My Wife Loves BBC

My Wife Loves BBC


The summer of 2020 marked two years since my wife Ann and I entered a new chapter of our relationship. It was the point where we had achieved a level of honesty and trust where it became possible to live out what had been a shared but secret fantasy for both of us: sharing Ann with other men. After careful and lengthy consideration, we went for it and never looked back.

I’m not talking about cheating or cuckholding. Neither Ann nor I were interested in her going out with other men and telling me the details later. The fantasy didn’t stem from unfulfillment in our current lives. When I talk about sharing my wife, I’m almost always referring to group sex (there were a couple instances of wife-swapping, but that setup wasn’t as exciting for us). Having multiple men, I as one, at Ann’s disposal opened the door to a variety of new sexual experiences that you can imagine and even read about in our previous stories, and it not only made Ann even sexier in my eyes, but, more importantly, it made her feel sexier herself, which is very important for your wife.

As the fun we had together increased, the admiration, trust and honesty between the two of us only skyrocketed. I’m told it’s a dynamic that doesn’t work well for most couples who have tried it. I think the difference is we are truly doing it for each other. Ann isn’t getting fucked by other guys because she needs more cock but because she knows it turns me on, and I’m not sharing her with other men because I think she’s a whore but, quite the opposite, a sex goddess that needs to be put on display.

Anyway, the summer of 2020 was not just our two-year anniversary of this new lifestyle. As you know, amid all the other drama going on during that time, there was a heightened awareness of racism in America. In honor of our underappreciated brothers, Ann thought it would be fun if for this summer we shared her with only black gentlemen. We had played with at least a couple black men before, and they were some of Ann’s favorites. While it’s not true that “once she went black, she didn’t go back,” I know there’s something about black cock that really gets my wife turned on – as much as you deny it, honey.

Plus, black men have always been attracted to Ann. While she is Italian, she has been told she has a black woman’s figure: big, round ass with full, perky tits and thin frame with curves in the right places. She loves it, and it’s always caught the eyes of blacks and Hispanics especially, we’ve noticed. To complete my description of her, she has tan skin, brown eyes, dark brown, shoulder-length hair that is naturally curly but she straightens and the prettiest mouth you’ve ever seen. She stands about 5’5″. She’s mid-30s in age.

I, on the other hand, am about 6′, skinny and white, with blue eyes and short, dark brown hair. I’m a few years younger than Ann.

When Ann and I first ventured into this lifestyle, we started accounts on Pornhub and an x-rated dating site to discreetly spread the word. This past summer, we posted that we were looking specifically for black men, and the interest came flooding in quickly. We did reach out to a couple of the guys that had fucked Ann before, and they were interested as well. It took very little time to arrange the first group session, involving two black men we met online who double-penetrated my wife in front of me before I joined in.

Just a few days later, on the Fourth of July, we invited one of those men over to our house, which is rare for us to do since we prefer no one know where anyone lives to avoid any drama or complications. We did it as discreetly as possible: I picked him up a couple blocks away from where he lived, and he suggested he be blindfolded until we got to the house. Once inside, we went down to the finished section of our basement, and he and I double-teamed Ann on the floor – fireworks inside while the fireworks went off outside, so to say.

The session I want to write about today came a couple weeks later and was one of our most fun trysts to date. We arranged for three black men to meet us at a hotel, all of whom were strangers to us at the time aside from careful vetting and lengthy conversations online. I won’t use the men’s real names, but I’ll include descriptions of each of them here.

The first to arrive at the hotel was Eddie. Eddie is 38 with lighter black skin and an athletic frame. I’d say he’s about 6′ tall.

Reggie was the next to arrive. He is going on 40 and has dark black skin. He’s a little shorter than Eddie, about 5’10” or 5’11” and he’s built – not the slim athletic build Eddie has, but not overweight either. He’s just a solidly built dude.

William was late, so you won’t hear about him at the start, but the important thing is he arrived. He’s about to turn 37, I believe. He’s about 6’1″, maybe 6’2″ and skinny with a skin tone somewhere between Reggie’s and Eddie’s.

Ann and I, of course, got to the hotel early. We had to square some things away at home first, but we had plenty of time because neither of us had to work that day. As we left the house, no one would have ever imagined what we were off to do. One of the naughtiest aspects of our relationship is that we are widely considered moral, good and upstanding people. That we delve into group sex pretty frequently would be a shock to most of the people we know, but I think we maintain our reputation regardless with the care we take in how we go about this lifestyle. We just don’t come across as likely candidates for it.

We were dressed like we were going on a date. I wore a button-down shirt with my best pair of jeans. Ann wore a modest black dress that looked great on her but wouldn’t have had anyone accusing her of being a whore. With it she wore black stockings that went a couple inches past her knees, covering everything when the dress was on, and black high heels.

I picked up the key card for the hotel room when we arrived and led Ann up there, where we took a few minutes to wash up, relax and make sure Ann was looking her best. She always looked beautiful in my estimation, but a girl wants to make sure she’s at the top of her game when she’s being put on display. We waited about 20 minutes until Eddie arrived a few minutes early. He was followed shortly by Reggie. Mind you, these moments were when we formally met these two gentlemen for the first time, which added to the excitement of what was about to transpire. We had all chatted online so much over the past few weeks, though, that we all felt like we knew each other well enough.

At least 20 more minutes passed with no sign of William. Those of us in the room were, naturally, eager to get started, and experience told me that anyone who wasn’t there 20 minutes past the agreed-upon time was likely to not show up. It happens pretty frequently with this type of setup. If William did show up, he could always hop on the moving train.

As we had grown more adventurous over the past couple years, I had picked up a low-quality camera to begin filming more and more of our exploits. We purposely wanted low-quality footage so we could post it online and Ann wasn’t easily identifiable in it. Also, I always cut out any scenes that our names are used in or that give a clear shot of our faces (though Ann recently did let me upload a couple private videos of her getting a double facial!) As Ann sat down on the bed, I set up this crappy camera and was ready to record while Eddie and Reggie watched on. Ann told me not to record just yet, so I stayed put while she stood up and took her dress off in front of the three of us. Aside from a few censored or cropped photos, our new friends got their first look at Ann in her underwear, and they were pleased. Their comments made Ann blush as she moved right to removing her bra – a move that got another flattering reaction from the men, who then began to disrobe as well.

Ann finished undressing by taking off her thong, leaving the stockings and high heels on as she often does because she knows I like the look. Wearing nothing else, Ann got up in the bed, and her two new friends were soon naked with her on the mattress. What ensued was two sets of hands running up and down my wife’s body, which really turned me on and her as well, I’m sure. The two black men ran their hands up and down Ann’s arms, legs and shoulders while, of course, getting a firm feel of her exquisite breasts. Both guys were rock-hard, their big, black cocks aching for that Italian pussy.

Eddie was the more eager of the two. In fact, throughout this group sex there were a couple times where I almost told him to give someone else a turn. He got things started by gently pushing Ann onto her back, her head down by the foot of the bed as she spread her legs for another near-stranger. As Eddie lubed and wrapped up, Reggie knelt to the right of Ann’s head, his cock level with her pretty mouth. Instinctively, Ann grabbed Reggie’s cock and stroked it, pulling it gradually toward her mouth as Eddie pushed the head of his cock into my wife’s pussy and then slowly slipped another inch, then another inch until he sank deep inside her.

Ann moaned as Eddie penetrated her and then she pulled Reggie into her mouth, sucking one black cock while another pierced her cunt. Eddie started to thrust in and out of my wife, giving me a boner myself as this new friend got to experience my wife’s exceptional pussy after weeks of waiting and being teased. Eddie leaned forward, propping himself up with his arms as Ann’s legs rested on his thighs, his hips pumping into her over and over again, slowly at first while she sucked off Reggie, who just had his hands on his hips as he enjoyed the blowjob.

At this point, I hit record and then took a seat so I could jerk off while I watched my wife get fucked by two big black cocks. As Eddie enjoyed that divine pussy, he lowered himself down, lying on top of my beautiful wife and thrusting harder into her. Meanwhile, she continued to suck on Reggie, who now was resting one hand on Ann’s knee that bobbed up and down with each of Eddie’s hard, deep pushes into her sexy, married body.

After a few minutes, Eddie sat up and pulled Ann across the bed and over to the side, making sure to stay between her legs and keep claim of her pussy. Like I said, he was definitely the more eager of the two. Once he had Ann on the edge of the bed, Eddie got down on the floor and slid back into her pussy, right in front of the camera. He was already thrusting back in and out of her before Reggie was even set up at Ann’s other end. From where I was sitting, I couldn’t even tell you if Ann was sucking Reggie’s cock or if she was just jerking him off, since Eddie’s back was blocking the rest of the view. I could tell Reggie was having a good time playing with Ann’s boobs though. I didn’t mind Eddie’s blocking the rest of my view; seeing his hips pump into my wife over and over while her sexy legs stuck out over his hips was all the visual stimulus I needed.

Eddie was having a blast nailing my wife, who seemed to be having fun as well taking that black cock deep inside her over and over again. He fucked Ann relentlessly as Reggie patiently waited his turn. A couple minutes in, Eddie suddenly picked up his pace, now slamming in and out of Ann hard and fast as the bed creaked beneath her. Ann moaned and held onto Eddie’s shoulders while he drove his thick prick deep into her married cunt, much to my enjoyment as I watched in awe of my perfect hotwife. I shamelessly masturbated, waiting for the right opportunity to join in.

After about a minute of that intense fucking, Eddie must have popped out or something because there was an abrupt stop. As he took a few seconds to regroup, Reggie lay on his side where Ann could now properly suck on his cock. As she did, Eddie put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed, giving me a great view of her sexy, spread legs as they came closer to me. Eddie applied more lube at that point, which may have been part of whatever problem he was having. As he did, there was a knock at the door.

I got up to answer, careful to pull my pants up and open the door slowly to see who was there. It was William. Better late than never, I suppose!

He could see that we were obviously underway. It was hot, actually, to have someone walk in while were deep into the throes of group sex. I can imagine it must have been quite arousing for William to come in and see this beautiful hotwife he knew previously only online now spread out on a hotel bed wearing nothing but stockings and high heels while sucking one black cock as another one prepared to enter her vagina. As Eddie was re-lubing his dick, he even briefly greeted William but would not be distracted from preparing for another run at my wife

William asked for the bathroom, so I directed him there. He briefly stopped to watch Eddie mount my wife, sliding his freshly lubed dick back into her pussy until he was balls-deep inside her again. Eddie began to pump into her slow and deep again while William went to the bathroom. Again, Eddie lay down on top of Ann, who put both of her hands on his ass as he fucked her. A couple minutes later, William emerged from the bathroom, immediately beginning to undress. It was then that Eddie finally pulled out of Ann, ready to defer her to someone else. Ann rolled over and sat up, ready for whoever was next.

It was only fair that Reggie got her pussy next. He was already lying down, so Ann straddled him, kneeling as she sank onto his cock, which was now lubed and wrapped. Facing away from Reggie, Ann watched as William and Eddie stood up on the bed on either side of her, their cocks at full mast and ready for attention. Ann took one in each hand and began to suck on one while stroking the other as she slid slowly up and down Reggie’s cock, whose patience had finally paid off. Meanwhile, I was waiting longer than usual to join in because what I was seeing was just too good to interrupt.

As Ann fucked Reggie, the other two guys took the liberty to feel up Ann’s milf body. At one point, William pulled away to feel and slap Ann’s ass, while Eddie was playing with her tits. Once Eddie noticed William wasn’t right beside him anymore, he grabbed my wife’s hair in one hand and steadied his dick with the other, encouraging Ann to suck him harder and faster. This near-stranger just could not get enough of my wife! It was flattering for both of us.

As Eddie fucked my wife’s mouth, William had gotten down on the floor and was rubbing Ann’s clit as she was still fucking Reggie. She was in her glory and feeling great as these three strong, black men had their way with her. She continued to bounce on Reggie’s cock for a few more minutes until they all decided to change positions.

The next setup saw William still on the outside, as he seemed the least eager of the three. Eddie settled down on the bed with Ann on her hands and knees, her face by Eddie’s cock. Reggie stood at the side of the bed where Eddie had fucked Ann earlier and began to work his cock back into my wife. I couldn’t tell at first from where I was sitting, but he was taking her ass! It was only when Ann grunted in obvious discomfort that I wondered if he was going for anal.

Reggie stopped to see if Ann was OK. Ann half-heartedly affirmed that she was fine. I feared she was just too nice to tell him no. I was going to intervene, but Ann insisted it was OK. Always the gracious hostess, Ann wanted everyone to have a great time, and she and I both knew she could handle some anal. Just a couple weeks ago, she got pounded in both holes simultaneously and took it like a champ.

Eddie applauded Reggie for his boldness to fuck a guy’s wife in the ass right in front of him. I assured them if Ann was fine with it, then he was free to go, so long as he wasn’t too rough on her. Ann’s only request was more lube, and Reggie was happy to oblige. Through all the discussion, William jerked off at the foot of the bed and simply watched while Eddie, Reggie and Ann all chatted and laughed about the confusion over fucking her butt. Everyone was loose and having a great time.

As Reggie lubed up her ass, Ann began to suck Eddie again. Then Reggie slowly inserted himself into my wife’s shitter, inch by inch until he was all the way in. For the next minute or so, he fucked her ass gently, working up to a faster pace as he proceeded. Eddie praised her, he too now fully realizing what a prize my wife is. William still stood on the sidelines while Ann sucked one big black cock and took another one in her ass. It was at this point that I shut off the camera and decided it was time for me to join in.

I motioned for Eddie to move aside so I could take his place in the bed. As disappointed as he was to give up Ann’s mouth, he didn’t argue with me. Ann’s face beamed when she saw me, those pretty eyes and that perfect smile greeting me as I took the rest of my clothes off and lay down on the bed in front of her while a big, black cock continued to fuck her ass still pretty gently but harder than before. Ann sucked my cock for a moment before I told her what I really wanted. As hot as it was to have my wife suck my cock while watching another man nail her ass, I figured that since anal was on the table tonight, I wanted to double-penetrate her. It was my favorite thing to do, and we didn’t do it quite as much as I would like.

Ann pushed herself up to allow enough space between her and the mattress for me to slip in. We had never tried DP with the first cock in the top hole before, so this maneuver was going to take some thought, and DP is not a simple task as it is. Reggie kept himself in Ann’s shitter while I slipped beneath my wife, my cock now in the perfect position to penetrate her pussy. I just needed Ann’s help to get it in, but thanks to plenty of lube, my persistence and the fact that my hot-as-hell wife always managed to keep everyone in the room rock-hard, I was able to get enough of my cock into her pussy that Ann could lower herself back down. It was a tight fit having Reggie’s cock right next door, but we pulled it off.

Being on the bottom doesn’t give you a lot of control, but I managed to slowly pump up into my wife’s pussy while Reggie alternated in her ass at my instruction. The sensations are always incredible, feeling that tight pussy around your cock while another dick is pushing in and out of the neighboring hole. What is more intoxicating than anything my cock felt was being under my erotic wife, whose boobs pressed against my chest and face hovered over mine. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her throughout the double penetration, she overwhelmed with the sensations of two cocks thrusting into her, I overwhelmed with awe from the fact that my gorgeous, sexy wife was taking two cocks at once. It’s hard to say which is more enjoyable: double-penetrating your wife or the realization that your wife is getting double-penetrated.

I would have liked to continue double-fucking Ann for longer, but she eventually couldn’t take anymore pressure in her ass and asked for Reggie to pull out, which he did. Ann grinded on me for a moment as we kissed and then got off and rolled onto her back. I asked her if she was good to continue or if she wanted to stop. She asked if I was kidding and assured me that she still had plenty left in the tank.

I suggested that the four of us guys take turns fucking Ann missionary to finish off the gangbang. Missionary is Ann’s favorite position, and she smiled and happily consented, lying on the bed with her head on the pillow and spreading her legs as we decided who would go first. You probably guessed that it was Eddie, and he quickly got on top of Ann, her legs resting on his thighs, her hands on his arms as he slipped back into her wonderful and now well-fucked pussy and began to rail her once more. I got the camera rolling again and gave some commentary as the rest of us waited our turns to have sex with this gorgeous hotwife. I was as turned on as every watching my wife take one black man after another in succession

Eddie pounded Ann’s pussy until he was ready to cum, at which point he pulled out, aimed for that perfect rack and plastered my wife’s boobs with semen. Next, William stepped up, finally taking his run with my wife after mostly watching until now. He gave it to Ann hard right from the start, slamming in and out of her used pussy as the bed creaked beneath them. Ann spread her legs high and wide, taking the entirety of the black cock deep inside her twat until William too could take no more. He pulled out quickly and added another load to my wife’s heaving chest.

Reggie went next, having sex with Ann in the same position as the two men before him. The only difference was that she had two loads of jizz streaming down her tits, sides and stomach. After a few minutes, he deposited his load all over her stomach and stepped aside, completing Ann’s trifecta of black men running a train on her.

I shut off the camera, still as hard as ever after watching three guys in a row take turns fucking and finishing on my wife. Now the three of them, full sated, watched on as I reclaimed her. I rested her legs on my shoulders, and she helped guide my cock into her worn vagina. I then looked down on her cum-covered body with more than enough motivation to slam hard and fast into the love of my life. Her body on its own was enough to have me constantly aroused. The fact that she had cum from three other men splattered all over her chest and stomach had me in overdrive.

Pounding my wife hard and fast, I railed her to her my heart’s content as we both moaned. Her boobs rocked up and down with each of my thrusts, causing the semen to migrate on her chest. Even after all the abuse she had taken, I still was able to get her off, as her sexy moan crescendoed into a long orgasm. After everything I had watched and participated in over the past hour or so, my wife’s climax was the last thing I could take. As she came on my cock, I exploded inside her vagina, cumming deep inside her with one of those intense orgasms that my wife almost always managed to provide for me. We came together for a little bit, Ann’s subsiding at first before I was ready to pull out shortly after.

With cum all over her chest and stomach while mine trickled out of her pussy, Ann lay back and caught her breath for a moment before rolling off the bed. As the jizz streamed down her front now that she was standing up, Ann grinned and waved goodbye to her new friends as she headed to the bathroom to clean up. Our black friends were in kind of a trance then, but I got them to snap out of it by asking them to get dressed and be on their way. I received some high fives and effusive praise for having such an amazing wife. Once they were dressed, the men left one by one, Eddie chatting with me the longest before he went.

Ann remained in the bathroom until it was only the two of us left in the hotel room. She gave me a kiss and thanked me for making her feel so sexy and for giving her such a great time. I assured her it was at least as enjoyable for me. She never ceased to amaze me, but she left me especially in awe that night after expertly handling those three new friends tonight. They would have never known otherwise that Ann was your typical wholesome wife and mother.

We managed four other sessions with black men during the course of the summer as part of our decision to share Ann with just black men until fall began. Three of those events were simply threesomes. Two of them were typical (though not to say any type of sex with Ann was merely typical) where I watched a guy with a big black cock have hot sex with my wife while I filmed parts of it. Then I’d join in where the other guy and I would double-team her until he came, and then I’d reclaim my vixen by pounding her as another man’s cum clung to her chest until I either blew inside her or on her.

For one of the threesomes, Ann got the guy and me so worked up with a sexy striptease dance that I just set up the camera, and we two guys just went right to town on her. We finished her off with a steamy double-penetration fuck that ended in a double creampie. That lucky guy never imagined he’d be getting off inside the ass of another man’s wife!

The other of the four events was the only other one that involved more than one guest. Ann was treated to two black cocks while I was treated to watching them splitroast her on a hotel bed. I was hoping for double penetration that night too, but the guys didn’t last long enough, so Ann, thinking quickly, made up for it by giving me the pleasure of watching them both give her a facial. As was normal, I took my turn last, and it was really hot fucking her while she still had two loads of cum on her face!

When fall finally came around, our white friends were plenty eager to start having sex with my wife again and getting back into our old routine. We opened it up again with a four-man gangbang that might be worth writing about in another story. To give away the best parts, we made her airtight for as long as she could handle. Then after a break, we took turns with her we came on her face and tits like she asked. When you’ve got a wife like Ann, you can’t help but show her off

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