submissive in the company of men.”

I had spent years cultivating my fantasies. I had tried to avoid the idea of men, focusing entirely on serving women, but reality was closing in.

She reached for my precum-soaked thong, smiling as she fed it into my mouth, “You may as well start getting used to swallowing cum.”

“Find yourself some fresh panties,” as she opened her panty drawer.

I had been soft, but the sight of all her panties, and my cock began to grow.

I actually swooned. She sat and watched as I tried on various panties. The goal was sexiness, and just the right fit to contain my hard-on.

A pink thong, with adequate sides (for my hard-on) was selected. Holding in my tummy, I turned in front of her full length mirror.

“I believe I have a bra that matches,” she chimed.

Her voluptuous body matched me well, and the bra fit nicely.

Apparently tipped off by Joy, she smiled and pulled out two balloons.

I filled them at the sink, and tied the ends. We arranged the tied ends in front to mimic nipples. The bra was very sheer and the “nipples” were quite visible; I couldn’t stop staring at myself in the mirror.

Next came a very short ruffled black mini-skirt. It fit way below my belly button, barely at my panty top, and the skirt covered barely below my panties. It hid my hard-on, but nothing else. Then a matching, short, tight top, which covered the bra, but left my tummy audaciously exposed. The tight top was sheer enough to show my nipple bumps.

Last were my high heels.

With some make-up and a wig, I would pass as a (slutty) woman.

“I’m telling you now,” said Mistress Christine, “If you choose to continue with me, I am going to dress you, and you are going to serve me and my girlfriends for a pool party.” The very idea sent my juices to full boil.

I begged, “Please Mistress, please let me come,” somewhat muffled by the panties in my mouth.

She was having none of it, “Follow me,” as she headed out the bedroom.

We headed to the pool where we found Mistress Joy, sunning in a tiny thong bikini bottom, and no top. She must have arrived while we were in the shower. Smiling as we approached, “It looks our little girl has been playing dress up.”

We strolled in Christine’s garden area.

Christine casually remarked, “I am so glad you talked me into this. Its the most fun I’ve had in ages!”

“I have lots more work around here, can I borrow him again?”

“Any time,” said Joy.

Christine added, “I’d like to put him on display for a pool party, or perhaps make him be our Server. What do you think?”

Joy said, “Why not both?” They laughed.

We returned to the pool, they laid in loungers, and I minced around in my outfit, serving drinks, applying sun cream, and all the while, my panties still in my mouth.

Finally Christine put her hand under my skirt and stroked my cock, making me groan. “I want to see him lick his cum,” she said, and Joy smiled.

Off came my skirt and panties, while my top stayed on. Mercifully, the panties in my mouth were removed. I kneeled before them, and using sun cream for lube, began stroking. Mistress J said, “How about he comes on your feet?”

Christine placed her feet under my cock, and I panted, “May I come?”

They squealed as my cum blasted all the way to her knees.

Mistress J pointed toward the cum.

As always, having just come, I hated this part, but I dutifully slurped, while Christine took a video, and cajoled, as if to a pet doggy, “Good cum licker!”

Christine decided to meet us at the Munch, and she’d be bringing her boyfriend.

She mused aloud as to her enslaving her boyfriend. We all laughed; this guy was in for a surprise! A new world had opened up for Christine, and she was anxious to explore further.

We went to my apartment, picked up a few supplies, my tightest jeans, and tightest tee shirt. I’d be in submissive metro-sexual mode for this gathering. We met Christine and the boyfriend at the restaurant, and sat together. As we ordered dinner, the group Organizer made introductions and announcements. We were thoroughly amused as the boyfriend realized he was in a bdsm meeting. He asked, “What is this?”

Christine replied, “If you want to stay with me, it’s you new life.” His eyes widened, and he began to take it all in. Christine’s eyes drilled into him, and she said, “From now on, you call me Mistress,” and he stared, wide eyed, mouth agape.

He looked to me inquisitively.

I looked to Mistress J, and said, “She is my Mistress, and I am her slave.”

As we ate, a throng of gushing admirers, both male and female, stopped at our table to say hello to Joy. While friendly, Mistress J exuded a Femdom persona.

Most referred to her as “Mistress”.

Christine’s boyfriend had walked in as her Partner, and left as her slave. We met back at Christine’s. During their ride back, she’d laid out the new terms, and he’d submitted completely. We lounged out by the pool. He was ordered to strip. Christine stood up, tossed his clothes into the pool, then went in to get some scarves. He sat naked; Joy and myself still dressed. Christine returned, and He was bound spread-eagle to a lounger, and the three of us shaved his body. He was previously soft, but now his cock was roiling hard, and ready to blow.

As we shaved, he was further interrogated by Christine and Joy.

“Have you ever had bdsm fantasies?” “Yes Mistress,” he replied.

“Have you ever dressed in women’s panties?” “Yes Mistress,” he replied.

“Have you looked at bdsm porn?” “Yes Mistress,” he replied”

“Have you ever sucked a dick, or thought about sucking a dick?” “I haven’t, but I have thought about it,” he replied.

“Have you ever put a dildo in your ass?” “Not a dildo, but other things,” he replied. “Have you ever swallowed your cum?” “I’ve thought about it, but never actually done it,” he replied.

Christine announced, “As reward for your honesty, you will be allowed to come tonight, but first, I need insurance.” I was instructed to straddle his face, and while Christine filmed, he sucked his first cock. It got me hard, but I was not allowed to come.

Two freshly shaved slaves, we both were given panties, and bikinis, to model, and the cameras flashed as we posed for photos. Water-filled balloons were produced, and we put them in the bikini tops. On the steps into the pool, we posed, arms around each other, we were directed to smile, then kiss, then on knees, one sucking the other, with the shimmering water as a back-drop.

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