Naughty Annabelle

Naughty Annabelle


I knocked on the door, which had a crooked number nine. I was excited; I was getting a chance to fuck Anna Belle, who had been texting and flirting with me ever since we exchanged numbers. Nude pictures were sent back and forth, I sent a few of my cock, soft and hard, and I could tell that she loved the sight of my cock, because she sent a dozen emojis after it. Mom was with Frank, in a hotel room, while I was at their apartment blocks.

The door opened, and Anna Belle stood there, grinning, wearing a dressing gown.

“You came?” she asked, holding my hand, our fingers entwining together.

As soon as the door was closed and locked by the bolt, Anne Bella unfastened her dressing gown and her bare, pale, creamy perky tits. She stood there, crossing her arms over her chest, and I pried each finger away, staring at the small, lovely looking tits with hunger in my eyes. I needed to suck them.

“I’m not as big as Charlotte, but…

I silenced her with a quick kiss to her tits, and she pressed my head against her tits.

“Take me to the bedroom!” she asked, jumping into my arms, our mouths still attached.

“I don’t even know where it is,” I said, chuckling into her mouth.

She giggled too, pulling away, cradling my cheeks.

“Upstairs, fourth door on the right. Take me up and there fuck me, please.”


“FUCK!” Anna Belle grunted as my cock split her lips wide open for the first time. “You’re so big!”

“So fucking tight!” I grunted out, allowing Anna Belle to adjust to my size. Her pussy was utterly stretched around my cock, and her pussy clenched, dripping with glistening juices. My cock and her thighs were wet with sweat and juices. The bed rocked underneath us, and springs bounced as the headboard loudly banged against the wall as I picked up the speed.

“Oh, GOD!” she cried out and began chewing her pillow. She took her mouth from the pillow; it was drenched with her spit, her eyes were wide as the cock had touched her cervix, nudging against it and then pressing it firmly against it. I bent down and kissed her neck, and she trembled under my soft, wonderful kisses. “Keep kissing me like that.”

I did what I was instructed to do. Anna Belle gave a small shriek as the pounding increased. Now, the slapping of our skin became frantic, deafening as my cock buried all the way into her. I brought it back out, then back in, out, teasing her just with the tip. She complained, pushing herself back onto me, desperately trying to get the cock all the back into her. I pressed her bouncing ass, keeping her away from my cock.


I gave her what she craved. Our skins slapped together loudly, and Anna Belle could only grab hold of the headboard, which was banging so loudly against the wall and she was unable to stop herself from bouncing with every thrust from my big, powerful cock. I could tell that it was the thickest and biggest cock that had ever slipped inside. I knew from the text messages she had always wanted to know what a big cock felt like, and now she did. My hands gripped her hips, which gyrated excessively, as if it was trying to win a game with me, but losing every moment of the fight. She couldn’t cope with me, every thrust, nearly sent her bouncing off my cock. I grabbed both of her arms and pinned them behind, lifting her. Her body was so far down on my shaft, that my cock had vanished entirely into her warm, wet, smooth pussy. Her ass wobbled and bounced. Now, her small, perky, cute tits were dancing in the air, shaking with every thrust with a force that they had not seen before. I tried to get her to play with her throbbing pussy, but she was too busy enjoying my cock, even to finger herself. As I fucked her wet pussy, it clenched around my cock; her pussy acted as it spoke to me, that her clit was desperate for a finger or just a brush of her hand as if it was itching to be played with. The moans of Anna Belle grew louder as the thrusts became powerful and frantic. I never missed a beat with my cock, and I bent down, kissing her neck and nipping the skin. My lips and tongue sent a rippling wage of an electric surge through both of our bodies, and I could feel clenching around my cock. Anna Belle turned her head, her mouth trembling, and she caught my lips, kissing me with so much force that I was worried our lips would bleed.

She pulled her lips away from my mouth, her face pressed against me, never breaking out, and her body seemingly rocked with every powerful thrust. She had never been fucked like this, I could tell.

“Pound my pussy!” Anna Bele shouted, glancing over her shoulders. Her sweaty, messy black hair was gripped in a firm grasp by my right hand. “Fuck! You’re so fucking good!”

“Mmmmmm,” I grunted against her neck and kissed it. “You’re so wet.”

“Do you blame me?” she asked, laughing as her body bounced off the bed.

“Look at how well you’re taking my cock!” I said, my hands wrapping softly around her neck and I slowed down for just a moment, savouring the feeling of her pussy clenching around my cock. I just sat there, letting myself stay there, motionless. “Come on, fight back!”

I looked down, my huge cock overflowing her pussy with a couple of inches hanging out. Her hips started to slowly tease me, dragging herself slowly and softly up my shaft. I grunted, leaning back, taking in the view of Anna Belle’s ass bouncing on me. I reached out, my hands finding her small, perky tits, as she shook I pinched them, getting a loud, startled yelp from her.

“Do you like my cute, little perky tits?” Anna Belle asked, grunting as my fingers worked across her heaving breasts, pulling, nipping, tugging, pinching her nipples. “You know how to fuck. God!”

Anna giggled.

“I love it when a man can take control,” Anna Belle told me. “You big fucking……

She couldn’t even get the last words out of her twisted mouth as my thrusts began to pick back up, increasing and smashing into her pussy with my balls hitting her ass. The sudden force nearly knocked her off my cock, but I pulled her back, keeping her arms behind her back, pinning her to my body.


“Do I belong in your pussy?” I said, digging my cock further into her pussy, further than anybody had ever gone, and the pussy squelched loudly.


The shout cracked and snapped. She fell forward, freeing herself from my hands, but she couldn’t move as I followed her, driving my cock back into her. Her hands were free now; fingers were able to clench and flex, one went to her aching pussy, the other went to her breasts. I pressed my foot on her face, pinning her head against the soft, bouncing mattress. She could not do anything, but grasp at the bedsheets and the words were nothing but pale moans. I grinned at the sight of her, her pale knuckles became red, the grip grew tighter, and my powerful thrust became almost too much for her. I pulled my foot away from her face, her cheeks were red, and I took my cock out of her pussy, there was a faint, plopping noise as she complained about feeling empty.

“I want you to suck my cock!” I asked, giving her ass a very shot but quick slap, and the skin wobbled.

“You’ve just fucked the shit out of me!” she gasped on the bed.

I brought my mouth to her ear.

“I’m going to rock your fucking world,” I told her, holding her body tightly.

I spun her around. My huge, throbbing, bouncing cock was inches away from her flushed face, and the head of my cock, had never looked so big or red. Anna Belle traced her tongue over the head, slowly teasing her juices, which to both of us, felt terrific and naughty. I knew that she had never felt so good, it was the way her body and trembled and her lips parted, ready to swallow my cock. I took action and pressed my cock further into her mouth, making sure that my cock was all the way into it, my balls just resting against her mouth. I knew that her mouth had never been full or stuffed by cock. She looked up to me, our eyes meeting, the cock stuffed in her mouth, and I stood there, towering over, looking pleased with myself

“Suck my cock!” I told her, my hands gripping her hair, and she could only remain inches away from my dangling cock and balls. Today, my balls looked so firm, taut and rigid. Smooth and hairless, and Anna Belle rubbed my balls, whispering to me. I pulled out a few times, leaving my cock dangling from her gaping mouth, and then shoved the cock back into her mouth, filling her with the thickest meat she had ever tasted. The shaft was completely engulfed by the warm, wet, welcoming mouth of Anna Belle.

She spat my cock out, nearly choking.

“Did I say you could stop?” I asked, looking down at Anna Belle, her huge panicked look, gazing back at me.

“Jesus, Jack!” Anna Belle complained, and her breath rose very quickly. “I’m going to choke!”

“On my dick!” I said. “Come on, suck it!”

She looked at the throbbing cock in front of her, swallowing hard and drinking in the sight of my cock.

“Your cock is too big for my mouth, please, fuck my pussy again!”

“Lick my balls!” I told her, and my heavy ball sack hung in front of her, swaying, waiting to be sucked.

She took my ball sack in her mouth, sucking hungrily, stretching the taut skin with the loudest pop. The noise was followed by a loud, grunting moan, coming from me.

“Keep sucking,” I said, my eyes flashing darkly.

“Yes!” Anna Belle furiously nodded her head, spit dangling from her mouth. “I’ll suck your balls. They’re so full of cum.”

“And, you know where it’s going to end up, don’t you?”

She looked up at me, our gaze never breaking.

“Across my face?” she asked curiously. “How much can you shoot?”

“Loads, ropes and ropes. If you’re good enough, I’ll squirt deep inside of you,” I said, my throbbing cock being slobbered on by Jessica’s mouth.

“I think I can manage that,” she asked, planting a few soft kisses on my shaft.

“I want you to my cock,” he asked, giving her ass a very short but quick slap, watching the skin wobbling.

What happened next, I was moaning so loudly. She had dropped her mouth down onto my shaft, pulling back up, and then back down again.

“Do you like it?” she asked me, her mouth wide open, split clinging down her face as if it were a spider’s web.

“Yes!” I said to her and moaned when Anna Belle began bouncing all of her mouth down my shat, swallowing me to the root. “Take all of it!”

She grunted, working the enormous cock into her mouth, allowing it to hit the back of the throat. I grabbed her silky black hair, yanking her forward, making her take more of my cock, if it was possible. She was now lodged firmly onto his cock, without anywhere to go.

“FUCK! Take my cock! All of it!” I groaned out, moaning at the touch of my Anna Belle as the lips reached the root of my shaft. Every time, no matter how much he was throbbing or felt thicker, Anna Belle took me to the root of my shaft without gagging. She didn’t stop there; she kept sucking, up and down, every inch of the rod pressed against her. After a couple of seconds, she took my cock out of her mouth, gasping with a large smile.

“I took it all!” she said proudly.

“Do you like that?” Anna Belle asked, giving my throbbing cock a few wet kisses and a few swirls of her tongue.

“I fucking do! You’re one of the only two girls I know that can take my cock all the way!” I grunted out, my eyes snapping close.

“Oh,” she said, kissing my shaft, and trailing her tongue down my thick, pulsing shaft. “I’m not a girl, am I?”

She looked up at me. Gleaming eyes met with each other in a very fixing gaze.

“No, you’re all women, every single bit of you,” I said, pinching her very hard nipples and she yelped in response. “Cute little but, perky tits, tight pussy and a mouth that can suck. What more could I want?”

She rubbed the head of my cock.

“You’re trembling, baby,” she gasped, the cock slowly slipping back into her mouth and filling her up again. Up and down, she moved on the shaft, taking every inch and making me moan so loudly.

“God, that mouth! Fuck!”

She took my cock out of her mouth, inspecting it, marvelling at the size of it, and wondered how something had gotten so thick. She had told me a few times; she hadn’t seen a cock this thick. Her boyfriend, he was seven inches, but his cock was so skinny, compared to mine, it wouldn’t have looked close.

“Your cock!”

“Powerful, isn’t it?” I asked, grinning, and with the cock in her mouth, she could only nod her head in response.

“So powerful! I love it being inside of me, and it’s like a fireman’s pole. But, it doesn’t shoot water, it’s going to shoot a thick, more than a mouthful of cum!”

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” I managed to yell out, surprising myself.” Oh, my God! FUCK!”

“What’s a matter, honey?” she chuckled, teasing me. I could not believe how weak she was making me feel.

“You know, your balls, they are filled with cum, and I want it. I want every drop. Cover my face, fill my pussy. I want it to be dripping out of my pussy, when I go to work. I want people to know that I’ve just been fucked.Messy hair, the glow on my face.

I squeezed her small, perky tits, loving the touch of her tits.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I said. “I love how small and perky your tits are. I love how your body looks!”

“Your balls, they’re throbbing. Why don’t you tell me how much you want to cum!”

A simple moan escaped past my pressed lips.

“I want to cum in you!”

“Explode in my mouth!” Anna Belle begged me.

“Anna Belle, I want to fill your mouth with my cum!”

“Do it!”

Grunting, she drove her mouth down my shaft, bouncing her head so fast and quick. I grabbed at her hair, tightly grasping the strands of silky, sweaty hair, tugging at the strands.

“You’re going to make me cum!” I said, and my hips were now thrusting, fucking her with so much passion.

“You want me to make you cum?” she asked, taking my cock out of her mouth and stroking it.

“I do!” I said, moaning, whimpering and could feel the pressure building.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she grunted and jacked me off.

“Look at you!” she moaned, and so did myself “I thought you were this big strong man. You’ve got nowhere to run. Powerless. Weak.A little boy!”

She mocked me with every word, and it stabbed like a sword.

“Fuck you!” I snapped, moaning and pushing my cock further into her mouth until she choked.

“Then, prove it!” she dared me. “Take control!”

I couldn’t. The surge burst through my cock, like no feeling I had felt before. All the previous blowjobs from my mother, the teacher, the woman over the road, came close to it, my first girlfriend, all the sluts at school. Nobody could suck like this woman. Nobody could make me tremble and shake this badly. She owned my cock. She owned the cum, that would soon spit out of my cock. It was coming, and I couldn’t stop it. She was teasing me with tiny sucks and strokes.


“Cum for me!” she grunted, gagging on my cock. Tears were streaming down her face as he roughly fucked into her.

“Yes!” I said, and I increased my thrusts.

I knew that her throat had never felt so good, filled with a thick, eight and a half inches of meat.

“I want your cum!” she said, putting her hands onto my ass and pushing herself further onto my cock. She rocked her head back and forth, left to right, and then pulled my bobbing cock out of her mouth. She gasped loudly, spit trailing from her mouth, my cock glistening, and a huge string of spit hung from her mouth to my cock. “I want your cum.”

“Tell me! Beg me!”

She gripped my cock, but never stroked it.

“I need to cum! Please!” I begged, almost as if someone were asking for a sweet.

“You call that begging?” she asked, mocking me, her hand never moving up the shaft. “Louder! Make the whole world know.”

“You want me to shout?”

She nodded, spitting on my cock.

“Yes,” she said, teasing me with her fingernails. They scratched and dragged up my shaft, but enough to make me explode.

“I want to cum. I need to explode. You’re such a good little cock sucker. The best. Better than anyone. Your mouth, it’s great, warm, wet, fucking tight and can take my cock. FUCK! Make my big fucking cock to explode. This is your cock; you own it. Suck it, slut!”

She groaned at the word slut but didn’t lose control.

“Mommy, make me cum, make me cum!” I shouted, almost losing my words.

“MMMMMMMM,” she said and took my cock back into her mouth.

My eyes didn’t close, but I did look down at Anna Belle, her knees planted firmly on the carpet until it was redraw. Her mouth had never looked so stretched right now, some of my cock was still hanging out, and then my cock was swallowed to the root. Pubic bone met with a face. Her gorgeous look was rippling with lust, an expression that society deemed unsuitable and wrong.

It hit me quicker and harder than before, it rippled through me, and a grunting moan came out of me Loud, desperate, like an overweight man, running. It came, a jolt of shock hit me. My balls seemed to relax and were no longer and taut. Light flashed, and I was now losing control. Today, Anna Belle had owned me, made me cum my biggest load, ropes of thick cum came shooting into her mouth, and she swallowed it all, not leaving a drop. She pushed my cock out of her mouth, and then stroked me. The last drop of my cum shot across her face, so she wiped it and sucked on her fingers.

I was groaning, eyes closed, mouth tightening. She stroked me, cum still flying out of my cock, like a geyser. I fell to the bed, my cock dangling in front of my cock, twitching and throbbing.

“Look at you, beat already. I thought you were a man. A real tough act. I’ve broken you tonight. You said I couldn’t do it, and I’ve broken you, not even using my pussy. Weak today, not at your best. I took your cock a couple of moments ago, and now you can’t even handle my mouth.

“God,” I said, taking my huge cock in his hand, and squirted a few more drops into her mouth.

“Come on, and I thought you were going to destroy me, even if your Frank could last longer.

A scowl came to my face. I stood up, my manhood threatened, and with my clutching my fingers around my Anna Belle’s hair and pulled her up with so much force, she was rocked forward, losing her foot and she couldn’t speak. I took her roughly by the chin, and I stared into her eyes. She couldn’t fight my grasp.

“Do not compare me to your boyfriend.”

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked softly, out of breath.

“Bend over,” I said, twisting her around and firmly pushed onto the bed.

She landed on the bed, her breasts pressed against the sheet and I was behind her, lifting her ass. A scream filled the room, as I pushed my cock into her pussy, burying it deep. It had never been this thick, she couldn’t back out, and she had insulted it, and now was going to pay the price of it. She grabbed the sheets, twisting them in her hands as the pounding began. It wasn’t slow, it was rough, stabbing, like a sword. My cock was as sharp and dangerous as a sword. It felt as her pussy was being ripped open. I knew that she had not been fucked like this. She was my meat. My body. The tits and pussy belonged to me, and this cock, throbbing, unable to stop, unable to be broken, was now powering into her. The thrusts had not slowed down, nor became lighter, and her body rocked with every stab, jump and pound of my brilliant cock.

“I still can’t believe how big you are,” she said, laughing as her hips worked against me, but could not match my thrusts.

She lay there, whimpering.

“You’re not going to be laughing any time soon, you slut!” I said, and the ass was wobbling back and forth, like some sort of jello on a plate.

And I was right; the laughing soon turned into unbelievably loud moans. The bed was bouncing like a trampoline, creaking and protesting. Loud creaks, like the springs, were going to snap. Skin slapped and crashed together. Anna Belle’s legs were spread, her pussy was split larger than ever, and she was now gasping for a breath, unable to lift her head from the blanket. Her head was bowed, hair splayed across the bedsheets, and she was under the control of her me. She had to take every inch of my cock.

“You’re mine!” I grunted out, bellowing. “I own this pussy. I own your ass.”

She gasped out, as my finger poked into her very tight ass hole. No finger had never been inside of her, and it took her by surprise.

“Fuck my ass with your fingers!”

“I thought you could handle me,” I asked, softly whispering against her neck as she trembled underneath me.

“I can!” Jessica said, and panting. Her insides felt full.

“You’ve never been fucked like this?” I asked, pounding into her.

“No!” she cried out.

“I am better than Frank?” I asked suddenly, taking her by surprise.



“Yes,” she said, groaning from the back of her throat. Words just became grunts.



“Who is fucking you?”

“You!” she snapped back to me.

“Who am I?”

“A big-dicked bastard!”

“I know!”

I pounded into her.

“I love your cock!” she said, finally lifting her head from the bed.

She spun her head around, mouth twisting and passionately kissed me. I pulled my mouth away from her lips and pushed her down to the bed.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Anna Belle squealed, her pussy quivering and clenching around my cock. I slid my hands up her back and pinned her down, her small breasts trembling underneath, against the soft sheets of the bed. I reached forward and grabbed her and pulled it back roughly. I bent over and put my lips at her ear, my breaths hard.

“Are you going to cum?


“Then, do it!”




The moan was so loud that I was surprised the house over the road hadn’t heard.

“Your pussy is incredible!” I spat out.

“Better than Charlotte!” she mocked me.

I flashed a dark look at her, grabbed her hips tightly, digging my fingernails into her skin and pounded so hard into her.

“Oh, you love my pussy,” she said, her lips curling into a smile.

“I do!” I said, grunting. “I love your ass as well.


Another thrust and another wail came from Anna Bell.

“You’re going to fuck me into next week!” she said, her ass bouncing.

“TAKE MY COCK!” I roared, bellowing into her ear. “Cum for me, my sexy, little slut!”

“Jesus!” she spoke again, teeth clenched and her face banging off the bed as my wet, wet cock pounded into her. “I love it!”

“I’m so glad we did this!” I said, almost out of breath.

“I FUCKING LOVE IT!” Anna Belle moaned out, her ass clapping loudly as if it was an audience were applauding the ending of a show, and her pussy clenched around my throbbing shaft.

He could feel a second load coming.

“YES! YES! MAKE ME CUM! I’M GONNA FUCKING CUM!” Anna Belle screamed out. I took note and began pounding my cock, not slowing down. I reached forward, and grabbed the back of her head roughly, pushing her face into the mattress, grinding and dancing her face into the bed as she screamed and moaned. Unable to speak.



“YES! I can feel your pussy clenching!”

” GOD! FUCKING!” the last sentence came out as nothing, unable to finish. “Jesus!”

Anna Belle sighed. He was still fucking her twice as hard, her body nearly bouncing off her.

“I’m going to cum!”

“Cum in me!” she said, biting the bed sheets, screaming.

“Feel it!”

It exploded out of me as if it had been fired from a cannon. Load after load, without a break, shot powerfully into her clenching and quivering pussy.

“Oh!” she said, and I fucked her again, drawing the last of my cum out.

“I told you, I couldn’t be broken,” he said. “Now, turn around and give your master a big kiss!”

She swivelled around, her face flushed, hair splayed across Anna Belle’s sweaty face. She kissed my cock.

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